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  Bulletin #0873                                                               May 17, 2011


                        PROJECT CALENDAR May 16, 2011
BID     BIN   PROJECT                                                      PROJECT                PROJECT
DA      #     TITLE                                                        LOCATION               NUMBER           ADD

 5/16      22* Close-Demo/Fac & Struc @ KSC & Cape Cananveral Air Force       KSC
           37* Payload Hazardous Serving Facility Mechanical Upgrades         KSC                  NNK11384684R

5/16    ♦ 46* Three Residential Projects HSRC #190,192, & 195                 Daytona Beach       0211-1250         3
5/17      19* Conser II WRFT Imp                                              City Of Orlando
5/18       9* Maintenance & Repair Of Bascule Bridges                         Volusia             11-B-71KW
5/18      16* Central Transfer Station Hopper Repair                          Seminole            CC-6591-11/DRR 2
5/18      14* BankUnitied(44 East Central)                                    Orlando
5/18      48* Lawn & Grd Maintenance/Astronaut High/Madison Mid Sch           Brevard             011-028-0-2011
5/18      28* Longhorn Steakhouse                                             W. Melbourne
5/19    ♦ 26* Pine island Conservation Area Stormwater Improvements-PhaseI Brevard                B31120-02011      1
5/19      13* SDOC Celebration K-8 Renovation                                 Kissimmee
5/23    ♦ 10* BCGC Viera, Bldg D Server Room                                  Brevard             B-3-11-76         1
5/23    ◊ 15* Walmart 174                                                     Cocoa
5/24    ♦ 21* Wild Rose Stormwater Improvement Re-Bid                         Palm Bay            2011-54           2
5/25      42* Electrical Maintenance of Leachate System                       Volusia             11-B-97KW
5/25       1* Yvonne Scarlett Golden Cultural & Education Center              Daytona Beach       0311-2200
5/25      27* Kings Park Trailhead                                            Brevard             B31177-0-2011
5/26       6 Pump Branch Ditch Enclosure                                      Sanford             10/11-11
5/31    ♦ 3* Mad Cow Theatre Build Out                                        City Orlando                          1
5/31    ♦ 25* N.Myrtle Ave Improvements-2011                                  New Smyrna                            1
5/31    ◊ 7* Bristow Academy Titusville, FL                                   Titusville
6/1       24* Chapman Road Widening                                           Seminole            CC-6600-11
6/1        4* Lift Station 1 Rehablitation & Replacement                      Altamonte Springs   11-021-0-2011     1
6/1       11* Diesel Tank Installation@Seminole Co. Fire Sta #43 Chuluota, FL Seminole            CC-6677-11
6/7       29* Orange Co Courthouse Tower Elevator Modernization               Orange County       Y11-758
6/7     ◊ 30* Elementary School ”L”                                           St. Johns County
6/8       18 FY2010 Basins 4-9 & 11 Stormwater & Road Improv Project          Melbourne Beach
6/9       17 Oleander Avenue Extension                                        Sanford             IFB-10/11-14

                                           PROJECT INFORMATION ONLY

5/19   49* Cont’d Design/Roof Consult Serv, Moist Intru & Bldg Envel Sys     Brevard              RFP-P31113
5/31   40* Riverview Park-“CAVCORP” Enhancement Project                      Sebastian            RFQ
6/1 ◊ 43* General Contractor Renovations For Cruise Terminal 8               Port Canaveral       PUR-ITB-11-2
6/2    38* Communications Equipment Maintenance                              Melbourne            03-041-0-2011
6/3     5* YMCA HVAC Replacement                                             Edgewater            RFP-11-LS-011
6/10 ◊ 41* S.R.5(US HWY1) Sidewalks/Volco Rd To N City Limits                Edgewater            RFP 11-GS-002

                  ◊ Indicates New Projects Since Last Bulletin Publication
                  ♦ Indicates Additional/Changed Information Since Last Bulletin
                  * Internet Planroom
                  EX Plans Expected


5/16  4:00  Kennedy Space Center, EST. $1-5 Million
Close-Demolish Facilities & Structures @ KSC & Cape Cananveral Air Force Station FL
CONTACT: Sharon L. White, Contracting Officer, 321-867-7230 FAX 321-867-1166,
DESCRIPTION: This project is to demolish various facilities and structures located at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and
Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS). These facilities previously housed administrative and technical support or were
support structures. The work will be required to be performed with minimal impact to the surrounding roads and facilities. It
is anticipated that the work will occur primarily during the typical work hours of 7:00am to 3:30pm. Specifically, this project
consists of: a. Demolition of the following facilities: 1. Facilities located at the Merritt Island Spaceflight Track Center,
including approximately 17 facilities and associated structures and systems. The total square footage of building and
foundation demolition is approximately 48,000SF with an additional approximate 10,500SF of asphalt or concrete removal.
(Image 1) 2. One approximately 14,000 square foot cloth and metal storage structure. (Image 2)
3. Three concrete and wood storage structures (approximately 260SF, 460SF, and 6,500SF (Image 3)). 4. A concrete
loading dock (approximately 1,100 SF) (Image 4) 5. A solar hot water heater (approximately 2,900SF) (Image 5) 6. A fuel
transfer shed (approximately 2,500SF) (Image 6) 7. Various trailers (approximately 6) (Image 7) 8. 5 JP-8 metal tanks and
concrete containment structure (approximate size 18,000SF) (Image 8) 9. Approximately 10 Metal Towers located at
various locations at KSC. (Images 9a and 9b) 10. Various other small facilities, structures, and support systems. b. Aspects
of this work include the following: 1. Environmental and safety work including worker and environmental protection, cleaning
and certification of fuel and storage tanks, waste segregation and waste disposal, and safing and removal of hazardous
materials including, but not limited to, friable asbestos and lead. 2. Removal and disposal of abandoned monitoring wells in
accordance with state, local, and KSC regulations. 3. Coordination, deactivation, disconnection and removal of the
electrical, mechanical and communications systems. 4. Construction of bird nest platforms, including pile foundations, with a
height of 30+ feet. 5. Site restoration including re-grading and installing sod. 6. Site clearing to access currently inaccessible
structures for dismantling and removal. 7. Working at heights to dismantle and remove tall structures. 8. Working under the
U.S. Export Control Laws and prescribed in DOD 4160.21-M-1 for the applicable structures and systems.

