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									                                      Illowa Orchid
Volume15 Issue 10                                                                                 October, 2008

  October 1,
 2008 Meeting
 to be Held at
                                        Don’t Forget The
                                         October Plant
      The October 1,
2008 meeting of the
Illowa Orchid Society
will be held at the
Deere-W iman
Carriage House, 817
11th Ave., Moline,                                                                NE 68506; 402-327-8529
                                   Upcoming Events                      
Illinois.                October 1, 2008 - Illowa Meeting - Deere-
      The social hour                                                      December 3, 2008 - Illowa Christmas
                                Wiman Carriage House, 817 11th
starts at 6:00 p.m.,                                                              Dinner Party - Deere-Wiman
                                Ave., Moline, Illinois. Social hour 6:00
and       the  meeting                                                            Carriage House, 817 11th Ave.,
                                p.m. and meeting at 7:00 p.m. Hosts
starts at 7:00 p.m.                                                               Moline, Illinois. This year’s Christmas
                                for the evening will be Clay Dawson
      The program will                                                            dinner will be a pot luck. Each family
                                and Jim Hall.
be the October plant                                                              is asked to bring 2 dishes to serve 6
                         October 11-12, 2008 - Illinois Orchid Society            people. Social hour will begin at 6:00
auction. Check over             Fall Show - Chicago Botanic Garden,
your collection and                                                               p.m. and dinner at 6:30 p.m.
                                1000 Lake Cook Rd., Glencoe, Illinois.
see if you have any                                                        January 31-February 1, 2009 - Orchid
                                Contact Sandy Fuller, 352 W. Cheryl
plants you would like                                                             Grower’s Guild Show - Alliant Energy
                                Ln., Palatine IL 60067; 847-977-9290;
to donate. This is our                                                            Center, 1919 Alliant Energy Center
biggest fundraiser of                                                             Way, Madison, WI. Contact: Judy
                         October 24-26, 2008 - Blackhawk Orchid                   Stevenson, 222 S. Kenosha, Madison,
the year.                       Society Show - Klehm Arboretum,
      Hosts for the                                                               WI 53705; (608) 231-3163 ;
                                2701 Clifton Ave., Rockford, Illinois.
evening will be Clay                                                              judy_stevenson@sbcglobal.
                                Contact: Brian Lang, 3509 S.
Dawson and Jim Hall                                                        February 21-22, 2009 - Batavia Orchid
                                Baileyville Rd., Freeport, Illinois
      In October we                                                               Society Show -
                                61032; (815) 297-4723;
plan to gather at                                                          March 14-15, 2009 - Northeast Wisconsin
A p p l e b e e ’ s                                                               Orchid Society Show -
                         November 5, 2008 - Illowa Meeting -
Neighborhood Grill,                                                        March 21-22, 2009 - Illinois Orchid Society
                                Butterworth Craft Room. Social hour
3838 Elmore Ave.,                                                                 Spring Show -
                                6:00 p.m. and meeting at 7:00 p.m.
Davenport, Iowa, for                                                       March 28 -29, 2009 - - 34th Illowa Orchid
                                Hosts for the evening will be Ken &
dinner at 5:00 p.m.                                                               Society Spring Show - Putnam
                                Cherrie Pearsall and Renee Elmer.
If you would like to                                                              Museum and IMAX® Theatre, 1717 W.
                         November 8-9, 2008 - Lincoln Orchid                      12th St., Davenport, Iowa. Contact
join us, please call            Society 4th Annual Fall Orchid
Jim Hall,     563-285-                                                            Dee Haiston, 563-386-3212.
                                Show and Sale - EDGE 64/ Back to        
4173 by October 1,              the Bible, 6400 Cornhusker Hwy.;
2008.                                                                      October 10-11, 2009 - Illinois Orchid Society
                                Lincoln, Nebraska. Contact: Lorna
                                                                                  Fall Show -
                                Kissling; 3330 Timberview Ct.; Lincoln,
Page 2                                                                          Illowa Orchid Society Newsletter

