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									       preserving and expanding
       jewish heritage

       the hebrew University of jerUsalem
The Hebrew University has been a trailblazer in the field since the opening of the Institute of Jew-
ish Studies in 1924 – one of the first academic units of the new University. During its early years,
the Institute adoped a research and teaching approach that was non-apologetic, non-doctrinal and
based on philological-linguistic-textual analysis, a tradition that continues to this day.
The Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies                           On May 21st 2003 the Institute was formally named in
The Institute of Jewish Studies was established on the festi-    honor of Mr. Morton M. Mandel, in recognition of his
val of Hannukah in December 1924, a few months before            generous and fervent support for Jewish Studies at the
the official opening of the Hebrew University. Under its         Hebrew University.
roof are all the teaching departments and research centers
devoted to the pursuit of Jewish Studies at the University,      The Melton Centre
and the Institute also oversees the publication of a wide        The Melton Centre is a hub of learning open to the
variety of journals and periodicals representing a broad         rich diversity of contemporary Jewish life. The Centre
range of academic disciplines. The flagship of these journals,   is named for Samuel Mendel Melton, the educational
Tarbiz, is currently in its seventy-fourth year of continuous    pioneer and philanthropist, who endowed it in perpe-
publication, and is accompanied by journals devoted to           tuity in 1978. It offers students a variety of academic
the study of Jewish Thought, Hebrew Literature, Bible, the       programs, which integrate general and Jewish education,
Hebrew Language, Jewish Folklore and additional fields of        the study of Jewish texts, and the contemporary Jewish
Judaic Studies. The Mandel Institute also includes Scholion,     experience. Numerous training programs are offered to
an interdisciplinary research center devoted to Bible Stud-      Jewish educators from all over the world, who are given
ies, wherein various teams of scholars from all sections of      the opportunity for personal enrichment while exploring
the University’s faculty commit themselves to three years        innovative approaches to Jewish education. The Centre
of intensive collaborative work. The eight teaching depart-      also implements a wide array of innovative projects.
ments incorporated in the Institute – Bible, Talmud, He-         These projects focus on increasing professionalism in
brew Literature, Jewish History, Jewish Thought, Hebrew          the field of Jewish education, advancing new approaches
Language, Jewish and Comparative Folklore, Yiddish - have        in the teaching of Hebrew, integrating technology into
a combined student body of over twelve-hundred students,         Jewish Education and promoting and developing adult
pursuing undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees.           education.
Revivim teacher training program                                       The Hebrew University Bible Project
Revivim is producing young, enthusiastic and commit-                   A leading research project of the Mandel Institute
ted educators for Israeli public (secular) schools – teach-            of Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University, the
ers that are both scholars and role models, who can pres-              Bible Project was established in 1956 to undertake
ent Jewish texts and culture in a relevant, engaging and               a comprehensive survey of the history of the textual
pluralistic manner to tomorrow’s adults. It is an innova-              development of the Hebrew Bible and to produce
tive honors program that targets the nation’s brightest                a major critical edition. The project was initiated
and best future educators. Each year, a rigorous selection             by the late Moshe H. Goshen-Gottstein (Professor
committee accepts only 25 students who are required                    of Semitic Linguistics and Biblical Philology), who
to maintain a high academic average to remain in the                   together with the late Chaim Rabin (Professor of
program. Revivim offers these excellent students the op-               Hebrew Language) and Shemaryahu Talmon (Pro-
portunity to complete a B.A. and M.A. in Jewish Stud-                  fessor of Biblical Studies) constituted the original
ies, as well as teacher certification, in four concentrated            board of editors.
years of study. Revivim students commit to teach in the                The researchers of the Bible Project are recognized
secular Israeli school system for a minimum of four years              experts in the fields of textual criticism, Hebrew lan-
following their graduation.                                            guage, Masoretic studies and Biblical philology.

