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									How To Use Flexispy To Catch A Cheating
Spouse Or Partner

One of the most important elements in a relationship is trust. But, incidents come that you
just can’t trust your partner anymore. Time will come that you will question your partner’s
loyalty. Uncertainties on your partner’s faithfulness will arise and you’ll start to think that
he/she is cheating from you.

And the numbers regarding infidelity are alarming: 54% of wedded men and 70% of
wedded women are not aware that their partner is cheating on them. A good relationship or
a happy marriage may suddenly turn for the worst because of infidelity.

When the time comes, that you doubt your partners faithfulness on you, the best thing to
do is to know if they are really cheating. You can’t just accuse using weak evidences,
because you will never be sure not until you have strong facts proving the infidelity of
your partner.

What you have to do is to catch a cheating spouse or partner, and have strong evidences.
Luckily, there is a cell phone application that can help you.

Flexispy is a spyware installed on the cell phone of the person that you want to spy on or
monitor; in this case it’s your partner or spouse. And once this spyware is installed on your
partner’s phone, he/she can’t access it, only the person who installed it, in this case it’s
you, will have the keyword to access it.
Installing a spyware on someone’s cell phone to catch them cheating makes sense, after all
90% of infidelities involve the use of cell phone.

Now, you will ask “how does this spyware work?” or “how to use Flexispy to confirm if
my partner is cheating on me?”. This article will explain how the spyware works, and how
you will catch your partner if he/she is cheating on you.

Flexispy has 5 features that’ll enable you to monitor, observe and spy on your partner. On
their own this 5 can create a strong evidence, but using all 5 features will give you the
complete picture of what your partner is up to, and if he/she remains loyal to you. Flexispy
will give you the complete evidence to prove and to know once and for all if your partner
is cheating on you.

The first feature is the Call Interception. This program works by listening to your partner’s
phone calls. By using Flexispy, you can secretly listen to your partner’s phone

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conversations, anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is to specify the suspected numbers
that you think your partner is having secret affairs with.

When cell phone calls are made to the suspected number/s or from the suspected number/s
then an SMS message will be sent to you.

Calling the targeted cell phone is what you have to do next, and that’s it. You can now
secretly listen on your partner’s conversation with a suspected person that might have
secret affairs with him/her. This makes the task of catch a cheating spouse or partner
easier, since you can listen real time to the conversations that are made by your partner.

Even with just this feature, you can identify if your partner is cheating, but there are 4
more features that can give you more evidences.

The second feature of Flexispy is GPS Tracking capabilities to you. This means that you
can know the exact position of where your partner is. Using Google Maps, you can
identify the location of your partner and know if he/she is really on work, or has secretly
met someone else without your knowledge!
When you log into your account, you will have the ability to view your partner’s real time
or historical locations, it’s all up to you.

You can see where he’s at right now, or where he went awhile ago.

The third feature of Flexispy is Spycall. This feature gives you the capability to turn on
your partner’s microphone by calling from a number that’ll be created by you. This is
useful because you will know what is happening on the surroundings of your partner, and
can prove if he/she is on the workplace, or on a meet up with someone. It’s just like your
ears are with him/her anywhere he/she go.

The fourth feature is SMS and Email Spying. This feature is extremely useful and in some
cases solidifies the proof on someone’s infidelity. This gives you the ability to track and
read all of your partner’s SMS and Email messages. You can immediately know if
someone is cheating just by reading their messages. 75% of cheating wives and husbands
are caught using this feature.

The fifth feature is View Call Logs.

This feature gives you all the details on your partner’s outgoing and ingoing calls. You
will have the ability to see how long calls are made, what time calls are made and to whom
calls are made. It even gives you the ability to know the exact cell phone number of the
one that your partner called or the one that called your partner.

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With all those features, you can surely track and confirm once and for all if your partner or
spouse is loyal or an infidel. Flexispy is not a perfect software though, despite of all its
useful features, it has a few disadvantages.

The first disadvantage is without you getting an access to your partner’s phone, you can’t
install Flexispy. There are no other ways to escape that. If having an access to your
partner’s phone is impossible, then just buy a new phone and install that phone with
Flexispy, and just give it as a gift.

That’ll surely solve the problem.

Another disadvantage is it doesn’t work on all phones; it only works on Blackberry
phones, Symbian and Windows Mobile. Another one is it comes with a cost. A very good
spyware like this does not come for free, its approximate cost is around 140$-360$.

Despite a few disadvantages, its useful features surely outweigh them. By using this
spyware you can now prove and confirm if your partner is loyal or not. You can gain
complete access to almost anything that he/she is doing, thus giving you the capability to
monitor him/her and to see if you should continue the relationship or not.

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