                                  September Meeting                                  Please get your dues in soon so that we
        Illowa                                                                  will be able to get our new membership book
                                    The September 3, 2008, meeting of the
                                                                                out at the March 4, 2009 meeting.
     Members                  Illowa Orchid Society was held at the Deere-
                              Wiman Carriage House, 817 11th Ave.,
        Repot                 Moline, Illinois, at 7:00 P.M.                      Plan Now to Attend the Illowa
  Vander Veer                       Nine members gathered at Applebee’s               Christmas Dinner Party -
                              Neighborhood Grill at 5:00 for dinner. The
       Orchid                 meeting was attended by 16 members. The                      December 3, 2008
    Collection                program was presented by Suzanne Dennis                Dee Haiston has been very busy getting
                              and Clay Dawson.                                  plans made for Illowa’s Christmas Dinner
                                    Jim Hall presented the 23 plants on the Party. It will be held December 3, 2008, at the
                                 show and tell table. Sandi Frederickson’s C. Deere-Wiman Carriage House, 817 11th Ave.,
                                 Bob Betts ‘White Lightening’ won the show Moline, Illinois. This year the Christmas Dinner
     2008 - 2009 and tell prize for “The Biggest Flower.” The will be a pot luck. Each family is asked to bring
        Officers                 door prize was won by Renee Elmer. Hosts 2 dishes to pass that serve 6 people. Illowa
                                 for the evening were Fred & Dee Haiston.       Orchid Society is blessed with many great
 President -
                                                                                cooks so this should be a spectacular feast.
         Suzanne Dennis
                                                                                Napkins, plates, cups and plastic tableware will
                                         Illowa Orchid Society                  be furnished.
 Vice President -                  Members Repot The Vander                          A social hour with punch and coffee will
         Cherrie Pearsall            Veer Conservatory Orchid                   begin at 6:00 P.M. and dinner will be served at
                309-230-0342                                                    6:30 P.M.
                       Collection                          Every Illowa member who attends the
 Secretary -                        On Friday, August 29, 2008, Eight Illowa Christmas dinner party receives a free orchid
               Rene Elmer Orchid Society members gathered at the plant.
                309-944-0441 Vander Veer Conservatory to repot their                                                           Let’s see if we can make this year’s
                                 orchid collection. Those that helped were Christmas Dinner the biggest ever. Bring the
 Treasurer -
         Karen Pedersen Jackye Crouch, Barb White, Fred and Dee whole family.
                563-441-0824 Haiston, Suzanne Dennis, Pat Umland, Clay Dawson and Jim Hall. We had estimated
 Past President -                that it might take more than 1 day to finish
                                                                                               Orchids A-Z
               Dee Haiston the job but we finished by noon. A special                          Holcoglossum
                563-386-3212 thank you to all of those who showed up for Pronunciation: hole-koh-GLOSS-um Tribe: this project.
 Illinois Director
                                                                                Subtribe: Aeridinae
            Micky Ogrosky             Hosts and Hostesses are
                309-944-5672                                                         The name Holcoglossum was derived                 Needed for 2009                    from the Greek holkos (strap) glossa (tongue)
 Iowa Director -                    Illowa needs hosts and hostesses for all of in reference to the strap shaped lip of the type
              Clay Dawson 2009. Please sign up right away so we do species, H. quasipinifolium. These medium-
                563-285-6100 not have to keep begging for hosts. The                                                      sized monopodials are rather rare in
                                 treats do not have to be elaborate, a couple collections yet easy to grow although slow to
 Corporate Sec.
                                 of packages of purchased cookies are just bloom. The genus was established in 1919 by
         Karen Pedersen
                563-441-0824 fine.                                              Rudolf Schlechter and later revised by Tsi in                                                       1982 who recognized 4 species. In 1987,
 Mid-America Rep.                  Dues for 2009 Are $30.00 for Christenson revised the genus once again and
              Deno Kandis Singles or Couples (Families) recognized 8 species. The World Checklist of
         309-796-6179 Home                                                      Monocotyledons now recognizes 14 species. and Are Now Being Accepted
          309-782-4735 Work                                                     This small genus is allied to Vanda but readily
                                    Illowa Orchid Society dues for 2009 are distinguished by its different lip shape, longer
                                 now being accepted. Dues are $30.00 for a spur and characteristic pollinia. Like those of
 AOS & ODC Rep.
                                 single membership or a couple (family). You Vanda, inflorescences are produced from the
                   Jim Hall
                563-285-4173 may pay your dues to treasurer Karen leaf axils. The few- to many white to pinkish
  Pedersen at meetings or send them to her at: purple flowers are often showy but can take as
 Newsletter Editor                         Karen Pedersen                       long as 6 months from emergence of the spike
                   Jim Hall                2520 E. Hayes St.                    to the opening of the first flower. The terete
                563-285-4173               Davenport, IA 52803                  leaves of the type species resemble pine
           563-420-0449 Cell               563-441-0824 Home
                                                    needles in size. As a result, the genus is
                                                  commonly known as the pine needle orchid in
Illowa Orchid Society Newsletter                                                          Page 3

