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					                              KaiKins Cattery New Kitten Questionnaire
Thank you for considering a KaiKins kitten as your next companion. We love our kittens and want them to go
to only the best homes. We hope that you understand and that you will be patient with our questions. We
encourage you to call or email with any questions or concerns that you may have for us. Please answer the
following questions as honestly and as best as you can. There are 2 pages to this questionnaire, depending on
your computer, font and printer.

Spouse/Significant Other:
Children’s Ages:
Work Phone:
Cell Phone:
Email Address:
Other Contact Number:

Please provide the name, address and phone of your pet’s veterinarian (current or past, if applicable):

How long have you been showing?

What other pets reside in your household? Please list name, species and age and reproductive status
 (spayed/neutered or intact).

What sex, age, and color of a Persian are you looking for? Please circle your choice:
Sex:    Male      Female        No Gender Preference
Age:    Kitten (3-6mos)      Teenager (7-10mos) Adult (12mos +)           Any Age
Pet Quality or Show Quality

What is the primary reason you want a kitten from KaiKins Cattery? Circle your choice:
  Companion Showing Performance Therapy               Other (please specify below)
  And you’re personal explanation.

What temperament are you looking for in your Persian? Please circle below:
 Very Active   Active     Somewhat Active      Couch Potato/Snuggler

Do you own your home?             Yes           No

If you rent, does your lease allow pets, and can we contact your landlord?       Yes       No

Do you find yourself often having to deal with RingWorm?

Have you ever dealt with FIP? If so, please explain when.

Do any members of the household have allergies to pets?             Yes    No

Who will be the kitten’s primary caretaker?

How old is your oldest Persian? How long have you owned it?

Do you work full time? Is your schedule flexible?

How do you plan to keep your kitten safely confined?

Where will the kitten sleep at night?

What type of exercise will you provide for your kitten? How often? (Daily, Weekly)

Where will the kitten reside (where will it spend most of its time?) ? Please circle your answer:
In the house In the yard Part time inside Part time outside             If other, please explain.

If applicable, do you have any objections to a home visit so we can see where the kitten will live? If this is
not possible for you or KaiKins Cattery, would you be willing to send a few photos of your home?

Do you plan to have this kitten declawed?

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and for your interest in owning a KaiKins Persian. We
look forward to hearing from you soon! We understand how intrusive our questionnaire can feel, as we have
asked ourselves over and over, time and time again how we would feel about answering so many private
questions. The point of this is to better gain an understanding of you and your family. Including temperament
and ease of working together. I’m sure you’ll understand our concern for the well being of every KaiKins kitten
that leaves our home and also understand the need for compatibility between you and KaiKins Cattery to
successfully communicate to one another and have a pleasant relationship. If completely filing out our
questionnaire feels too intrusive and you do not wish to further the process, that’s okay. It’s a personal choice
you have every right to make. Please email us and tell us, then simply delete this questionnaire and continue
searching for your new addition to your family elsewhere. We sincerely wish you the very best!

Warmest Regards,
Heather Smith
KaiKins Cattery