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                                                        May 2005
                                           Coolidge Corner
          LamonLinks                       Hands on DC due at Coolidge Saturday, May 7
           May 2005                        Even if you have not registered, come out to Coolidge HS on Saturday, May 7 to help
         Volume 4, Issue 8                 beautify and support the school. There is much to do. If you are not handy with a
                                           paint brush, you can help serve the food. Every hand is necessary and needed.
        Written & Edited by                Contact Terry Goings 291-6952 or Alice Giancola 723-1859 or just show up on
            Judi Jones                     Saturday.
          Contributors :                   Testimony for Coolidge at DC Council hearing & ‘Community Coalition’
          Patricia Bee                     On April 11, 2005, several of the „Community Coalition‟ members testified at the DC
         Mary Rowland                      Council hearing for schools, parks and libraries. CM Kathy Patterson chaired the
                                           hearings. I have reprinted parts of my testimony. The results of the testimony
           In This Issue:                  follow.
  Tributes to Mothers and Soldiers         Good Afternoon CM & Chair             later sent the list to the Facilities Director, Greg Williams, at that time. The
                                           Patterson and members of the          items listed in that walk-thru are the same items listed in our walk-thru 2 years
          *~*~*~*~*~*                      education committee. Thank you        later.
          Coolidge Corner                  for allowing me to testify before
                                           you. My name is Judi Jones. I am      Further, after 9/11/01, the DC Office of Emergency Preparedness designated
         ~*~*~*~*~*~                       the ANC for 4B07 and the chair        Coolidge as the emergency shelter for the Takoma, Lamond, Manor Park, and
       CommunityCoalition                  of the 4B commission. The 4B          Brightwood areas. Coolidge is in an emergency state of disrepair. The shelter
                                           commission passed an agenda           should be equipped as a structure to provide shelter as central location.
          *~*~*~*~*~*                      along with the budget this past
  Half Prices Houses for Teachers          March. One of the items on the
                                           agenda is embracing Coolidge HS
                                                                                 There was a community coalition, Takoma Park DC Citizens Association,
                                                                                 organized in the early 1930’s that lobbied Congress for the money to build
         ~*~*~*~*~*~                       as a community entity. The exact      Coolidge HS. We are picking up that mantle. ANC 4B, Takoma DC
  Recurring Meeting Calendars              wording is below:                     Neighborhood Association (formally Plan Takoma), Takoma Theater Arts
                                                                                 Program (TTAP) and the Local School Restructuring Team (LSRT) for
     for the 4B Communities                      Coolidge High School            Coolidge HS, Neighbors, Inc and the Coolidge PTSA have come together as a
                                           Reason – Coolidge HS is the only      ‘Community Coalition’ to help Coolidge HS. There has been one clean up this
          *~*~*~*~*~*                      HS in the 4B area. It has been        year and another expected in May (2005). The community has committed to
      Happy Mother’s                       neglected in recent years with the
                                           emergence of charter schools,
                                           declining enrollment in the entire
                                                                                 sprucing up the place. But the foundation is crumbling. With three or more
                                                                                 community groups interested in using the facilities and/or partnering with the
                                                                                 school, the facilities have to improve. Therefore, as a ‘community coalition’, I
         Day!!                             system, urban blight, and
                                           housing transitions. The 4B           am proposing the following:
                                           commission would like to
                                           embrace      Coolidge     as     a         1.     The DC Council, with the recommendation from this committee,
                                              community entity to provide                    submits and passes emergency legislation with similar to language
                                              support beginning with a                       used for renovating RFK stadium in time for the baseball season,
  On Honor                                    scholarship for graduating                     to renovate Coolidge HS to meet minimal habitable conditions and
                                              students enrolled in a post                    the new school year in September 2005. We are asking for $10
                                              secondary institution. Other                   million to begin correcting the conditions that currently exist at the
  Mama‟s Garden                               guidelines for the scholarship                 school site. The DC Council can seek redress from DCPS during
                                              will be developed as the 4B                    their budget hearings for DCPS.
                                              commission develops grant
  We were taught to give our                                                           2. The ‘community coalition’ will organize temporarily and
                                                                                             specifically to allocate and monitor the funds for renovation and
  flowers                                                                                    repair of the school to the point that the community groups, ANC
                                               Other community groups such
  While Mama‟s eyes could see                  as Takoma DC Neighborhood
                                                                                             4B, Plan Takoma, TTAP, the LSRT and PTSA can use the
  She left us pearls of wisdom                 Association Plan Takoma
                                                                                             facilities as a community center. The community coalition will
                                                                                             abide by all rules, regulations, and policies of the DC Auditor in
  To carry on our legacy                       (formally    Plan      Takoma),
                                                                                             monitoring and quality assurance for the repair and renovation.
                                               Takoma Theater Arts Program
                                                                                       3. Coolidge is currently scheduled for renovation in 2011 by DCPS.
                                               (TTAP) and the Local School
                                                                                             It is the last high school to be renovated. Current estimates suggest
     Restructuring Team (LSRT) for Coolidge HS, Neighbors, Inc and the
                                                                                             that it will take $52 million to renovate and update Coolidge hs.
     Coolidge PTSA have come together as a ‘Community Coalition’ to help
                                                                                             The ‘community coalition’ suggests that the DC Council support
     Coolidge HS. When all of the interested parties met with the principal,
                                                                                             the Coolidge PTSA to lobby DCPS to move Coolidge up the
     Dr. Cecil Robinson, we thought we would talk with him about additional
                                                                                             priority list for renovation and upgrade.
     resources to put into the school to increase its academic rigor. We spent
                                                                                 I don’t expect the $10 million to completely renovate Coolidge HS. It would
     2½ hours talking about facilities….
                                                                                 go a long way to create a learning and community environment until DCPS
                                                                                 renovates Coolidge. I do expect it to run efficiently so that other community
The principal has given the ‘community coalition’ a list of work order
                                                                                 entities can use of the building!
numbers to substantiate that the above problems have been reported. Some of
                                                                                 Thank you for your time and attention to this urgent matter! Sincerely,
these work orders predate Dr. Robinson’s arrival but they were submitted in a
                                                                                 Judi         Jones,          ANC          4B07        and        4B         Chair
timely way. There was a walk-thru in 2003 (list attached) with the PTSA who