00/00  0:00  Kennedy Space Center, $1-5 Million
Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility Mechanical Upgrades
CONTACT: Richard M. Johanboeke NASA Contracting Officer, 321-867-0586 FAX 321-867-1111,
NASA/KSC plans to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility (PHSF) Mechanical
Upgrades at the John F. Kennedy Space Center, Florida.
SCOPE OF WORK (To be finalized in the RFP) The primary task of the construction firm will be to replace the main air
handling units (AHUs), pre-conditioning coil units (PCCs), and related HVAC control devices, instrumentation, and structural
supports for these systems at the PHSF. The PHSF is a clean room environment and is utilized to prepare
payloads/spacecraft launched through the Launch Service Program (LSP). Construction phasing of each AHU and PCC
replacement along with its essential components must be completed sequentially. Specifically, this project may consist of: a.
Replacing exterior chilled and hot water type air-handling units and pre-conditioning coil units at the PHSF. b. Providing
modifications to structural support framing of the mechanical systems to be replaced. c. Providing modifications to existing
Direct Digital Control (DDC) panels and installation of new and reutilization of existing control device and instrumentation.
Type of existing DDC panel includes Andover. d. Environmental and safety work including worker protection, asbestos/lead
avoidance or abatement, waste segregation, and waste disposal. e. Providing detailed system engineering and shop
drawings including, but not limited to, control system diagrams, ladder diagrams, product data, equipment schedules, wiring
diagrams, sequence of operations, control panel arrangement diagrams, operations and maintenance information, record
fire alarm as-builts, fire alarm testing procedures, HVAC calculations, and other construction transmittals as required by the
contract documents. These documents will be approved by the Government, prior to start of work. The anticipated release
date of the RFP is on or about 5/20/2011 with an anticipated offer closing date of on or about 6/20/2011. A site visit will be
scheduled in the RFP. Prime contractors will be limited on the number of personnel in attendance. Specifications and
Drawings will be made available for download through the posted solicitation. All responsible sources may submit a

proposal which shall be considered by the agency. An ombudsman has been appointed -- See NASA Specific Note "B". The
solicitation and any documents related to this procurement shall be available over the Internet. These documents will reside
on a World-Wide Web (WWW) server, which may be accessed using a WWW browser application. The Internet site, or
URL, for the NASA/KSC Business Opportunities page is
Prospective offerors are encouraged to register their intent to submit an offer on Search for the
solicitation number and then select “Add Me To Interested Vendors.” It is the offerors responsibility to monitor the Internet
site for the release of the solicitation and amendments (if any). Potential offerors will be responsible for downloading their
own copy of the solicitation and amendments (if any). TELEPHONE CALLS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

Bonding is required for all Government –Local projects in excess of $25,000. Bid guarantee shall be 20% of the
amount of the bid or $3,000,000, whichever is less, a $25.00 non-refundable fee will be charged for each bid
package. A faxed request for packages will be accepted, however, checks must be received prior to issuance of
packages. Any questions call 321-494-6136/6387.

                      The PAFB procurement office no longer keeps a record of plan distribution.
                      As a result of this change anyone bidding PAFB & CCAS projects must call
                      the BX office to be added to our bidder list.


5/17  12:00  City Of Orlando, EST. $11,442,566.00
Conserv II WRFT Imp
CONTACT: Frank Rexford, 863-577-0468, or Mike Young - Please fax
quotes to: 863-644-5107 or 863-648-1128.
PLANS AVAILABLE FROM: Vogel Bros Building Co., a full set of hard copy documents (at cost to the
subcontractor/vendor), contact: LDI Reproprinting Centers, 5804-C Breckenridge Parkway, Tampa, FL 33610, 813-740-
1953 FAX 813-740-0170, Also FECBX plan room.
DESCRIPTION: Work to include demolition of existing sludge pumps and piping inside the blower building. Salvage 4
existing centrifugal blowers. Furnish and install 5 high-efficiency single stage blowers. Purchase and install 30" air piping
from blower building to aeration basins 5 - 10. Furnish and install 480V switchgear in blower electrical room for high-
efficiency single stage blowers. This shall include removal and demolition of 4160V switchgear and associated electrical
gear and equipment. Furnish and install air conditioning system in blower electrical room. This includes demolition of
existing air conditioning units and associated items. Drain aeration basins, remove and legally dispose of grit prior to
concrete work and install new diffusers. Demolish existing air piping and diffusers in aeration basins 1 - 10. Purchase and
replace aeration piping and diffusers in aeration basins 1-10. Include air piping from the new blowers to the aeration basins.
Demolition 2 IR pum ps at aeration basins 1 - 4. Purchase and install 4 new IR pumps and associated piping, valves and
appurtenances for the 2 IR pump stations, North and South. This includes core drilling the north and south walls to install
36" DIP and the pump station concrete pads. Purchase and installation of 4 VFDs, conduit, and wiring for the IR pumps for
installation in the existing RAS/WAS electrical room. Demolish existing HVAC equipment in RAS/WAS electrical room.
Purchase and install HVAC. Demolish secondary clarifier mechanisms and ancillary equipment. Purchase and install new
secondary clarifier mechanisms and ancillary equipment. Furnish and replace motors and impellers of the Intermediate
Pump Station Transfer Pumps, and install new connection from the Equalization pumps to the Rapid Mix channels.
NOTE: The Conserv II Plant Manager has scheduled a site tour for all those interested in touring the plant prior to bid. The
site tour is scheduled for May 6, 2011 beginning at 10:00 AM local time to noon local time. Contact; Robert J. Rutter,
P.E.Project Manager II Capital Improvements & Infrastructure Division Public Works Department Call or email.

5/18  3:00  Volusia County, ITB 11-B-71/KW
Maintenance & Repair Of Bascule Bridges
CONTACT: Kathy Williams, 386-626-6625 FAX 386-740-5273,, Purchasing and
Contracts Division, Room 302, Third Floor, 123 West Indiana Avenue, DeLand, FL 32720-4608.
DESCRIPTION: The County of Volusia requires the services of a licensed / experienced Contractor(s) to furnish
maintenance and repairs of the structural, mechanical and electrical systems primarily on the three Bascule Bridges
located within the County. Bridge street lighting services and additional bridge related services on 53 additional County
maintained bridges will also be included in this ITB.

