June_exam_schedule_2011 by ashrafp


									                                                               Spring Exam Schedule – June 2011
                                                                                       th                           th                            th
                                                  Friday 3rd               Monday 6                     Tuesday 7                Wednesday 8

                                      9:00                                   Music                        Maths                      Science
                                                  Study Day
                          Year 6
                                     12:00                                   English                  Social Studies               Language B

                                      9:00                                Language B                       Music                          Maths
                          Year 7                  Study Day
                                     12:00                                  Science                       English                Social Studies

                                      9:00                                   Maths                    Social Studies                 English
                                                  Study Day
                          Year 8
                                     12:00                                     Art                       Science

                                      9:00                               Social Studies                   English                         Maths
                                                  Study Day
                          Year 9
                                     12:00                                   Music                       Science

                                      9:00                                   History                      Biology                         Maths
                                                  Study Day
                          Year 10
                                     12:00                                   English                 French/Estonian

                                                                                                   Grace only- French
                                      9:00                                   Biology             B/Estonian A1/ German            English A1/A2
                                                  Study Day                                                A1
                          Year 11
                                     12:00                                   History                                         Maths Studies/Math HL
                                                                                                     Music/French B

All students are required to be in school during Study day. Sign-up sheets for meetings with teachers will be posted on Tuesday the 1 .

During the exam days, students are only required to come to school on the days and at the times that they have exams. (e.g. If students have no exam in the morning, they do
not have to come to school until the second exam starts.) However, on the days when students have two exams, they may NOT leave school between the exams, unless they
have a written note, signed by a parent. Students may remain at school to study; however, they must be doing serious study work, and not just "hanging out."

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