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                           TERRY BOWDEN
                        UNIVERSITY OF AUBURN

    n my introduction they left out    You are very seldom standing still.
 I  the fact that my record my first
    year was 0 - 7 . Some of these
people only see my record the last
                                           I do not know if I am a better
                                       clinician now that I am the Head
                                       Coach at Auburn. The first ten
few years and they think I have had    years as a Head Coach I coached at
instant success. Very few things       small colleges. I was at Salem
come instantly, and very few things    College for three years and we had
in life come easy. I am very lucky     1 0 0 0 students. I coached almost the
and I am blessed to have the job       entire offense; ever single posi-
that I have. It is a lot more luck     tion. At Samford we were in Divi-
than it is deserving on my part. I     sion I11 for one year, and Division
was lucky to be in position to get     I for five years. I have coached
a job like the Auburn job. I was       the line, the Quarterbacks, wide
only 26 years old when I got my        receivers, running backs, and
first Head Coaching job. That was      everything else. Then I was a much
at Salem College in West Virginia.     better X's and 0's person. NOW,
I went out and lost all seven games.   when I talk at a clinic I do not
The only thing I am thankful for is    give out a lot of details. My
the fact that I was coaching but no    brother Tommy, is the offensive
one was watching or paying atten-      coordinator and he can do a better
tion to what we were doing. They       job of that. Coach Fisher would do
did not know how bad I was. Fortu-     a better job with the defense. I do
nately, I learned to coach without     try to tell you some of the things
a lot of people watching. In the       I am doing. As a young coach I
SEC you do not get a lot of time to    always try to analyze what I am
learn on the job.                      doing, and what I might do better,
   I was a student of the game of      and what I can find to be important
football when I first started and      for the reasons for our success. I
I am a student of the game now. I      have a good base or foundation to
was always a better student of the     which to speak from. I have been
game than I was a player. I loved      running the same things and have
to play football. Not only is my       had the same offensive philosophy
job football, my hobby is football.    since I have been coaching at all
It is important that coaches remain    levels. At times as young coaches
students of the game. I know it is     we may think the coaches at the next
important to continue to learn         level know a lot more than we do
about the game each year.              and that they run a lot more than
   I was fortunate to go on the Nike   we do. Well, we are running the same
Tour this year. It was the first       offense that we ran at Samford and
time that I had a chance to go. Nike   Salem College. We ran the same
takes the coaches on a tour to         offense and went undefeated in the
Mexico, and other places. You talk     SEC. I feel the same situation is
about the kid in the candy store;      true in high school. There are
I was sitting around with Joe          certain principles that are true at
Paterno, LaVell Edwards, my dad,       all levels. As a Head Coach or as
Steve Spurrier, and other great        a Coordinator, we need to remember
coaches. I did a lot of listening.     these facts.
The point I am trying to make is           I would be remised if I did not
that we can always learn football.     say thanks to the high school
We need to learn more football or      coaches of Florida. They were very
we become stale. Nothing remains       instrumental inmy coaching career.
the same. If you are not going         When I left for Salem College in
forward, you are going backwards.      1983 I had been a coach at Florida
State University for four years. We    important to accentuate the posi-
built our program at Salem College     tive. Develop a positive attitude
on Florida athletes. I would come      to your players so that they can be
to Florida on Spring break to          successful. I have never had a
recruit players. I would come down     better example of this than this
in my own car and spend the night      year when we came to Gainsville to
with many of the high school           play the University of Florida. We
coaches. We did not have much to       were very fortunate to beat Florida
offer at Salem, but the high school    in Gainsville. However, if our
coaches of Florida treated me super    players had read the newspaper, we
and enhanced my career. At Samford     would not have had a chance. We were
it was the same thing. We had great    a 17 point underdog. We were play-
success with the high school ath-      ing the Number One team in the
letes from Florida. Of course the      nation. Coach Spurrier had not lost
change we have made at Auburn has      a game to an SEC team in Gainsville.
