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1.    Scrutiny Committee, nominated by Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board will visit as per
      programme. Clubs to be scrutinized will have the following, ready for the examination
      by the scrutiny committee: -

           a.   Team officials in civvies dress and minimum 16 members in white cricket
                kits. They will be identified by their photographs already forwarded to PCB.
                In case of clubs which have not forwarded the photographs of their team
                members, will have the same ready on the day of scrutiny. Every
                player/office bearer of the club is required to carry his National Identity
                Card/Form “B” with him during scrutiny.
           b.   Documents to include,
           c.   Score Books, Account Books, Team Members Registration Record Register,
                Conduct Book (rules for regulating business).
           d.   Cricket practice pitch (turf or cemented) with a net hoisted/iron fencing
                along with cricket gear/ground equipment.

                                SCRUTINY- CLUB CRITERIA

1. Holds a team comprising at least 16 members registered with the District Cricket

2. Has formulated rules for regulations business and the conduct of its members.

3. Participates every year in two local tournaments or tournaments organized by the

4. Does not belong to any service organization or Federal/Provincial Institution.

5. Has the use of pitch where net practice is regularly held. Not more than three clubs may
   use the same pitch.
                           PCB Club Scrutiny - Requirements

In order to conduct scrutiny in a smooth and speedy manner, all clubs may be directed to
provide following documents/information to the committee when it visits the club at their
specified grounds.

   1. Copy of constitution/rules, regulations of each club.
   2. Proof of club activity

          a) List of tournaments in which participated with date/sponsor
          b) Copy of draws/schedule of tournament matches
          c) Club score book to be shown in original (photocopy of tournament matches to be
          d) Press clipping pertaining to tournament matches.

District Cricket Associations Only

Please ensure this requirement is conveyed to each club in your area. Also provide a list of
tournament/league matches to scrutiny committee organized by the association during last
two years including private tournaments organized by other individuals/organizations.

Cricket Clubs are only allowed to change their office bearers till the scrutiny process will be
carried out by the scrutiny Committee PCB. After that they will not be allowed to do so till
elections are held under the supervision of PCB. You are advised to inform all the cricket clubs

Any club aggrieved by the decision of the Scrutiny Committee may file an appeal/objection
within 7 days after announcement of the scrutiny result before the Election Commissioner
PCB along with bank draft amounting to Rs. 5,000/- in favour of Pakistan Cricket Board.
This amount will be reimbursed/refunded if the appeal is upheld.