Lovely Ragdolls by ert634


									                                                  Lovely Ragdolls
                                             Cattery Partnership Application
     Cattery Name:

     Owner 1 Name:

     Owner 2 Name:

     Customer Service Phone Number:

     Best Phone Number to Reach You:

     Home Phone Number:

     Work Phone Number:

     Mobile Phone Number:

     Days and Hours best to call:

     Primary Email Address:

     Secondary Email Address:

     Customer Service Address:

     Flight Booking Address:

     Cat Breeds:      Ragdolls      Ragamuffins      Persians      Himalayans        Maine Coons   Birmans

     Other Cat Breeds:

     Website (if currently host your own cattery website):

     Cat Food Fed:

     Shipping Cost within US:

     Health Guarantee Offered:

     Genetic Guarantee Offered:

     # of Unaltered Male Breeders:

     # of Unaltered Female Breeders:

     # of Female Breeders who’s kittens will be listed on the website:

     Requested Start Date for listing kittens:

     Email:                                             Fax: (877) 236-5548
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