Larry DeWayne Hall by ert634


									     Larry DeWayne Hall

                           Information researched and summarized by
                           Brittany Begley, Kasey Frith, & Kari Elliot

                                        Department of Psychology
                                           Radford University
                                        Radford, VA 24142-6946

  Date       Age                                           Life Event

                     Larry and his twin brother Gary were born to Robert Hall and his wife in Wabash,
12/11/1962    0      Indiana. They lived their entire lives at Falls Cemetery, where the twin brothers
                     constantly helped their sexton father dig graves.
                     Larry and his twin brother Gary started attending West Ward Elementary School. Larry
                     was very anti-social while in school, he had a very low IQ, and was often teased through
 08/ 1968     5
                     school for being slower than the other children, also for his nightmares, speech
                     impediment and bedwetting.)
  1970’-     10-     Larry is suspected of committing various acts of arson, vandalism, and petty crimes
  1980’s     20’s    throughout his home town
                     Alleged Victim (still missing): Dean Marie Pyle Peters (age 14) disappeared from Forest
02/05/1981    18     Hills Central Middle School in Grand Rapids Michigan. Hall is believed to be her
                     Alleged Victim (still missing): Debra jean Cole was last seen at her home in Lebanon,
08/31/1981    18
                     Indiana. Hall is also a suspect in her disappearance.
                     Alleged Victim (still missing): Jennifer Lee Schmidt age 19. Vanished from Purude
                     University, 5 days after her disappearance a body was found of Marcie Swinford in a
08/06/1985    22
                     wooded area near Honey creek in Southern Vigo County. She had been strangled and
                     sexual mutilated.
                     Alleged Victim (still missing): Denise Diane Pflum disappeared from Connersville,
03/28/1986    23
                     Indiana. Hall was in the area during her disappearance.
                     Alleged Victim: Jane Doe was found in southern Illinois. Her body was exhumed in
September            2002 and identified as a 28-year old drifter from California named Pholia Mylia Chavez.
  1986               She had been strangled like Jessica Roach and was found in a corn field, her mutilation
                     injuries were similar to other cases which Larry Hall is a suspect in.
December             Alleged Victim (still missing): Kimberly Ann Thompson went missing from Champaign,
  1986               Illinois. Once again Hall was in the area during her disappearance.
02/24/1987   24   Alleged victim: Linda Weldy (10) disappears.
                  Alleged Victim: Diana Jane Braungardt (18) disappears after finishing her shift at the
03/11/1987   24
                  Venture store near the Missouri/Illinois border. Her body was never found.
                  Fully-clothed body of Linda Weldy is found in a remote area near her home. Coroner
                  told police Weldy died from manual strangulation shortly after she was abducted. LA
03/17/1987   24
                  Porte Police followed over 100 leads in the Weldy’s abduction and death but were never
                  able to solve the crime.
                  Alleged Victim: Wendy Felton (16) disappears. At first, the Grant County Sheriff’s
                  Department assumed she ran away because a suitcase and various clothing items had
06/04/1987   24   turned up missing. She disappeared less than 25 miles from Wabash, Indiana (Larry’s
                  home town), and located only a few miles away from a reenactment site that Larry often
                  visited. Has yet to be found today.
             24   Jane Doe (20) found in Lincolnville, KS – police believe Larry Hall was involved.
             25   Jane Doe (19) found in Millen, GA - Hall is believed to be her abductor
                  Alleged Victim: Paulette Webster (19) went missing near a historic landmark that Hall
09/02/1988   25
                  often visited in Chester, Illinois. She is still missing.
                  Alleged Victim: Cynthia Louise Carmack (16). Kidnapped near the Fort Hamilton
09/20/1988   25
                  historical site.
                  Alleged Victim: Jane Doe Age 20-25 was discovered on the east side of north bound lane
12/16/1988   26   of interstate 59. Approximately 5 miles from Georgia/ Alabama state line. Was
                  mutilated and strangled to death. Was located near a civil war battle site.
                  Alleged Victim: Aundria Bowman (15). Was last seen near Hamilton. Since Larry Hall
03/11/1989   26   had been known to have cruised the cities and towns along U.S. 31 in Indiana and
                  Michigan looking for victims. Bowman is still missing.