NOTE: Pre-Bid Conference: April 19, 2011, 11:00 AM, TCK Administration Center, Purchasing Conference
Room 301, 123 W. Indiana Avenue, DeLand, Florida.
GMF Construction, LLC, 863-577-0211
Tampa Bay Marine, 813-672-1222
Coastal Marine Construction Inc., 941-485-2101
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 9

5/18  2:00  Seminole County, CC-6591-11/DRR, EST. $150,000.00, ADD # 2
Central Transfer Station Hopper Repair
CONTACT: Diane Reed, CPPO, CPPB, Sr. Procurement Analyst, 407-665-7120 FAX 407-665-7956,
DESCRIPTION: The Seminole County Environmental Services Department, Solid Waste Management Division is seeking
the services of a qualified General Contractor experienced with steel fabrication, installation of metal work for industrial
facilities and the application of high performance epoxy coatings, to repair and refurbish the lower portions of the five
(5) truck load out hoppers at the Central Transfer Station.
NOTE: Mandatory Pre-Bid: April 28, 1:00PM, Central Transfer Station, 1950 State Rd. 419, Longwood, FL 32750, CTS
Conference Room.
Cornerstone Construction Services, 407-299-3299
C&S Companies, 407-422-1118
Klein Construction, 407-281-7007
Semco construction Inc., 863-533-7193
Shoemaker Construction, 407-322-3103
Sunrise Systems, 321-636-1618
Tigel Construction, 407-331-7972
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 16

5/18  12:00  Orlando
BankUnited(44 East Central)
CONTACT: Summer Gray Southmayd,, 727-733-5558 FAX 727-738-8225.
PLANS AVAILABLE FROM: Bandes Construction company, Inc., 1368 Spaulding Rd., Ste. C, Dunedin, FL 34698-5039.
For internet go to, click on Subcontractors tab, agree to disclaimer, @ the login screen click on the
project listed. User; 44East, PW; Orlando2, this will take you to the plan rooms. Click on the icon under view files ONCE.
Folders with names will appear. You only need to CLICK ONCE on the file name to make the files appear. Files will
automatically open in a PDF format. Also FECBX plan room.
DESCRIPTION: Minor work and building renovations as outlined in documents to accommodate a new banking facility in an
existing building which was previously a restaurant.
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 14

5/18  2:00  Brevard County School Board, ITB-011-028-0-2011/BP
Lawn & Ground Maintenance for Astronaut High School & Madison Middle School
CONTACT: Becky Prosser, 321-633-1000.
DESCRIPTION:The contractor shall perform maintenance of the turf and landscaping areas indicated. The workto
be performed by the contractor, shall include, but is not limited to, the supplying of all equipment, tools, licenses, permits
and all other accessories, services, facilities, activities and procedures necessary or proper for, or incidental to,
such maintenance.
NOTE: Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference: May 6, 2011, 1:00 PM, Begin at Astronaut High School-800 War Eagle Blvd.
Titusville, FL 32796-2398 then proceed to Madison Middle School-3372 Dairy Road Titusville, FL 32796-1598.
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 48

5/18  12:00  W. Melbourne
Longhorn Steakhouse
CONTACT:Fax or e-mail bis to; Eric Whitlatch, , FAX 502-379-4138.

PLANS AVAILABLE FROM: At no cost from Buffalo construction FTP Site;
User; lhmelbourne, Password; lhmelbourne and for purchase from: Allegra Signs and Blueprints 502-968-8300.
Also FECBX plan room.
DESCRIPTION: The scope of work consists of a full restaurant ground up build. All sitework needs to include grading,
storm, all utilities, erosion control, site concrete, landscaping and etc. All mechanical trades will be required as well as
footers/foundations, concrete slab, glass/glazing, drywall/metal stud, rough carpentry, finish carpentry, tile, acoustic ceiling,
painting, and roofing.
Haley Construction, Inc., 386-944-0475 FAX 386-944-0471
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 28

5/19  2:00  Brevard County, ITB –B31120-0-2011/LR, ADD # 1
Pine Island Conservation Area Stormwater Improvements-Phase I
CONTACT: Leslie Rothering, Purchasing Manager, 321-617-7390.
PLANS AVAILABLE FROM: $38.80 fee plus shipping & handling for delivered hard copies of documents from
purchasing services; 2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Bldg. 3, Suite 303, Viera FL, 32940, 321-633-2050
and FECBX plan room.
BOND REQUIRED: 5% Bid Bond, 100% Performance & Payment Bonds.
DESCRIPTION: The project consists of expanding an existing 72-acre borrow pit, located on the north side of Pine
Island Road on North Merritt Island, to an 83-acre wet detention system through the construction of perimeter berms
with unpaved access roads, hydraulic pumping station with asingle hydraulic pump and prepped for the Phase II addition
of two more hydraulic pumps, reconstruction of the existing access bridge and 15 ft wide paved access road, a diversion
weir, associated stormwater conveyance pipes, a settling basin, and boat launch with associated parking area.
NOTE: Pre-bid proposal conf: May 5, 2011@ 10:00 AM, Brevard County Government Center, Space Coast Room,
Brevard Bldg C, 2nd floor, 2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Viera, FL 32940.
A.P.E.C., Inc., 407-522-0530 FAX 407-532-8332
ABC Landclearing & Development, Inc., 321-636-4734 FAX 321-633-6334
Brewer Paving & Development Inc., 321-636-4645 FAX 321-636-4648
Building Management Systems Inc., 321-723-6928 FAX 321-984-8034
Canaveral Construction Company, Inc., 321-269-4011 FAX 321-269-5905
C.E.M Enterprises, 407-884-9148 FAX 407-884-2972
Chandler construction and development , 321-327-8998 FAX 321-327-8999
Chinchor Electric Inc., 386-774-1020 FAX 386-774-7223
Close Construction, 863-467-0831
CMA, 321-638-8696 FAX 321-638-8689
Don Luchetti Construction Inc. 321-951-2947 FAX 321-951-9114
Ferguson Enterprises, 321-723-3177 FAX 321-723-3350
Goodson Paving, Inc. 321-631-5523 FAX 321-639-0497
Hinterland Group Inc., 321-633-7066 FAX 321-633-7067
JD Sunny Isle Inc., 321-508-4444 FAX 321-724-0804
Jobear/Warden, 321-723-3571 FAX 321-728-5619
KCF Site Development, 321-253-5556 FAX 321-253-5176
Kinley Corporation, 321-639-4400 FAX 321-639-4408
Maxwell Contracting, Inc., 321-632-8810 FAX 321-632-8065
Santa Cruz Construction, Inc., 321-452-3190 FAX 321-459-3358
Speegle Construction II, Inc., 321-632-8164 FAX 321-632-8677
Star Base Development Co., Inc., 321-383-9520 FAX 321-383-1465
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 26

5/19  2:00  Kissimmee
SDOC Celebration K-8 Renovation
CONTACT: Jim Beusse-Preconstruction Service Mgr., 750 Monroe Rd. Sanford, FL 32771, 407-321-8410
FAX 407-829-4453.

