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					                                    Resiidence Halllls//Campus Viillllage Desks
                                    Res dence Ha s Campus V age Desks
                                   OFFICE MANAGER JJOB DESCRIPTION
                                   OFFICE MANAGER OB DESCRIPTION
                                             RESIDENTIAL LIFE
                                         University Housing Services

The Office Manager (OM) reports to the Assistant Residential Life Coordinators (ARLCs) and/or the
Residential Life Coordinators (RLCs) of each area. The OM is expected to conduct him/herself in a
positive role-modeling manner consistent with the policies and procedures of the University Housing
Services (UHS) Community Living Handbook, San José State University (SJSU) Student Code of
Conduct, and departmental standards (including dress code guidelines). As a student staff member,
it is expected that an OM act as a positive representative of UHS at all times. A person with previous
public speaking skills, demonstrated successful interrelationship skills, and one who can positively
negotiate conflict with peers will be strongly considered. Please note that this position does not
include housing or a meal plan as part of its compensation. As a Student Assistant, this position is
subject to release at any time.


     1. Full-time enrollment as a degree-seeking student at SJSU during the contract period.
     2. Good academic standing (GPA of 2.0 or higher) from the time of appointment through the end
         of the academic year.
     3. Must have no active judicial sanction at the time of hiring or throughout employment.
     4. Genuine interest in and enthusiasm for working with the Office Assistant (OA) Staff.
     5. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment when necessary.
     6. Strong problem-solving skills.
     7. Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
     8. Strong interpersonal skills.
     9. Public speaking experience.
     10. Strong administrative and organizational skills.
     11. Ability to work productively in an autonomous setting.
     12. Demonstrated leadership ability among peers.
     13. It is not a requirement to live on campus to be eligible for this position.

Expectations of Employment
Please initial after each item to indicate that you have read, understand, and agree to each of the expectations listed below.

1.      Serve as a role model by abiding by all SJSU and UHS policies. This includes all policies concerning
        purchase, possession and consumption of alcohol. Obvious intoxication at any time does not fit within
        the framework of a positive role model regardless of age. _____
2.      Maintain good academic standing (GPA of 2.0 or higher) from the time of appointment through the end
        of the academic year. _____
3.      Must have no active judicial sanction while employed. _____
4.      Maintain confidentiality: Confidentiality is a major component of professionalism. OMs should
        consider all contact with students while working as confidential. A student’s right to privacy and
        confidentiality must be respected at all times. Additionally, OMs may be assigned tasks where access
        to confidential information including student files, payroll information, etc. would be granted. OMs are

      expected to maintain confidentiality and not share this type of information with others, including OAs.
      This expectation is non-negotiable and failure to observe full confidentiality could result in immediate
      dismissal from the OM position. _____

5.    Provide high quality customer service. _____

6.    The period of employment for this position is: _____
            Fall Start Day        Fall End Day            Spring Start Day          Spring End Day

      CVB      July 25, 2008         TBD with ARLC           TBD with ARLC          June 3, 2009
      West August 10, 2008           TBD with ARLC           TBD with ARLC          May 24, 2009
      Bricks August 10, 2008         December 20, 2008       January 12, 2009       May 24, 2009
      CVC      August 10, 2008       December 20, 2008       January 12, 2009       May 24, 2009

      *OMs will arrive earlier than building openings to attend training and spend 20-30 hours prepping the
      desk(s) for the building opening.
      **CVB and Joe West Hall do not close for Winter break. The Office Managers in these areas should
      expect to work during the break and should plan to schedule any time away with the desk supervisor for
      the December or January months.

7.    Ability to staff the desk and be on call/available for early check-ins/early arrivals during building
      openings. _____

                      Fall Opening                                    Spring Opening
      CVB             August 7, 2008 (w/ additional openings)         TBD
      West            Currently being determined                      January 18, 2009
      Bricks          Currently being determined                      January 18, 2009
      CVC             Currently being determined                      January 18, 2009

8.    Ability to help staff the desk during building closings _____

                      Fall Closing                                    Spring Closing
      CVB             N/A                                             TBD
      West            December 19, 2008                               May 22, 2009
      CVC             December 19, 2008                               May 22, 2009
      Bricks          December 19, 2008                               May 22, 2009

9.    Participate in training _____
      CVB              Determined individually by supervisor based on earlier start date. Additionally attending
                       OM Training on: August 11-13, 2008 (9:00-5:00 PM)
      West             August 11-13, 2008 (9:00-5:00 PM)
      Bricks           August 11-13, 2008 (9:00-5:00 PM)
      CVC              August 11-13, 2008 (9:00-5:00 PM)

Starting Pay – $9.00 an hour _____
Priority Registration for classes _____

Basic Functions and Responsibilities___________________________
Please initial after each item to indicate that you have read, understand, and agree to each of the expectations listed below.

The OM supports UHS in the development of a student life program within the residence halls by meeting
these job functions and responsibilities as needed (depending on community).

1.  Provide and promote quality customer service for all residents and guests. _____
2.  Coordinate regular inventory of supplies/games/equipment/keys. _____
3.  Provide OAs with information and support to encourage high-quality functioning of the Desk. _____
4.  Perform general office work (e.g. responding to student inquiries, answering phones, typing, filing, making
    posters/flyers, and various other office tasks). _____
5. Maintain general cleanliness and organization of the Desk and storage areas. _____
6. Do not duplicate or loan keys to unauthorized persons. Official job related keys are to be kept in their
    designated, secure location at all times when not in use, and are not to leave the building or area without
    authorization. Misuse of Master Keys for any purpose can result in immediate release from the position.
7. Be responsible with special staff privileges (i.e. use of office, phones, key, office equipment, supplies, etc.).
8. Assist with all scheduling functions of the OA Staff, including break and exam schedules.
9. Participate in consistent 1-1 meetings with the Desk Supervisor. _____
10. For OM’s in certain areas - Track and record passive programming requirements of the OA Staff. _____
11. If applicable, maintain knowledge of conference program and serve as back-up for OA questions about
    conferences and overnight guests. _____
12. Attend all OA Staff meetings and/or Resident Advisor (RA) Staff meetings as needed (Wednesdays 7pm-
    10pm), as well as help plan these events and other staff development activities. _____
13. Conduct self in an honest, conscientious, and courteous manner at all times; showing respect for persons
    of all backgrounds, races, genders, interests, and abilities. _____
14. Support the Mission, goals and philosophies of University Housing Services. _____
15. Work cooperatively with all UHS Staff members, including OAs, RAs, RLCs, ARLCs, and all other UHS
    Staff. _____
16. Complete other projects and administrative duties as assigned. _____
17. Prior to employment, complete all necessary SJSU student employment paperwork, including Work Study
    authorization for qualified students. _____
18. Help plan a centralized OA training/orientation in the fall. _____

This position works in a safe and responsible manner while not putting self or others at risk. This includes
complying with applicable policies and regulations; using personal safety gear; observing warning signs; learning
about potential hazards; and reporting unsafe conditions. This position is subject to criminal and background check.

My signature on this job description certifies that I have reviewed and fully understand the expectations
outlined. Further, I agree to perform the duties of the Office Manager position to the best of my ability. If,
at any time, I do not feel that I can uphold the expectations of this position, I will speak with my
supervising Residential Life Coordinator or Assistant Residential Life Coordinator immediately. I
understand that as a Student Assistant, I am subject to release from the position at any time.

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