                  Alleged Victim (still missing): Penny Dawn Lease (23). Last seen leaving Omny college
06/02/1989   26
                  center. Larry Hall frequently visited college towns looking for victims
                  Alleged Victim (still missing): Lynn Ann Thompson age 26. Her car was found in the
06/26/1989   26
                  K-mart parking lot. Near a reenactment site that Hall regularly visited.
                  Alleged Victim (still missing): Tracy Marie Kroh (17). Kroh’s car was found
                  Millersburg Town Square her purse was missing but there was no indication of foul play
08/05/1989   26   on or around the vehicle. Her ID, National honor society card and other parts of her wallet
                  were found in a remote area along Wiconisco Creek Washington township 9 miles from
                  her home. Case went cold.
                  Alleged Victim: Janet Rose Dolgae (28). Last seen wearing her work shirt and dress
10/01/1989   26
                  pants. Last seen in the 500 block of Geauga Portage Easterly Road. Still missing.
                  Jane Doe found in Madison County, IL age 25 ( Larry Hall is believed to have been
July 1990    27
                  Alleged Victim: Bert Beck age 18. Becks 1987 GMC van was found Thursday morning
                  by fond du lock police parked in the K-mart parking lot. There was a receipt found from
                  Walgreens from 11:02am her purse was still in the van with her clothes. Police suspected
07/17/1990   27   foul play from Beck’s disappearance and police wondered how someone could go
                  missing in broad day light. Her body was found Wednesday August 22nd, 1990 by a
                  farmer in a ditch near Waupin, Wisconsin she had been gagged with a red bandana.
                  Authorities believe she was sexual assaulted and strangled.
                  Alleged Victim: Jane Doe age approximately 25. Cause of death was multiple stab
07/20/1990   27   wounds to her neck and torso. Autopsy revealed she had been sexual mutilated. The
                  killer removed her reproductive organs.
             28   Jane Doe found in Frederick County, VA age 30. Larry Hall is a suspect
                  Alleged Victim: (Still missing, case is still active due to parents) Julie Johnson age 29.
                  She drove a light blue Chevrolet and it was found abandoned along Indiana State Rd. 22
03/02/1991   28
                  near County Road 300E and Howard County. She had taken her four children to a movie
                  Friday evening. Took them home and tucked them in and disappeared. Husband reported
                    her missing on Saturday. Car was found less than 35 miles from Wabash.
                    Alleged Victim: Michelle Dewey age 20. Murdered by strangulation and had been cut.
                    Indianapolis, Indiana. She was sunbathing with her son and was waiting for the sitter.
07/01/1991     28   The sitter called police after seeing blood and son was found in a closet untouched. Hall
                    visited Indianapolis that day after seeing a sales ad for a 1980 blue dodge van. They think
                    he spotted Dewey in the yard and then went into her house and murdered her.
                    Alleged Victim/Hall admitted picking up a woman in Clearmont on the west side of
                    Indianapolis (He remembered the woman did not want to go with him and had to be
07/25/1991     28   forced). Georgia Schreve (37). She was last seen at a truck stop in Indianapolis on
                    Thursday. Truck driver found her body on August 5 in a ditch next to the westbound on
                    ramp of interstate 74 at Indiana start Rt 25.
                    Wabash, Indiana. Robert Heath, a friend of Larry and Gary died. WW II Marine owned
09/06/1991     28
                    a cleaning business.
                    Alleged Victim: Holly Ann Anderson age 18. Body was found in a field along CR 1450.
                    The site was near Perrysville, Indiana. Stabbed at least twice in the chest and had been
01/09/1992     29
                    there for about two hours. She was found less than 2 miles where Hall confessed he
                    dumped Jessica Roach.
March 1992     29   Jane Doe found in Fulton County, GA age 25. Hall is a suspect in her disappearance.
                    Alleged Victims: Stacey McCall (18), Suzanne Streeter (19), and Sherill Levitt (47).