DESCRIPTION: The work consists of, but not limited to, selective demolition, miscellaneous concrete, masonry,
woodwork, joint sealants, doors, gypsum board, painting, tile flooring, fire extinguisher cabinets, blinds, fire protection,
mechanical and electrical.
NOTE: A non-mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting is scheduled at the project site; 510 Campus Drive Kissimmee, FL, on
Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 4:00 PM.
Deadline for Request for Information is Thursday, May 12 2011. Do not contact the architect or owner for information on
this project. Bids will be received at the Wharton-Smith, Inc., St. Cloud, FL offices - 1136 New York Ave., St. Cloud,
FL 34769 & may be emailed to or faxed to 407-957-5444 Attn: Gloria. Payment
& Performance Bond is required.
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 13

5/23  2:00  Brevard County, ITB –B31176-0-2011/LR, EST. $60,000.00, ADD # 1
BCGC Viera Bldg D Server Room HVAC & Electrical Modifications
CONTACT: Leslie Rothering, Purchasing Manager, 321-617-7390.
PLANS AVAILABLE FROM: $10.00 fee plus shipping & handling for delivered hard copies of documents from
purchasing services; 2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Bldg. 3, Suite 303, Viera FL, 32940, 321-633-2050
and FECBX plan room.
DESCRIPTION: Provide & install a 7.5 ton floor mounted air conditioning unit with dual 4 ton condenser configuration
(on roof) for the IT room.
NOTE: Pre-bid proposal conf: May 6, 2011@ 9:00 AM, On site; BCGC Bldg D IT, 2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way,
Viera, FL 32940.
A/C Solutions, 321-633-9316 FAX 321-638-8696
Arrow Electric, 321-863-8545 FAX 321-633-0351
Altman’s A/C, 321-383-7910 FAX 321-383-4335
Trane, 321-514-9556 FAX 407-670-3000
TLC, 321-636-0274
 PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 10

5/23  2:00  Cocoa
Walmart 174 Cocoa
CONTACT: Alicia Mansfield, Estimating Dept., R.A. Rogers Construction Company, LLC, 234 N. Westmonte Drive/
Suite 2000/Altamonte Springs, FL 32714, 407-339-4001 FAX 407-215-7755, .
DESCRIPTION: Store remodel.
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 15

5/24  5:00 ● Palm Bay, RFP-054-2011/DR , ADD # 2
Wild Rose Stormwater Improvements RE-Bid
CONTACT: Dawn Richer, Buyer, 321-952-3424, , 120 Malabar Road, SE Palm Bay, FL 32907.
DESCRIPTION: The project involves the removal of existing outfall pipe and furnishing and installing a Suntree
Technologies, Inc. NSBB-4-12-84 with SkimBoss Upflow Filter inline. Work shall include the restoration of project area to a
condition equal to or greater than existing.
NOTE: Pre-bid Conference, April 29, 2011, 10:00 AM, Public Works Conf Room Green Modular, 1050 Malabar Rd. SW
Palm Bay, FL 32908.
Archer Western Contractors, Ltd., 813-849-7500 FAX 813-849-7582
Santa Cruz Construction, Inc., 321-452-3190 FAX 321-459-3358
Seamar Divers, LLC, 305-805-6896 FAX 305-805-6899
TSI Disaster Recovery, LLC, 407-891-8005 FAX 407-891-9005
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 21

5/25  3:00  Volusia County, ITB 11-B-97/KW
Electrical Maintenance of Leachate System

CONTACT: Kathy Williams, 386-626-6625 FAX 386-740-5273,, Purchasing and
Contracts Division, Room 302, Third Floor, 123 West Indiana Avenue, DeLand, FL 32720-4608.
DESCRIPTION: Volusia County Solid Waste Division maintains two leachate control and maintenance systems. One
is located at the Tomoka Landfill at 1990 Tomoka Farms Road, Port Orange, Florida and has been in operation since
1992. The other is located at the West Volusia Transfer Station (WVTS) at 3151 E. New York Avenue, DeLand, Florida
and has been in operation since 1995. Leachate is pumped into an existing Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) at
the both locations.
NOTE: Pre-Bid Conference: May 5, 2011, 10:00 AM, TCK Administration Center, Purchasing Conference Room 301,
123 W. Indiana Avenue, DeLand, Florida.
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 42

