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									Monterey Mushrooms Secures Network with eSoft
Internet Security Gateway
Award-winning eSoft Appliances Protect Network from Viruses, Phishing Attacks
and Hackers and Also Control Access

    The Organization:

  Monterey Mushrooms

     The Challenge:
                             Security Required for Email and Internet
    Monterey Mushrooms                        Usage
     needed an Internet
     security solution to
  protect its network from   Monterey Mushrooms is the largest grower, shipper and
     viruses, worms and          marketer of fresh mushrooms in the United States.
   phishing attacks while        Established in 1971 as a single farm operation, the
       still allowing its        organization has grown into an international, multi-
    employees access to
                                  facility company with more than 4,000 employees
   Internet resources and
             email.               around the world. In the late 1990’s, the company
                                  started using email for a lot of its communications
   The eSoft Solution:
                              needs, and with this came the risk of allowing malicious
                              software such as viruses and worms onto the network.
                               In addition, at around the same time, employees were
   eSoft provided the
  organization with its      starting to use the Internet to access information to help
award-winning InstaGate         them do their jobs more efficiently, and consequently
and ThreatWall gateways.                    spyware was becoming an issue.

  “Nothing else out there
       offered all the         “We needed a solution to help us combat all of these
     functionality eSoft        things at once,” said Shayne Barr, senior network
offered at the price point   administrator for Monterey Mushrooms, Inc. “We wanted
  they offered. You could    an all-in-one solution that would be easy to manage—an
   get a firewall box and      email gateway, internet proxy server, spyware filter,
 then get some individual              anti-virus, and access control server.”
 components to help you
 fight these things one at
  a time, but you couldn’t
                                After looking at a number of different solutions from
      get one box with            various vendors, including eSoft, SonicWALL and
  everything all wrapped      Symantec, Barr found his solution in a comprehensive
in one neat package, or if     security gateway from eSoft. “Nothing else out there
    you could, you paid a      offered all the functionality eSoft offered at the price
  very high price. eSoft’s    point they offered,” said Barr. “You could get a firewall
    InstaGate was a very       box and then get some individual components to help
 nice surprise, helping us   you fight these things one at a time, but you couldn’t get
   battle everything from
                                  one box with everything all wrapped in one neat
  spyware and viruses on
 the network and helping
                                package, or if you could, you paid a very high price.
     us control access.”      eSoft’s InstaGate was a nice surprise, helping us battle
   -- Shayne Barr, Senior    everything from spyware and viruses on the network and
  Network Administrator,                     helping us control access.”
    Monterey Mushrooms,        Monterey Mushrooms has deployed nine eSoft InstaGate
            Inc.                   Security Gateways across its locations in the United
                               States, Canada, Mexico, and France, and a ThreatWall is
        The Benefits:             installed at its headquarters in California. InstaGate,
                                      which utilizes a high-performance Deep Packet
                                 Inspection (DPI) Firewall and IPSec VPN architecture,
•             Network is         offers unparalleled protection from dynamic, content-
      protected against             based threats that elude traditional firewalls. The
      malicious software           ThreatWall has been purpose-built to withstand the
     (worms, Trojans and        rigors of application-level security, making deployment
           viruses).               of critical security functions such as anti-virus, anti-
                               phishing, intrusion prevention, and web content filtering
         The web filtering
                               almost effortless while retaining maximum effectiveness.
in eSoft’s Web ThreatPak
 blocks employees from
  visiting phishing sites      Spyware, Spam, Intrusions and Malware
and other URLs known to                      Stopped
    serve up malicious
                                 The InstaGate’s Intrusion Prevention System keeps
 •          eSoft VPN          hackers off the network. The gateway automatically logs
Manager makes it simple             attacks for reporting and analysis and alerts an
for remote workers to log       administrator when there’s a high priority attack. The
    into the corporate              InstaGate is updated constantly with the latest
network and benefit from          signatures for blocking new and emerging attacks.
 the security of the eSoft
         solution.                  “Keeping hackers off the network, maintaining a
                                functional network and ensuring our employees get the
 •         Intrusion
                               information they need while not damaging our resources
    Prevention keeps
                                  are my top goals,” said Barr. “With eSoft, I achieve
corporate data safe from
                                                     those goals.”