                    Springfield, Missouri. The two younger girls had graduated the night before. Streeter
06/07/1992     29   and Levitt lived in Springfield. Witness saw a blonde driving an older dodge van later on
                    Sunday. The witness said an unseen male voice told her not to do anything stupid. Larry
                    Hall had a dodge van similar to the witness’s accounts.
June of 1992   29   Jane Doe found in Berks County, PA age 25. Hall is a suspect in her disappearance.
                    Alleged Victim: Laurie Depies age 20. Last seen at Foxriver Mall not far from US 41.
                    Larie parked her car and disappeared. Her overnight bag and purse were locked in car.
                    Civil War reenactment was held at Grignon Mansion in Kaukauana, WI three days before
08/19/1992     29
                    her abduction. The mansion is ten miles away from where she vanished and Depsies is
                    mentioned in Hall’s diary. Also recalled traveling to WI in his November 15, 1994
                    Alleged Victim: Toni Spicer (27). She left her job at the Hip Hugger in Kokomo at 3:00
                    a.m. and was found dead in her home at 7:00 a.m. by a babysitter who was dripping off
08/29/1992     29
                    two of Spicer’s children. The location is a short drive from where Julie Johnson
                    disappeared in 1991 and less than 30 miles from Wabash.
                    Alleged Victim (still missing): Bridget Clod Felter age unknown. She left her apartment
                    for a country bar called the Buckboard to meet her sister and never made it and has not
09/05/1992     29
                    been heard from since. The rout to the bar was heavily wooded and there are nearby sites
                    of Civil War Battles Dallas and the Battle of Atlanta.
                    Alleged Victim (still missing): Laura Lynn Thompson (15). US 224 is a straight line
01/17/1993     30
                    between Hunnington and Wabash.
                    Alleged Victim: Rayna Rison (16). She worked at the animal hospital and was last seen
                    by the receptionist at 6:00 p.m. Her car was found with the doors locked and the keys in
                    the ignition. Purse was found on front seat and her hood was up but there were no
                    problems with the car. Her hair barret was found next to car and her boyfriend’s jacket
03/26/1993     30
                    was found six miles from the car. Officers say the jacket was not there during the search.
                    Fisherman found the body fully-clothed floating near a pond. Someone tried to conceal
                    the body with branches. She had been strangled but not sexually assaulted. In 1994
                    police did a search of Hall’s possessions and birth control was found with R. Rison on it.
                    Alleged Victim: Tricia Reitler (19). She was a freshman at Wesleyan University. She
03/29/1993     30   left her dormitory around 8:00 p.m. to shop at a nearby supermarket. She purchased a
                    root beer and a Family Circle magazine and has not been seen since.
                    Stalked Victims: Heather Edgett (20) and Kristian Zoeller (19) were coming home from
                    the store heading back to Wesleyan University where they noticed a brown and tan van
04/06/1993     30
                    following them. They ran back to campus and called a security guard. The security
                    guard, a former police officer, followed the van and pulled Larry Hall over, where Larry
                   gave an address to a friend’s house he was trying to find. However, when Beck contacted
                   police for help with the address he found it was a fake address.
              30   Jane Doe found in Dekalb County, GA age 28. Hall is a suspect in the murder.
  of 1993
                   Larry Hall attended a Revolutionary War reenactment at Forest Glen park. (5 miles from
09/19/1993    30
                   Georgetown and less than 20 miles from where Jessica Roach was found)
                   Alleged Victim: Jessica Roach age 15. Jessica was last seen alive by her sister Myndi as
                   she was going to the store. Her sister said she was walking down the road with her bike.
                   When her sister returned from the store she called out for Jessica and got no answer
                   which was very unusual. A bus driver, Darrell Morgan, was passing by as he did every
09/20/1993    30
                   afternoon and saw a bike lying in the middle of the road which he thought was very
                   unusual because it was a very nice bike. Myndi asked her parents if they had heard from
                   Jessica and when they said no they called authorities. The police department quickly
                   organized a search party, after the disappearance of Holly Ann Anderson
                   Investigator Miller received a phone call from Vermillion County about the decomposed
11/08/1993    30   remains of a girl’s body that had been found in a cornfield approximately 15 feet off of
                   country road 1300 north.