5/25  2:00 ● Daytona Beach, ITB-0311-2200
The Yvonne Scarlett Golden Cultural and Education Center
 CONTACT: Joanne Flick, The City of Daytona Beach Purchasing Division, 301 S. Ridgewood Ave., Room 146,
 Daytona Beach, FL., 32114.
 PLANS AVAILABLE FROM: Contract Documents, including Drawings and Technical Specifications are
 on file at the Daytona Beach Purchasing Division, 301 S. Ridgewood Avenue, Room 146, Daytona Beach, Florida,
 32114 and copies may be obtained for $75 each, NON-REFUNDABLE. Checks must be made payable to the City
 of Daytona Beach, Florida. All inquiries and checks pertaining to this project which are mailed should be directed to
 Post Office Box 2451, Daytona Beach, Florida 32115-2451.
 BOND REQUIRED: 10% Bid Bond, 100% Performance & Payment Bonds.
 DESCRIPTION: The work generally consists of the following: The City of Daytona Beach will act as Construction
 Manager of the new Yvonne Scarlett-Golden Cultural & Educational Center through contract award to multiple
 prime contracts with various trades. The Center is situated within Derbyshire Park & Sport Complex fronting Vine and
 Third Streets. The one-story modern glass building is square in plan with a total floor area of 19,654 square feet and has
 an open-air Cultural Park with amphitheater located at the center and is enclosed on each side with (4) distinct wings;
 General Resources, Visual Arts, Natural Sciences, and Gymnasium/Performing Arts. The tilt-wall constructed building
 incorporates state-of-the-art technological systems to enhance building performance. Site improvements include a single
 divided with median entry drive, 126 vehicular parking spaces, 15 bike spaces, minimal landscaping & irrigation based
 on the existing and protected oak treed hammock and retention pond that will remain undisturbed except for building
 and parking area.
 NOTE: A non-mandatory pre-bid meeting: May 6, 2011, 9:00 AM, Daytona Beach City Hall, First Floor Conf RM 116,
 301 S. Ridgewood Ave, Daytona Beach FL 32115-2451. Password to open and read this file is; “mayor”.
Abba Construction, 904-8867036
AG Pifer Construction Co., 386-257-5503
AM Wright Construction, 386-679-3487
Bayshore electric, 386-257-1920
Bean Construction, 386-257-2357
C&D Construction, Inc., 321-639-9198 FAX 321-690-2291
4C’s Inc., 386-437-1257
Courteau Electric, 386-672-4900
D&W Paving, Inc., 386-258-8546
Florida Concrete Construction, 352-854-0169
Giles Electric, 386-763-7019
GMC Construction, 386-258-8924
Janda Builders Inc., 386-760-0101
Mulligan Constructors, 407-654-7597
Rand Construction, 813-381-3986
Saboungi Construction, 386-673-4189
Tecta America, 407-330-5959
Truant Construction, 386-788-5288
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 1

5/25  2:00  Brevard County, ITB –B31177-0-2011/LR, EST. $246,263.00
Kings Park Trailhead
CONTACT: Leslie Rothering, Purchasing Manager, 321-617-7390.
PLANS AVAILABLE FROM: $0.20 fee plus shipping & handling for delivered hard copies of documents from
purchasing services; 2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Bldg. 3, Suite 303, Viera FL, 32940, 321-633-2050
and FECBX plan room.
BOND REQUIRED: 5% Bid Bond, 100% Performance & Payment Bonds.
DESCRIPTION: The project consists of construction of trailheads to accommodate the recently constructed Kings Park
Pioneer Trail located in Merrit island, Brevard County, Florida. Major items of work include construction of a driveway,
sidewalks, water services, parking, restrooms facilities, grading, storm drain, wetland plantings, and pavilions.
NOTE: Pre-bid proposal conf: May 18, 2011@ 10:00 AM, Public Works Conference Room, Bldg A, 2nd floor, 2725 Judge
Fran Jamieson Way, Viera, FL 32940.
Ash Contracting, 407-273-8642 FAX 407-482-0151
Astor Construction Services, Inc., 321-299-2922 FAX 321-290-2229
Canaveral Construction Company, Inc., 321-269-4011 FAX 321-269-5905
Earth Balance, 941-426-7878, FAX 941-426-8778
Goodson Paving, Inc., 321-631-5523 FAX 321-639-0497
Gunn Struction,LLC, 321-455-6498 FAX 321-455-6499
JD Sunny Isle Inc., 321-508-4444 FAX 321-724-0804
Jobear/Warden, 321-723-3571 FAX 321-728-5619
Joyal Construction, 321-254-0997 FAX 321-259-7434
Kinley Corporation, 321-639-4400 FAX 321-639-4408
Peak Contracting Inc., 321-633-4788 FAX 321-633-4657
Santa Cruz Construction, Inc., 321-452-3190 FAX 321-459-3358
Welsh Construction, 321-757-7383 FAX 321-751-9229
W&J Construction, 321-632-7660 FAX 321-632-5927
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 27

5/26  2:00  Sanford, IFB 10/11-11
Pump Branch Ditch Enclosure
CONTACT: In writing; CPH Engineers, Inc., P.O. Box 2808, Sanford, Florida 32772-2808; FAX 407-330-0639, .
PLANS AVAILABLE FROM: CPH Engineers, Inc., 500 West Fulton Street, Sanford, FL 32771, for $40.00
and FECBX plan room (office hard copy available only).
BOND REQUIRED: 10% Bid Bond, 100% Performance & Payment Bonds
DESCRIPTION: Approximately 372-ft of new 7’X7’ concrete box culvert to enclose an existing ditch and replace existing
84” culvert along the Pump Branch drainage system between 5th St. and 3rd St., east of Pine Ave.
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 6

5/31  2:00  City Of Orlando, EST. $625,000.00, ADD # 1
Mad Cow Theatre Build Out
CONTACT: Torie Brooks, 407-246-2720,
BOND REQUIRED: 10% Bid Bond, 100% Performance & Payment Bonds
PLANS AVAILABLE FROM: Orlando Venues Project Office, 1st Floor, Suite 150, 450 S.Orange Avenue, CNL Plaza,
407-246-2085. First copy of documents is free of charge, and FECBX plan room.
DESCRIPTION: New performance space tenant build-out to be located on the second floor of 54 W. Church St. The facility
will be approximately 9,000 SF of tenant space. The facility will contain a retail/box-office area, a pre-function area,
restroom facilities for the theatre patrons, a main theatre that will provide approximately 175 seats, a flexible black box
theatre that will provide up to 75 additional seats with all necessary back oh house facilities to support operation and
production of the theatre.
NOTE: Mandatory Pre-bid Conference, May 5, 2011, 10:00 AM, in the group room, 8th floor, City Hall, 400 S. Orange Ave.,
Orlando FL 32801. A mandatory site meeting will be scheduled at the pre-bid conference and will be held the week of May
9-13, 2011. All questions about the meaning/intent of the plans & contract documents must be submitted in writing before
10:00 AM May 13, 2011.

