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                      A Committee of the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association

                                                      CISC Meeting
                                               Thursday, May 20, 2010
                                      Courtyard Marriott Sacramento Cal Expo
                                          1782 Tribute Road • Sacramento
                                                Room: Golden State
                                         Meeting – 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
                                   Continental Breakfast served at 8:00-9:00 a.m.
                                          Location: Golden State Room
                                    Lunch – 12:00-1:00 p.m. in Hotel Restaurant

                                                         Meeting Notes

            "A Blueprint for Success…An In Depth Look at Successful Turnaround
             Efforts and a Look into the Future of the Common Core Standards"
Linda Aceves, Santa Clara                 Lisette Estrella-Henderson, Solano
Tom Adams, CDE                            Judy Flores, Shasta                             Susan Salcido, Santa Barbara
Ronda Adams, Yolo                         Nancy Giberson, San Diego                       Raynette Sanchez, Los Angeles
Stacy Adler, Mono                         Dorothy Griffin, Sutter                         Francisca Sanchez, San Francisco
Veronica Aguila, CDE                      Hilma Griffin-Watson, Riverside                 Kirsten Sarginger, Santa Clara
Pat Alexander, Kern                       Robin Hall, Alameda                             Brad Schultz, San Luis Obispo
Charles Allen, Tehama                     Wendy Harris, Sacramento                        Christopher Scott, Sacramento
Sarah Anderberg, CCSESA                   Cindy Heaton, Merced                            Deb Sigman, CDE
Christine Anderson, Sacramento            Jeanne Herrick, Monterey                        Brian Simmons, San Francisco
Evy Arcuri, Yuba                          Beth Higbee, San Bernardino                     Steve Sinclair, Santa Clara
Celeste Azevedo, Mariposa                 Paul Joens-Poulton, Mendocino                   Gaye Smoot, CCSESA
Jennifer Baker                            Pamela Jones, Inyo                              Guadalupe Solis, Tulare
Carmen Barnhart, Kings                    Sarah Kania, Tehama                             Sue Stickel, Sacramento
Socorro Barron, San Bernardino            Cricket idwell, Trinity                         Michelle Symes, Merced
Deborah Beldock, San Diego                Della Larimore, Los Angeles                     Liz Talbot, San Benito
Diana Blackledge, Riverside               Lo Lyness, Inyo                                 Sharon Twitty, Merced
David Brashear, SanDiego                  Susan Magnone, Contra Costa                     Charles Vidal, San Joaquin
Bob Carlson, Sacramento                   Lorna Manuel, Tehama                            Susan Villa, San Benito
Elena Castro, Imperial                    Martha Martinez, Santa Clara                    Gary Waddell, San Mateo
Kathryn Catania, Fresno                   Tiffany Miller, CDE                             Adam Wade, Santa Cruz
Pansy Ceballos, Tulare                    Henry Mothner, Los Angeles                      Laura Wagner, CDE
Brenda Chapman, Tuolumne                  Edith Mourtos, Santa Clara                      Gerald Williams, Placer
Valerie Chrisman, Ventura                 Barbara Murchison, CDE                          Darby Williams, Sacramento
Melissa Christie, Santa Clara             Lori Musso, San Mateo                           Joyce Wright, Sacramento
Cathy Cranson, Monterey                   Don Olson, Del Norte                            Dianna Young, Madera
Art Davis, Madera                         Rose Owens-West, WestEd                         Dotti Ysais, Los Angeles
Gary Dei Rossi, San Joaquin               Rob Phillips, Solano                            Antonia Zupancich, Imperial
Shirley Diaz, Glenn                       Stella Pizelo, Mariposa
Abe Doctolero, Contra Costa               Renee Regacho-Anaclerio, Placer
Cynthia Dolph, Madera                  Sue Rich, Stanislaus
Kat Doyle, El Dorado                   Donna Rix, Kings
Pat Duckhorn, Sacramento               Theresa Rouse, Santa Cruz
Diane Elia, Santa Cruz                 Jan Sabo, Napa

Welcome                                                           Sharon Twitty, CISC Chair
                                                                  Deb Sigman, CDE
Chair Sharon Twitty opened meeting at 9:30. Welcome was given to 100 participants and the planning committee
of Judy Flores, Sue Stickel, Veronica Aguila-CDE, Tiffany Miller-CDE and Laura Wagner –CDE, were
acknowledged for all of their hard work in planning for this day.

School Improvement from a District Level                             Brad Stam, Oakland USD, Chief Academic

The Oakland Unified School District is the most improved large urban district in California over the past five years
with a 92-point API gain. Achievement, equity and accountability are the core values underlying their work.
Common vision and an aligned system requires effective practice defined at each level; effective learner, effective
instruction, effective leadership, effective schools, and an effective district office. Oakland invested over 1 million
dollars to improve the service of central office to their schools. This includes creating results-based cycles of
inquiry, common assessments, and database analysis. Conditions that have promoted success are: leaders,
community, staff and focus on aligning the system.

Presentation is posted on the CISC website.