         eSoft’s Distributed        eSoft’s Email ThreatPak handles all of Monterey
         Intelligence           Mushrooms’ needs for virus protection, email security,
    Architecture™ quickly      content filtering, and spam mitigation. The latest spam-
    identifies new threats      fighting technology is combined with a powerful anti-
     and provides rapid,           virus and content scanning engine to provide the
     proactive protection       organization with comprehensive protection from both
    against new malware,               external and internal email-borne threats.
     malicious websites,
    phishing attacks, and         Within the Email ThreatPak is eSoft’s Content Filter
        other threats.          feature, which scans Monterey Mushrooms’ employees’
                               incoming and outgoing email for keywords, phrases, and
      eSoft Components            patterns that indicate possible policy breaches, and
     Protecting Monterey       offending emails are quarantined for an administrator to
         Mushrooms                                      inspect.

                                 “InstaGate blocks spyware, and there are a lot fewer
                                 problems with individual PCs on our network getting
                                 infected with malware,” said Barr. “Where before we
                                didn’t have the control over what was coming onto our
                             network, now we have more control. Even when we had
          eSoft’s Email
                                virus protection on the desktop, problems still got
ThreatPak handles all of
                             through before. Now, with the eSoft solution, there’s an
 Monterey Mushrooms’
                               extra layer of protection at the InstaGate – there are
needs for email security,
                                    very few instances of malware infections.”
 content filtering, spam
   mitigation, phishing
   email blocking, and          More Control and Protection against
    email-borne virus                  Malicious Websites
     protection. The
organization is protected
  against both external      Within eSoft’s Web ThreatPak is the web filtering feature
and internal email-borne     powered by eSoft’s acclaimed Site Filter technology. Web
         threats.             filter policies can be specified on a per group, per user,
                                   or per time of day basis. This feature gives Barr
•           eSoft’s Web      complete control of enforcing what sites individual users
      ThreatPak filters         or groups of users can access at specific times of the
 spyware, phishing sites,                                 day.
browser exploits, viruses,
    and other malicious      “Our employees rely on email and commercial websites
  Internet content while      to do banking, so more and more users have to go to
     allowing Monterey       the internet to do their jobs in this business,” said Barr.
  Mushrooms to set and         “If I lock it down too tightly, they can’t do their jobs.
 enforce its own Internet    There’s a delicate balance to maintain between keeping
usage policies. The large    the bad things out and keeping things functional. eSoft
   database of spyware,                     helps us maintain that balance.”
phishing and other URLs
is updated automatically     “There’s a delicate balance to maintain between keeping
  with newly categorized      the bad things out and keeping things functional. eSoft
websites through eSoft’s     helps us maintain that balance.”said Shayne Barr, Senior
     patented SoftPak           Network Administrator, Monterey Mushrooms, Inc.
      Director™ threat
  response architecture,
                              In addition to keeping employees off phishing sites or
and the organization can
                              sites known to serve up malware, Site Filter also helps
add its own custom URLs
                                 keep Monterey Mushrooms employees focused by
      to the database.
                                 keeping a database of sites not allowed, including
        eSoft’s Intrusion         auction, shopping, social networking, and other
  Prevention System,                             distracting sites.
    included with all
   ThreatPaks, keeps           eSoft – More than Security Appliances
hackers off the protected
                                 Barr appreciates eSoft for more than its security
                              gateways. “Over the years, knowing eSoft and its staff
                              and experiencing the support we’ve received, I have to
                             say it’s been a great pleasure,” said Barr. “They’ve been
                               able to deal with everything I’ve brought to them. I
                              appreciate their willingness to deal with challenges and
                               questions right away. The support has been terrific.”

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