W ELC OME ABOARD! by mmcsx


Dear Guests

MSC Cruises is pleased to present its new brochure – brimming with new ideas.

Leafing through these pages we can start the travelling together – stunning pictures, exotic ports,
sensational sites and emotions and amazing details to make our journey complete.

MSC Cruises is a unique experience where every moment is studied to fulfill your wish. Every
dawn brings new surprises and every night offers unforgettable memories to remind you of your
journey from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, Northern Europe to America and Africa to
Latin America.

Our fleet is expanding. In the beginning, there were the old-world ships MSC Melody and
MSC Rhapsody. Then, the last few years have seen the addition of the modern styles of MSC
Lirica, MSC Orchestra and MSC Poesia. Today and tomorrow we will have MSC Fantasia, MSC
Splendida and MSC Magnifica – the most majestic ships ever built for a European ship owner.

Our ships are ecological, comfortable and elegant. They respond to their guests’ every necessity.
The passenger is central to our very special attention: good cuisine, unlimited entertainment,
international performances and the wellness and harmony in our beauty programmes at
the Aurea Spa. There are even private butlers in the exclusive MSC Yacht Club, one of MSC
Fantasia’s greatest features.

A truly memorable cruising experience reserved for our exquisite guests the passengers, with a
great range of value for families, couples, parties of friends or corporate groups.

Dreaming helps us to escape our busy lives. For MSC Cruise passengers, dreams come true.

Welcome on Board!

intrODUctiOn                                 Fares & Deck Plans
MSC Fantasia & MSC Splendida         6-7     Welcome On Board                      68 - 69
MSC Yacht Club                           8   MSC Yacht Club Information            70 - 71
Aurea SPA & Eco Ship                     9   MSC Splendida                         72 - 75
The World of MSC                   10 - 11   MSC Fantasia                          76 - 79
MSC Club                                12   MSC Poesia                            80 - 83
Special Packages                        13   MSC Orchestra                         84 - 87
News & Promotions                  14 - 15   MSC Musica                            88 - 91
Services & Inclusions                   16   MSC Opera                             92 - 95
Groups, Conferences & Incentives        17   MSC Lirica                            96 - 99
                                             MSC Sinfonia                        100 - 103
                                             MSC Armonia                         104 - 107
                                             MSC Melody                          108 - 111
                                             MSC Rhapsody                        112 - 115
                                             Meet the Fleet - Ship Comparision         116
Mediterranean                      18 - 29
Northern Europe                    30 - 35
Caribbean                          36 - 41
South America                      42 - 49
South Africa                       50 - 53   iMPOrtant inFOrMatiOn
Ocean Voyages                      54 - 57   Booking Form                              117
                                             Terms and Conditions                118 - 119
                                             General Information                 120 - 122
                                             Contact Information                       123
aDDitiOnal ValUe
Signature Series Group Tours       58 - 59
Cruise/Stay Packages               60 - 61
Pre/Post Cruise Accommodation      62 - 63
Airfares & Transfers               64 - 65
Shore Excursions                   66 - 67

                MSC FantaSia & MSC Splendida
                the new stars of Msc cruises

                The sunshine pours over her decks and balconies, the waves caress her majestic,

                soaring bow and a favourable wind accompanies her along exciting sea routes.

                MSC Splendida and MSC Fantasia

                renew the spell of a

                golden age,

                all inside a ship.

                Up to the minute

                technology and

                warm hospitality merge

                perfectly to create a paradise where

                dreams come to life. A place and time to be enjoyed

                to the full by our travellers.

technical characteristics
tonnage:                                  133,500 tonnes
length/Width/Height:                      333 m/ 37.9 m post-panamax/ 59 m
number of cabins:                         1,637
number of external cabins with balcony:   1,151
total number of passengers:               3,274 (on double room basis)
standard cabin size:                      20 m2
crew:                                     1,325
Maximum speed:                            23.3 knots
Decks:                                    18, of which 13 for passengers

                                                              MSC SPLENDIDA
                                                               COMING SOON
                                                                   JULY 2009

                                                                               M S C SP LENDIDA
        LAUNCH OF
  18 DECEMBER 2008


                                                 THE FIRST SHIPS IN THE WORLD WITH AN EXCLUSIVE VIP AREA:
                                                                     “MSC YACHT CLUB”
                                                    a unique and exclusive service: our butlers guarantee a first class cruise experience

