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					          Aid Information
          for the People
A Summary Report of Civil Society Consultations
 on the International Aid Transparency Initiative

                Antonio Tujan, Jr.
               Chair, Reality of Aid
IATI CSO consultations workshops intended to
   gather CSO perspectives, insights and
   recommendations on:
   – availability and accessibility of aid information
     for CSOs
   – barriers/issues and recommendations on
     availability and accessibility of aid information
     for CSOs; and
   – publishing/disseminating aid information by
• Five regional CSO consultation workshops held
  in 2009 ( East & Southeast Asia, Eastern Africa,
  Latin America, Southern Africa and Western

• Bringing together 193 participants representing
  156 regional and national CSOs covering 54
  countries and 13 international NGOs
 Key Findings from the
IATI CSO Consultations
Aid Information Needs
• Conditionality – CSOs demand full disclosure of
  conditions attached to aid
• Aid commitments and actual disbursements –
  no information if aid committed has been disbursed
  on time or was actually released
• Project impact – full disclosures on project impact
• Complete project documentation – international
  agreements, negotiations, policy and bidding
  process, site selection, project consultants, social
  acceptance process, among others
Barriers to Accessing Aid Information
• Restrictive policies and laws on information
• Lack of mechanisms for transparency and
  information dissemination
• Low capacity for CSOs to access, manage
  and use aid information
CSO Recommendations to improve Access
 to Aid Information

• Pro-active effort to make publicly available
  and accessible aid information
• Enabling environment for effective and
  efficient access to aid information
• CSO capacity development
Aid Information Publication/Dissemination by
• most common information published/disseminated
  by CSOs:
   – social audit results and analyses of multilateral
   – assessment on the impact of aid and aid policies
   – position papers on aid
   – researches, conference reports and write-ups
• Published in policy briefs, newsletters,
  organizational magazines, websites and blogs.
• Constrained by lack of sufficient technical
  resources and funds
• IATI consultations welcomed by CSOs as venues
  for airing their issues on aid information; feedback
  on IATI results greatly expected;
• CSOs wonder how IATI will resolve major
  technical, political and resource constraints to
  making aid information, available and accessible
  to a broad range of users; doubts expressed if
  IATI goals are achievable;
• Development/use of alternative and popular but
  equally efficient modes of aid data dissemination;
Development effectiveness should be the
operating framework in aid transparency
 • Democracy, Participatory governance
   and Accountable governance as
   principles of development effectiveness
 • Aid transparency as a function
 • Role of direct participation and
   consultation as standard practice in
   culture of transparency and accountability
    CSO transparency must be
 viewed from different framework
• CSOs as different development actors in
  their own right premised on social solidarity
• CSO transparency not from the function of
  public governance but from accountability of
  voluntary organizations representing
  constituencies and the public at large
• But ODA provided to CSOs must be
  published but in situations as Ethiopia?
    CSO transparency must be
 viewed from different framework
• CSOs should be even more assiduous in
  transparency and accountability especially to
  their constituency for their legitimacy and
  development effectiveness
• Premises of CSO transparency based on
  principles and requirements of development
      Open Forum on CSO
    Development Effectiveness
• Open Forum as a mechanism to determine
  and agree upon a global set of principles of
  CSO development effectiveness and a
  global framework of mechanisms for CSO
  accountability and transparency
• Meantime, IATI can look at CSO
  accountability charter process
Thank you.