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					         IN THE KNOW
Volume 7 Issue 11                                                              The Newsletter of

NOVEMBER, 2003                                                                Westmoreland Manor

I    wanted    to   take    this                                           MAGGIE’S
opportunity to personally thank
Mr. Tim Bush, Manager of                                                   CORNER
King’s    Restaurant     Willow
Crossing Road, Greensburg.                                              HO – HO – HO
Mr. Bush donated all the apple
pies and cinnamon ice cream
Pansy could have ever wanted!
Thank you Mr. Bush on behalf
of    “Pansy” the Pansy Fest
Committee and the staff of
Westmoreland Manor. Thanks
to your generosity we raised
approximately $2400 that will
be donated to the Carol Pacelli
Memorial Scholarship fund for                                        A very special time is upon us
second year nursing students at                                      all. Nothing gets people more
Westmoreland             County                                      frustrated,    confused    and
Community College. You are a                                         exasperated      than      -----
true    “King” among men.                                            Christmas Shopping.
                                    with our Christmas program,
~Angie               Berardelli,    and help to ensure a happier
Administration                      Holiday for all.
                                                                     The Volunteers are acting as
                                    We simply ask that the           Santa’s elves and have loads of
                                    purchases are kept within the    unique and classy gifts to
                                    $20.00 range, and that they be   charm anyone on your list.
                                    provided to the Recreation       And,    as     an    experienced
   Christmas Angels                 Department no later than         shopping expert, I can vouch
        Appear                      December 9th. No need to wrap    that you can’t beat the prices. I
                                    gifts but boxes would be         mean, I was telling them they
You may have noticed the tree       appreciated.                     should charge more!! And
immediately inside the doors of     If you have any questions        thankfully for you, they ignored
the Multi Purpose room. It’s        regarding the Angel Tree         me.
the Westmoreland Manor Angel        Program, please contact the
Tree, and its purpose is to help    Recreation Department, or page
with Christmas.                     Stan Povich.                     Whether you want Christmas
Each Angel on the tree is                                            decorations, special theme gifts
colored Blue or Pink (for men                                        or the practical everyday things
and women), and has a number                                         that everyone needs, they have
and gift suggestion.                                                 it. And they have new things
                                                                     coming in every week. And no
If you choose to purchase a gift                                     taxes. And the profits go to
for our residents, it will assist                                    benefit our residents. What a
                                    Veteran #3 – Jim Trout                    As life continues, our turn will
 CIRCLE OF HEALING                                                            come too,
                                    Veteran #4 – Rick Gummo
Sr. Apel of Trinity Hospice has                                               And we will need someone to
agreed to conduct a “Circle of      Veteran #5 – Bill Weir                    carry us through.
Healing” for Westmoreland                                                     Life is sweet and such a long
                                    Veteran #6 – Perry Bosas
Manor staff. This will be an                                                  book,
informal setting where our          Veteran #7 – John Eicher                  And page by page we turn and
staff,   along   with   Trinity                                               look.
                                    Veteran #8 – Steve Fontanazza
Hospice, will be able to work                                                 God will end the story some
through the grieving process of     Veteran #9 – Jerry Ginglardi              day,
lost co-workers. The sessions                                                 Only he has the final say!
                                    Veteran #10 – Kathy Sehrer
will be held in the Chapel on
Friday, November 21, 2003 at        Thanks to all of our veteran’s
the following times:                for sharing their pictures…you             APOLOGIES TO
                                    make us proud!!!
6:00 AM-7:00 AM for the 12-8                                                      “TOM”
shift                               Winners of the Name the Vet
                                    Contest are Doris Hardy and               Winners of the Marketing
9:00 AM- 10:00 AM for the 8-4       Lana Lemley. Thanks for your              Committee’s turkey giveaway
shift                               effort!!!                                 are:
The “Circle of Healing” is                                                    Al Pavlik – Recreation
dedicated to Carol Pacelli, R.N.,
Staffing Coordinator, Josepha                                                 Linda Davis – Nursing
Blotzer, L.P.N. on the 12-8
shift, and Darlene Harhai, Cook        WESTMORELAND                           Rhonda Allen – Goodwill
                                                                              Marlene Elliott - Nursing
in the Dietary Department.             MANOR EMPLOYEE
                                                                              Cheryl Pegg – Housekeeping
                                    (The following poem w a s                 Cindy Blissman – Recreation
                                    w r i t t e n b y A-1 U n i t C l e r k   Maggie Short – Respiratory
  United Way                        Linda Marie Davis. It was
                                    published in the book The                 Kim Craig – Nursing
Campaign 2003
                                    Colors of Life              in the        Debbie Harris – Nursing
The    annual United Way            International        Library         of
campaign for 2003, ended            Poetry.)                                  Arthur Huhn - Nursing
11/7/03.                                                                      Happy Thanksgiving Eating!!!
This year’s campaign resulted               Life’s Book
in $1,794.00 in pledges from 7
employees, with the majority
going to the Carol Pacelli          Oh, sweet life is quite a book,
Memorial Scholarship Fund.          We turn the page and stop to
Those who contributed can
                                    Life changes happen, oh, so
enjoy the good feeling of helping
                                    fast,                                      PANSY FEST A
                                    Once the future is now the past.              SUCCESS
                                    The ones that cared and helped
                                    us grow,                                  The first annual “Pansy Fest”
                                    Now turn to us to run the                 was held on Saturday, October
                                    show.                                     25, 2003 and it proved to be a
   GUESS THE                        Once strong bodies and sharp              great success.
                                    minds, sit and wonder of all the          Residents and their families
      VET                           times.                                    joined with staff and their
                                    When        nothing        seemed         families and friends in the
The employee veterans have          impossible to do,                         carnival atmosphere of the
been identified and some people     Now weakness and illness has              Multi Purpose Room. There
feel it was no surprise to learn    control of you.                           was food, music, games and
that:                               We must be there to carry the             wonderful gift baskets.
Veteran # 1 – Joe Ramich            load, and make the days a
                                    pleasant long road.                       Pansy Fest was truly a team
Veteran #2 – Paul McBeth                                                      achievement  which     added
approximately $2400 to the
Carol     Pacelli  Memorial               CHRISTMAS                      that will have you running to
                                                                         an ATM for more minutes.
Scholarship Fund.
                                                  SALE                   Just ask your friends who have
Thanks     to   everyone who                                             won massages in the past. It is
donated,     participated and       Please remember to finish (or        just what the doctor ordered for
volunteered.        Mark your       start) your Christmas shopping       your Christmas pressures.
calendar for next year ---          with a trip to the Multi Purpose
                                    Room on Friday, December 12th.       Call Shelley at x4022 to make
October 9, 2004 for
                                    There will be 21 tables of           an appointment between 10:30
   Pansy Fest II                    creative crafts, clothing and        am and 1:30 pm or stop in the
                                                                         Small Conference Room during
                                                                         those hours.
                                    You will certainly find the
RESIDENTS GIVE THANKS               perfect little “extra” for someone
(submitted by Donald &
                                                                              BOOKS MAKE
Dorothy MacLennan – C -2)           .   EMPLOYEE CHRISTMAS
“Thanks to the Westmoreland
Manor for providing a place
                                             PARTY                            GREAT GIFTS
where we can live together after    Mark your calendars for the          The “Books are Fun” book sale
5 years of being in separate        annual Employee Christmas            is coming back just in time for
facilities.  We also thank          Party on Thursday, December          your holiday shopping. You can
everyone for the fine care you      18th.    Come hungry because         find the perfect book or other
give us.”                           there is always lots of wonderful    gift item for Christmas giving.
                                    food and desserts.       Enjoy a     The sale is being held on
                                    great      meal     in     festive   Wednesday, December 3, 2003
                                    surroundings.                        in the Multi-Purpose Room.