been a greater emphasis of supple-     We had won 17 straight games and
menting our State athletes with        another win would break our record
those athletes from Florida. I         for an Auburn team. The game was on
commend the coaches from Florida       National TV. We would have to win
for the job that you do with           a scoring contest.
football. The state has the popu-         The biggest thing I had to do
lation and a lot of things going       that week was to get to the news-
for hiah school football. You are      papers to tell our players that I
doing 2 super job. Much of our         felt we could win that game. I went
success we have had has come from      over all of the positive aspects
the fact that we have some good        that we had going for us. I had to
athletes from the State of Florida.    get our players to believe we could
They have been good ambassadors of     win the game. If your players do
the state.                             not believe they can win, it will
   I have always felt the most         be tough to win. They will rise to
innovative coaches in America are      your level of expectations. Coach-
high school coaches. We are too up     ing did not win that game; the
tight in college. We get in games      players won that game because they
and think our job is on the line       believed they could win. You must
and we do not do anything innova-      always give your players the feel-
tive. We look at a lot of films of     ing that they can win.
high school games and see a lot of        I can go from Samford to Auburn
good things in those films.            and be successful. If I had lis-
   I am going to talk about a few      tened to all the Auburn Alumni, or
things on offense that I believe       believed all that I read in the
in. I will talk about what I believe   newspaper, there was no way I could
in philosophically. Let me say this    have been successful at Auburn.
to begin with. I have been taught      They were all convinced you could
this and you should never forget       not go from a small school to an
this. I have been taught to be a       SEC school and be successful. You
positive football coach. The great-    have to be a positive coach. I do
est thing you can do as a coach is     not like negative coaches. You
to have a positive attitude and to     could not coach for me if you were
accentuate the positive, as opposed    not a positive coach. All I want to
to being a coach that is negative.     hear is how we are going to win. I
I know at times we get caught up in    want the assistant coaches to tell
poor mouthing our team and that we     the players how they are going to
are no good. When you do that all      make them winners.
you are doing is degrading your           I usually give a talk on Attitude
athletes. We can recruit. After we     from a Leadership standpoint. As a
recruit that is all that we have.      football coach, you must believe in
You must make the players that you     yourself and that you have as much
have, believe they can win. Very       knowledge and ability as anyone
seldom are you going to have ath-      else has. Then you have to get the
letes that are better than someone     players to believe in themselves.
else has.                              That is where it all starts.
   I would say this, it is so             Before I talk about our Of fen-
sive Philosophy and what I think is   to give yourself a chance to win,
important to win, I want to tell      make sure the defense dilemma is
you I am a Bowden. As a Bowden we     solved first.
talk offensive football all of the       As an offensive coach I tell my
time. I run the style of program      defensive staff I want to be in the
that my dad runs. As the Head Coach   top 5 in Scoring Defense. I think
I call the offense. I am the          I can average 32 points per game in
offensive coordinator, and Head       a bad year. I think we know enough
Coach, and I call the plays. I hire   on offense to do that. I tell our
a defensive coordinator and he        defense we are not going to win the
calls the defense. That has always    big games unless we are in the top
been my philosophy and that is the    5 in Scoring Defense. To do that I
way my father does it. I can't be     tell our defense two things. They
in both offensive and defensive       have to have a great rush defense.
meetings so I hire the defensive      That comes out to less than 3 yards
coordinator. He is going to be        per rush in college. The other
given the credit or he is going to    aspect of the defense is giving up
take the blame. It gets you a good    the big play. Great rush defenses
coordinator this way. That is the     do not give up the big play. You
way it works for me, but not all      will never get beat if you do not
coaches do it that way.               give up the big play.
   As much as I am going to talk on      Florida played great defense
offense I want you to know that       this year, statistically. They had
offensedoes not win Championships.    a great rush defense. They were in
Offense is not your answer to         the top five. They did not give up
winning football games. Defense is    the big play, even though they gave
going to win for you. That is the     up a lot of in between yardage.
key to big games, and the Champi-     Alabama has been the most difficult
onships. Offense is a key, and it     defense to play against year in and
is a big part of a program, but       year out. Bill Oliver, the Defen-
defense wins it all. We will have     sive Coordinator at Alabama is a
two or three big games a year.        great challenge to me as a coach.