                                       EXCLUSIVE CHECK-IN & WELCOME                                 99 SUITES WITH EXCLUSIVE SERVICE
                                          For Msc Yacht club’s guests, the check-in                     spacious suites with a real butler service
                                       takes place directly onboard, in a reserved area
                                          with priority access to the concierge area.
                                            the concierge staff and our butlers                        EXCLUSIVE CUISINE DELICACIES
                                             will welcome the guests onboard,                       every day in the Msc Fantasia and Msc splendida
                                        show them around the ship and introduce all                 restaurants, dedicated menus for Msc Yacht club
                                           the special Msc Yacht club services.                    guests are provided. Msc Yacht club also provides a
                                                                                                      selection of included beverages to be enjoyed.
                                             a basket of fruit awaits the guests as
                                             a delicious welcome to their cabins.
                                                                                                                   LATEST NEWS
                                                                                                       the pleasure of always being up to date.
                                                    BUTLER SERVICE
                                                                                                    every morning, even when cruising, our butlers
                                       Our butlers will take care of our ViP passengers.             will deliver Msc Yacht club guests’ favourite
                                                                                                      newspapers with all the latest world news.

                                      VIP ZONE WITH RESERVED FACILITIES
                                                   swimming pool and solarium                                A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE
                                                        Panoramic lounge                                       UNDER THE STARS
                                             Direct and reserved entry to the sPa
                                             swimming pool, hydro-massage pools,                   in the top sail lounge, you will savour a delicious
                                                  panoramic terrace to the fore                          midnight feast directly under the stars,
                                       Private lifts and reception with concierge service                        through our skydome.
                                      On our paying excursions, a car or private minibus            You can also admire the stars and constellations
                                              will be available to accompany you.                          on the special screens in the salon.

                                                                                          Msc Fantasia and Msc splendida are ships with
              the temple of well-being                                                    technological innovations aimed at safeguarding
                                                                                                     the environment such as:
   a spark of energy to tone the body and the mind.
 Msc Fantasia and Msc splendida inaugurate a new era                                         Recycling of waste water
                 of holidays on board.
                                                                                          this is a system which allows the treatment
 Msc cruises combines the magic of Balinese massages                                  of waste water in compliance with the most rigorous
with the traditions of health giving waters inherited from                                 environmental standards currently in force.
the ancient romans. a combination of caring attention,
a time for oneself and something new to rediscover the
                                                                                                      Energy Saving
          equilibrium of the body and the mind.
                                                                                            the system installed in all the cabins and
                  Massaged, pampered and toned,                                        public rooms allows electricity consumption to be
             your body will highlight your inner beauty.                              optimized. the use of air conditioning can be reduced
                                                                                       in vacant rooms, thereby limiting fuel consumption
                                                                                                   and the emission of gases.
                        thalassotherapy      sPa Baths
               relaxation         Massage rooms      Yoga

                                                                                        EvERY DETAIL PLANNED TO PROTECT

   turkish                                                            Gym               Fuel, paints, detergents, power, waste, speed and
    sauna                                                             Bar aurea sPa    routing - every detail is planned to protect the sea.

               Beauty salon with            solarium        Massage
               Hairdresser and Beautician                   rooms

                                 A welcoming
                                   Mediterranean smile!
                                 Msc cruises’ famous Mediterranean hospitality will be everywhere…waiting to welcome you on-board and
                                 shower you with warm and sincere service throughout your holiday. While on board you will experience
                                 our unique ‘truly italian’ ambience that showcases the best of italian cooking and culture while embracing
                                 international cuisine, customs and entertainment. Msc is privileged to welcome holidaymakers from around
                                 the world - carefree cruise guests who enjoy the finer things in life with an extra touch of finesse.

                                    SERVICE                       saFetY & cOMFOrt: all our ships conform to international safety standards.

                                                                  MUlti linGUal staFF: highly qualified and trained to offer exceptional service.
                                                                  PersOnnel: all staff wear visible name badges.
                                                                  eMBarkatiOn assistance: always escorted to your cabin on the first day.
                                                                  caBins: serviced twice a day.
                                                                  BeD linen: 100% cotton lined changed daily.
                                                                  rOOM serVice: available 24 hours*
                                                                  DailY PrOGraMMe: delivered to each cabin every day; containing
                                                                  information on our activities organised by the staff onboard.

