Vo1.49, No.6&7                                      June   &   July 2001

         o Ems L ETTER
                          Jim Spatzek, Editor

The    June              Sunday, June 24th,           Botanical Park and the
                         the 4th Sunday of the        National     Park in
MeetinQ    is            month at 12:00noon          Tereopolis. Jack has
~undaY~ June             at the Chicago Botanic      become very familiar
24th  £ the              Garden.     Our July        with the many orchids
July MeetinQ             meeting follows on          found there. Growing
                         July 8th, also at the       up in the North
is ~undaY~               Chicago      Botanic        Cen tral     par.t    of
JulY   sth.              Gardens at Noon.            Michigan, he moved to
Vlea§e make a                                        Flint in 1963 to work
                         Our July speaker,           for General Motors
nvte vI thi§ as          Jack Schumaker will         Service         Parts
it will be yvu..-        speak about his trips       Operation; he is now
vnly nvti~e vI           to Brazil and showing
                         the native orchids.
                                                     manager of export
                                                     logistics. He owned
the      JUly            Jack has traveled           and operated Mid-
meetinQ.                 throughout      Central     Michigan Orchids for
                         and South America           over 8 years, selling
                         doing plant studies         slipper orchids bu t
                         on growingconditions.       has just gone out of
                         Regularly visiting the      business     and will
   The June              remote home (200            therefore not have
                         miles north of Rio and      plants for sale. He is
       2f)f)1            50 miles inland from        president      of the
    MvnthlY              the Atlantic Ocean) of      Saginaw ValleyOrchid
    Meeti"Q              his friends David and       Society and is an
Take a Time-Out and      Izabel Miller in Brazil,    active     committee
Attend Our June          co-authors of Orchids       member serving the
Meeting!                 of the High Mountain        Mid America Orchid
                         Atlantic Rain Forest in     Congress.          Our
Note that this month's   Southeastern Brazil as      meeting will be held in
month's meeting is       well as the Rio             the    Multi-Purpose
 Meeting at 12:00 noon       doing the workshop              years that I've left the
 and you may bring you       next month (July), the           Society healthy and in good
 plan ts    for    sale.     first meeting of her            hands for the next fifty. We
 However, there will be      term.                            attended more away shows
                                                             than      before;        our
 no plant judging this
                                                             membership is increasing
 month, since this is
                                     Joe Dixler              again; and, attendance at our
 the awards meeting.                                         last show was up. Weare
Weare honoring our                                           growing and thriving, but
10S members who                                              I'm not responsible for these
have     earned      the                                     things. You are, and your
highest scores during                                        representatives, the Board of
the past year by                                             Directors and Officers of
displaying their plants                                      the Society are.
at shows and meetings
and by earning AOS                                            The Board members bring 8
awards      for both         The President's                  different personalities to the
                                                              table,     to   add     their
greenhouse and under            Message
                                          by                 viewpoints,      advice and
lights categories.
                                   Lois Cinert                dissensions to the ongoing
                                                             growth and evolution of the
 This month's workshop                                       Society. Six of them will
 will feature slides from
                                                             serve in various capacities in
 this year's TokyoDome                                       the following year and two
                            THE END!
 Orchid Show, the                                            are leaving this service for
 largest     and most                                        now. Robert Wolf helped
 elaborate orchid show       I was going to submit just
                                                             us take a studied, precise
                            those two words as my final
 in the world. Rosalie                                       look at many issues, and
                            message, just to see if the
 and I attended this        editor would print it that
                                                             brought logic to a sometimes
 show last March and        way! It is the end of many
                                                             chaotic process.         Tom
were overwhelmed by                                          Franczak has been busy
                            things and my term as
the elaborate exhibits                                       while you all were not
                            president is one. It has been
and high quality of the     a ppvilege to serve you~    I    looking, building a world
                                                             class library for the Judging
plants. Since I did the     got to meet and speak with a     Center. He has maintained
first workshop after        lot more of you. We all
                                                             our up-to-date books and
becoming the First          tend to be shy about
                                                             cajoled us into being the
Vice President four         meeting new people, and
                                                             best. Many thank to both of
                            this has given me a chance
years ago, it is fitting                                     these members for serving
that we do the last one     to expand the number of
                            names and faces that I see at    and helping.
of my term as well. I       meetings and shows. Try
am sure that Wendy          saying, ''Hi'' to someone
                                                             My      fell 0 w   0 Hi c e r s
Holtzman will do a                                           contribute in ways that are
                            you don't recognize at a
fine job        as my                                        both tangible and intangible.
                            meeting. It's fun!
replacement.         How                                     Physical work and emotional
fitting      that    her    I'd like to think that as the    support are just the tip of
                                                             the iceberg. Ed Gamson, as
husband, Dave, will be      last president of our first 50
 past president is a source of    her time a show chairman.
 sense and reason spoken          She helped get us through       Please      mark       your
 quietly in the background,       changes at the CBG and          calendars for this years
 but heard loudly over the       with vendors, and managed        meeting dates now so you
 roar. Barb Bennett brought       to produce almost seemingly     don't make other plans!
 innovations and new ideas to     smooth running shows.           Here they are:
 membership-- from clip-on       Joe Dixler provided an           June 24,July 8, Aug.12, Sept.
 name tags to incentives to       almost endless supply of        9, Nov.ll, and Dec 9.
 new members. Barb's ideas       superb speakers. We have         The Fall Show is Oct. 11-14,
 have helped us grow. The        had growers, botanists and       2001.
 expanded       membership       just plain orchid lovers grace
 directory       with     new    our stage over the last