reCent highlights

                   E    arliest known Hebrew
                        text in Proto-Canaanite                                               G   erman Minister of Educ
                                                                                                  of Martin Buber S
                   script discovered in area                                                  at Hebrew University, fund
                   where David slew Goliath
                                                                                              Hebrew University Rector calls it wonderful g
                   Discovery of oldest Judaic city fortress proof of
                   united monarchy                                                            German Education Minister Dr. Annette Scha-
                                                                                              van announced yesterday the establishment of
                   The earliest known He-        The ostracon was found                       the Martin Buber Society of Fellows in the Hu-
                   brew text written in a        lying on the floor inside                    manities at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
                   Proto-Canaanite script        a building near the city                     The announcement was made in the context of
                   was discovered by He-         gate of the site, known                      her official visit to Israel, marking Israel’s 60th
                   brew University archae-       as the Elah Fortress at                      anniversary, as well as 50 years of scientific co-
                   ologists in an ancient city   Khirbet Qeiyafa.                             operation and 40 years of official diplomatic
                   in the area where David       Excavations are being                        ties between Israel and Germany. This year is
                   slew Goliath – the earli-     led by Prof. Yosef Gar-                      also being noted as the year of German-Israeli
                   est Judean city found to      finkel, the Yigal Yadin                      scientific and technological cooperation.
                   date. The 3,000 year old      Professor of Archae-                         Martin Buber (1878-1965) was a world-famous
                   finding is thought to be      ology at the Institute                       Jewish philosopher and is considered among
                   the most significant ar-      of Archaeology at the                        the most influential Jewish thinkers of his time.
                   chaeological discovery        Hebrew        University                     He was among those who early in the 20th cen-
                   in Israel since the Dead      of Jerusalem and his                         tury proposed the establishment of a univer-
                   Sea Scrolls – predating       partner Saar Ganur,                          sity in Jerusalem and, after his dismissal by the
                   them by 1,000 years.          in partnership with                          Nazis from his academic posting in Frankfurt,
                   The ostracon (pottery         Foundation Stone, a                          came to the land of Israel and the Hebrew Uni-
                   shard inscribed with          non-profit educational                       versity in 1938.
                   writing in ink) compris-      organization       which                     The declaration regarding the Martin Buber So-
                   es five lines of text di-     works to provide a                           ciety, which will be funded by the German gov-
                   vided by black lines and      contemporary voice to                        ernment, was signed at a festive gathering held
                   measures 15 × 15 cm.          ancient stories. The ex-                     November 17 in Jerusalem, with the participa-
                   and was found at excava-      cavations and analysis                       tion of Israeli Minister of Science, Culture and
                   tions of a 10th century       are also being support-                      Sport Galeb Majadle, German Ambassador to
                   B.C.E. fortress - the old-    ed by J.B. Silver and the                    Israel Dr. Harald Kindermann, and scientists
                   est known Judaic city.        Brennan Foundation                           from Israel and Germany.
          Vidal Sassoon Center for the Study of anti-Semitism              historic significance as well some rare footage, recently
          The Vidal Sassoon International Center (SICSA) is an             preserved from flammable nitrate stock, which could not
          interdisciplinary research center dedicated to an inde-          be viewed previously. Clips from the Spielberg Archive
          pendent, non-political approach to the accumulation              have appeared in a variety of movies, documentaries and
          and dissemination of knowledge necessary for under-              television shows and also are used by researchers interest-
          standing the phenomenon of antisemitism. The Center              ed in the Holocaust, Israeli history, Jewish life in pre-war
          engages in research on antisemitism throughout the               Europe and many other topics. Viewers from around the
          ages, focusing on relations between Jews and non-Jews,           world can access many of the films by visiting
          particularly in situations of tension and crisis, as well as     http://www.spielbergfilmarchive.org.il
          sponsoring conferences such as the upcoming Israel, the
          Jews and the Sunni–Shiite Conflict.                              The Jewish Music Research Center
                                                                           The only academic institution in the world fully dedi-
          Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive                             cated to the documentation, research and publication
          The Spielberg Archive has the world’s largest collection         of scholarly materials about Jewish music. Founded in
          of Jewish documentary films, spanning most of the years          1964, the main task of the JMRC consists of collecting
          in which the motion picture medium has existed. The              and studying the musical traditions and the musical life
          collection includes the only copy of numerous films of           of Jewish communities - past and present.