                       Show and Tell Table Beauties

     C. Bob Betts ‘White Lightening’                                        Show Us Your
      Grown by Sandi Frederickson                                             Bloomers!
                                       Phrag Don Wimber (Eric Young 4n x
                                                   Besseae)                 Bring Them for
                                           Grown by Dennis O’Donnell        the Show and
                                                                               Tell Table

      Sl. Orpetii x C. Angel Walker
       Grown by Jackye Crouch

                                             Phal Tan Sweet Kim
                                           Grown by Jackye Crouch

                                                                           James E. Hall - Editor
                                                                           620 W. Davenport Street
                                                                           Eldridge, IA 52748-1169
                                                                           Telephone 563-285-4173
                                                                           E mail Address

                                                                            Visit The Illowa Or-
                                                                           chid SocietyWebsite
                                             Paph. Haynaldianum            h t t p : / / w w w .
                                          Grown by Dennis O’Donnell
        Podengis dactyloceras                                              ~whitbrits/illowa.htm
      Grown by Dennis O’Donnell
                                             Photos by Barb White
Page 4                                                                  Illowa Orchid Society Newsletter
               some parts of the world. Other recognized              Center. This will involve traveling to orchid
               species in the genus include H. amesianum              shows and monthly judging sessions in
               and H. kimballianum.                                   Chicago, presenting two educational papers a
               Number of species: The World Monocot                   year, and most importantly, learning to
               Checklist currently recognizes 14 species.             critically evaluate orchid blooms in terms of
 Illowa Mem-   Distribution: Tropical Southeast Asia from             their genetic heritage, hybridization and overall
   bers Have   Burma to Taiwan                                        quality. The AOS award system attempts to
  Won Many         ----------------- C U L T U R E ----------------   standardize the evaluation of flowers of like
               Temperature: Most species grow well under              species and hybrids. Flowers are judged on a
 AOS Awards    warm to intermediate temperatures. Those               point system ( flower form, color and other
               from the northernmost extension of the range           characteristics) with 75-79 points receiving a
               (China and Taiwan) appreciate slightly cooler          HCC (Highly Commended Certificate); 80- 89
               conditions.                                            points an AM
               Light: Those with pencil-like foliage do best          (Award of Merit); and above 90 points the
               with very strong light like Papilionanthe              highly coveted FCC (First Class Certificate). In
               (Vanda) teres. Those with more strap-like              addition awards are given for cultural
               foliage grow best with somewhat lower light            achievement (CCM Certificate of Cultural Merit
               levels like typical vandas.                            and CCE Certificate of Cultural Excellence).
               Water-Humidity:              These plants lack         Other awards acknowledge unique
               pseudobulbs and need to be watered like                characteristic of plants and their biologic
               vandas. They should be watered often, several          significance. The AQ database now offers
               times a week, but dry out quickly.                     search and comparison data for most awarded
               Fertilizer: Use a balanced fertilizer such as          plants.
               20-20-20 applied at quarter- to half-strength              Looking back over the years, several
               every couple of weeks during the warmer                Eastern Iowa Orchid Society members have
               months.                                                received AOS awards. The latest award is
               Potting: While these plants can be potted,             Jacklyn Moore’s wonderful Psychopsis Kalihi
               they do best mounted or grown in baskets               ‘Green Valley’ AM/AOS, received at the
               similar to vandas. If potted, the medium should        Central Iowa Orchid Society’s Speakers Day
               drain exceptionally well.                              this past July. Jon Dorsam received 2 awards
               References:                                            for his Cymbidium Sweet Devon ‘Dorsam’
               • Sheehan, Tom and Marion,An Illustrated               HCC, CCM/AOS at the Chicago May monthly
               Survey of Orchid Genera, Timber Press, 1994.           judging. Marsha Whitmore who is also a
               • Bechtel, Cribb, Launert, The Manual of               member of the Illowa Society in addition to our