 information and show and        several years.      Joe had
 meeting dates is just one       brought a wide range of new
 example. John Stubbings         ideas to the Board, along
 kept a rein, and sometimes a    with energy and enthusiasm.
 sharp curb on the wild                                           American Orchid
 spending suggestions that       That's a lot of work from a
                                                                  Society Judging ••
 sprout up, knowing how to       few people, and I greatly
keep us in line with a sense     appreciate every minute and      The judging      of the
of humor.       Jim Spatzek      every erg expanded. Thank        American Orchid Society
relentlessly puts out a· very    them the next time you see       Chicago Judging Center
readable        newsletter,      them.      Many of these         are held monthly in the
sometimes ,-vith almost no       officers and board members       Linnaeus Room of the
material to work with, and
                                                                  Chicago Botanic Garden,
                                 will be serving again in the     Glencoe, IL, on the 2nd
amid a hail of suggestions       coming year, while several       Saturday of the month at
and complaints. Sue Golan        will leave their office, and     1:OOpm (unless otherwise
has the quiet patience to        we hope to see them at           announced here and in the
keep track of the several        regular meetings and shows,      AOSBulletin, Orchids.
ongoing conversations at         helping once again!
                                                                    June 16,2001-1:00PM
board meetings, and dig out
the kernels of business out of   The new board will see five        July 14,2001-1:00PM
                                 new faces as officers and         August ll,2001-1:00PM
the multiple goings on! Leo                                          Sept.8,200 I-1:00PM
Schordje trooped over hill       members. The ever chang-            Oct.12,2001-6:00PM
and dale at great personal       ing cast of personalities and       Nov.lO,2001-1:00PM
risk to pester flowering         ideas keeps us moving,              Dec. 8,2001-1:00PM
plants from us to take to        changing, and growing. My
away shows and create the        thanks to those who worked
IOS display. It's a lot of       hard to keep us a vital
work, involves time and          society in the last year, and
sacrifice, and sometimes         best wishes for success in
genius to produce away           the coming year to those
displays from very few           who will do it next.
plants. Nancy Jean Schoo's
motto should be the show
must go on, and four of our
best shows happened during
                                                                    arranging, and Orchids By
                                                                    Hausermann for most of the
 VP(OMH"G fvtN'lS                                                   orchid flowers Esther used.
                                                                    The auction raised a total of
 iN'l~t O~(~i~WO~t~                                                 $470. Our lucky supporters
                                    105 WEB SITE
                                                                    were Rosalie Dixler, Steve
 7113-7114101     International                                     Lipson, Barry Lubin, Anne
                  Alliance                    Kotowski, John Buckles,
                  Symposium,                                        Carole Thompson, Ingrid
                  Crown Plaza                                       Koch-Adler, and Bob Hoel.
                  Hot      e I ,
                  Indianapolis                                      We thank you individually
7129101           Central Iowa                                      and collectively for your
                 Speakers   ;.l.t~.I.~                donations.
                  Day,         &
                 Judging, Des                                       We also want to thank Sue
                 Botanical                                          Golan for her separate
                 Garden            ALtil~TIIIII                     donation to the 2002 Show.
9115-9116101     Indiana
                                   Remember bringing a
                 S how,
                 Garfield Park     salad to the 1998 Fall           DATES for 2002
                 Conservatory      Show?       Ever wonder
                 Indianapolis      what happened to the
9122-9123101     Wisconsin
                 Orchid            bowl and spoon? WE
                 Society           have it!!!       June is
                 Show,     The     cleaning out the closet
                                   month. Wewill bring out              i
                                                                    Jan. 3, Feb. 17, Mar 3,
                 WI                all the bowls, plates,               i
                                                                    Apr 0-1 4-Show,      May
9128-9130101     Ninth Annual      platters, forks, spoons,          19, June 30, July 14,
                 Orchid Fest
                                   tongs, and anything else         Aug. I I, Sept. I 5, Oct.
                                   that's in the cabinet. If
                                   its yours, you may take it       I 3, Nov. I 7, and Dec.8
                  Details in a     home. This is not a
                  Future Issue     garage sale . We can use
                 or contact
                                                                    Mark Your Calendars!!
                 any commer-
                                   many of the items we
                 cial grower       have, but if it belongs to
10111-10114101   IOS Fall Mini
                 S how,
                                   you, please take it home.         Intenlational
                 Glencoe,IL                  105.105.105
10120-10121101   Blackhawk                                           Pl1alaenOl,sis
                 Society Show
                                                        THE   MAY           l~lliance
312-313102       NEWOS
                 Show,      Fox
                                   At our May meeting we
                 Greyhound         auctioned arrangements                    9 & 10
                 Par        k ,    made in the workshop by
                 Kaukauna, WI
                                   Esther Sue of Esther               Sill11'Osiull1
                 Orchid            Flowers in Northbrook.            (Illinois, Minnesota
                 Society Show      We want to thank Esther            Wisconsin, Iowa,
                                   for her contribution of the
                 Orchid Congo                                              Missouri)
                 &        A 0 S    supplies and time to
                 Trustees          demonstrate        flower
                 Meeting.                                               June 23, 2001
                     at              John Stubbings                                Suzi will be bringing plants for sale,
                                     2825 Weller Lane                              so if you have any special requests
         Orchids by                  Northbrook, IL 60062                          you      can      email       her    at
        Hausermann                   e-mail       :                                orchidsuzi<9;        You may
                                     istubbinszs(Q?                    want to first check           out their
  2N I 34 Addison              Rd.
                                     Days: 773-660-4081                            catalog on line at :
          Villa Park, IL             Nights:: 847-480-1532               
                                     Greenhouse: 847-480-0643                      chids.
      (630) 543-6855
                                                                                   Our workshop will be give by 10S
           Schedule                                                                member David Holtzman who will
                                                    P-O-¢-                         be   talking    about     basic       orchid
       Continental Breakfast                                                       photography      and    how    to      email