School Improvement from the Site Level                               Matthew Tessier, Principal, Harborside Elem

Mr. Tessier has successfully turned around Loma Verde, a PI 2 school and Harborside, a PI 5 school. His vision
includes collaboration and the use of data. His goal is to collaboratively identify a focus and to facilitate the
process based upon what the data reflects. Empowerment is the key word for the instructional leadership team.
Professional development is based on "what is best for students based on data, what financial
strengths/weaknesses exist and the creation of a long term plan.

Presentation is posted on the CISC website.

10:25        Break
School Improvement from a Charter Perspective                        Herinder Pegany, PS 7 Charter School,

PS 7 is located in a high need area. The vision of PS 7 was to create one of the finest urban public K-8 schools in
America. Developing a new culture included creating high expectations, choice & commitment, more time, and a
focus on results. Recommendations include: set big goals, lead people to commit, plan purposefully, work
relentlessly and monitor and adjust.

Presentation is posted on the CISC website.
CDE Update                                             Deb Sigman, CDE

School Improvement Grant and Race to the Top:
District led effort, CDE is trying to find its place in the effort so as not to obstruct districts efforts.
The RTTT MOU went out Monday evening to the 6 districts participating; Fresno, Los Angeles, Long Beach, San
Francisco, Clovis and Sanger. It was made clear that there is no “opting out” after signing the MOU. Question
was asked, if districts were to participate but was not able to complete, would they be dropped with no sanctions?
Deb Sigman will find the answer to this, and will also develop a FAQ sheet for the group.

Grant is due June 1 to United States Department of Education, USDE, which is a very short and tough timeline to
meet. Currently there is no legislative way to release the money so it can flow to appropriate LEAs.

School Improvement Grant
Waiting to receive word from USDE to learn if California’s application has been approved. LEA application has a
June 1 deadline so the CDE has asked for flexibility around implementation timeline and spending authority.

Clarification has been provided regarding removing the principal as a turn around strategy. USDE states that
removal within 2 years begins in fall of 2007. This clarification may create a problem for some LEAS who acted
in advance of this clarification.

Grant letters are scheduled to go next week (SIG grant).

12:00-1:00 Lunch
Common Core Standards: A First Look                                Tom Adams, CDE
"What's New: What Stays the Same"                                  Veronica Aguila, CDE
                                                                   Barbara Murchison, CDE

A brief presentation was given by Tom Adams as an overview to the draft common core standards. The intent of
the common core standards is move our nation forward to ensure the K-12 experience is a rich and well rounded
one that prepares students to be college and career ready. The Common Core represents a collaborative effort
between states, the Council for Chief State School Official, the USDE and the National Governor’s Association.
Final draft is due on June 2, 2010. If common core standards are approved it will be an easy transition for
California. If they are rejected, then California already has high standards that benefit our students.
Commission Composition: Senate has made its 5 appointees, assembly will make 5 appointees, and Governor will
be making his 11 appointees in next 2 weeks. State law requires that the membership be a majority of classroom
Timeline: The academic standards commission has to make recommendations by July 15, and the State Board of
Education then must act on those recommendations by August 2, 2010. The board is limited to either accepting or
rejecting the Common Core Standards. California would be allowed to supplement up to 15%.
The remainder of the session time was dedicated to discussion and review of the Common Core Standards.
               Table Talks
               Whip Around – Share Out of Table Talk
Reading Language Arts Adoption Toolkit:                            Christine Anderson, Sacramento
English Learner Resource Guide                                     Raynette Sanchez, Los Angeles

The English Learner Resource Guide is a companion piece to the Reading Language Arts Adoption Toolkit. The
document is designed to assist districts in making the most informed selection of instructional materials for all
students. The English Learner Resource Guide does an excellent job of focuses on needs of English learners and
what districts need to consider. The Reading/Language Arts Adoption Toolkit is available to those that have
previously attended a workshop on the Toolkit. The workshop is available to all districts; go to for more information.

Closure/Evaluation                                                 Sharon Twitty, CISC Chair

Adjourn 3:06 pm

Special CISC Committee Member meeting called at 3:30 to approve the budget.

Don Holder, CISC treasurer, presented the proposed budget for 2010-11. He comments that while we have a
viable budget, it will be a very lean budget. The CISC budget is due to CCSESA on Monday, May 24. The
approval by general membership will allow us to submit this as a recommendation to CCSESA. Once CCSESA
approves or disapproves then we will bring back the final budget to the membership.

Dues will stay static for 2010-11 as requested by CCSESA. We consider raising dues in 2011-12 to put us more in
line with what other subcommittees in CCSESA are paying. Our conference income will increase from 308,000 to
317,000 next year by raising Asilomar registration fee by $25.00. Publication sales expecting to generate 15,000
annually. After expenditures, we'll end up with $130,000 in the positive next year. We're holding tight to our
core mission statement and our activities that align to it.

Gary Dei Rossi motioned to approve the 2010-11 budget, Susan Rich seconded it, and all were in favor.

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