Jordan Development & Construction, LLC, 407-226-8840 FAX 407-248-8124
 PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 3

5/31  2:00  New Smyrna Beach, ADD # 1
N. Myrtle Ave., Improvements-2011
CONTACT: Amy Thomas, 386-424-2202 FAX 386-424-2198 .
PLANS AVAILABLE FROM: City of New Smyrna Beach Public Works Dept. 124 Industrial Park Ave., New Smyrna Beach,
FL 32168, cost is $75.00, must be purchased from city in order to bid, call Khalid Resheidat 386-424-2209 and FECBX.
BOND REQUIRED: 10%, 100% Performance & Payment Bonds.
DESCRIPTION: Replacing the existing 4’ sidewalk, installing new concrete curb type “B”, milling, resurfaceing, minor
landscaping and irrigation, new handicap ramps, replace existing concrete driveway aprons, new aggregate, reinforced
thermoplastic systems, striping and signage. The improvement is on N. Myrtle Ave., from Canal St. to Enterprise St.
NOTE: A Mandatory pre-bid meeting: May 11, 2011, 10:00 AM, in the City Commission chamber located at City Hall,
210 Sams Ave., New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168.
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 25

5/31  5:00  Titusville
Bristow Academy Titusville, FL
CONTACT: Mark Schmunk, Sr. Vice President – Construction, 614-280-4053 or cell 614-390-9699,
PLANS AVAILABLE FROM: Pizzuti Construction Services LLC, .
DESCRIPTION: Pizzuti Construction Services LLC, a general contractor / developer with offices in Orlando FL, is
inviting you to provide pricing on the construction of the Bristow Academy expansion at Titusville, FL.
NOTE: Mark Schmunk and the MEP engineer will be on site (370 golden knights blvd, Titusville, fl.) Tuesday 5/17/11
from 3:30 to 4:30 to field questions.
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 7

6/1  2:00  Seminole County CC-6600-11/JVP, $ 14,129,247.89
Chapman Road Widening
CONTACT: Jacqui V. Perry Sr. Procurement Analyst, 407-665-7114 FAX 407-665-7956, .
PLANS AVAILABLE FROM:, 407-665-7116 and FECBX plan room.
BOND REQUIRED: 5%, 100% Performance & Payment Bonds.
DESCRIPTION: The Contractor shall be responsible for all labor, materials, equipment, transportation, coordination and
incidentals necessary for the widening of Chapman Road from S.R. 426 to S.R. 434 approximately 1.548 miles in length.
The project includes widening of the roadway from 2 to 4 lanes, and the relocation of Seminole County Environmental
Services water and sanitary sewer lines. This project will have a maximum contract time of 540 days.
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 24

6/1 11:00  Altamonte Springs, B-11-021-0-2011/BK, EST. $775,000.00, ADD # 1
Lift Station 1 Rehabilitation and Replacement
CONTACT: Barbara Kiser, Procurement Manager, 407-571-8080, FAX 407-571-8082, All
inquires/questions regarding this solicitation must be received in writing to the Procurement Division, 225 Newburyport
Avenue, Altamonte Springs FL 32701-3697. No later than 4:30PM, Monday, May 23, 2011 in order to provide adequate
response time to queries and issue an addendum, if necessary.
BOND REQUIRED: 5% Bid Bond, 100% Performance & Payment Bonds.
DESCRIPTION: The City of Altamonte Springs desires to secure the services of a qualified State of Florida licensed
certified general contractor to provide all labor, equipments, tools, materials, and supplies required for rehabilitating and
upgrading existing Lift Station 1 (along Central Parkway and Cranes Way).
NOTE: Site Visits: In order to access the secure facility, City staff must be present in order to gain access to the site and
accompany visitors at all times. City staff will not be available to conduct site visits other than the following dates and times;
Tue. 05/10/2011 @ 2:00 PM, Thu. 05/12/2011 @ 11:00 AM, Wed. 05/18/2011 @ 9:00 AM.
CMA, 321-638-8696 FAX 321-638-8689
Jones Mechanical, 321-433-3422 FAX 321-433-3420
Hinterland Group Inc., 321-633-7066 FAX 321-633-7067
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 4

6/1  2:00  Seminole County, CC-6677-11/RTB, Est. $65,000.00
Diesel Tank @Seminole County Fire Station # 43 Chuluota, FL
CONTACT: Robert T. Bradley, CPPB Procurement Analyst, 407-665-7113 FAX 407-665-7956 .
PLANS AVAILABLE FROM: Purchasing and Contracts Division 1301 East Second Street, Sanford, FL 32771-1468,, 407-665-7113 and FECBX plan room.
BOND REQUIRED: 5% Bid Bond, 100% Performance & Payment Bonds.
DESCRIPTION: Seminole County seeks the services of a State of Florida Licensed Pollutant Storage Systems contractor,
who also holds a certified General Contractor license, to act as the prime contractor to provide a turnkey project, installing
a 1,000 gallon aboveground diesel storage tank at the Seminole County Fire Station No. 43. This Fire Station is located at
110 E. Seventh Street, Chuluota, FL. The tank will be used for fueling fire engines, rescue vehicles and other Public Safety
diesel vehicles. The project includes design, permitting, construction of a concrete slab, installation of electrical conduits,
electrical wires, data wires, and circuit breakers, an aboveground diesel storage tank, diesel fuel dispensing pump, hose
and nozzle, card reader for fuel dispensing, data line, and light pole with light fixture. The scope of work includes testing
and Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) compliance (Registering Tank, inspection, certification, etc.)
NOTE: Pre-Bid: Tuesday May 17,2011 @ 10:30 AM, Seminole Co. Fire Sta #43 located @110 E. Seventh St.,Chuluota FL.
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 11

6/7  2:00  Orange County, Y11-758, EST. $100,000.00
Orange County Courthouse Tower Elevator Modernization
CONTACT: Ray Mobley, 407- 836-5468,
PLANS AVAILABLE : Complete bid documents may be obtained for $50/CD from Purchasing and Contracts Division,
Internal Operations Centre II, 400 E. South Street, 2nd floor, Orlando, FL 32801,407- 836-5635 FAX 407- 836-5899
and FECBX plan room.
BOND REQUIRED: 10% Bid Bond, 100% Performance & Payment Bonds
DESCRIPTION: The Work includes, but not limited to, minor alterations to an existing Courthouse Building Complex,
specifically Buildings C1, C2, C3, and C4, for all floors of the building with elevators affected within this project’s area of
work.Field investigation and verification of recommendations as provided by Lerch Bates.
NOTE: A Non-mandatory pre-bid conference: May 18, 2011, 10:00 AM, OC Courthouse Bldg. A, 425 N. Orange Ave., 3rd
Flr. Conf. Rm, Orlando FL.
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 29