                                     Julv Meeting                           .      your photos to each other. David is
               9:00am                                                              a strictly amateur photographer
                                     Our meeting on Sunday, July             8th
           Dana Harrison                                                           who has made every mistake in the
                                     will begin at 12:00 noon in the
      "Multifloral    Breeding at                                                  book while photographing orchids.
                                     Multipurpose Room. The work-
   Orchids by Hauserrnann"                                                         Hopefully, he can show you how to
                                     shop, business  meeting,               and
                                     lecture will follow    in              the    avoid some of the same pitfalls and
                 10:00                                                             help you get better pictures of your
                                     Auditorium.       If you are frustrated
          John Stubbings                                                           favorite orchids.
                                     with     bringing                  home
   "Judging Multiflorals.                                                                     Wendy Holtzman
                                     Dendrobiums,     and             watching
Growing and Selecting better
                                     them     slowly       die, you    will be
       Quality Plants"
                                     especially       delighted       by    our
              11:00am                speaker Suzi Porter of Porter's
          Barbara Bennett            Orchids , who will be discussing
                                     "Easy to Grow Dendrobiums."
      "Successfully growing
                                     She     will be        highlighting    5-6
 Phalaenopsis under lights and
       on windowsills"               groups of Dendrobiums that will
                                     thrive in most households under

                Noon                 low light         and   Cattleya-type
                Lunch                conditions.       She wants to prove
                                     that    anyone    can     grow
                1:00pm               Dendrobiums successfully.

