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                    WANTED POSTER
Project Overview - Students (in pairs) will research a disease caused by a protozoan or
a fungus and then create a wanted poster using the information about the disease.

Project Description - Students will spend time in the classroom researching their
eukaryote disease. Students need to find the following information about the disease:

       1)   Scientific name and common name of the causative agent
       2)   Photograph, picture, and/or drawing of the organism (with organism parts labeled)
       3)   Location where disease may be contracted (where it is most likely to be discovered)
       4)   Mode of transmissions or vectors (how the disease gets “passed on” or spread)
       5)   Victims of the disease (the age group or gender most affected, etc.)
       6)   Symptoms of the disease (what occurs if disease is contracted)
       7)   Possible preventions, treatments, and/or cures for the disease

Remember this is a research project and you may have to use several sources (internet websites,
textbooks, encyclopedias, health journals, etc.) to find the above information.

Your work cited will be printed and glued/taped to the back of your poster. MLA citations format.

Furthermore, creativity is strongly encouraged and wanted posters will receive points for originality.
The best posters will also get the opportunity to be posted around the classroom.

The wanted poster is to be done only on a sheet of poster board paper with your names and date on the
back of the paper.

Project Evaluation

   ________/4        NAMES (Scientific name and common name)
   ________/6        PHOTOGRAPH (With parts of the organism labeled)
   ________/4        LOCATION (global location & environmental location)
   ________/8        TRANSMISSION
   ________/4        VICTIMS (Demographics - who it effects, how many get infected, etc.)
   ________/8        SYMPTOMS
   ________/4        PREVENTIONS
   ________/6        NEATNESS
   ________/6        SOURCES
   ________/4        CREATIVITY/ORIGINALITY

   ________/60 TOTAL
          LIST OF Protozoan &
            Fungal DISEASES
African sleeping sickness                            Cyclosporiasis
Amebiasis                                            Dientamoebasis
American trypanosomiasis                             Giardiasis
Amoebic dysentery                                    Histoplasmosis
Amoebic meningoencephalitis                          Histoplasmosis
Aspergillosis                                        Jock itch
Athelete’s Foot                                      Keratitis
Babesiosis                                           Leishmaniasis
Balantidaisis                                        Malaria
Candidiasis                                          Naegleriasis
Chagas’ disease                                      Pneumocystosis
Coccidiasis                                          Ringworm
Coccioidomycosis (Valley Fever)                      Sporotrichosis
Cryptococcal meningoenchephalitis                    Toxoplasmosis

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