               Cultivated Orchid Species, 3rd edition, MIT            society received an AM and CCM for her giant
               Press, 1992.                                           Phrag. Sergeant Eric in March at the Illowa
               Author: Ron McHatton 8/2007                            Show in the Quad Cities. NOT BAD FOR
               E-mail:                              2008! And the year is still ‘young!’
                                                                           Over the years a number of our members
                                                                      have received AOS awards. Marsha has by
                      Take ‘em To Be                                  far the most with 5 AMs, 3 HCCs, and 11
                                                                      CCMs attesting to her
                       J U D G E D!                                   superb         growing
                                            By Nile Dusdieker         habits! Enclosed is
                   After growing orchids for over 20 years            the AQ award photo
                                       and            attending       of her Masdevallia
                                       numerous             orchid    Elgar      ‘Timberlane’
                                       shows,           I    have     HCC/AOS           from
                                       decided to do some             4/6/02. Jon Lorence,
                                       serious studying of            also a member of
                                       ‘ q u a l i t y’    orchid     Illowa, has received 2
                                       flowers and plants.            AMs and 2 CCMs
                                       As of July ’08, I have         with the latest being
                                       been accepted as an            Den. Kahului
                                       ‘old’ student judge of         Beauty        ‘Lorence’
                                       the American Orchid            CCM/AOS         3/22/03
                                       Society from the               (AQ award photo enclosed). Lois and I, also
                                       Chicago            Judging     members of Illowa, have been fortunate to
Illowa Orchid Society Newsletter                                                                                 Page 5
                                                      and you have time to water only once a week,
                                                      you will want to choose a pot that holds
                                                      moisture (usually plastic). If you like to water
                                                      frequently and/or have a humid growing area,
                                                      pots that breath (clay or "slit pots") might be
                                                      your best choice.
                                                           Clay pots are porous and dry out faster          Knowing
                                                      than plastic. These are perfect for Cattleyas,
                                                      Dendrobiums and other varieties with                exactly what
                                                      pseudobulbs that like to dry out thoroughly          to pot your
                                                      between watering.
                                                           Plastic pots hold more moisture. These
                                                                                                         plants into can
                                                      work well for Phalaenopsis, Paphs, Miltonias,       become very
receive 2 HCCs and my photo of Onc. Twinkle           and varieties that require a bit more moisture.      confusing!
‘Dusty’s Delight’ is shown here. Other current        They also work well in homes during the winter
Illowa Members to win AOS Awards are                  months when the heat kicks on and dries out
Marilyn Zimmer 3 HCC’s and 2 CBR’s, Jackye            the air.
Crouch 1 AM and 1 HCC, Clay Dawson 1 AM,                   Pots with slits, net pots and baskets dry
and Jim Hall 1                                        out very quickly. Air is allowed to get to the
HCC.                                                  roots from all angles. Orchids love this,
     S O        –                                     however they usually need watering more
WHAT IS THE                                           often when potted in these types of containers.
POINT? I think                                        They are good for use in high humidity areas
EIOS should be                                        where additional exposure to air is needed to
very proud of                                         dry out plants.
h a v i n g                                                Clear plastic pots are nice because one
members who                                           can monitor the root growth of one's plants.
grow and bloom plants worthy of national              They also make it easier to determine when
awards. NOW, HERE COMES A ‘SECRET!’                   the media is dry and in need of water. One
In order to receive an award for one of your          thing to watch, however, is the green moss
plants; two things must happen:                       and algae which sometimes grow quickly in
1- You must grow and bloom the plant to the           clear pots because light is exposed to the