      Raffle of plants. Raffle
prtm:~r      mailing costs and       Suzi started growing orchids 23
           meeting costs.            years ago and is an Accredited
  Everyone is encouraged to          AOS Judge. With her husband
                                     Bill she started Porter's Orchids
   bring a plant for the raffle
                                     I 5 years       ago      and   has    been
           1:30pm                    selling orchids commercially ever
  Greenhouse tour including          since.    In 1996, they opened
  Phalaenopsis breeding area         their state of the art greenhouse
and                                  in     Grand      Ledge,       Michigan.
  mad frenzied buying spree.         Those of you who were lucky
                                     enough to join us on the bus trip
Contact: John Stubbings for          to Meijer Gardens last fall were
more information and to              able    to     spend     the   afternoon
reserve your spot. Limited           browsing through their beautiful
to about 40. Cost is $10 to          facility,   featuring     a   wide
cover lunch.                         selection of orchids that are easy
                                     to grow at home.
                                              The International Phalaenopsis Alliance
                                     The Seventh Phalaenopsis Symposium and Show
  (                                                              July 13, 14 and 15, 2001
                                                                           At the
                                             Crowne Plaza Hotel Union Station, Indianapolis,                  Indiana

         Indianapolis Welcomes IPA Phalaenopsis Symposium and Show
Here is your invitation to join other members of the International Phalaenopsis Alliance in exploring the future of the
genus Phalaenopsis at the Seventh Phalaenopsis Symposium and Show. The action takes place from July 13 to 15,
2001 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Union Station in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This Symposium will address timely topics and much more, in a series of lectures and workshops. Mark your calendar
now, and send your registration to attend this extraordinary weekend dedicated to the Phalaenopsis orchid.

Whether you are a Novice or a Professional Grower, here is why the Symposium is a must
         •    Learn the future trends in Phalaenopsis hybridizing
         •    Discover how to use science to produce higher quality plants
         •    See award winning growers select the "best for breeding" plants
         •    Find the latest information on new Phalaenopsis species
         •    Get the answer to all your Phalaenopsis culture questions

Come and Hear the Lectures
         •    Norman Fang, from Norman's Orchids on the new harlequin Phalaenopsis breeding
         •    Eric Christenson, Ph.D., from Sarasota Florida, on the latest on Phalaenopsis species
         •    George Vasquez, from Zuma Canyon Orchids on the new cultural techniques

Plus your Choice of Workshops
         •   Greenhouse/Advanced   Culture Techniques
         •   Hobbyist Growing - Under Lights and Windowsill       Culture
         •   Laboratory Techniques
         •   Hybridizing
         •   The Mechanics of Breeding
         •   Judging Award Quality Flowers

Workshop Leaders (Partial List): Dick Wells, Hilltop Orchids, H.P. Norton, Orchidview Orchids, Tom Harper, Stones
River Orchids, Carri Raven-Riemann, The OrchidPhile, Nancy Mountford, Arbec Orchids.

AOS Judged Flower Show and Plant Sales
You will see a myriad of colors and much more in a show of Phalaenopsis and other orchids. Everyone attending the
Symposium is invited to enter plants for Ribbon Judging and AOS Awards. Plant entry is on Friday morning, with
judging taking place that afternoon.

Super plant sales. Here is a partial list of the vendors who will participate: The OrchidPhile, Orchidview,    Hilltop Orchids,
Stones River Orchids, Arbec Orchids, Zuma Canyon Orchids, Norman's Orchids, Orchid Konnection.

Plus: Door Prize, Auction & Raffle

The IPA will host a plant auction with proceeds to support key projects including the Color Fund for the Newsletter.       And
finally, you can take a chance to win quality plants in the IPA's annual benefit raffle.
And Book Signing
Bring your copy or purchase a copy of Eric Christenson's Phalaenopsis book at the Symposium and Eric will gladly
sign your book. And if you have not purchase the leather bound limited edition copy of the book, the Symposium may
be the last chance for you to obtain this collector's item.


            After 6/12/01
               Registration $105
                     $ 90                     Before $25.00
                                Non-Member or Member6/12/01
            Before 6/12/01 Options
                               $100     IPA   After 6/12/01
                                                       $100                                 Overseas:
                                                                                            1 Year -$25, 2 Years - $45
1 year $36,2 Includes green fee and cart,
Thursday - July 12tH• years - $68
 IPA Golf Outing                                                                            US, Canada & Mexico:
 Friday Reception Only

Hotel Information
Site of the 2001 Symposium is the Crowne Plaza Hotel Union Station in Indianapolis, Indiana. Beautiful historic interior
of America's first Union Station. Additional information on how to get to the hotel will be given in the confirmation

SpeciallPA Group Rate
Standard single or double room rate is $109.00 per day plus local sales and occupancy tax.
To make hotel reservations,    Call the Crowne Plaza at 1-800-2CROWNE                           and be sure to request the
International Phalaenopsis      Alliance   group rate.

