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					      “Teachers are ordinary people engaged in extraordinary work.”

                                 Author Unknown

                                The Seminar
   A. The seminar is designed to prepare caring, critical, and reflective
      professionals who are academically strong, pedagogically skilled, and
      responsive to the needs of diverse classrooms. Discussions, reflections,
      and peer sharing are integral activities of the seminars. The seminar
      dates have been selected based on the Miami-Dade County School
      Calendar utilizing teacher planning days for our afternoon meetings.
      Weekly seminars will be held online to better assist you in meeting all of
      the demands required of your time this semester. Much of what we focus
      on during our weekly online sessions will emanate from your queries and
      experiences in the classroom. Attendance is required at all seminars.

Seminar Dates:
January 6 (9-3) – Orientation Day
January 14 (1-4) – Lesson Planning and Preparing for Observations
February 18 (1-4) – Classroom Management
March 18 (1-4) – Interviewing Etiquette
April 8 (1-4) – Applying for a Position in DCPS
April 22 (1-4) – Lessons Learned/ Final Evaluations

Seminar Sessions online:
Online sessions will be devoted to problem solving, sharing ideas and planning.
January19 (5-6)
January 26 (5-6)
February 9 (5-6)
February 23 (5-6)
March 2 (5-6)
March 9 (5-6)
March 23 (5-6)
March 30 (5-6)