Florida State will have two or        He has never had a 300 yard passing
three big games a year. Florida       game against him in the last 60
will have two or three big games a    games and they are always in the
year and those games will be won      top 5 in Scoring Defense.
with defense. The big games are          If you can develop a great rush
generally low scoring games.          defense and prevent the big play
   Look at the last four National     you will have a great Scoring
Champs in college. Three of the       Defense. A great rush defense
four Champs have led the Nation in    should also give you a good pass
Scoring Defense. In 1991 Miami won    rush. The best rush teams are
it all and,led the Nation with 9      playing 8 or 9 people close to the
points per game Scoring Defense. In   line of scrimmage. This is what we
1992 Alabama won it and only gave     are seeing on offense. We played
up 9 points per game. In 1993         against two real tough teams last
Florida State won the Championship    year. One was against was Ole Miss
giving up 9 points per game. This     and Joe Lee Dunn, who is now at
year Nebraska won the Championship    Georgia. If you look at their
and they were second in Scoring       defense you will see 9 people close
Defense. Miami won the Scoring        to the line of scrimmage. He will
Defense giving up 9 points per        play Man Coverage a lot of the time.
game. Nebraska was second with 10     He likes to'blitz. If you will watch
points per game. Alabama averaged     when they run the blitz, you will
26 points per game on offense when    see they play a soft Man or Zone
they won it in 1992. Florida State    Coverage behind the blitz. He has
averaged 43 points per game in        taken average football teams and
1993. Nebraska was around 30 points   done great things with them defen-
this year on offense. The essential   sively. He knows he can play the
is defense. I am not going to talk    run tough with 9 men up close to
about defense, but if you are going   the line, and that will force them
to take over a program and you want   into passing situations. But he
does not play the secondary tight;     most points against a team I am
he plays loose. That scares you.       going to beat anyway. Or, is it best
One year against Auburn, before I      to develop a balanced offense that
got there, he played with only two     gives you enough time to practice
down linemen.                          both phases of the game? Can you
   Alabama plays a little more         run both the passing game and
Three Deep in the Secondary. I         running game in the big games? In
think things are getting back to       big games turnovers will probably
more Three Deep. Everything is Four    be the deciding factor.
Level, with four backs deep. It use       In looking at the best teams in
to be Quarter, Quarter, Half. Now      terms of winning the best teams are
it is Quarter, Quarter, Quarter,       teams that run a balanced offensive
Quarter in the secondary. However,     attack. The teams that are run
I am seeing more of the Three Deep     oriented are usually not in the
Concept now. The thing I am trying     hunt forthe National Championship.
to tell you is this. Be great on       An example would be the Air Force
the defensive side of the ball and     Academy and Vanderbilt. They ran
the offense will be fun.               the ball well, but did not have a
   My dad and my brothers have         strong passing game. Passing only
continual discussions on what is       teams are the same. An example
the most important offense to be       would be Las Vegas, and New Mexico.
successful. As coaches we need to      Take the top ten teams in the
decided some definite things about     country and you will see them in
offense. Just as I said Scoring        the top of Total Offense. Florida
Defense is an essential thing in       and Nebraska were exceptions this
winning a Championship, I do not       year. Florida had more passing and
think Scoring Offense is always the    Nebraska had more running, but they
most important thing in winning. I     both had outstanding defenses.