June   12, 2001 is the last day for the Crowne Plaza IPA group-rates.       After this date, the regular room rate applies.
June   12, 2001 is the last day for reduced rate registration.
June   25, 2001 is the last day for mail-in registrations. After this date, plan to register at the door, but please, let us
know   that you are coming.

IPA Golf Outing
Come and join Roger Brown, George Vasquez, Dick Wells and other golfers at a speciallPA golf outing to take place
on Thursday, July 12, 2001 at noon at the Eagle Creek Golf Course. The price per player will be $100.00 and will
include the green fee and cart and a donation to the IPA. For more information, call Dick Wells at 765-795-6016 or
                            The Seventh Phalaenopsis Symposium and Show
                            July 13, 14 and 15, 2001, Crowne            Plaza Union Station,   Indianapolis

R, -- -----"-- - --- - -" ,,-----
                 - --- -- -/
                      Probationary Company: First:
                     E-mail Address:No.:
                       Student Work Phone No.:
                      Clerk      Date:Country:
                                             State and Zip Code                  Home Phone No.:
(Circle One)

         -- .---- .
               -     - - - -
                           --        - - -  -       - ---
                     E-mail Address:No.:
                       Probationary Company: First:and Zip Code:
                        Student Work Phone No.:
                          Accredited       Country:
                                                  State                          Home Phone No.:
(Circle One)

Reaistration             for
                                                                                 Number of Registrations:
             Activity:                        I   IPA member   I   Non-Member     IPA        Non-IPA      I Amount
Full Symposium
Includes: Friday Reception, Sat &
Sun Breakfasts, Awards Luncheon
Friday Reception
Show and Sales Area
IPA Membership                 Special

Companion   Option
Awards Luncheon Onl
Golf Outing
Thursdav Julv         1ih

                                    Totals:                                                                   $

Credit Cards Accepted or Make Checks/Money Orders Payable in US Dollars & Drawn on a U.S. Bank to the IPA

Credit Card Number:                                                              Exp. Date:             _

Signature:        ------------------
VISA                      MASTERCARD                   (Circle One)

Mail to:                  Sarah Chandler, Registrar                      Phone No:       1-317 -326-5208
                          2938 East 300N                                 Fax No:         1-765-795-4066
                          Greenfield, IN 46160
              The Mid-American
  Newsletter of the Mid-America Orchid Congress                                                                   June 2001

President's Message
With another excellent congress behind us, it is on to the next.
The folks in Worthington, Ohio put their best foot forward,
and now it is time for all of the rest of you Mid Americans to
think about hosting a future congress. I know it looks like a
daunting task, and so much to organize, but as someone in
Worthington told me it can really help pull people together.
Also if you take it on, you have a ready made reason to meet
and get to know your fellow club members on a whole
different level. Your club members benefit from the lectures,
and the vendors and exhibitors that frequent Mid America
congresses. So give Lowell Jacks a call (404-669-8089) to
discuss possible dates and financial and other assistance. We
would love to see your town and come and visit.                                        Peter Poot

Mid America is about helping each other and sharing. The
MAOC Affiliated societies breakfast demonstrated this once                     Mid America Orchid Congress
again. Bobbie Brown led the discussion, and it ranged from
                                                                                Future Dates and Locations
how can we make sure that you get your copy of the Mid
American on time to how can your club get tax exempt status.       Fall 2001                   Alabama Orchid Society
You can help us by making sure your society notifies our                             Birmingham AL September 28-30,2001
Membership Secretary, Karen McBride (612-827-0994), of
any changes in your arrangements for receiving the Mid             Spring 2002                  Illinois Orchid Society
American. With executive changes in societies these things                                    Chicago, IL April 10-14, 2002
                                                                                                With the AOS Trustees
sometimes get missed. We learned that AOS has extensive
documentation on how to get tax exempt status, and that you
need to keep applying if you don't get it the first time around.   Fall 2002                    OPEN

