Floriana New Release Pansy Starlight by mikesanye


									new release
autumn 2007

             Pansy ‘Starlight’
 like the sweep of the Milky Way across a clear night’s sky

Pansy ‘Starlight’ features intensely purple petals with a dynamic
flash of burnished yellowy orange at centre relieved by dramatic
dark facial markings.
Planted en masse, Pansy ‘Starlight’ looks like the sweep of the
Milky Way across the ink wash of a clear night’s sky and shines in
pots, urns, hanging baskets and window boxes.

This newly developed F1 hybrid pansy
has large, absolutely stunningly beautiful
flowers up to 8cm across held aloft on
sturdy stems.

Pansy ‘Starlight’ retains its attractive
compact habit from autumn through
spring and, like all Floriana Natural
Beauty quality pansy hybrids ‘Starlight’
can be relied up for a better and longer
lasting display with more flowers in
better colours, prettier markings and a
more attractive, compact habit.

Height:      15-20cm approx
Plant:       20-25cm apart
Flowers:     Large blooms to 8 cm appear
             approx. 8 weeks from planting

On Sale:     From March 2007
Available:   ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC
Stockists:   1800 019 165
Web          www.floriana.com

For details or high resolution images email
Sarah Heale at sarahh@oasisaustralia.com
or call (03) 5998 3237


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