6/7  2:00  St. Johns County
 Elementary School “L”
 CONTACT: Bruce Arnold, Project Manager,, 904-292-2645 ( X 28).
 DESCRIPTION: New elementary school campus with three buildings, a main building (109,012 sf), a central plant building
(2,227 sf), and a cover play building (5,330 sf). The main construction is tilt-panel exterior walls w/struct steel framing.
 This work includes but not limited to the following scopes: sitework; paving; site concrete; fencing; pipe handrail; landscape
 & irrigation; site utilities; concrete framework & reinforcement; cast-in-place concrete; concrete floor sealer; tilt-up concrete;
 cultured marble fabrications; structural steel; steel joist & deck; pre-fabricated cold-formed metal trusses; cold-formed metal
 framing; metal fabrications; metal stairs, handrails & railings; rough carpentry; millwork; waterproofing, building insulation;
 roof & deck insulation; EIFS; underslab vapor retarder; preformed metal roofing; modified bituminous roofing; flashing &
 sheet metal; roof hatches; sprayed-on fire proofing; firestopping; sealants & caulking; expansion joint coverings; steel doors
 & frames, wood doors; access doors; overhead coiling doors; aluminum entrances & storefront; glazed cutain wall;
 aluminum windows; door hardware; automatic door operators; glazing; gypsum board; tile; acoustal ceiling; resilient tile
 flooring; carpet; pre-finished interior wall systems; acoustical wall panels; painting; visual display boards; identifying
 devices; toilet compartments; corner guards; toilet accessories; fire protection specialties; exterior sun control devices;
 aluminum walkway canopy; flagpole; safes; plumbing systems, HVAC systems; electrical systems; communication
 systems; and electronic safety & security systems.
 PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 30

6/8  10:00  Melbourne Beach
FY2010 Basins 4-9 and 11 Stormwater and Road Improvements Project
CONTACT: Jones Edmunds & Associates, Inc., 321-269-2950.
PLANS AVAILABLE: $150 per set from Jones Edmunds & Associates, Inc., 3910 S. Washinton Avenue, Suite 210,
Titusville, Florida 32780. Must obtain one set in order to bid on this project. Also FECBX plan room (hardcopy only in office).
BOND REQUIRED: 5% Bid Bond, 100% Performance & Payment Bonds

DESCRIPTION: The project is located in the Town of Melbourne Beach, Brevard County, Florida. The Work is generally
described as furnishing all labor, materials, equipment, tools, transportation, services, and incidentals and performing all
work necessary to provide the Owner with stormwater quality and road improvements in Basins 4-9 and 11 in the Town of
Melbourne Beach. The stormwater quality improvements include constructing baffle boxes, installing curb inlets,
constructing bioretention areas, constructing swales, replacing stormwater inlets, installing stormwater pipe, installing cured-
in-place-pipe, installing stormwater inlets, curb replacement, and replacing existing stormwater pipe. The road
improvements including milling and repaving, and asphalt reconstruction in various roads throughout Basins 4-9 and 11.
NOTE: A Mandatory pre-bid conference: May 26, 2011, 10:00 AM, Melbourne Beach Community Center, 507 Ocean
Avenue, Melbourne Beach, FL.
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 18

6/9  2:00  Sanford, IFB 10/11-14, EST. $800,000.00
Oleander Avenue Extension
CONTACT: In writing; Robert Beall, Project manager, City of Sanford, FAX 407-688-5081.
PLANS AVAILABLE FROM: CPH Engineers, Inc., 500 West Fulton Street, Sanford, FL 32771, for $50.00
and FECBX plan room (office hard copy available only).
BOND REQUIRED: 5% Bid Bond, 100% Performance & Payment Bonds
DESCRIPTION: The project consists of extending 2 lane Oleander Ave. approximately 950-ft from 18th St. to Country
Club Cir. Construction includes approximately 1250-ft of new 10’ wide asphalt trail, a new 0.5 acre stormwater pond,
minor regrading and resurfacing of Country Club Cir. and Country Club Dr., street lights, and landscaping. Storm
sewer construction is approximately 2000-ft (18”-24”).
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 17
                                         PROJECT INFORMATION ONLY

5/19  4:00  Brevard County, RFP –P31113-0-2011/LR, EST. $1,000,000.00
Continuing Design Contract for Roof consulting Services, Moisture Intrusion & Bldg Envelope Sys.
CONTACT: Leslie Rothering, Purchasing Manager, 321-617-7390.
PLANS AVAILABLE FROM: Mary Bowers Brevard County Facilities, 2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way Bldg. A, #207,
Viera FL, 32940. Also FECBX plan room.
DESCRIPTION: The Board of County Commissioners of Brevard County, Florida announces that professional services are
required to provide Continuing Roof Consulting, Moisture Intrusion and Building Envelope Design Services.
The County anticipates selecting and contracting with 3 firms, which will utilized on a rotating basis. Initial contract term will
be one (1) year, with three (3) one-year option renewals.
Ardaman & Associates, Inc., 407-855-3860 FAX 407-859-8121
CMA , 321-638-8698 FAX 321-638-8689
Gale Associates, Inc., 407-599-7031 FAX 407-599-7077
Klein & Company, Inc., 321-622-3229 FAX 888-610-6514
McAlhany Construction Company, Inc., 772-370-9787 FAX 772-918-4232
MGM Contracting, Inc., 321-639-6365 FAX 321-639-2780
The Roof Authority, Inc., 772-468-7870 FAX 772-468-2247
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 49

5/31  2:00  City Of Sebastian, RFQ
Riverview Park –“CAVCORP” Enhancement Project
CONTACT: Al Miner, City Manager, 772-388-8203,
PLANS AVAILABLE FROM: A general information package is available from Jean Tarbell, 772-388-8203, City of Sebastian
1225 Main Street, Sebastian, FL 32958.
DESCRIPTION: The City of Sebastian hereby invites interested Florida licensed professional engineers who have special
experience and talent in design permitting & construction management of roadway & drainage improvements to present
their qualifications.
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 40

6/1  2:00  Port Canaveral, PUR-ITB-11-2, EST. $2-300,000.00
General Contractor Renovations to Cruise Terminal 8
CONTACT: Karen Pappas at (321) 783-7831, extension 219 or