                LamondLinks                  May 2005                  Page 1 of 4                                       vol. 4, #8
Community Coalition’
                                                           CM Fenty sends letter to DCPS
The „Community Coalition‟ was formed in a hurry.
There are six community groups that want to use            CM Fenty sends letter to DCPS and proposes
Coolidge as a base of operation for community              legislation for emergency funding to repair and
activities that do not interfere with school day. We       renovate DC schools. Based on Dodie Butler‟s and my
walked through Coolidge 2 days before testifying. We       testimonies, CM Fenty asked that Coolidge move up
had to name ourselves something. The community             on the renovation list. As of Wednesday, April 25,
groups involved in the coalition are the Coolidge PTSO     Coolidge moved from number 11 to number 2. All of it
and LSRT, ANC 4B Commission, Takoma DC                     is good news. Superintendent Janey has high
Neighborhood Association (TDCNA) formally Plan             expectations for all schools. That is a very good idea
Takoma, the Takoma Theater Arts Program (TTAP),            since the community coalition has high expectations
and Neighbors, Inc. We will formally organize within       for Coolidge. The community hopes to use Coolidge as
the next month. If anyone has a name that we could         a community center after school hours and infuse any
use for the organization papers please submit them         resources possible to build the academic process.
to any of the above groups. We will temporarily
organize to help Coolidge repair and renovate using
any funds that CM Fenty‟s bill proposes. The coalition
will lobby and allocate funding that comes through
the DC Council. Please submit your suggestions asap!

                                         Half Price Houses for Teachers
While it's not property tax relief, it does seem to be     HUD defines a teacher as an individual employed full
a great deal. I drove around Takoma Park at the            time by a public school, private school, or Federal,
targeted areas for revitalization, and they were close     State, county or municipal education agency as a
to the park. Whether or not anything will come up          State-certified classroom teacher or administrator
for sale is another question. You don't have to be a       in grades K-12. The teacher does not have to be
first         time        homebuyer,           either...   currently       performing       classroom      duties.
Mary Rowland Answers Members' Questions                    Teacher Next Door properties are located in areas
By Mary Rowland                                            designated by HUD as revitalization areas, typically
The Department of Housing and Urban Development            in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. To
(HUD) offers single-family homes to teachers for           qualify for the program, a teacher need not be a
50% off their appraised value. This program is named       first-time home buyer; however, the teacher cannot
"The Teacher Next Door." Down payments can be as           own any other residential real estate. A teacher must
low                      as                      $100.     purchase a home in the same school district or
Q: An NEA member writes: Can you tell me anything          jurisdiction in which she/he is employed and must live
about the new guidelines for teachers buying a house       in the home as a sole residence for at least three
for half price? Is this applicable in all states?          years. She/he may then sell it and take the profits.
A: I had to turn to the folks at NEA Member                If the home is purchased with an FHA-insured
Benefits for help on this one. Here's what they tell       mortgage, the down payment is just $100. Down
me: The Teacher Next Door program is a nationwide          payments for other types of mortgages vary. The
government program that offers single family homes         home can be purchased directly from HUD or with
acquired by the Department of Housing and Urban            the          help         of          a         broker.
Development (HUD) to teachers at 50% off their             Teacher Next Door properties are listed on HUD's
appraised value. HUD has acquired the homes because        website at More information about
they were previously insured by another federal            this program, including details on financing, is
agency, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA),          available from NEA Member Benefits at 800/NEA-4-
and then foreclosed on when owners did not continue        YOU        (800/632-4968)         or     online      at
the                mortgage                  payments.