                                    DININg                        restaUrants: a la carte* menu available (selected ships only).
                                                                  FOOD: international menus with a variety of choices.
                                                                  snacks: midnight and daytime buffets, along with afternoon tea.
                                                                  PiZZa*: freshly prepared traditional neapolitan Pizza.
                                                                  cOFFee*: genuine italian espresso.
                                                                  ice creaM*: home made ice cream.
                                                                  PersOnaliseD Diets: special light and vegetarian menus are available
                                                                  on request, as are special diets for celiac, diabetics, etc.
                                                                  Wine tastinG: special promotions in selected restaurants.
                                                                  Gala Dinners: special menus for unforgettable evenings.

                                                                  italian stYle: exclusive designs and furnishings for Msc cruises.
                                                                  eleGance: eye catching designs with bold colours.
                                                                  De JOriO internatiOnal DesiGner: with a wealth of experience
                                                                  in the designing of luxury cruise liners.
                                                                  neW sHiPs: Msc Fantasia in December 2008, Msc splendida in 2009,
                                                                  Msc Magnifica in 2010.


             sPOrt: open-air jogging, tennis, mini-golf, table tennis and gym.
             Fitness: personal trainers*, free group training sessions, saunas and whirlpool baths.
             Well-BeinG: face and body treatments, massages, hair stylists and beauty salon*.

             Free OnBOarD entertainMent: numerous bridge, canasta, volleyball, tennis,
             table tennis and shuffle-board tournaments, as well as pool games, talent shows,
             treasure hunts, quizzes and masked gala nights.
             entertainMent: theatre productions, cabaret shows, concerts and musical

             kiDs crUise Free: Only pay port charges and transfer costs.
             entertainMent: free admission to the Mini club for children between the ages
             of 3 and 9, the Juniors’ club for children between the ages of 9 and 13 and to
             the teenagers club for all teenagers. the mini club service is also available during
             cHilDren’s MenU: special menus available for children.
             sWiMMinG: special pools available for children.

                                                                                              * surcharge applies.
                                                      Please note that some facilities may vary from ship to ship.

                                  MSC CLUB
                                   All the benefits of becoming a member
                                  Msc cruise’s attention to its passengers knows no bounds. For all of you who love our cruises,
                                  there is now the fantastic opportunity of joining the wonderful world of the Msc club.
                                  an exclusive club open to all passengers wishing to discover new horizons, savour the pleasures of
                                  food and art, enjoy wellbeing and be offered real value.

                                        GOlD                                   silVer                              classic

                                                      FIRST A TR AVELLER, THEN A SELECT MEMBER

                                                     Becoming a member is easy and free. there are two ways to do so:
                                             • Complete the comment form delivered to your room at the end of your cruise
                              • After your cruise, upon your return complete the form in the MSC CLUB section at www.msccruises.com.au

                                           EVERY MEMBER RECEIVES A CARD: CLASSIC, SILVER OR gOLD
                              Once registered, a free membership card will be sent to your home: your personal Msc club card.
                                                   it is the key to a world of Msc cruises offers and benefits!
                                                     Members earn points for every night spent onboard ship.       CLUB NEWS
                                                                there are three membership cards:                 From 2009, receive
                                                  • Classic for members who have accumulated up to 21 points       one extra point on
                                                                                                                 your MSC Club card
                                               • Silver for members who have accumulated from 22 to 42 points for every € 200 spent
                                                 • Gold for members who have accumulated 43 or more points                  on board

                                        WWW.MSCCRUISES.COM.AU BENEFITS AT THE CLICK OF A MOUSE
                                      simply click on the area reserved for members and discover the benefits of an exclusive club
                                                                        • Dedicated Check-in area
                                                                          • Special cruise offers
                                                            • Discounts on excursions and some SPA services
                                                               • Free chips for your evenings at the Casino
                                              • MSC Club News, the magazine for people who love to learn, live and travel

                                     Visit www.msccruises.com.au for the complete list of Msc club benefits and official regulations.