have always used Florida State as         If you have an outstanding de-
an example to explain what I mean.     fense you can have some tendencies,
Also, I have used Florida to ex-       and it will not make that much
plain this because they score so       difference. The point I am trying
many points per game. Florida State    to get to is this. If I want to have
will line up as 2 0 point favorites    the best offense for winning a
for 8 games per year; probably.        championship, and not the best
They will be 1 8 to 2 0 point favor-   offense for Terry Bowden to be the
ites in most of their games. I do      Coach Of The Year, or to winninq
not care what offense Florida State    the Scoring ~ i t l e ,but for ~ e r r y
lines up in, they are going to win     Bowden the Head Coach. The best
by a whole bunch. The whole prem-      offense for me is a balanced of-
ise, or the big question is this;      fense. We do not have to score 4 0
What offense should they run for       points a game. At my level it looks
those other three games. Don't put     as if 3 1 to 3 2 points per game is
your offense in for Podunk Univer-     what we need to achieve. If you are
sity. Put your offense in to beat      looking at your offense and you are
Miami. If you are a "Throw it every    going to make some adjustments,
down Coach," and you average 5 0       balance is the key. If you want to
points per game, and then all of a     get to the championship level, with
sudden you play against a great        people with similar talent, this is
team that has equal athletes. The      where balance will help you. If you
last thing you want to be doing is     are a lot better than your opponent
to be throwing the ball on your 5      you can run it or pass it every
yard line. What do you end up doing    down. In high school I imagine the
in that situation? You end up in       it should be a little more run than
the running game. That may not be      passing. However, in the big games
your best offense. In the big games    you must have the ability to do
you end up NOT doing the things you    both.
do best. I am not saying this is          In talking about a balanced
the total answer, but this is what     offense I was taught by my father
has taught me to debate this sub-      to "Keep It Simple," It is the old
ject. Is it best to go out and use     KISS Principle. KEEP IT SIMPLE
an offense where I can score the       STUPID. I recommend to you to keep
it simple. Don't try to do too much.      As coaches we want to add more
If balance is what you want, the       and more on offense. We here some-
key is combining EXECUTION with        thing nice about a coach and we want
UNPREDICTABILITY. You must be able     to add one of his plays. We watch
to combine the two. You must be able   games on TV and see good plays and
to execute and not make mistakes,      want to add them to our offense. My
but you also want to be unpre-         dad wants to run the same plays
dictable. If you only ran one play     but to run them faster. I like this
you probably would execute that one    No Huddle concept. We will probably
play perfect, but you would be very    get to it someday. It does give you
predictable. If you ran 100 plays      the ability to keep it simple, but
you may not be very predictable,       it also makes it more unpredictable
but you probably could not execute     for the defense. I think there is
very well. Our whole dilemma in        some merit to this concept. It
getting the right offense is to        takes a commitment by a coach. That
find a way that we will be unpre-      is a good example of not trying to
dictable, but one that we can also     do more; just do better.
execute. My theory has always been        Again the theory is to keep it
to keep it simple. Again, when I       simple on offense, and make sure
say my theory, it is what my father    vou can execute what you run. The
taught me over the years. My father    worse thing you can have happen in
does go back five decades in coach-    a critical situation is not beina
ing. He was a Head Coach in 1955,      able to execute the play. ~ h ;
and a lot of football has been         defense does not stop you; you stop
learned and forgotten since that       yourself because of a lack of
   Let me give you a simple expla-
                                       execution. We all have been through
                                       that situation.
nation of being able to execute and       Let me give you some examples of
still be unpredictable. If I could     keeping your offense simple. Our
only have five plays in my offense     offense at Auburn is no more com-
and we had two runs and three          plicated than it was at Samford. It
passes, it would mean you could        is a little more complicated than
execute any of those five plays on     what we ran at Salem College. We
1st Down and 10, and any of the five   are getting better at it, and we
plays on 4th Down and inches to go,    are adding a little each year. It
you would be pretty unpredictable.     stays fairly simple. We do not use
In a nutshell that is the theory of    many formations offensively. I am
my offense and that is the theory      not saying this is the only way to
of my fathers offense. I think Brad    winning. It fits with what we
Scott has the same theory.             believe in at Auburn. As a coach
   I was with my father during the     that has to teach and assistants
Nike trip. He was telling me he did    that have to teach, it gives you a
not need more plays. He said, "All     lot more time than an offense that
we have to do is run the plays         has a lot of formations and a lot
faster." He was talking about the      of plays. At least you can sleep at
No Huddle attack. Could you imagine    night knowing the players will know
running these five plays I referred    where to line up. Some teams can't
to earlier from the No Huddle? Now     tell until halftime if the players
the defense can not get ready for      will line up in the right splits on
all of these plays. This takes the     offense.
