Best Security Apps for Your Android Mobile Phone

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					                      Headline        4 Best Security Apps for Your Android Mobile Phone
                      Date            19 March 2011
                      Source          Tech Perk
                      Mentioned       TenCube/WaveSecure
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4 Best Security Apps for Your Android Mobile Phone
Your Android phone can contain a lot of sensitive and personal data so safety and security for
that phone should be a top priority. Even though internet is loaded with viruses and other threats,
these have not proven to be much of a problem on mobile phones…at least not yet. Android has
remained untouched so far but you still want to protect your personal information should your
Android fall into the wrong hands.

I’d like to take a look at what I feel are the best security apps for the Android: Lookout Mobile
Security, Wave Secure Mobile Security, Mobile Defense and Life360 Security Center.

1. Lookout Mobile Security:
This free and highly rated app provides you with anti-virus protection and security to block
viruses, malware and spyware. It also has a firewall and intrusion prevention. This app will also
scan the other apps you download and automatically update the virus definitions with the latest
threats. If your Android is lost or stolen you can log in to your account from any computer,
activate an alarm or turn on GPS to track down your phone on a map. It also has a backup and
restore feature, which you can also activate online, that will restore all your contacts, emails,
texts, photos and videos.
(Download Lookout here)

2. Wave Secure Mobile Security:
Similar to Lookout, this app from McAfee allows you to track down your phone from the internet.
What this app offers that Lookout does not is the ability to remote lock your Android so it
becomes unusable to anyone but you. Wave secure also gives you the ability to remote wipe
your personal data off the phone so one else can see it. Similar to Lookout, it can also backup
your data to a secure online location and restore it, even to a new phone. This app is not free,
however, and a 1 year license cost $19.90, with a 7 day free trial.
(Download WaveSecure here)

3. Mobile Defense:
This free app is specific to protecting your Android if it is stolen. Similar to Wave Secure, it
allows you to remotely lock, wipe and backup your phone from a secure online location. The
GPS feature will allow you to locate your phone on Google Maps and it can be set to display
your contact information if an honest person finds it. A really nice feature with this app is that it
uses no battery power unless you remotely activate it.
(Download MobileDefence here)

4. Life 360 Security Center:
This free app goes beyond simply protecting your Android and may very well be the most
valuable app for people with children. Life360 allow you to track your family’s real-time location
using a GPS locator. It has a check-in alert feature that tells you exactly where your children are
and if they need help. It also gives you access to the National Sex Offender Registry so you
know about any potential threats in your area. Optional premium features are not free but will
allow you to set up emergency medical information and identity protection for your family.
(Download Life 360 here)

These are my choices for the best security apps for the Android phone. It’s worth taking the time
to download any of these apps in order to save yourself the time and expense of replacing your
Android and having to re-enter all your data, or worse, not being able to find your children.

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