                                                   SPECIAL PACK AgES

Wine GiFt PacKs                               lOVebirDs GiFt PacKs                                    chilDren’s PacKaGes
choose one of our exclusive                                                                           For our youngest guests we
                                              create unique moments,
and good value packs with                                                                             suggest interesting and good value
                                              dedicated exclusively to the
high quality wines with                                                                               packages such as the Junior card
                                              love you share...
different nose and flavour.                                                                           with soft drinks and non-alcoholic
                                              Prices from $25        (chocolate strawberries)
Prices from $145    (classic package)                                                                 Prices from $59        (standard drinks package)

                                                CEREMONIES ON BOARD

Msc cruises can organise special events onboard. these ceremonies are only symbolic. they are available
at all Msc cruises destinations. the service is subject to availability.
silVer PacKaGe - prices from $1006
GOlD PacKaGe - prices from $1258
PlatinUM PacKaGe - prices from $1510

                                         SPECIAL WELLNESS PACK AgES

                      reVitalise thrOUGh the POWer OF the sea
With Msc cruises wellness packages, you can enjoy intensely positive sessions to regenerate both body
and mind. the massage oils expertly applied by the capable hands of the wellness centre staff will make
your cruise a truly relaxing experience. the thermal spa waters and muds will soothe away aches and
pains and customised treatments will enhance your natural beauty.

GOlDen JasMine - from $830pp                                                         Wellness PackaGe FOr Her - from $1363pp
DiaMOnD OrcHiD DelUXe - from $1048pp                                                 Wellness PackaGe FOr HiM - from $1048pp
Bali tOP clUB Wellness Week - from $1915pp                                           rOYal PackaGe - from $470pp
PlatinUM rOse - from $1019pp                                                         cOMPlete MassaGe PackaGe - from $609pp
Bali relaX PackaGe - from $275pp
Bali Wellness PackaGe - from $204pp

                          Visit www.msccruises.com.au for more details on our special packages.
         Please note that some facilities may vary from ship to ship. none of the above wellness packages are available on Msc Musica.

                           Take us up on our offer!
                           a wonderful, affordable dream holiday awaits you. children and youngsters, families, friends and
                           companies - everyone is pleased with the offers from Msc cruises. Holidays in line with your desires
                           and your budget: choose the package, when to travel, even how and when to pay. Msc cruises
                           welcomes anyone wishing to find a special adventure. let us bring sun, sea and happiness into your life!

                                                                                                                                                                              EARLY BIRD BONUS
                                                                                                                                                                              Onboard credit offer^
                                                                                                                                                                          Book by 30/09/08 to receive

                                                                                                                                                                                $55 for inside cabins
                                                                                                      *                                                                       $110 for outside cabins
                                                                                                                                                                             $220 for balcony cabins

                                Msc crUises reWarDs tHOse WHO DeciDe in aDVance!
                                Book early and we will deduct $300 per person from all Mediterranean and northern european fares in
                                this brochure. throughout the year, we offer even further discounts on selected cruises.
                                ask your consultant for the best possible deal available when booking.

                                * the PrimaPrice discount is not applicable on Msc Yacht club fares or in conjunction with any other special offers such as 2 for the price of 1. subject to conditions & cabin availability.
                                ^additional onboard credit offer is not applicable on Yacht club categories or suites. not available in conjunction with any other special offers.

                                  chilDren traVel
                                  Free all Year!*

                                We GiVe YOUr cHilDren tHeir crUise!
                                With Msc cruises children up to 18 years of age travel free!
                                this incredible offer, especially for families, is valid all year on all cruises and is applicable to minors
                                travelling in a cabin with their parents.

                                * children under 18 travel free in a cabin with their parents. Port charges and shore excursions are excluded from the offer.

                                            Family Fares
                                tHe PleasUre OF traVellinG as a FaMilY!
                                the “Family Fares” supplement is available on Msc splendida and Msc Fantasia (from category 6 to
                                category 11), Msc Poesia, Msc Orchestra, Msc Musica and Msc Opera (in category 10) for 7 night
                                Mediterranean cruises only.
                                the offer applies exclusively to families of 2 adults + 2 children under 18, travelling in 2 external cabins
                                with connecting balconies.
                                * Prices based on 3 paying adults and allows a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children to travel in 2 connecting cabins.

                                           MY TEEN's CARD
                                             the teen’s card is a prepaid card that opens the doors to
                                             Msc cruises entertainment for your children! available
                                             in two different amounts, it allows your kids to enjoy
                                             themselves using it like a real credit card! You can keep
                                             an eye on what they spend and allow them to enjoy the
                                             special teenager services with the maximum freedom.*
                                             * Please note: any residual credit cannot be reimbursed.