coaching out of the game. I keep          We have three basic formations
thinking of ways I can get Coach       at Auburn. We use no motion. I
Bill Oliver out of the game. I do      always qualify that by letting
not know if I can line up and beat     Georgia and Florida know that I may
him all of the time. He is that        change that theory someday. Basi-
good. But, if I can get in the No      cally we run three formations. We
Huddle and run those five plays; I     run the I Formation, Split Backs
could run them fast or I could run     with the Gun; we move the quarter-
them slow. That would take the         back back and split the backs but
coach out of the game. Now, the        do not move anyone else, and we use
offense is more unpredictable to       a One Back Set with four wideouts.
the players.                           We substitute personnel when we go
to the One Back Set. We take the       different they may change their
fullback out and put a wideout in,     assignment. They may change their
and we take the tight end out and      pattern, but no one else needs to
put another wideout in. We run the     know what they are doing. The rest
same Shotgun Split. Those are our      of the team goes ahead and does what
basic formations. If we ran Motion     they were supposed to do. On run-
we would have to work on the snap      ning plays we do not change much at
count for ever. That is a pain. You    all. The most we would do would be
have to work on it and work on it.     to call two plays in the huddle and
Then that guy gets hurt and you do     pick one of them to run at the line
not have a man that can run the        of scrimmage. We give them Two
motion the same as the first man.      Choice. We would call a 46 or 46
We try to stay with formations that    Sweep "AT THE LINE". We call it an
are very basic.                        "Either -Orw call. We do not do a
   The year we went undefeated we      lot mainly because we want to
only had two formations. We ran the    execute. We want our players very
I and the Split Backs. We did not      sure who to block and how to block.
have the Four Wide Out Set. We added   We can be successful doing this.
one formation and we won 9, lost 1,       I am not just blowing smoke. You
and tied 1 this year. The point I      may not believe me if I was still
am trying to make is to keep it        at Salem College or Samford. But I
simple. Who do you think has the       am at Auburn and we have beaten some
most uncomplicated offense in the      good teams with this philosophy. We
SEC? FLORIDA! They just threaten       have averaqed 32.1 and 32.6 points
you with simple things on offense      per game th& last two years. We need
every play. They have athletes that    to get up to the 37 point range to
can execute on every play. It          be in the to^ five in the countrv.
scares you to death because they       We have acc'bmplished a lot with
are good at it. They are not afraid    this philosophy. We only have one
to try anything on any down. If you    snap count. We do not have audibles
look at what they do you will see      and we do not have motion. We do
it is not complicated at all. We       not change the snap count because
study them. It is not complicated.     it messes us up more than the
Other teams do a lot more compli-      defense. Question: Do you run Check
cated things on offense.               With Me plays? No! We do not do run
   I worked the SEC Championship       "Check With Me" plays. Every now
between Alabama and Florida on TV.     and then we run the "Either - Or"
I thought I caught this in the paper   play. Again, we do a lot of sight
the next day about one of the TD's     adjustments.
Florida scored. They had a 1st Down       A lot of coaches ask me how I can
on the 1 yardline. The QB threw the    tell all of our opponents that we
Slant Pass and they scored. The        only have one snap count. We tell
next dayithe QB said, "We had a        them we want them to know this and
Quarterback Sneak called and I saw     we want them to know What the snap
the defense was in a Pinch, so I       count is. It is a simple DOWN - SET
checked off to the Slant Pass." I      - HIKE. We do not change it.
could not do that if I were the        However, about every fourth play we
Coach. I could not give my Quarter-    call a FREEZE play. We come up to
back the audible on the 1 yardline.    the line and do not have a play
I would have run the sneak and taken   called. We go Down - Set - Hike;
the No Gain play and run the Toss      but we do not move. If the defense
Sweep on 2nd Down. That is part of     starts crowding us I will call the
our philosophy.                        Freeze until we get them back off
   We believe in keeping it simple     the ball. When they get a couple of
so we do not have any audibles. It     penalties they back up and stop
takes a lot of work to run audibles.   trying to beat us on the snap count.
