Origami Frog Folding Instructions

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					                        Origami Frog Folding Instructions

1Put the card on the table         2 Unfold.                 3 Fold down the right top          4 Unfold.
with the short edges at the                                  corner, as shown.
top and bottom. Fold down
the left top corner, as

5 Turn over.                  6 Fold the top edge down           7 Unfold.               8 Fold the left side over to
                              to the bottom of the “letter                               meet the right side.
                              X.”                                                        Unfold. Turn over.

9 It looks like this.         10 Push the two dots           11 Press the top triangle 12 On the top layer, fold
                              together, as shown.            flat. Now it looks          the left and right side
                                                             like a house.               points to the top.
13 Fold the left              14 Fold the bottom up to 15 Fold the top layer        16 It looks like this. Turn
side in to meet             meet the top.                 only, down to meet the    over. Now decorate your
the center crease.                                        bottom. Do not press      frog!
Repeat with the right side.                               completely flat.

                   17 Press down on the frog’s back, then slide your finger off. Watch it jump!
By yourself –
1. Practice folding then jumping the origami frog.
2. On the Lab Page: Explain how or why the origami frog jumps.
3. Practice and modify the origami frog until it is able to jump a maximum distance.
4. On the Lab Page: Record five consecutive jump distances.
5. Explain the modifications made to the origami frog to make it jump furthest.
6. Exchange data with the lab group on how to make a ‘super-strength origami frog.’
7. Each person in the group makes a ‘super-strength origami frog’ with the name of the
   person and a number (1, 2, 3, 4) on the back of the frog.

AVID Origami Frog Hop-off
A random number for each group is announced.
That frog and frog handler will represent the group in the jump-off.
The frog gets three ‘hops.’
The frog with the greatest displacement from the starting line is the ‘Hop-off

After the ‘Hop-off”
Discuss how WICR was used in this activity.
Discuss how different learning modalities were used in this activity.
Generate a list of content area topics in which this activity could be used.
Generate a list of other lessons that could be modified and used like the Origami Frog

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