Mid America is also about doing together, things that              Spring 2003           Southern Ontaario Orchid Society
would be difficult or impossible to do as an individual                              Toronto Ontairo Canada April 4-6, 2003
society. The diversity of speakers, vendors and exhibitors that
are attracted to a Congress are but one example. The MAOC          Fall 2003                    OPEN
standard show schedule is another, as are the MAOC
contribution to the AOS Headquarters fund and the programs         Spring 2004                  OPEN
of the Conservation committee and the Education and research
committee.                                                         Fall 2004               Missouri     Orchid Society
Our next congress is in Birmingham, Alabama, September 28-                                            StLouis MO
30,2001. Our Ways and Means chair Mary Weiss and our
auctioneer Dick Wells are promising a Super Auction. Don't         Spring 2005                  OPEN
miss it, see you there!
                                                                   Fall 2005                    OPEN
Peter Poot.
                                                                   Spring 2006                  OPEN
        INVITATION TO                                             Mary Lou Dundon Essay Contest
      "ORCHID FANTASY"                                            Due to the unfortunate loss of the submitted entries from the
                                                                  contest, The Publications committee apologizes to those who
             AND                                                  previously submitted entries and asks that they be re-
                                                                  submitted so we can select and award a winner. If you did not
  THE MID-AMERICA ORCHID                                          enter before and would like to submit an entry we would also
                                                                  be glad to accept new submissions. (Yes, you can update it to
          CONGRESS                                                wishes for 2001). The Topic for the contest is "My Orchid
                                                                  Wishes for the Year 2000".Write an essay of 2000 words or
    SEPTEMBER 28 - 30, 2001                                       less on this subject and email unpublished submissions to
   BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA                                            Carolyn Butcher at         or mail to her at
                                                                  2822 Dorchester, Birmingham, MI 48009.

The Alabama Orchid Society is pleased to issue this invitation
to you to attend the Mid-America Orchid Congress and our
                                                                        Faster service .. .less cost ... get
"Orchid Fantasy"     show and sale in Birmingham, AL on                 your Mid-American by email
September 28 - 30, 2001. Birmingham is a historic city
founded in 1871 and once was known as the steel city of the       There are several options on how to get your Mid-American
south. The show will be held at the Birmingham Botanical          news! 1. Email. Your society can receive this newsletter via
Gardens 2612 Lane Park Road. The show will be open for            email as a Word or WordPerfect document attachment. You
public viewing     beginning on Saturday, September 29,           can then email on to members or print what you need and
from 12 P.M. - 5 P.M. and on Sunday, September 30, 10:00          distribute. This will be 2-4 weeks faster than option 3, and will
A.M. - 5 P.M. The sales area will be open Friday, Saturday,       save MAOC more than what your society's yearly dues are! 2.
and Sunday 10:00 A.M. - 5 P.M.                                    Another option is to get both email and print versions, and
                                                                  by emailing some, you can save us some printing and postage
The Embassy Suites will be the host hotel and special room        by receiving a smaller number of printed copies. 3. Currently,
rates will be available for all congress attendees. The popular   a number of copies of The Mid-American is sent to each
Mid-America Auction and Banquet will be at the hotel on           member society for distribution to their members, either at a
Saturday night. Also, the Affiliated Societies Breakfast on       meeting or along with their society newsletter. This costs the
Sunday morning will be another event you will not want to         MAOC more than what your society pays in dues each year. If
miss. These events are just the place to share ideas with those   your society would like to receive the Mid-American via
from other societies and to take home valuable information to
                                                                  email, the newsletter editor or an officer of your society
make you and your society more interesting and vital.             should send an email to the editor requesting it and stating
                                                                  which format they use. By doing it this way, the Mid America
Featured speakers will be Mr. William      Rhodehamel of          Congress can save distribution and printing costs, and your
Hoosier Orchid Company who will present the Memorial              society can receive this newsletter in a more timely fashion.
Shirley B. Moore Lecture on "Basic Culture for Orchid             Send      your    request     for   email     transmission    to
Species and Conservation and Seed Propagation of Orchid           evans glenn
Species", Mr. H. P. Norton of Orchidview Orchids, speaking        Please call or email today to improve your society's access to
on "Phalaenopsis", and Norito                                     the Mid-American!
Hasegawa DDS, speaking on "Progress          in Breeding          Publications Committee:
Paphiopedilums ".
                                                                  Chair: Carolyn Butcher       cjbutcherl
If you need additional information or have any questions,
                                                                         2822 Dorchester, Birmingham, MI 48009
please do not hesitate to contact me (see contact information
                                                                         (248) 643-6266
                                                                         Tom Richards
Please mark your calendars now.     to reserve a few days                6704 Windham Ct, Fort Wayne, IN 46835
for the 2001 Fall Mid-America Show. We are looking to                    (219) 485-2679
showing the congress attendees some of our good Alabama
hospitality. See you in September.                                Working on Web site:
                                                                          Sigrid Vauble
Margaret Holder                                                           1813 Wellesley Commons
Show Chairperson                                                          Indianapolis IN 46219-2427
820 South 29th Street                                             Editor:
Birmingham, AL 35205-1004
                                                                         Glenn F. Evans      evans_g;
E-mail or                                             332 E. North Street
                                                                         Greenfield IN 46140       (317)-439-1056