                   The decomposed body was taken to Dr. Rowland Kohr for a medical examination, and
11/09/1993    30   was later positively identified as Jessica Roach. Her autopsy showed she had a broken
                   jaw, probably caused by someone punching her
11/19/1993    30   Larry Hall was in Rochester, Indiana for a civil war reenactment.
December of
              31   Jane Doe found in Fairfax County, VA age 30. Hall is a suspect in the murder.
                   Stalked Victim: Amy Baker was out rollerblading when she noticed a brown and tan van
                   passing by her numerous times. It got closer and much slower each time it passed. She
                   saw a motorist whom she knew and stopped the car and told them if they didn’t hear from
05/29/1994    31   her in 45 minutes to contact her parents and have them call the police with the
                   description. She was near the spot that Jessica Roach’s body was found. She also was
                   skating near where Holly Ann Anderson was found. Baker remembered the license plate
                   number 85B3752 which was registered to Larry Hall.
                   Stalked Victim: Abby Mariage (13) and Kaylen Hoskins (15) were riding their bikes
                   when they noticed a tan colored van with brown stripes following closely behind them.
                   The girls cut through an alley to avoid the van to go to Kaylen's house. Abby called her
                   grandmother when at Kaylen’s house who called the police. Abby’s parents went out
05/29/1994    31
                   looking for the van, and when they found the van the driver turned off his lights cause he
                   knew they were watching. The van tried to escape, but he got stopped at a red light.
                   Abby’s mother called the police and gave them the license plate which the van was
                   registered Larry Hall.
                   Officer Neil Pence stopped Larry Hall after he had driven past some girls several times.
                   While searching Larry’s van, he noticed some unusual items such as a spray can of
                   starting fluid, a cotton mask, and cotton balls, a plastic tar, some knives and a length of
05/30/1994    31   rope. The officers often found newspaper articles about Tricia Reitler and a piece of
                   Indiana Wesleyan University stationary with Reitler's name printed on it. Hall was
                   arrested by police and confessed to killing Tricia Reitler. However he was later released
                   as a wannabe serial killer after failing to find the place where he told police he buried her.
                   Stalked Victims: Ashley Davis, Tisha Moore, Danielle Marshall, and Melissa Selleck
                   were walking in Wabash City Park when they noticed a brown and tan van driving next to
                   them. The driver asked them if they wanted to go for a ride. The girls got scared and ran
                   to Ashley’s’ house and her mother yelled at the man as he was driving off. Melissa
05/31/1994    31   Selleck told police after the incident that the man with the dark hair and a beard had tried
                   two other times to coax her into his van. Her father went looking for the van and found
                   the same van which was registered to Larry Hall. Police searched a barn that Hall had
                   been using to work on his vehicles. They found straps suspended in the barn that were
                   thought to have been used as restraints.
06/30/1994    31   Alleged Victim (Still missing) Donda Renea Martino was talking with her sister when she
                  said she was going to run to the store, and told her she’d call her back when she returned.
                  No ones heard from her since. The next day there was a family birthday party and Donda
                  never showed which they knew something was wrong. Her husband said he hadn’t seen
                  her since was left for the store. There are various civil war battles in the region.
                  Alleged Victim: Sarah Rae Boehm (14) was on her way to a friend’s house but she didn’t
                  make it. Police first thought she was a runaway however her family and friends knew she
                  wasn’t. A hunter found skeletal remains near Deerfield, Ohio at Berlin lake in Portage
07/15/1994   31
                  County. In May of 2001 FBI agents obtained a DNA sample from Sarah Boehm’s mother
                  and submitted the sample for lab testing. In 2003 the remains were identified as Sarah
                  Stalked Victims: Natasha Crockett (13) and her sister Nicole (10) were playing with their
                  cousins across from their home when they noticed a brown and tan colored van parked
                  across the street. The driver was writing something down. The van pulled up to the girls
07/24/1994   31   and asked them if they knew where Woodlawn Street was, when they said no the man
                  asked Natasha if they would like to go for a ride. They said no and ran into their home.
                  The young ladies told their parents about the van, and the van was driving by their house
                  the parents got the license plate number the van was registered to Larry Hall.