Msc eXPress MaKes YOUr hOliDaY eVen easier

                                                 Easy check-in
                                                 in 5 simple clicks
                                                 turn on your computer and your journey will already
                                                 have started. Once online, enter your document
                                                 and cruise ticket details. One simple click and your
                                                 boarding will be easy and quick at a special check-in

1 access the website mscexpress.net
2 insert your booking details and you’ll find your own special area
3 Fill in the obligatory fields with your personal and document details
4 Print the document and attach it to your ticket
5 On embarkation follow the signs for the Msc express reserved check-in

Msc express Web check-in is currently available for the following ports:
• Genoa           • Palermo        • Marseille           • Kiel
• Civitavecchia   • Bari           • Barcelona           • Copenhagen
• Naples          • Venice         • Valencia            • Amsterdam

Welcome on board!

                               Services and Inclusions
                               Stress, worry about being late, boring routines, the anxiety of not getting things done - leave all that
                               behind. Our cruises are organised down to the last detail to highlight our warm hospitality and give
                                                                           NO PROBLEM
                               you total relaxation: your arrival aboard, your homeward journey, buying souvenirs, choosing a good
                               cigar or sushi, pampering yourself with a beauty treatment or enjoying the guided tours. Top Quality
                               selections offer passengers great variety, with information and understanding to make your cruise

                                  What is inclUDeD in MY crUise Fare?

                                  caBins                                                                    FOOD & Drink
                                               all cabins on all ships in the Msc                                       Msc cruises’ full-board includes:
                                               cruises fleet are equipped with every                                    breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner
                                               comfort: en-suite bathroom, air                                          and midnight buffet. all cruises also
                                               conditioning, telephone, tV, minibar                                     offer guests: a welcome buffet, the
                                  and safe*. Guests can also enjoy continental                              captain’s cocktail and Gala evenings with special
                                  breakfast in their cabin (free service).                                  menus. special dietary needs are also catered for.

                                  entertainMent                                                             Fitness & relaXatiOn
                                               all entertainment activities are                                             Fitness: gym with instructors.
                                               included: games, tournaments, dance                                          sport: volleyball, mini golf, on deck
                                               contests, parties, theme nights and                                          jogging track with breathtaking view.
                                               theatre shows.                                                               sun: pool and whirlpool baths.
                                  all children’s entertainment, with special clubs for                                      relax: relaxation room.
                                  children of 3 years and upwards.

                                  What is nOt inclUDeD
                                                       shopping area                                                                   Video games
                                                       Duty Free                                                                       Golf simulator
                                                       Beauty centre (hairdresser, beauty treatments,
                                                       massages, sauna and turkish bath) and personal trainer
                                                       casino                                                                          Photographer
                                                                                                                                       laundry and ironing

                                * the safe is available on all our ships except in some cabins of Msc Melody and Msc rhapsody.

GrOUPs, cOnFerences anD incentiVes
if you’re planning a group, incentive or conference, why not choose an Msc cruise. We take the stress out of
organising an event. no need to worry about arranging banquets, evening entertainment, spouse programmes
or booking conference facilities - our expert staff are always on hand with their willing and obliging attitude.

each ship is stylishly appointed and can provide conference and meeting facilities, complete with the latest
audio and visual systems.

so why choose a land based venue when cruising has it all - the price - the destinations, the facilities, the service
and the style.

some of the benefits of holding your next group, conference or incentive trip with Msc include:
  a choice of 11 ships
  exciting range of itineraries
  Flexible fly/cruise options
  a host of onboard activities
  all meals included
  evening entertainment
  a choice of meeting rooms and conference facilities
  Great value beverage packages
  Dedicated onboard group co-ordinators
  Great value for money

traVel serVices We can OFFer
   Discounted airfare bookings to our ships’ ports in either economy or business class for the group traveller.

   Pre/Post cruise travel arrangements for groups and the individual traveller, including hotels, tours and airport to
   ship transfers
   stopovers en route to the ship in asia, Usa, europe or the Uk (depending on the cruise)
   an Msc host to travel with your group*

* Msc host dependant on minimum passenger group numbers.


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