Monthly Gift Cards are being shipped on time What a fantastic company to work with!

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					PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

       Monthly Gift Cards are being shipped on time. What a fantastic company to work with!

       Dated: Mar 14, 2010

       Monthly Gift Cards are being used by many businesses to help increase sales and build customer loyalty.
       Our Monthly Gift Cards are being shipped on time and in less than 30 days. In some cases our customers
       get their Visa credit in 24 hours.

       Monthly Gift Cards are a fantastic way to build your bottom line for pennies on the dollar. However; you
       need to be careful where you purchase your certificates.

        Three redemption centers have gone out of business over the past two years and many businesses and
       consumers have lost thousands of dollars because of these failures. Working with the right supplier and
       redemption center is important to your success.

        Our company is one of the leaders in the incentive and redemption industry. We have many clients that
       come back to us with repeat business because our products work flawlessly. We give outstanding customer
       support and work with our customers to help build their business.

        Brian Hussey, President of Jumbo Marketing has 30 years experience in customer support and has seen the
       incentive and rebate industry grow at a phenomenal rate. We believe in the 3 C's Constant Care and
       Commitment and we go out of our way to help our customers succeed says Brian.

        We are pretty unique when it comes to the Incentive industry. We operate as a "Brick & Mortar" business
       selling incentive certificates, travel premiums, golf products for use as business incentives, child safety
       products, gift cards and much more. We also do web development, SEO and marketing for businesses.

        Because we do a lot of business in the retail, automotive and service industries we are able to offer our
       products at a much lower cost than most suppliers. With us being a brick and mortar business we have
       overhead but because of our volume we are able to pass on the savings to the business owner.

        Our number one product is our Visa Gift Card certificates, which sell 10-1 over all our other products
       except Savings Bucks.

        Food and Fuel Certificates are our biggest seller. You can give a $300 or $500 denomination Visa Card
       certificate away to a customer for pennies on the dollar. They can be used to drive customers through the
       door and also be used for up-sells.

        Many businesses that offer a monthly service to a customer do very well with our certificates; especially if
       the monthly service is around $20 - $40 per month. If its $20 our customers give away one $300 certificate
       if the monthly service is around $40 per month our customers give away both a food and fuel certificate.
       The consumer is going to get $20 or $40 back in Visa cards each month which covers the cost of their
       monthly service. This is a win-win for both the business owner and their customer.

        We have automotive dealers that give their customers a $500 fuel certificate when they take a test drive or
       purchase a new or used vehicle. Our furniture store customers are doing very well also. They use them to
       drive customers into their store then when they make a purchase they give their customers a certificate, they
       also offer them a larger denomination certificate if they are willing to purchase just one more item from the
       store. Even if it's only a lamp shade.

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

 Monthly Gift Cards are the only way to go in this economy, they cost pennies on the dollar and help
increase sales without going broke says Brian. The consumer is looking for ways to save money and put
fuel in the tank and food on the table.

 Our Monthly Visa Gift Certificates are very simple to use. A business owner hands them out to customers
when they do something. The consumer goes online and registers it in their name and prints out a mail in
activation form. They mail it in with a small refundable activation fee. The first day of the following month
they start collecting receipts for fuel or food. Once they have $100 worth of receipts they mail them in and
get a $20 Visa card back in the mail. If they would like the $20 quicker we can credit their Visa card within
24 hours.

The whole Monthly Gift Card system is automated so it's easy for the consumer to check the status of their
Monthly Gift Cards.

 Make sure you do your homework before buying into any incentive program. Do your due diligence first
then give us a call. We have an A- Better Business Bureau rating and we are a member of our local
Chamber of Commerce.

 If you have a business and would like to increase your sales please give us a call. Brian can be reached at

Or you can visit the Monthly Gift Card website at

Monthly Gift Cards are win-win for everyone. Get yours today!


Monthly Gift Cards are the best way to increase sales and build customer loyalty. We are a leader in the
incentive and customer loyalty industry.

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