best of your ability and hope the plant genetics      media below. This moss/algae can fill up the
provide you with a worthy flower.                     pot and block air flow to the roots. It can also
2- You need to present the flower in full bloom       hold moisture, which can lead to root rot.
to be judged. This is often the problem as                 In order to choose the correct pot for an
there my not be an orchid show at the right           orchid, one must simply ascertain the growing
time.                                                 conditions, personal watering habits and the
THIS IS WHERE I CAN HELP! I will be going             specific plant's needs before selecting the
into Chicago for the monthly judging sessions         vessel.
the second Saturday of the month and would                 If you are confused, ask a fellow orchid
love to take your plants for evaluation. I will try   society member or a commercial orchid grower
to send an email out 1 week ahead or you can          for advice and guidance. Let us know if Oak
call me at home. As I learn more with student         Hill Gardens can help.
judging, I will try to bring back to the club              Happy Growing!
information about what is a quality orchid                 Liese
bloom. 319-626-2236.
                                                        Illowa Cooks Share Recipes
                     Pots                                       Douglas Lodge Legendary
    Clay pots, plastic pots, pots with slits, clear                  Wild Rice Favorites
pots, net pots, wood slat baskets.........                 Located near the Mississippi Headwaters
    Knowing exactly what to pot your plants           in the heart of Itasca State Park is
into can become very confusing! When                  “Minnesota’s Own Resort,” the historic
deciding what pot to choose, you really must          Douglas Lodge. Constructed between 1903-
consider your growing area, humidity level,           1905, the lodge was the first building to serve
watering schedules and specific plant                 visitors in Itasca State Park.       Try these
requirements.                                         favorites of the Douglas Lodge.
    If your growing area is dry (low humidity)
Page 6                                                                     Illowa Orchid Society Newsletter
                                                                         1/2 C. almonds
                                                                         1 1/4 C. water chestnuts
                                                                         1 1/4 C. grapes
                                                                         1 1/4 C. raisins
                                                                         2 C. celery julienne
                                                                         1/8 C. sugar
                                                                         1/8 tsp. Salt
  Thought for                                                            Mix and dress with Honey Dijon dressing.
    the Day                                                                    Douglas Lodge Wild Rice Hot Dish
   by Roger Rankin                                                       ½ C. finely diced celery
    All orchid growers                                                   ½ C. finely diced onion
know more than they                                                      1 ½ C. wild rice
think they do.                   Douglas Lodge Wild Rice Soup            2 (10 oz. cans) cream of mushroom soup
                         1/2 cup wild rice                               1 (10 oz. can) cream of celery soup
                         1/2 cup shredded carrots                        1 (4 oz. can) sliced water chestnuts (optional)
                         6 cups water                                    Well browned hamburger
                         1/2 cup shredded onions                         Salt, Pepper and garlic to taste
                         4 cup chicken stock                                 Sauté the celery and onion in oil. Add the
                         1/2 cup diced celery                            browned hamburger. Wash the wild rice well
                         Wash wild rice until clean. Cook in 6 cups      and cook in 6-8 C. water until done, at least 20
                         water until plump and tender.* Drain. Set       minutes.* Mix all ingredients together and add
                         aside. Combine chicken stock, carrots, onions   the soups and water chestnuts. Season to
                         and celery. Bring to a boil, then simmer and    taste. Bake at 325 degrees F. for 1 to 1 ½
                         cook until vegetables are tender. Add cooked    hours.
                         wild rice. Makes 4 servings.                         *NOTE: To prepare wild rice, remember to
                               Douglas Lodge Wild Rice Salad             rinse thoroughly before cooking, and if desired,
                         4 C. wild rice, cooked*                         rinse again during the cooking process.

     Illowa Orchid Society
      James E. Hall                                                                                        Place
      620 W. Davenport St.                                                                                 Stamp
      Eldridge, IA 52748-1169                                                                               Here

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      Conservatory Orchid Collection
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