*****See Registration sheet enclosed *****
                          ALABAMA     ORCHID SOCIETY PRESENTS
                        Fall MID-AMERICA ORCHID CONGRESS and SHOW
          September 28-30,2001 Birmingham Botanical Gardens/Embassy Suites
                        2612 Lane Park Road  Birmingham, AL 35223
          Congress registration   includes unlimited access to the show, a registration   bag, and seminars

                             REGISTRATION                    FORM         (Please   print or type)
                           No Baked Yes
                             (         Yes              Yes
                                                        Significant Other/Guest
                                                        Significant Other/Guest                                                   I              I
         Orchid items & auction?
         E-mail Addressfor white rice) Breast (
         Street State, Zip
         Vegetarian Potatoes)
         LvonnaiseMarinated Chicken
         Clerking? Plate
Steamed Vegetables)wild
         Society Affiliation with Mixed Green Salad,
         All Entrees served                            Fresh Steamed Vegetables, Bread, Dessert, Iced Tea,    & Coffee.

          Hotel Reservations:

          Reservations may be made by calling the hotel (Embassy Suites) directly at I-800-Embassy (362-2779) or 205-879-7400. They are
          reserving a block of rooms at the special rate of $ 106.00.
          A limited number ofrooms are available, so book as early as possible. This special rate is available only until August 29, 200l.
          Request your reservation for the block of rooms reserved
          for the Alabama Orchid Society/Mid-America Orchid Congress. Reservations after this date are
          on a space and rate availability basis.

           Registration con't

           Fall Mid-America Orchid Congress -Birmingham 2001
           Exhibition Space and Sales Tables (electricity available)
           Name on Exhibit                                                                                _
           Ground Level Display                        25 sq ft __                50 sqft __
                                                     100 sq ft __                  Island
           Table Top Display                         3' x 6' table __
           Sales Tables
            3' x 6' requires a 25 sq ft display minimum
            $ 150.00 per table, 2 tables maximum (limited to 40 table requests)

          Do you wish to sponsor a trophy? Yes __                  No __
                                              __ trophies @ $ 45 per trophy
          Are you interested in advertising in the show booklet?
                (Artwork must be camera-ready)
                Full page ($50)         1/2 page ($30)       1/4 page ($20)

                                                        Total Amount
          Affiliated Societies $35($35)
          Second registration Breakfast-
          Banquet-Sat.Sun. Morning / $45)
Total Payment           Evening      ($14)
                                                           Congress Events I

          *$50 if postmarked prior to Aug.l, 2001    $60 if postmarked on or after Aug.l, 2001

          Return this form with payment to; Alabama Orchid Society
          Margaret Holder 820 South 29th Street      Birmingham, AL 35205-1004
          For additional information please do not hesitate to contact me at 205-933-8688
          or by E-mail                    2nd E-mail
          Make checks payable to Alabama Orchid Society.

          Registration confirmations will be mailed within two (2) weeks of registration receipt.   Remember   to make your hotel
          reservations or record the hotel information prior to submitting this form.

                                                                          PLEASE DUPLICATE           AS NECESSARY

Mid-America Conservation Committee                                   goal. We realize that not every society can afford this amount,
                                                                     but that others can afford much more. Already several
                                                                     societies have donated amounts from two hundred to a
May 29, 2001
                                                                     thousand dollars. Some of the societies raised their donations
Dear Fellow Orchid Lovers:                                           through special projects that also served to involve their
                                                                     members orchid related activities, and isn't that one of the
We are writing to ask you help providing education about             purposes of the society? We've also received donations for
orchid conservation. We believe that the most valuable thing         individuals and we've even had guest speakers donate their
orchid societies can do to aid the cause of orchid conservation      honoraria to the fund.
is to help educate our members and the public at large about
the issues involved and what they can do to help. To advance         While we're off to a good start raising the money needed to
this education the Mid-America Orchid Congress has                   insure that this important program will continue to provide
established a Conservation Speakers Fund, the purpose of             education on orchid education, we still need your help. If you
which is to encourage societies that host Mid-America Orchid         love orchids, if you agree that conserving them in their native
Congresses to include, on the congress program, a speaker on         habitats is vital and that education is key to achieving this,
a topic related to orchid conservation.                              wont you help us by contributing to Conservation Speakers
All of us have heard that wild orchid populations, in the
tropics and here in North America, are being lost to                 Thank you,
development or over-collection. Have you ever wished you
could do something to help, but you didn't know what?                The Mid-America Orchid Congress Conservation Committee.
Education is the key.

