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					     Toon Name:
                                                                                                               Gardening Checklist
                       One Jellybean Combo                                                                                     Two Jellybean Combo
              School Daisy                 What-In-Carnation          Lily-of-the-Alley                                Lazy Daisy            Instant Carnation                  Lily Pad

                               Dandy Pansy                     Laff-o-Dil                                                            Daffy Dil               Chim Pansy

                      Three Jellybean Combo                                                                                   Four Jellybean Combo
            Midsummer Daisy                    Tiger Lily             Hybrid Carnation                                 Freshasa Daisy              Livered Lily                 Giraff-o-Dil

                          Potsen Pansy                Summer’s Last Rose                                                             Marzi Pansy                  Corn Rose

                       Five Jellybean Combo                                                                                     Six Jellybean Combo
             Whoopsie Daisy                     Onelip                 Side Carnation
                                                                                                                        Upsy Daisy                  Twolip                      Silly Lily

                              Chili Lily                 Time and a half-o-dil
                                                                                                                                     Smarty Pansy                 Tinted Rose

                     Seven Jellybean Combo                                                                                    Eight Jellybean Combo
               Stinkin Rose                   Indubitab Lily

Watering Can    EXP Required                 Gag Level     Sprout Time
                100 EXP
                                             Level 1 Gags
                                                           One Day
                                                           3 Days
                                                                                              Gardening Trophies                                                 Garden Statues
Large            200 EXP                     Level 2 Gags  6 Days
Huge            400 EXP                      Level 3 Gags  9 Days
          MAX EXP = 999                      Level 4 Gags  12 Days
                                             Level 5 Gags  15 Days
(These numbers may be inaccurate)            Level 6 Gags  18 Days
                                             Level 7 Gags? 21 Days

                                             (These numbers may be inaccurate)          +1 Laff    +1 Laff
JB Combos      Shovel EXP Required
1 Jellybean     None (Tin)                                                         Wheelbarrow     Shovels         ???            ???            Donald Statue    Mickey Statue    Minnie Statue   Mickey Fountain
2 Jellybeans   40 Shovel EXP                                                        10 Flowers    20 Flowers    30 Flowers     40 Flowers          40 EXP            80 EXP          ??? EXP          ??? EXP
3 Jellybeans   60 Donald Statue?
4 Jellybeans   80 (Bronze)
5 Jellybeans   160 (Silver)
6 Jellybeans   320 (Gold?)
7 Jellybeans   ???
8 Jellybeans   ???
            MAX EXP =???

 Flowers Bloom at Midnight (PST)

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