LHS CLASS OF 1980 Reunion Planning Committee Meeting Minutes by ert634


									                              LHS CLASS OF 1980

             Reunion Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

                                Sunday 01-09-11

Attended by: Dan Butler, Kurt Bechtel, Bob Beauchesne, Pauline Theberge-Taylor,
Tim Ronan and Joanne Cote-Hayes (phone).

   1. Website (lhsclassof1980.com) continues to be online and has received hits
      from a large number of the classmates. Dan will continue to lead and
      improve the site, but could like some help. We are still looking for
      volunteers to assist in developing the site further. Please contact Dan if you
      have the skill & expertise in web site design.
   2. Survey is now complete the results are as follows.
         a. BBQ and Cruise are a virtual tie.
   3. Locating Classmate committee: Joanna is making real headway on
      compiling a full list, she continues to add to the E-mail list (preferred list)
      and has 200 + classmates; we also have a list of physical addresses.
   4. All classmate e-mail addresses, telephone# etc. should be forwarded to
      Joanne via the “Where are they now” links on our website.
   5. Dan Butler set up a bank account for the 30th class reunion at the Central
      Maine Credit Union. The account currently has approximately $150.00.
      Dan will add a tab to the website to post account information. There is also
      the ability for our more successful and generous classmates to donate to
      the fund either by using the PAYPAL Button or by sending a check to LHS
      Class of 1980. P.O. Box 2218 Lewiston, Maine 04241. Bob Beauchesne has
      agreed to be the Treasurer; we would like another volunteer to assist.
   6. Dates and Locations:
      Discussion and consensus was reached that the reunion would be held on
      Saturday night July 2, 2011. It was determined that the reunion event
      would be a harbor cruise and would be held aboard Casco Bay Lines Bay
   Mist Vessel. The Bay Mist can accommodate between 250 and 275 guest,
   they will provide a cash bar and support the requirements of a band or DJ
   and catering services. The rental includes 1 hour of set up and boarding and
   3 hours of cruise time in Portland Harbor. The vessel can be viewed on
   Casco Bay lines web site.
   Tim Ronan would send out the contract for final review and comments and
   submit the $500.00 deposit before February 2, (reunion account will
   reimburse the deposit money when funds from the account are available).
   Final Cost for the Bay Mist rental $2375.00
7. Catering Committee: The web site for Casco Bay Line has a list of caterers
   that have been hired for previous events. Pauline Theberge will start the
   process of discussing menu’s and cost with the vendors, we will also try and
   look for additional volunteers to help with the selection process. Budget
   $2000.00 +-.
8. Entertainment Committee: Tim Ronan will contact local bands and DJ’s for
   cost and availability and will update at the next meeting. Possible bands
   include The Veggies and The Broad Street Band. Budget $600.00
9. Advertising Committee: Sun Spots in the Lewiston Sun and Journal did run
   an article during Christmas week. Bob Beauchesne and Cindy Smith will
   continue to seek other free or low cost avenues to get the word out. It was
   discussed that we should do a group photo to submit to the local paper
   with a list of the classmate still needing to be found soon.
10.We will need to put together a save the date notice that should go out in
11.We still need more volunteers, please get in touch with us if you can help.

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