            LamondLinks         May 2005           Page 2 of 4                        vol. 4, #8
                                         FOR MOTHERS EVERYWHERE…
                                 But especially those who try to bring their
                                                                                            On Setting the Example
                                  children up proper. I traveled to Gullah
                                  country this past year. I found a book called
                                                                                            Children imitate their parents
                                  “Mama‟s Pearls” by Patricia Bee. The subtitle
                                                                                            From them, they do mock
                                  is “Gullah Poetry to Live By”. Without
                                                                                            And always remember…
                                  promoting any religion, the poems are
                                                                                            Chips don‟t fall from the block
                                  inspired by accompanying bible verses.
                                                                                            I Timothy 4:12

                                                                                                          On Trust
    On Persistence

                                                                                            As a strong black woman,
    I remembered Mama‟s words
                                                                                            Mama stood the tests of time
    When one day, I began to teach
                                                                                            Working from dawn to dusk
    A lesson that was new to some
                                                                                            Many days without a dime
    One child, I tried to reach

                                                                                            Having to raise three children
    “Words that begin with the prefix „tri‟
                                                                                            Many times without a friend
    All have parts of three”
                                                                                            She kept her trust in the Lord
    Ronald, can you give me one?”
                                                                                            To preserve her peace of mind
    “Try and try again”, said he.

                                                                                            Maintaining her dignity
    I smiled and remembered
                                                                                            Came with a great price
    As I helped this child in need
                                                                                            Having to remain silent
    “Try and try again, my child
                                                                                            Standing for her rights
    If at first you don‟t succeed
                                         On Gossip
                                                                                            She came this way by faith
                                                                                            Tho‟ the nights were very long
                                         Study to be quiet,
                                         Leave idle talk alone                              A diamond made by pressure,
                                         „Cause ev‟ry shut eye ain‟t sleep                  The Lord kept Mama strong!
                                         And ev‟ry good-bye ain‟t gone.
                                                                                            Proverbs 3:5
                                         I Thessalonians 4:11

                                 For Memorial Day, it seems only fitting to stop by Arlington National
                                 Cemetery. It takes two screens to get to the real content, but the two
                                 initial pages are so moving, you should stop and appreciate them.
                                 Once you get to the main entrance, there are a wealth of links about
                                 visiting (hours, maps, famous graves), about the history of the
                                 cemetery, and about the various volunteer organizations that help
                                 honor those buried there.

A       N        N        O          U        N       C          E           M   E      N        T         S
Family & Friends Day at Jeremiah Interdenominational Church Sunday, May 29, 2005
Pack-a-Pew Sunday with family and friends at Jeremiah Church.
Service begins at 9am-11am with breakfast served after the service.
The church is located at 35 Van Buren Street, NW.

             LamondLinks             May 2005              Page 3 of 4                                vol. 4, #8
Rotation of 4B schedule through December
There will be no meeting in August

       Month              SMD      Commissioner                 Location                    Time
    March               4B04      Wesley Hickman      4D Police Precinct                  7 pm
                                                      6001 Ga., Ave., NW
    April               4B07      Judi Jones          Omega Gospel Center                 7 pm
                                                      6210 Chillum Pl., NW
    May                 4B05      Blondine Hughes     Emery Recreation Center             7 pm
                                                      Georgia Ave. & Longfellow Street,
    June                4B08      Cherita Whiting                                         7 pm
    July                4B02      Faith Wheeler        Promised Land Baptist Church       7 pm
                                                      4th St & Van Buren St., NW
    September           4B06      Michael Burke       Mennonite Church                    7 pm
                                                      245 Peabody Street, NW
    October             4B09      Muriel Bowser       LaSalle Elem. School                7 pm
                                                      Riggs Rd. & Oglethorpe St., NE
    November            4B01      Doug Payton         Takoma School                       7 pm
                                                      Piney Branch Road & Dahlia
                                                      Street, NW
    December                      Pat Kidd            Coolidge High School                7 pm
                                                      5th & Sheridan Streets, NW

         ANC SMD 4B07 meeting Monday, May 9, 2005
         630pm – 8pm, featuring LRC update at Omega
         Gospel Center, 6210 Chillum Place,NW

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PO Box 60305                                                                                        Stamp
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