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									                                                       TRAXX F140 AC

                                                        Technical Data

                                                       General Data
                                                       Track gauge                              1,435 mm
                                                       Clearance gauge                          UIC 505-1
                                                       Type of vehicle                          Dual frequency locomotive

                                                       Technical data
                                                       System voltage                           AC 15 kV/16.7 Hz, AC 25 kV/50 Hz
                                                       Train power supply                       1.0 kV/16.7 Hz, 1.5 kV/50 Hz
                                                       Wheelset arrangement                     Bo‘ Bo‘
                                                       Drive system                             Nose-suspended drive
                                                       Axle load                                ca. 21 t
                                                       Number of traction motors                4
                                                       Max. traction power                      5.6 MW
                                                       Max. starting tractive effort            300 kN
The BOMBARDIER TRAXX F140 AC locomotive                Electric braking effort                  max. 240 kN, limited in accordance
                                                                                                with national regulations
is a member of the TRAXX platform. This loco-          Electric braking power                   5.6 MW
motive covers all mainline freight applications        Max. speed                               140 km/h
in continental Europe under 15 and 25 kV AC            Power converters                         2 x MITRAC TC 3200
                                                       Pantographs                              Depending on country package
catenaries and is used for heavy freight and
                                                       Automatic train protection system        Country specific
also passenger trains in national and interna-         Train radio equipment                    Analog & GSM-R
tional services. The TRAXX F140 AC has a               Train communication system               ZMS
modular design to accommodate the various              Air compressor capacity                  2,400 l/min
                                                       Main air tank capacity                   780 l
country packages, including conventional
automatic train protection systems, as well as         Dimensions and weights
ETCS. The TRAXX locomotives are derived                Length over buffers                      18,900 mm
from the large series of German BR 185 and             Max. width of carbody                    2,977 mm
                                                       Height over pantographs                  4,283 mm
are the most frequently sold and wide-spread           Virtual distance between bogie centers   10,400 mm
locomotives in Europe. They are proven in a            Bogie axle base                          2,600 mm
multitude of different applications and meet           Wheel diameter (new / worn)              1,250 / 1,170 mm
the high expectations of operators in terms            Service weight                           approx. 85 t
of reliability, availability and maintainability, as   Special features
well as low operating costs.                           Rear view equipment                      Video cameras on request
As a platform product, the TRAXX F140 AC
provides the operators with the advantages
of long term spare parts availability, commo-
nality savings in a mixed fleet of TRAXX loco-
motives and high residual value over the
locomotive’s lifetime. The operators of TRAXX
locomotives benefit from a large service net-
work throughout Europe.

                                          25 kV AC
                                          15 kV AC

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