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					                       Milkweed Reading Response Logs
                 Name ____________________________

Describe one question you had while reading    Describe one of Misha’s, Uri’s or Janina’s
today. Be specific.                            character traits and give specific evidence
                                               from the book that proves it.

What is your opinion of Uri so far? Do you     Find one example of “wondrous words” from
think he is a good guy or a bad guy? Use       the novel, and explain why you like it.
evidence from the text to support your

What is your opinion of Janina? Why?           Judging by what you’ve read so far, what is
                                               the theme?

Describe one connection (text-to-text, text-   Put yourself in Misha’s place. List five
to-self or text-to-world) that you had while   adjectives that describe how you feel right
reading today and explain why.                 now.
Why do you think Misha is intrigued by the   What does family mean in the novel? How is
orphans? What might Dr. Korczak              it different than what you would normally
represent?                                   think of as family?

Describe something you didn’t fully          Summarize what you read today.
understand at the beginning of the novel
that you understand now.

Find a quote from the novel that you think   Describe what you visualized while reading
represents our society, write it down, and   today.
explain why you chose it.

An inference I have about                    A word I don’t know is_______________. I
_____________________ (a character)          think it means
is…                                          _______________________________