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Tools check gauge by mikeholy

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Unlock the power of the tools
   in the Carlisle Tool-Crib
 to help you design, install
and tension your belt drives.
      Carlisle Tool-Crib
Sheave Gauges - plastic sheave templates   $3.75 each
part numbers: 102495 — RMA & Metric combined gauge

SheaveMaster - laser alignment tool. The SheaveMaster is a
laser tool for fast and accurate alignment of belt drive pulleys.
(part number: 108076-A) $750.00 each

Tension Finder - introducing a new tensioning tool from
Carlisle Power Transmission - a simple, easy and accurate
alternative for tensioning of individual belts or v-bands.
(part number: 108039-A) $24.00 each

Wallboard Display - a popular inventory and display system for
v-belts. Includes 10 boards and 80 wallboard hooks.
(part number: 93899) currently not available
         Carlisle Tool-Crib
Tensiometer - single, double and triple stem
belt tension tester.
part numbers: single 102761— $15.75 each
double 105575 — $42.90 each
triple 105576 — $65.85 each

Drive Engineer - drive design software. Register on-line
( to receive a free copy of Drive Engineer ($25
value) or call customer service toll free at 866-773-2926.

Frequency-Finder - allows you to take simple, fast, repeatable
and reliable tension measurements and can be used on virtually any
type of belt.
part number: 109061 — $795.00 each

Belt-Finder - belt measuring device. Find the exact Carlisle
replacement belt instantly.
part number: 93859 — $35.95 each
                    Sheave Gauges

•  RMA and Metric combined
• Sheave condition and alignment are
  vital to V-belt life and performance
• New V-belts should never be installed
  without a thorough inspection of the
• Use the sheave gauge to accurately
  check grooves for wear
• Wear should not exceed 1/32” for
  individual V-belts or 1/64”for banded
        SheaveMaster Laser Alignment

• Laser tool for fast & accurate alignment
• Magnetically mounted tool & 3 targets
• Quickly correct angular, offset and
  twist misalignment
• Only one person is needed
• Water, dust and shock proof
• Permanently calibrated
• Can be used indoors or out

• No Measurements
• No Math
• No O-rings
• No Computers
• It’s Practical
• It’s Reusable
• It’s Easy
• It Works!
       Wallboard Display/Belt Racks
• Popular inventory and
display system for V-belts

• Includes 10 boards and
80 wallboard hooks

•Plastic board is 36 inches
long, hooks extend 5 3/8”
         Spring Loaded Tension Gauges
• Tensioning method based on the fact that
the force required to deflect a given span
length by a given amount is related to the
tension in the belt
• Proper tensioning of V-belts is the single
most important factor necessary for long,
satisfactory operation
• Too little tension will result in slippage,
causing rapid belt and sheave wear
• Too much tension can result in excessive
stress on belts, bearings, and shafts
                   Drive Engineer
• Windows®-based program
• User friendly
• New drive selection
• Existing drive analysis
• New generation of analysis
software that helps end users
increase their drive efficiency,
drive life and overall knowledge
of belt drives
• Download from our website or call
customer service 866-773-2926
• Measures   the natural frequency
  of vibration in the belt span
• Simple, fast, repeatable   and
• Can be used on virtually any
  type of belt
• Most precise method
        Belt-Finder Measuring Tool

• Find the exact Carlisle
  replacement belt instantly
• A quick check shows the top
  width and length / part no.
• Check Classical A & B belts,
  Durapower or XDV, plus
  3VX and 5VX Power-Wedge
U.S. Customer Service: 866-773-2926
              Canada: 866-797-2358

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