Descriptive Paragraph Using Powerful Word Choices and Sensory Detail (PDF) by ghkgkyyt


									                            Descriptive Paragraph

           Using Powerful Word Choices and Sensory Detail

1. Pre-Writing: Using an entire sheet of paper, create the following chart.

                 Nouns              Adjectives             Verbs

2. Begin by just looking at the Hershey Kiss and write all of the nouns, adjectives,
   and verbs that come to mind. Use your thesaurus for assistance.

3. Next, unwrap the Hershey Kiss and write down all the nouns, adjectives, and
   verbs that strike you as you listen to the foil being removed.

4. As you touch the candy, fill in all nouns, adjectives, and verbs that you

5. Smell the Hershey Kiss and add in all nouns, adjectives, and verbs that are

6. Finally, place the Kiss on your tongue and taste it. Include all nouns, adjectives,
   and verbs that you perceive.

7. You now have a usable word bank to draw from while writing your descriptive
   paragraph. Begin a rough draft of your descriptive paragraph explaining your
   experience with the Kiss.

8. Revise and peer-edit your draft before creating a final copy.
                               Descriptive Paragraph Writing Rubric

                                      WOW!                 Almost There                    On The Way                     Not Yet
        Look Fors                   4 Points                  3 Points                       2 Points                    0-1 Points
                 Main Ideas   My writing has a clear      My writing has a main idea    My main idea is not very      My writing has no
                              main idea (topic            (topic sentence).             clear (no clear topic         main idea (no topic
Ideas                         sentence).                                                sentence).                    sentence).

                 On Topic     I stay on topic focusing    I focus on the main point     My writing does not follow    My writing does not
                              on my main point from       for most of my writing but    my main point. The            follow or is missing its
                              start to finish.            wander a little.              direction is not clear.       topic.
                 Details      I use many interesting      I had some details that       I have very few interesting   My writing has no
                              details that support my     supported my main idea.       details or my details don’t   interesting or related
                              main idea.                                                support my main idea.         details.
Voice                         My writing comes to life    My writing is interesting     My writing has some           My writing is boring
(Emotion &                    and keeps my reader         throughout. It utilizes one   interesting parts but does    and it uses no
Style)                        interested. It uses two     example of figurative         not use figurative            figurative language.
                              examples of figurative      language.                     language.
                              language to give it
Word Choice                   I use varied, descriptive   I use descriptive words       I use a few descriptive       My vocabulary is
                              and appropriate words       appropriately.                words.                        simple and limited. I
                              to create meaningful                                                                    rely on weasel words
                              pictures. I have used                                                                   to convey my ideas.
                              precise nouns and

Sentence                      My sentences begin in       Most of my sentences          Some of my sentences          My sentences are
Fluency                       different ways and vary     begin in different ways,      begin in different ways,      choppy, repetitive or
                              in length and structure.    vary in length and            vary in length and            rambling.
                              Sentences are               structure, and are            structure, and are
                              combined effectively.       combined effectively. They    combined effectively. They
                                                          flow.                         do not flow well.
                              One sentence starts
                              with an –ing word.
                                                             4 of the 5 components         2-3 of the 5 components      0-1 of the 5
                              One sentence starts         are present.                  is present.                   components are used.
                              with an adverb (-ly)

                              One sentence starts
                              with an AAAWWUBIS.

                              One sentence contains
                              an appositive.

                              One sentence begins
                              with an adjective.
Conventions      Grammar      My writing has proper       Most of my writing uses       My writing has many           My grammar
                              capitalization,             correct grammar,              errors, but the meaning is    interferes with the
                              punctuation and             capitalization, and           clear.                        meaning of the
                              grammar.                    punctuation.                                                writing.
                 Spelling     All the words are spelled   Almost all of the words are   Several of the words are      The spelling interferes
                              correctly in my writing.    spelled correctly in my       misspelled in my writing.     with the meaning of
                                                          writing.                                                    the writing.
Writing Rules                 My writing follows all      My writing follows most       My writing follows some of    My writing seldom
                              writing rules.              writing rules                 the writing rules             follows writing rules.
Presentation                  My writing/typing is        My writing is legible and     My handwriting is poor and    My handwriting is
(Neatness)                    neat/, easy to read and     neat.                         difficult to read.            unreadable and
                              correctly spaced. It is                                                                 messy.
                              pleasing to the eye!

Subtotal Score

Student Name                                                                            Total Score______/ 40                               %
Topic/Project   Date

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