                  Alleged Victim (Still Missing): Shaylene Marie Farrell (18) left her home to go to a Pick
08/08/1994   31   n Save grocery store. Her 1981 Chevrolet was found in the parking lot. She has never
                  been found.
                  Alleged Victim: The nude body of Kathryn Menendez (17), a rising high-school senior in
                  Beloit, Ohio, was found by a gas company employee working near the Berlin Reservoir in
                  nearby Portage County. The autopsy showed she had been raped, tortured, sexually
08/21/1994   31   mutilated, and strangled to death. In the November that followed, the remains of Sarah
                  Boehm were found less than a mile away from where Menendez was dumped. Less than
                  two months after the killing of Menendez, another girl was found murdered in Rochester,
                  Indiana with similar mutilation injuries.
             31   Jane Doe (30) found in Alcona County, MI. Hall is a suspect in the murder.
                  Alleged Victim: Kerry Ann Smith (20) was found on the north side of the Tippecanoe
                  River. She was last seen in South Bend, Indiana where she lived. An autopsy revealed
                  Smith had been beaten, strangled, and sexually mutilated. Police speculated on where
10/09/1994   31
                  Smith had been murdered because there was no evidence on the bridge or riverbanks.
                  The following month, the FBI found a note In Larry’s van mentioning Menominee, a
                  public access area less than one half mile upstream from where Kerry Smith was found.
                  Stalked Victims: Nichole Brucker (14) and Danielle Mullens (14) were visiting a nearby
                  store when a van pulled into the parking lot. The girls took off running as the man
10/22/1994   31
                  followed in the van asking them why they were running and if they wanted a ride. They
                  called police who found out the driver was Larry Hall.
                  Detective Sergeant Jeff Whitmer of the Wabash City Police Department received a fax
                  from the Gary Miller at the Vermilion County Sheriff’s Department. The message stated
                  that Miller was interest in discussing two attempted abductions in Georgetown, Illinois.
                  Did Wabash police know a man named Larry Hall? Miller told Whitmer that in both
10/28/1994   31
                  attempted abductions, young girls had identified a town brown van with a license number
                  of 85B3752. When he ran the plate he found it was registered to Larry Hall. He also told
                  them about the unsolved murder of Jessica Roach. Whitmer knew Larry Hall and asked if
                  there were any military reenactments in the area during that time.
                  Jane Doe (25) found in Ottawa County, MI; regardless of Hall’s arrest in 94 the body that
             31   was found is believed to have been there long before it was found. Hall is suspected of the
 of 1994
                  Detective Miller arrived in Wabash for an interview with Larry Hall. He was joined by
                  investigators that were investigating the disappearance of Tricia Reitler. Hall was soft
11/02/1994   31   spoken and quiet in his demeanor. Miller noticed that he emitted no outward signs of
                  disturbed behavior. Miller told Hall he was there because some young girls in
                  Georgetown, Illinois had reported someone in a van had harassed them. Acting confused,
                      Hall immediately denied ever being in Georgetown and he said he had not been in Illinois
                      for a long time.
                      Miller returned to Wabash with Special Agent Ken Temples of the Springfield FBI office.
                      Temples was involved in the Roach murder investigation since her body found across the
                      state line of Indiana. Detective Whitmer drove to Hall’s residence and asked Hall to meet
                      with him and some officers. Hall was advised of his Miranda rights and signed a waiver
11/15/1994     31
                      of his rights. Hall was asked questions about the Roach abduction and showed hall a
                      picture of Jessica. After seeing the picture Larry Hall hung his head and began to cry,
                      and recounted the events of September 20th, 1993. Hall signed a confession admitting to
                      abducting and murdering Jessica Roach and other girls.
                      Hall had an appointment with Dr. Jim Cates to diagnose the kind of mental health
11/16/1994     31
                      symptoms he had.
                      Larry Hall was charged with one count of kidnapping Jessica Roach for the purposes of
12/21/1994     32
                      sexual gratification.