We do have some Sight Adjustments.     In high school all you have to do
These things could be a Clinic         is to get them to break the line of
Talk. You could talk all day about     scrimmage and it is a penalty. In
these ideas. Both wide receivers       college we snap the ball when they
and the Quarterback will read the      jump over the line of scrimmage. By
defense. If they see something         doing this we do not jump offsides.
We do have some tricks we use with    the more protections you have the
our snap count. About the third       more problems you have. Do you use
game of the year we may go one time   a Man Protection, a Zone Protec-
on Down.                              tion, or a Hinge Protection? Do you
    I found out there are certain     do a Fan Out and a Double Read on
things you do not want to have        both sides? Do you have a Bootleg
happen on National TV. You do not     or Waggle Protection? If you have
want a lot of illegal procedure       all of those you have a lot of
calls, you do not want to have 12     problems. You can do a lot of
men on the field, and you do not      different pass routes off the same
want to have a kick blocked. Those    protection. That is not a real
are coaching mistakes, and it makes   coaching problem. A receiver can
you look bad. I am kidding just a     run 6 different cuts, and you can
little, but it seams that way.        run each of those 6 cuts off Play
Perception is very important. A       Action and Straight Drop Back ac-
well tuned machine doesn't jump       tion. It is not a lot of teaching
of fsides. To mess up down inside     to involve this. I want to be very
the 5 yardline just kills me. If      simple in the protection. We have
you are ever going to change the      about two or three protections.
snap count it should be on first         We have gone to the Shotgun
down. I do the tricky counts on       Formation with the Split Backs. I
first down.                           was not big on the Shotgun Forma-
    We run a few plays and a few      tion at one time. Now I am sold on
formations. We go on the same snap    the Shotgun in passing situations.
count. We do not have any audibles.   You can miss a lot of things and
We like to run the ball. We do not    the Quarterback can still get rid
run it as well as we would like to.   of the ball and not have to take a
We averaged 199.6 yards per run in    sack. We threw the ball 51 times
1994. In 1993 we averaged 210 yards   against Florida and did not have a
per carry. We run about eight         sack. We had less than one sack a
running plays. We run six plays out   game. If you don't pick them up the
of the I Formation and two plays      Quarterback has to heave it out of
from Split Backs. You have to run     bounds. But, that is better at
the Trap and the Draw. We call the    times, than taking a sack. We have
Screen a running play. We think of    found it is a big play.
the Screen as a counter to the           I have always been a real detail
passing game. It hurts teams that     coach for doing self scouting
like to rush the passer. The Screen   analysis. When I was a grad student
and Draw and Trap are all running     at Florida State I was in Law
plays to us. My dad always told me    School. I spent a lot of time in
if I ever wanted to add a play to     the classroom. I was my dads GA for
our offense, not to do it unless      Self Scouting. I would study all of
you take one play out of the          our tendencies and all of the
offense. You can't extend practice    opponents tendencies. After two
time. So, if we are going to add a    games we would have Two Game Ten-
play we have to take one out. Most    dencies. Then It would be a Three
of the time we can't find one that    Game Tendencies. What do they do on
we want to take out. You can't rep    1st and 10, 2nd and 7, and so on.
the plays the same amount of time     For four years I was the main Self
if you keep adding plays. With only   Scout. By Tuesday I could give dad
six plays we can change the block-    a Self Scout. This is what your
ing schemes around. We can block      tendencies are. Now, I get a Self
the Sweep a lot of fun ways. We can   Scout because I call the plays. If
give the Sprint Draw a different      you call the plays you are going to
look by changing our blocking         have some tendencies.