cation announces establishment
Society in the Humanities
 ded by German government                                      N
                                                                             ew University excavations
                                                                             strengthen  identification
                                                                         Herod’s grave at Herodium
gift to the humanities and to the University
                                                               Analysis of newly revealed       uncovered at the site, the
 The society will provide a multi-disciplinary re-             items found at the site of the   researchers have been able
 search framework in the humanities and social                 mausoleum of King Herod          to determine that the mau-
 sciences and will be open to scholars from all uni-           at Herodium (Herodion in         soleum, among the remains
 versities in both Germany and Israel. The facility            Greek) have provided He-         of which Herod’s sarcopha-
 will support the studies of doctoral and post-doc-            brew University of Jerusa-       gus was found, was a lavish
 toral students as well as senior researchers from             lem archaeological research-     two-story structure with a
 both countries.                                               ers with further assurances      concave-conical roof, about
 Prof. Sarah Stroumsa, rector of the Hebrew                    that this was indeed the site    25 meters high – a structure
 University, said that “establishment of this so-              of the famed ruler’s 1st cen-    fully appropriate to Herod’s
 ciety guarantees that our heritage, the legacy                tury B.C.E. grave.               status and taste. The excava-
 of our past cultures, the humanistic reflection               Herod was the Roman-ap-          tions there have also yielded
 on ideas and on human society get our full                    pointed king of Judea from       many fragments of two addi-
 attention. It will enable the next generation                 37 to 4 B.C.E., who was re-      tional sarcophagi, which the
 of researchers in the humanities and social                   nowned for his many monu-        researchers estimate to have
 sciences to study under excellent conditions,                 mental building projects, in-    been members of Herod’s
 with academic guidance from scholars in Is-                   cluding the reconstruction       family.
 rael and abroad. We have here a precious gift                 of the Temple in Jerusalem,      The mausoleum, says Prof.
 to the humanities in general and the Hebrew                   the palace at Masada, the        Ehud Netzer, director of the
 University in particular.”                                    harbor and city of Caesarea,     excavations, was deliberately
 Prof. Stroumsa added that “the proposal to cre-               as well as the palatial com-     destroyed by the Jewish reb-
 ate such a society stems from a firm belief in the            plex at Herodium, 15 kilo-       els who occupied the site dur-
 central role of the humanities in generating an               meters south of Jerusalem.       ing the First Jewish Revolt
 academic and intellectual renaissance in society.             On the basis of a study of       against the Romans which
 I am hopeful that the academic breakthroughs                  the architectural elements       started in about 66 C.E.
 that will be accomplished through this com-
 munity of scholars will have great and lasting
 influence on the intellectual enlightenment of
 our society.”
  polonsky prize winner
  dr. miChael segal
  The Book of Jubilees: Rewritten Bible, Redaction, Ideology
  and Theology (2007)
  The Faculty of Humanities awards the prestigious Leonard
  Polonsky prizes to outstanding senior and junior scholars
  who have contributed to maintaining the highest level of
  research and learning in Israel.
  In 2008, First Prize was awarded to Dr. Michael Segal of the
  Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies, a relatively new member of
  the Department of Bible Studies. In his book, Segal proposes
  a new theory about the literary development of the Book of
  Jubilees, a Jewish work composed in the second century BCE.
  Preserved in fifteen very fragmentary copies at Qumran and
  now a key resource on Judaism in Antiquity, most scholars
  have viewed Jubilees as the work of a single author. Identify-
  ing previously unconsidered contradictions in the different
  sections of the text, Segal suggests a new approach, proposing
  that an editor was the author of the legal and chronologi-
  cal passages, but not of the rewritten biblical narratives. This
  redactional model makes for a very convincing explanation of
  this crucial text’s many contradictions.

                                                                                            The Hecht Synagogue, overlooking
                                                                                            the Old City of Jerusalem from
                                                                                            the Mount Scopus campus, offers
                                                                                            faculty, staff and students a home
                                                                                            for daily reflection and prayer

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem • Mount Scopus, Jerusalem 91905 • Tel. 972 2 588 1014 • Fax 972 2 532 2556 • www.huji.ac.il

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