                      Larry Hall met with Dr. Hartman a psychologist and neuropsychologist. Dr. Hartman
02/13/1995     32     administered an I.Q screening test, Symptom Checklist 90, a test for personality
                      characteristics, and the MMPI
 April 11 &
 13, and end   32     Hall met with Dr. Greg Helgesen a clinical psychologist and had various tests run.
of May 1995
                      Jane Doe found in Champaign County, IL age 25; regardless of Hall’s arrest in 1994, the
May of 1995    32     body that was found is believed to have been there long before it was found. Hall is
                      suspected of the murder.
 06/061995     32     Hall is found guilty of kidnapping Jessica Roach
                      Jane Doe found in Pulaski County, KY age 25; regardless of Hall’s arrest in 1994, the
July of 1995   32     body that was found is believed to have been there long before it was found. Hall is
                      suspected of the murder.
08/18/1995     32     Hall is sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
                      Jane Doe found in Bucks County, PA age 35; regardless of Hall’s arrest in 1994, the body
               32     that was found is believed to have been there long before it was found. Hall is suspected
  of 1995
                      of the murder.
February of           Hall’s attorney, Craig H. DeArmond, argued for a new trial before the 7th Circuit Court of
   1996               Appeals. He believed Larry Hall had not received a fair trial.
                      Jane Doe found in St. Joseph County, IN age 25; regardless of Hall’s arrest in 1994 the
December of
               34     body that was found is believed to have been there long before it was found. Hall is
                      suspected of the murder.
08/18/1997     34     Larry Hall’s second trial began ( four years after Jessica Roach was abducted)
                      Larry DeWayne Hall came before judge Joe B. McDade in the United States District
12/02/1997     34
                      Court of Peoria, Illinois. He was sentenced to life in prison without release.
                      Hall confessed a 3rd time to a fellow inmate named James Keene about killing Tricia
                      Reitler. Hall told Keene the night he abducted Reitler, he took her to his home and left
   1998        35
                      her bound in the back of his van while he pondered what to do with her. Hall said he later
                      drove to a wilderness near Wabash murdered and buried her.
                      Hall sent an appeal to the United States 7th Circuit Court of Appeals saying he didn’t
09/10/1998     35     receive a fair trial. Circuit Judges Coffey, Easterbrook and Kanne found his arguments
                      unpersuasive and affirmed Larry Hall’s conviction for the kidnapping of Jessica Roach.
               Late   Indianapolis cold case officers visited Hall to question him about the Michelle Dewey
               40’s   murder and other cases. He denied ever hurting anyone.

                      Hall called Christopher Hawley Martin (an author writing a book about him) and told him
10/11/2009     46     of his innocence. He said he didn’t kidnap and murder Jessica Roach a man named
                      Lester O’Toole did.
General Information
   Sex                                               Male
   Race                                              White
   Number of victims                                 4 admitted, 40 alleged, 14 found = 54 total
   Country where killing occurred                    United States
   States where killing occurred                     Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky,
                                                     Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri,
                                                     Wisconsin, Georgia, Alabama
   Cities where killing occurred                     Various cities among each of the states.
   Type of killer                                    Organized Serial Killer with Disorganized traits
Childhood Information
  Date of birth                                      12/11/1962
  Location                                           Wabash, Indiana
  Birth order                                        2nd born out of twins
  Number of siblings                                 1
  XYY?                                               ?
  Raised by                                          Both parents
  Birth category                                     Younger of twins by a few seconds
  Parent’s marital status                            Married
  Did serial killer spend time in an orphanage?      No
  Did serial killer spend time in a foster home?     No
  Was serial killer ever raised by a relative?       No
  Did serial killer live with a step-parent?         No
  Family event                                       N/A
  Age of family event                                N/A
  Problems in school?                                Bullied due to a speech impediment, and for his bedwetting
  Teased while in school?                            Yes
  Physically attractive?                             No
  Physical defect?                                   No
  Speech defect?                                     Yes
  Head injury?                                       N/A
  Physically abused?                                 By his father Robert Hall
  Psychologically abused?                            Yes at school
  Sexually abused?                                   No
  Father’s occupation                                Undertaker and a local cemetery in Wabash, Indiana
  Age of first sexual experience                     Age un-known, first sexual experience with a prostitute.
