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                Course Information Sheet (CIS)
   Venue:                Orchid Vale Primary School
   Contact Details for
   Learners wanting to
   know more:
   Course Title/Code:    Recycled Art / WFL 15
   Course Tutor:         Maddy Smithson
   Times/Days/Dates:     15.30 – 17.30/ FRIDAYS /29.04.11 – 27.05.11
   Fees (including any   N/A
   exam fees)
   Location/Venue        Orchid Vale Primary School, Torun Way, Swindon,
                         SN25 1UG

Course aims:
      To teach creative art skills to the parents and for the parent to
         teach and share with their children. To promote motivation, to
         develop creativity and problem solving skills and encourage
         active engagement and interaction with their children.

Course objectives (key objectives from the tutor’s scheme of work)
      To be able to differentiate and to be inspired by recycled
      To be able to design and create a different art piece each
        week, out of recycled material.

Special requirements for joining the course, if any:
Methods of learning in the course:
  We will be using all three learning styles within the course:
       Auditory; introduction, course aims and objectives.
       Visual; I demonstrate a creative art skill, step by step.
       Kinesthetic; the learners are’ having a go’ to create a piece of
          art. This is the biggest part of the session.
  This all repeats again, when the parents are sharing with and teaching
  this to their children.

How progress will be recorded:
  Normally progression will be monitored and recorded on tracking
  sheets and with beginning, middle and end term action plan set out on
  the individual learning plans. As there were different families each
  week, this did not take place. I did take photos from their start point and
  the final creative outcome, which they could collect at reception the
  following week.
  Learning outcomes however were achieved through observation and
  initial and formative assessments.

Details of homework, if any:
  The learners are given a little slip at the beginning of the course which
  will tell them what to collect in the following weeks, i.e. plastic bags,
  plastic bottles, shoe box, old socks, etc.

Additional costs, if any:

Special equipment or clothes, if any:
  ‘Old’ clothes that is allowed to become messy.

Suitable courses to consider on completion of this course:
  As we offer many different skill sets within this course, learners may have
  become inspired to join the following courses:

         Gardening for beginners
         Jewellery making
         Floristry

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