Judicial Retention Ballot by ert634


									Judicial Retention Ballot

The retention of judges means the nonpartisan re-election of judges who were
already elected by the voters. Under the Illinois Constitution elected judges must
run for retention every six years and receive 60% “YES” votes (of those voting on
judges) to remain on the bench.

The following sitting judges are on the retention ballot. They are listed in the order they
appear on the ballot.

The following web site has ratings of these candidates by a variety of groups:

“Vote on the Proposition with respect to all or any of the Judges listed on this ballot. No
Judge listed is running against any other Judge. The sole question is whether each
Judge shall be retained in his present office.”

Judicial Retention - Appellate Court
"Shall each of the persons listed be retained in office as Judge of the Appellate
Court, First Judicial District?"

Michael J. Gallagher
Margaret Stanton McBride

Judicial Retention - Circuit Court
"Shall each of the persons listed be retained in office as Judge of the Circuit
Court, Cook County Judicial Circuit?"

Thomas E. Flanagan
Michael P. Toomin
Richard J. Elrod
Themis N. Karnezis
James Patrick Flannery
Mary Ellen Coghlan
Sebastian Thomas Patti
Michelle Francene Lowrance
Kathleen Marie McGury
Shelley Lynn Sutker-Dermer
Lynn Marie Egan
Gerald C. Bender
Andrew Berman
Diane Gordon Cann
Evelyn B. Clay
Sharon Johnson Coleman
Clayton J. Crane
Candace Jean Fabri
John J. Fleming
Rodolfo (Rudy) Garcia
James J. Gavin
Shelli Williams Ha
Vanessa A. Hopkins
Rickey Jones
Kathleen G. Kennedy
William G. Lacy
Marjorie C. Laws
Patricia Manila Martin
Veronica B. Mathein
Carol Pearce McCarthy
Barbara A. McDonald
Mary A. Mulhern
Edward N. Pietrucha
Edmund Ponce de Leon
James L. Rhodes
Barbara Ann Riley
James G. Riley
Cheryl A. (Hilliard) Starks
David P. Sterba
Jane Louise Stuart
Donald Joseph Suria
Kenneth J. Wadas
Frank G. Zelezinski
Gregory Joseph Wojkowski
Sandra Otaka
Mary Anne Mason
Robert E. Gordon
Lewis Nixon
Eileen Mary Brewer
Noreen Valeria Love
Margaret Ann Brennan
Janet Adams Brosnahan
James R. Brown
Anthony Lynn Burrell
John Thomas Doody, Jr.
Peter A. Felice
Kerry M. Kennedy
Casandra Lewis
Thomas J. Lipscomb
Sheila McGinnis
Dennis Michael McGuire
Barbara M Meyer
William Timothy O’Brien
Lawrence O’Gara
Laura Marie Sullivan
Sandra Trista
Valarie E. Turner
Raúl Vega

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