scheme.                                  I found out something about
   I am not so concerned on the       tendencies. They are not bad to
Passing Game about the number of      have; they are good if you can win.
pass plays you have as I am the       Then you create tendencies. "Auburn
number of pass protections you        may win, but they run the same play
have. My favorite position to coach   on 1st and 10." Then it is "they
is the offensive line. We all know    run the same play on 2nd and 3 every
time. " By the seventh game you have   be the oldest head coach in Amer-
created some unbelievable tenden-      ica. I think he was right. I have
cies. Then in the next game you go     a long way to go. The older I get
out and make sure you do not run       the more I see that the game gets
your tendencies. Then that is when     very simple. We like to say that
we run our Split Backs. That is when   you win with blocking and tackling.
we throw to the Tight End like we      You win with fundamentals. This is
did against Florida. We had not        true. Now, it might be the funda-
thrown to the Tight End but three      mentals of a Vertical Passing Game
times all year. In that game we hit    as opposed to the fundamentals of
the Tight End for seven passes and     an Isolation Play in the 1960's. It
123 yards. Tendencies are not bad      is still the fundamentals. It is
to have IF YOU KNOW THEM. If you do    very simple.
have tendencies it is because you         We do not start Spring Practice
are successful.                        until April 1st. We like to study
   It is like saying, "We are going    our offense from last year. What do
to run the Toss Sweep, and you know    we need to improve? Are we devel-
we are going to run the Toss Sweep.    oping tendencies? Is it a matter of
Now, lets see if you can stop it."     personnel? This past year we lost
That is basically been our theory.     about 30 yard per game out of our
Then when we know we are over doing    fullback. We lost two fullbacks the
it, that is when I am going to hit     year before. This year we had two
you with a reverse, or the Fullback    young fullbacks. We may not have to
Belly Cutback, or the Halfback         change things, just recognize that
Pass. We could run our Quarterback     we may be less talented in that
Naked. In this philosophy you are      area. We are not going to jump the
going to have tendencies. Because      boat because of this fact. I try to
of this you need to have Counter       recruit toward the scheme we run.
Plays that offset the other plays.     I am reluctant to change my scheme.
   In our offense we run the Toss      I can recruit and you can't. I do
Sweep so we have to run the Fullback   not like to coach things I do not
Belly. If we don't the linebackers     know. Coach things you know and can
will move laterally too fast. We       teach.
have to run the Reverse or Naked as       Do we have any questions? I am
we call it. This is to keep the        not going to talk individual plays.
Safety from supporting too fast to     Hopefully, I have covered some
one side. You have to run counters     things that will help you become
to your regular plays. If you run      successful on offense. You win with
the Sprint Draw you run the Sprint     defense. Don't give up the big
Draw Passing Attack. If you run the    play. Offensively, the teams that
Counter, you run the Bootleg off       win the most are balanced offenses
the Counter. Each play has a good      that run and pass the ball well.
counter ' play or a companion or       Those two things are essential.
complementary play off it. It al-         In the summer we hold two camps
lows you to stay simple but also to    at Auburn University. Both of them
be unpredictable.                      are outstanding. We have a family
   I am trying to give you some        camp called the "BOWDEN CAMP. " It
ideas offensively. I am sure most      is a Quarterback and Receiver Camp.
of you have faced the same problems    We think it is one of the best in
that I have faced in my career. It     the country. My dad and my brothers
is a matter of dealing with the time   run it. We work everyday. None of
you can spend with a certain number    us leave. It is different than most
of people in football and you are      camps. Our Auburn Football Camp
trying to get better at what you       would probably be different, but
are doing. We want to be better        not any different than what most
coaches and we study and study. We     schools have. We think we have a
work more and more. Someone asked      great facility. The Bowden Camp is
me how it felt to be one of the        the third week of June, and the
youngest head coaches in the coun-     Auburn Camp is the second week of
try. My dad told me it was not         June. We would invite you to come
important to be the youngest coach     and visit with us. I appreciate
in America; it is more important to    your attention.

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