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					Clan Name: the NeXuS Clan Leader: Randor the Red Number of Raters: 4 Raters: Mazic, Steel Fire, Theo, Zuan Highest Score: 86 Lowest Score: 60 Average Score: 70 Grade: C- Below average recruitment thread. Needs more effort put into the thread. The order of the ratings listed below is completely random. These are only opinions of the raters mentioned above. You may choose to follow the advice or ignore. You may even agree to disagree with anything mentioned. You may not PM the raters to ask which rating they did, or flame them.


Graphics- Total Points (12/20)
The graphic is really good, the quality of it is great, and it is unique, it also fits the clans theme. The banner is the same for the C/C Quick Index Banner, just smaller. Adding some more images to the thread would give it more variety.

Focus- Total Points (15/15)
The name goes with the theme of the clan. I can tell that it is a light based from the story. The thread also lists which games it plays.

Joining the Clan- Total Points (0/15)
They only allow you to see the instructions on how to join on their private forums. They give no other info. Adding a recruitment application on the thread, would make it more organized and give people an idea on what you are looking for.

Layout- Total Points (20/20)
The recruitment thread is nice and organized, all of the sections are clear and to the point. Nice job using bold and quote boxes.

Alliances- Total Points(5/10)
The section for allies is well placed on the forums. All of the allies fit the alignment, it would make it easier if you put requirements to join in a formal application on the thread. Also noticeable is the high standards for allies.

Misc.- Total Points (10/10)
I found nothing wrong with the page, grammar or spelling wise. There are also no broken links.

Optional Content/Bonus (6/10)
There is a very well written story although it is a little long. The clan does have a members list, IRC channel. Adding goals, and a ranking system would give more variety to the thread.

SWOT Analysis
Strengths: The banner at the top was very good, and it will draw the attention to people who join. The thread is also organized very well. Weaknesses: The thread could have more info on it, maybe adding some more graphics and color to the page would make it look better. Opportunities: Their alliances are all high quality giving them the chance for very interesting wars. They have an IRC making it possible for meetings, and friendly discussion. Threats: Adding more info to the thread would definitely help the clan’s growth. Adding some more art, giving a link to signatures, giving requirements for alliances would all help the clan’s growth. Giving the requirements on the page would give people a good idea on what you are looking for.

Overall Grade: 68
D (60-69) = Below average recruitment thread. Needs more effort put into the thread.


I. Graphics (12 points)
I thought your banner was very nice and well done, when I look at it I feel the name; The Nexus really fits the look. The EST. 2006 marker is a nice touch. The total graphics points include 2 points for your C/C Quick link. Since you are allowed to have up to four pictures I would recommend adding a clan sig at the bottom.

II. Focus (12 points)
The focus and theme are pretty straight forward and I could tell right away The Nexus is a “Good” alignment clan. Thou you mention you are a DragonFable clan I was not clear if you only play DF or if the clan also participates in other AE games. I would recommend pointing out what games you are involved in. You have a very strong structure for a storyline but feel you are leaving things out. I recommend you re-write it with the information you have but give it a better flow by combining it into a complete paragraph or two. You mention an affiliation with Cysero’s Defenders but it appears you have no alliance; I found this a little odd and feel these should be connected.

III. Joining the clan (5 points)
In this area you lost some points you do mention to PM you to request joining but there are no requirements listed. You state all are welcome but as a clan of “Good” alignment I don’t think you want evil type characters applying for membership.

IV. Layout (20 points)
I thought the flow of your page was very natural, everything was in quotes and each section was well defined. My only recommendations here would be to make all your headings the same font size and maybe add color to the headings. Also I would include a member list or at least a leadership list if there are others who carry leadership roles.

V. Alliances (5 points)
You include a section for alliances but do not have any requirements or state how to become one. I found the link to Guardians of LORE to be broken, either they are no longer an active clan or their name has changed. I would recommend fixing this area with some info/requirements on becoming an ally.

VI. Misc. (6 points)
I found no misspellings but again the story format needs some tweaking and grammar work. Also an alliance link was broken.

VII. Optional Content/Bonus (6 points)
Points were given for the story but as I stated earlier I recommend a re-write/format of the story section. I also gave points for the IRC channel.

SWOT Analysis
Overall I found your clan to be appealing and a strength I see is you welcome all good alignments and do not point at a specific group which I feel will attract a variety of recruits. I believe this score can be much higher with a little tweaking of the story line, adding links to the website, an application with requirements for joining and alliances, a section for leadership structure/members and even a goals list is also recommended.

Total Score = 66 points
D (60-69) = below average recruitment thread that needs more effort.


Graphics 18/20
The banner of nexus is very good, it is very well made, and most of the images used are from DF. The pictures are linked to nexus as they like the word is a group of people. There are no other images, however the main image does serve a purpose. The banner in the C/C also fits in very well with the theme.

Focus 13/15
The name goes with the clan, the clan is about War, resistance and unity which fits the name nexus as said to mean unity. The clan is a good clan designed to defeat the evil in dragon fable, however it is not easily seen. It does not list what games it plays however it does state that DF is the main game.

Joining The Clan 12/15
There are no requirements, and no formal application all you have to do is PM Randor to join. There is detail about the clan but no real structure for joining.

Layout 17/20
The sections are very clearly defined in quotation boxes; the thread has a very natural and clean flow that makes the Nexus thread a very nice and easy one to read. There is no use of color however he correctly uses underlining and bold when needed. I would leave the sections how they are however I might move recruitment higher up in the thread.