  Age when first had intercourse                     Age un-known, Lost virginity to a prostitute
  Mother’s occupation                                Stay at home mom
  Father abused drugs/alcohol                        Father was a Alcoholic
  Mother abused drugs/alcohol                        No
Cognitive Ability
  Highest grade in school                 12
  Highest degree                          Diploma
  Grades in school                        Only excelled in English and History, all other subjects did very poorly in
  IQ                                      80
  Source of IQ information                Martin (2010, Page 11)
Work History
  Served in the military?                 No
     Branch                               N/A
     Type of discharge                    N/A
     Saw combat duty                      N/A
      Killed enemy during service?        N/A
  Applied for job as a cop?               N/A
  Worked in law enforcement?              N/A
  Fired from jobs?                        No
  Types of jobs worked                    Janitor, Civil war rein actor (didn’t involve much socializing)
  Employment status during series         Employed as a Civil War Reenactment actor
  Sexual preference                       Heterosexual
  Marital status                          Single
  Number of children                      0
  Lives with his children                 N/A
  Living with                             Parents
   Animal torture                                No
   Fire setting                                  Yes
   Bed wetting                                   Yes
Killer Psychological Information
    Abused drugs?                                No
    Abused alcohol?                              No
    Been to a psychologist (prior to killing)?   Yes
    Time in forensic hospital (prior to          Never admitted
    Diagnosis                                    Anxiety and Depression
Killer Criminal History (Prior to the series)
   Committed previous crimes?                    Thought to have committed Arson
   Spent time in jail?                           No
   Spent time in prison?                         No
   Killed prior to series? Age?                  No

Serial Killing

   Number of victims                             4 Admitted, 40 alleged, 14 found=54 total (Some were admitted
                                                 and found, etc)
   Victim type                                   Prostitutes; young, middle-aged women
   Killer age at start of series                 24
   Date of first kill in series                  February 24, 1987
   Date of final kill in series                  October 9, 1994
   Gender of victims                             Female
   Race of victims                               Caucasian and Hispanic
   Age of victims                                10 years old to 59 years of age
   Type of victim                                Prostitutes, young girls, college students
   Method of killing                             Stabbing, Strangulation
   Weapon                                        Knife and rope
   Was gun used?                                 No
      Type                                       N/A
   Did killer have a partner?                    No
      Name of partner                            N/A
      Sex of partner                             N/A
      Relationship of partner                    N/A
   Type of serial killer                         Organized with disorganized traits
   How close did killer live?                    Traveled to victims’ towns
   Location of first contact                     La Porte, Indiana
  Location of killing                      A remote brushy area outside of Kingsbury
   Killing occurred in home of victim?     No
   Killing occurred in home of killer?     No
   Victim abducted or killed at contact?   Yes
Behavior During Crimes
  Rape?                                    Yes
  Tortured victims?                        Yes
  Stalked victims?                         Yes
  Overkill?                                Yes
  Quick & efficient?                       Yes and No, some victims he would kill quickly others he would
   Used blindfold?                         Yes
   Bound the victims?                      Yes
After Death Behavior
   Sex with the body?                      Yes
   Mutilated body?                         Yes
   Ate part of the body?                   No
   Drank victim’s blood?                   No
   Posed the body?                         No
   Took totem – body part                  No
   Took totem – personal item              Yes
   Robbed victim or location               No
Disposal of Body
   Left at scene, no attempt to hide       Yes
   Left at scene, hidden                   No
   Left at scene, buried                   Yes
   Moved, no attempt to hide               Yes
   Moved, buried                           Yes
   Cut-op and disposed of                  Yes
   Moved, too home                         No
   Date killer arrested                    November 15, 1994
   Date convicted                          December 21st, 1994
   Sentence                                Life without parole
   Killer executed?                        No
   Did killer plead NGRI?                  Plead Not guilty
   Was the NGRI plea successful?           N/A
   Did serial killer confess?              Confessed then Recanted
   Name and state of prison                Bunter Psychological Institute in North Carolina
   Killer committed suicide?               No
   Killer killed in prison?                No
Date of death                              Still Living
Cause of death                             N/A still living


Martin, H, C. (2010). Urges: A Chronicle of Serial Killer Larry Hall. CreateSpace.

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