Oil Pastel Impressionism by nuhman10


									                            Oil Pastel Impressionism

Ohio Standards:
  -Explain the relationship of a selected work of art to the time period in which it
  was created.
  - Describe sources visual artists use to generate ideas for artworks.
  - Explain how choice of media and style contribute to the meaning of a

Background: The history of modern art begins with Impressionism, a movement
founded in Paris as an opposition to the rigid traditions favored by art schools.
The Impressionist style of painting emphasized loose imagery rather than finely
delineated pictures. The artists of the movement worked mostly outdoors and
strived to capture the variations of light at differing times throughout the day.
Their color palettes were colorful and they rarely used blacks or grays. Subject
matter was most often landscape or scenes from daily life. Impressionists were
interested in the use of color, tone, and texture in order to objectively record
nature. They emphasized sunlight, shadows, and direct and reflected light. In
order to produce vibrant colors, they applied short brush strokes of contrasting
colors to the canvas, rather than mixing hues on a palette. The Impressionist
approach was avant-garde and revolutionary, and not interested in telling stories
and painting morals of the academic painters. Three things helped to bring about
the Impressionist style; 1) Painters did not want to be like realist photographers,
2) new technology of paint in tubes allowed more outdoor work, and 3) painters
were influenced by the flat quality of Japanese prints.

Materials: Gray paper, masking tape, oil pastels, watercolor paints, landscape

Procedure: Choose a magazine landscape to work from. It should have a lot of
color and very little, if any, black. No silhouettes. Tape the edges of the paper to
make an even border. Paint a background with watercolor. Do not try to paint the
scene, but just get color in the background. Blend oil pastels by drawing on top of
another color, not by rubbing with your fingers. Start the oil pastels with the
farthest parts of the scene and the shadows. Work toward the front (as if you
were standing and looking at the scene) and the lightest parts. Every area should
have at least three colors blended.

   - Is there an obvious use of a resource?
   - Are there Impressionist style brush strokes?
   - Does the work represent the photo?
   - Is there a knowledge of color mixing, intensity colors in the shadows?
   - Are there at least three colors in every area?

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