Did you know that over-collection of orchids is caused not
only by the commercial exploiter, but also when an individual
digs up the pretty flower to take home for his or her garden?
Most don't know that our native orchids are extremely delicate
and few survive being transplanted. Further, many of our
orchids grow in small colonies, and removal of just a few can
cause the loss of the whole colony. People who know these
things probably won't dig up the orchids or buy collected
orchids from dealers who don't know or don't care. Again,
education is the key.

The Mid-America Conservation Speakers Fund was created to
help our members, and the general public, learn about the
problems of orchid conservation, possible solutions, and what
individuals and groups can do to help. We want to encourage
the society hosting each Spring Congress to have one of the
lectures be about orchid conservation by reimbursing them for
the speaker's expenses, up to three hundred dollars.

To begin the Conservation Committee will pay the
reimbursement from its annual budget provided by the
Congress. To protect the funding for this important program          Mid-America AOS Judging Centers
for the future, the Congress has created an endowment fund to
support it.                                                          Atlanta Judging Center. Atlanta Botanical Garden

This is where we need your help. We are asking you to help           Chicago Judging Center. Chicago Botanic Garden
us provide the education that we all need by donating to the
Conservation Speakers Fund. The money you donate will be             Cincinnati Judging Center. Civic Garden Center
combined with that donated by other concerned societies and
individuals to make up the endowment. The interest earned by         Great Lakes Judging Center. Botanical         Gardens, Univ of
the fund will provide the reimbursement money. We need ten           Michigan
to fifteen thousand dollars in the fund to insure that each year's
interest will be enough to carryon the important program.            Mid-America Judging Center. Missouri Botanic Garden

If each of the approximately fifty societies in Mid-America          Toronto Judging Center.        Civic Garden Center, Edwards
donated three hundred dollars to the fund, we will meet our          Gardens

June 2001 Mid-American

Special Show A wards given at the Columbus show:
The AOS Show Trophy for best display: Hoosier Orchid Company, Indianapolis (Erich Michel)

The Myron Banta Award for Best specimen plant in the show: Dendrobiumjonesii,       exhibited by Andy's Orchids

The Henry C. Holmes Award for Best Oncidium Alliance plant in the show: Miltonia lyceana, exhibited by Porter's

The F L Stevenson Pleurothallid Alliance Award for Best Pleurothallid     Alliance plant in show: Pleurothallis   boliviana,
exhibited by Hoosier Orchid Company

The Fox Valley Cypripedium Alliance Award for Best Cypripedium Alliance               plant in the show: Phragmipedium
schroederae 'Hoosier Hysteria' AM/AOS, exhibited by Hoosier Orchid Company

Special MADC Auction
At the MAOC Affiliated Societies Breakfast Sunday morning April 29, 2001 a special auction was held to help out the
MAOC budget situation, and a sum of $865.00 was raised! Thank you to all who donated itema and to all who participated
as buyers.

A.O.S. Trustees Meeting, Columbus, Ohio, Judging Committee Thursday, April 26, 2001
Elevation of Certified Judges, Probationary to Accredited: Sandra Ohlund, Great Lakes,
Janice Yates Cincinnati, Stephen Helbling, Cincinnati, Dr. Craig J. Plahn, Mid-America.
Elevation of Students to Certified Judge, Probationary: Randy Young, Atlanta, Anthony
Nuccio, Chicago, Timothy Brooks, Cincinnati, Barry Jones, Cincinnati.
Changes in status to Senior Judge: Renate Stern Mid-America
Changes in status to Retired Judge: Dr. Lee Rogers Mid-America
Accepted as Student in these Centers: Cynthia M. Dyer, Atlanta, Steve Troc, Chicago, Karen
McBride, Chicago, Milton Wittman, Chicago, Kristen Mason, Cincinnati, Granted leaves of absence in these
Centers: Joel Clark, Mid-America Probationary, (effective 12/2/00, ending 6/3/01)
                                            M.crr~your Calendar!

                                   The International      Phalaenopsis       Alliance

                                   The Seventh Phalaenopsis             Symposium
                                                and Show
                                                 July 13, 14 and 15,2001

                                                         At the
                                  Crowne Plaza Hotel Union Station, Indianapolis, Indiana

    The Illinois Orchid Society, Inc.
    Jim Spatzek, Editor                                                          NON-PROFIT
    253 Summerfield Road                                                         US POSTAGE
    Northbrook, IL 60062-5426                                                    GLENVIEW,IL   60025
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                                                 Allen Morr
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