Why Women Cheat

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					Why Women Cheat?

The result of a data base rating poll revealed that among 9,400 women respondent, 49%
admitted they had cheated on their man sometime during their marriage. The question now
is the reason why women cheat.

Women today are given all the opportunities to cheat as the men. Lifestyle, technology and
absence of value are considered the best reasons. Although the number of cheating women
has equaled the cheating men, there are many married women who are willing to jump on
bed with another fellow.

According to a study made by American Sexual Behavior, 14% of married women are
unfaithful compared to 22% of married men. So infidelity is still higher in men than in

Why women cheat can be understood by the following reasons:

Inadequate sex life

Despite the chores women performed at home, she wants to feel wanted which is fulfilled
when her sex life is active. If her husband cannot satisfy her needs, she will seek for the
thrill elsewhere.

Thrill seekers

There are women who cheat because they enjoy the thrill; they are the thrill seekers.
Although they love their husbands and have no plan of leaving their families, they need a
little something extra.

Some women are not just satisfied to have sex with one man. Some women are just full of
sexual energy which will come out at the proper condition.

Self-esteem booster

Sex has a way of making women boost their self esteem by feeling attractive and
passionate. The most common rationalization of infidelity from women is that they feel
taken for granted. When a woman feels like little more than a household drudge, attention
from someone else becomes extremely seductive.

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You can be in a relationship with a perfectly wonderful, loving man and still need extra
affirmation that you are wonderful.

Sleeping with someone else is an easy way to remind yourself that you’re desirable.

Revenge or getting even for past mistakes

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, as the saying goes.

Why women cheat can be her rationalization of revenge or getting even for wrongs done in
the past. She has been hurt by her spouse betrayal so she wants to hurt him in the same
way. Regain her trust, not only by words but by action.

Intimacy is absent

Relationship existing between couple is not just based on sex but their intimacy. How
close are they connected with each other through kissing, petting, cuddling and through
communication. The couple no longer shares their time together. To improve closeness
with your spouse, spend more quality time with the woman of the house and spend
enjoyable activities together.

Wants to feel important

A woman’s job is 24/7. She wants to have her work recognized and appreciated. When her
spouse spends time in the golf course and does not acknowledge her efforts, she seeks
attention elsewhere. Gratitude and appreciation must be expressed and house work shared.

Sex life is boring

Sex is the same all the time: the same person, same sex play, same position, same setting,
etc. An affair is both thrilling and exciting. Spouse should avoid the same routine and do
something adventurous.

A good way for breaking up

The woman cheats for it is a good reason for breaking up with you. She considers an affair
an easy way out of the relationship. This makes communication an important factor in
maintaining relationship.

The fire of love has extinguished

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Even if home life is fine, the kids are okay and the hubby is good, some women gets bored
and wants some excitement. She feels that the passion of her love has been quenched and
might be rekindled by some one else. A casual affair may be burn the flame once more.

The fairy tale notion of marriage is only in the book

When the romance fades and you realize your guy is not Prince Charming but a man with
unpleasant habit that gets under your skin. Women enter marriage with romantic
expectations. Then Prince Charming is turn into a frog and the woman is in the look out
for another prince.

There may be a hundred reasons why women cheat but being unfaithful is not a norm.
Anyone who finds marriage unsatisfactory should wait until she become legally free to
seek for another partner.

Adding up all the reasons why women cheat, it is a problem of her heart; neither her ego
nor libido. If only her partner keeps the lines of communication open, be supportive and
encouraging and work at keeping that spark ignited, she will have no reason to stray.

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