Alliances 6/10
The clan ahs a section for alliances but no part for joining, there are no stated requirements and no detailed form however it could be stated in the detail that they only want good allies. The allies they have do fit however with their detail of being a good clan.

Misc 10/10
There is nothing wrong that I can find, so max marks

Optional bonuses 10/10
There is a clan story, however it is not the most detailed. They have a list of members however it cannot be viewed, the website also cannot be viewed. There are no goals or ranking system that can be seen or split, however they do have a chat channel. They also have a lot of sigs to choose from.

SWOT Analysis
Strengths: Easy to read and simple to read, with info for all things Weaknesses: It is very short and not to in-depth unlike many other clans. Opportunity: The clan has opportunity to be expanded easily, with lots of detail already in place, any extra incentives would go a long way for the clan. As well as a few extra pics. Threats: As the thread itself is short people will feel that it has not been done very carefully and may detract people from joining, and also members will be detracted as it is a good only DF clan but then again this gives the clan a point.

Grade: B 86/100


I. Graphics - [20/20]
Very well made banner, It goes good with the theme, very good original art in the banner, and great effects that really brings out the thread which greatly appeals too new members. It’s well placed and shows what the thread is about, the NeXus, giving an extreme and awesome effect to the clan and would really stick out to new recruits. The C/C Quick Index banner is also very well made, it looks awesome, and since members look at that first before the text, they would be captured by the awesome banner, it greatly fits the theme, and would bring attention from almost anyone.

II. Focus [13/15]
The name of the clan shows exactly what the clan is about, it even has a description for what "NeXus" means and what it’s about. This gives new recruits information about what they are and what there about, without new recruits having to look around and find out about the clan. It was easy to find what games they play, one of the reasons because the banner was mostly DF art, as well, lower down it said they are a dragonfable clan, but I would suggest moving the part with the games your clan play higher to the top a bit, that way it’s easier for new recruits to find and understand about the clan. As well, I was easily able to see that they are a good based clan, since they said that they fight the evil in dragonfale, but that should probably be brought out more so new recruits can easier see it.

III. Joining the clan [5/10]
There are very easy instructions for new recruits too join, but there isn't an application, and even worse, new recruits have to first ask for the website link and see if they want to join. Although it is good that new members can first see if they would like to join the clan, it would probably still be best to have new recruits PM you instead, that way you don't have to expose you clan forum before officially letting them in. Also, this makes it easier for new recruits to quickly apply, rather than having to wait for you to give them the forum link, and then deciding to join.

IV. Layout [10/20]
The sections are not very well placed, and they aren't well defined with such as a small sub-title saying what it is, also the news part should be placed almost at the top that way new recruits can quickly see if the clan is active, and if they would want to join. It is good with the flow of the description, it quickly gives new recruits information about the clan, but there should be some re-arrangement as well as defining each section, otherwise it may confuse new recruits as to whets what in the thread.

V. Alliances [3/10]
Good section for allies, and with links to their threads, that way new recruits can see how spread out the clan is, and that it is easily brought up with other clans, but since there is no application or directions for clans to ask to become allies, that really limits off the clan. It also doesn't have any descriptions for the allies or requirements for becoming allies, without that, the clan will be trapped out of growth. Even if you don't need/want more allies unless they’re very good, you should still have an application, that way new recruits can see that you are willing to grow, or they can be with you even if they join one of your allies.

VI. Misc. [4/10]
Spelling is perfect, I didn't find any mistakes with spelling, but there were some strange sentences that didn't sound right with the grammar. There was one broken link, in the allies, "Guardians of LORE" fixing the broken link as well as the grammar would probably let new recruits understand the clan better. The grammar that is wrong will confuse and frustrate new recruits by not being able to understand it, and they may be disappointed when seeing that there is a broken link, and some may not think it’s worth it to. Fixing them would definitely be a good choice, and should be done right away.

VII. Optional Content/Bonus [5/10]
There isn't any story, but since there are descriptions, I think that would be almost as good as a clan story, a clan story would interest new members, giving them a bigger reason to join your clan. It’s great that you have a website, but seeing as it is used as the forum, and given to new recruits for them to decide whether or not they want to join, it’s not exactly useful, the website should be a place for more information that could be put on the thread, and doesn't have links to the clans forums. Great, an IRC channel, having one will greatly bring your clan above all others, as almost none have chat rooms that are shown on their thread, so new recruits can't see whets in store without going to the website, since there is a limited amount of info on the clan thread. A smart thing to do would either show the clan member list on the thread, or if the list has many members, it should be on the website, when the website does not have links to the forum, and is displayed on the thread. Doing these will let new recruits see how the clan is, and be more interested.

SWOT Analysis (Overall Summary)
• Strengths It’s very good with the IRC channel, it greatly stands out from the rest, and makes the clan very unique. I really liked the banner, it was the greatest highlight of the entire thread and really brings out the goodness of the clan. • Weaknesses Changing the thread, so its better organized, and changing the website so it can be public without links or such to the forum, this way more information can be put on it so new recruits can easily know about the clan. • Opportunities You should probably add events, displaying weekly or monthly events that take place will show that the clan is very active and would give them a big reason to join. • Threats Having more information on your thread or making a public website would be very good for your clan, since many new recruits will likely rather a clan who can show them all about their clan.

Overall grade: [Letter Grade: D-] (60/100 points)

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