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London 2012 Open Weekend


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									                                                                     London 2012
                                                                    Open Weekend

What is it?                                                      When is Open Weekend?
                                                                 The dates for Open Weekend are confirmed as the
Open Weekend is an annual UK-wide                                22 – 24 July 2011. In 2012, Open Weekend will
celebration counting down to the London 2012                     officially mark the start of the London 2012 Games
Olympic and Paralympic Games.                                    which will be on 27 July 2012.

It includes sporting, cultural and artistic events               Olympic Games:
that bring together communities all with the same                27 July – 12 August 2012
intention of celebrating the Games coming to                     Paralympic Games:
London and the UK.                                               29 August – 9 September 2012

Who is Open Weekend for?                                          What is the criteria for Open Weekend events?
The London 2012 Open Weekend is open to all
non-commercial not for profit organisation from                    Events must be:
culture, sport, community and learning (such as a                      Organised by a non-commercial, not for
local council, a charity, theatre group or sports                         profit organisation (such as a local council,
club). The Weekend is your chance to be part of                           a charity, theatre group or sports club
London 2012 and join in the countdown celebrations                     Take place between 22 – 24 July 2011
to the Games.                                                          Be non-commercial and not profit-
What support is available from London 2012?                            Not be promoted in connection with any
                                                                          businesses, for example through selling
London 2012 have developed an Open Weekend                                sponsorship or other commercial rights to
marketing toolkit which will help you promote your                        associate with it.
event. You will be given access once your Open
Weekend event has been approved. Materials
within the Open Weekend marketing toolkit will
include the London 2012 emblems. Unfortunately it
is not possible for London 2012 to fund any Open                    When can I register for Open Weekend 2011?
Weekend events or activity.                                         The online application process for registering events
                                                                    is now open until 5pm on Monday 27 June 2011.

                                                                    Why should I be part of Open Weekend?
 How do I register an event for Open Weekend?                       London 2012 Open Weekend is your opportunity to:
                                                                        Be part of an annual and UK-wide
 Website                                                                   celebration counting down to the Games
 London 2012: www.london2012.com/openweekend                            Reach new audiences
                                                                        Find new ways to work with sport, culture
 E-mail                                                                    and learning
 London 2012: openweekend@london2012.com                                Offer your local audiences a chance to
                                                                           celebrate with you
                                                                        Inspire young people through a range of
                                                                           cultural and sporting activities

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    Registered office: 1st Floor, Tower Court, Foleshill Enterprise Park, Coventry, CV6 5QT. Registered number: 2960454.

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