The Marketing Committee asks
that you reserve a place for
                                                                          Give Thanks
your Christmas tree as soon as                                                  By B. J. Montini
possible so that they can assign
spaces and trees (if necessary.)    Remember that November is
Please call Shelley Thompson at     national hospice month. It is        Thanksgiving Day will soon be
x4022…you can just leave a          time when we should celebrate        here to thank the Lord above,
message and you’ll be added to      the special people who touch the
the list.                                                                We thank Him for our families
                                    lives of the terminally ill, their   to share in all our love.
Trees may be decorated between      families and our staff.
November 25th and December                                               To watch our children through
                                    Show them your appreciation          the years, grow into fine adults.
1st whenever the Multi Purpose      with a heartfelt thank you!
Room is available. Decorating                                            We treasure and respect them,
can be done over a period of                                             regardless of their faults.
time if you can’t get it done all
at once.                                                                 We thank Him for the food we
                                                                         share, with family and friends.
Please consider decorating a
tree this year. The trees really
                                        FEELING STRESSED?                For all     the wrong in our
make the MPR look homey and         Susan Hoover will be returning       lifetime,    we  truly  make
the residents do enjoy it!          with her “magic fingers” to          amends.
                                    transform    your   Christmas        Thanksgiving is a special day,
                                    shopping cramps and keep your        one that is so rare.
                                    nerves from coming out of your
                                    ears!                                So take an extra moment
                                                                         please, and bow your head in
                                    For only $1.00 per minute, she       prayer.
                                    will give you a seated massage