 PLANS AVAILABLE FROM: To obtain further bid specifications, interested parties must submit a bidder registration
 form (available on CPA website). Direct all inquiries to Karen Pappas at (321) 783-
 7831, extension 219 or All references to CPA website shall mean;
 BOND REQUIRED: (see documents)
 DESCRIPTION: General contractor services including doors, hardware, partitions, painting, millwork, electric and various
 NOTE: Mandatory Pre-Bid Site Visit: May 13, 2011 - 9:00 AM @ 445Challenger Rd, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920.
 Due to badging requirements, all attendees must pre-register by submitting a site visit pre-registration form (available on
 CPA website) at least 24 hours in advance of the site visit.
Jordan Development & Construction, LLC, 407-226-8840 FAX 407-248-8124
P.W. Hearn, Inc., 321-631-3553 FAX 321-631-2258
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 43

6/2  3:00  Melbourne, ITB- 03-041-0-2011/GB
Communications Equipment Maintenance
CONTACT: Gary Barber, Sr. Contract Administrator, 321- 608-7066 FAX 321-608-7070,
DESCRIPTION: Annual contract to furnish all labor and equipment necessary to perform maintenance, demand service,
and other non-contracted service on various City-owned communications equipment.
Black Box Network Services, 813-885-7400 FAX 813-888-8815
Brevard Business Telephone Systems, Inc., 321-636-9000 FAX 321-636-3194
Communications International, Inc., 772-569-5355 FAX 772-567-2292
Morse Communications Inc., 321-259-8469 FAX 321-255-0198
Santis Engineering, 321-868-6340 FAX 321-868-6341
Universal Cabling Systems, Inc., 561-659-6224 FAX 561-659-6308
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 38

6/3  2:00  Edgewater, RFP-11-LS-001-0-2011/MG
YMCA HVAC Replacement
CONTACT: Michelle Grenham buyer, 386-424-2400.
PLANS AVAILABLE FROM: City Of Edgewater for $5.00 and FECBX plan room.
BOND REQUIRED: 5% Bid Bond, 100% Performance & Payment Bonds.
DESCRIPTION: Furnish all labor, materials, equipment, tools, transportation, services, and incidentials and performing all
work necessary to construct.
NOTE: Mandatory,Pre-Bid Conference: May 17, 2011, 10:00 AM, Edgewater Council Chamber, 104 North Riverside Drive,
Edgewater, FL 32132.
Air Ideal, Inc., 407-761-0400 FAX 407-366-7560
Air Mechanical & Service Corp., 813-875-0782 FAX 813-873-2275
Altman Cooling and Heating LLC, 386-473-4218 FAX 386-668-1489
Automated Building Control Systems, Inc., 407-822-9991 FAX 407-822-9288
Coast to Coast Piping, Inc., 407-298-7114 FAX 407-298-7115
HM² Mechanical and Specialty Contractors, 321-269-3370 FAX 321-269-1305
Horne Construction, Inc., 863-298-8090 FAX 863-298-8109
R&R Industries, Inc., 386-253-7627 FAX 386-255-1470
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 5

6/10  2:00  Edgewater, RFP-11-GS-002
S.R. 5(US Highway 1) Sidewalks From Volco Road To North City Limits Of Edgewater
CONTACT: Pat Drosten, 386-424-2400.
DESCRIPTION: Notice is hereby given that the City of Edgewater is accepting Request for Proposals (RFP) for

engineering and surveying services related to the design and right-of-way mapping of 4.7 miles of sidewalks from Volco
Road to 10th Street along the S. R. 5 (US Highway 1) corridor. This is a Local Agency Program (LAP) project, utilizing
Federal funding. FDOT pre-qualifications are mandatory. Proposals for RFP No. 11-GS-002 will be received in the City
Clerk’s office, Edgewater City Hall, 104 N. Riverside Drive, P.O. Box 100, Edgewater, Florida 32132.
NOTE: Mandatory,Pre-Bid Conference: Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 2:00 PM, Edgewater Council Chamber, 104 North
Riverside Drive, Edgewater, FL 32132.
Santa Cruz Construction, Inc., 321-452-3190 FAX 321-459-3358
PLANS & SPECS: Bin # 41
                                                    BID RESULTS
3/24  2:00  St. Cloud, ITB-2011-024-0-2011/BEP, ADD # 1
Quonset Building Relocation Project
C&D Construction, Inc., 321-639-9198 FAX 321-690-2291,                                             $97,577.00
RJM Solutions, Inc., 407-908-9087,                                                                 $124,400.00
McCartney & Company, Inc., 407-843-1553 FAX 407-423-5560,                                          $172,960.00

3/29 ● 2:00 ● Osceola County, AR-11-2018-CV, ADD # 1
Fencing Services, Purchase, Installation and/or Repair
KMG FENCE, LLC, 407-654-7600 FAX 407-654-4700,                                                     $401,770.12
Commercial Fence Contractors, 321-987-2083 FAX 407-292-8550,                                       $453,397.59
CHAPCO FENCE, LLC, 407-892-6447 FAX 407-892-9765,                                                  $458,123.05

3/29  5:00 ● Palm Bay, RFP-15-2011-0-29, ADD # 1
 MCC Generator Automatic Transfer Switch Removal & Installation
Construction Management Assoc., LLC, 321-638-8696 FAX 321-638-8689,                                $33,870.00

3/30  2:00  Seminole County, CC-6460-11/DRR, EST. $300,000.00, ADD # 4
SR 46 Reclaimed Water & Force Main
Garney Companies, Inc., 407-846-3121,                                                              $3,707,489.50
Utility Systems Construction, Inc.,                                                                $3,884,980.05
Built-Rite Construction of Central Florida, Inc.,                                                  $4,176,081.65

3/31  2:00  Seminole County, CC-6548-11/RTB, Est. $50,000.00, ADD # 3
Generator Replacement @ Fire Station #26
Zabatt Engine Services, Inc., 904-384-4505 FAX 904-394-7446,                                       $27,471.00
Chinchor Electric, 386-774-1020 FAX 386-774-7223,                                                  $38,454.00
Excell Electric LLC, 407-276-0111 FAX 407-261-0111                                                 $47,400.00

4/7  2:00  Brevard County, ITB –B31159-0-2011/LR, EST. $150,000.00, ADD # 1
Brevard Co Gov Ctr, Bldg A, B, C, D & E-Viera- Occupancy Sensors
Gerelco Electric, 772-340-7474 FAX 775-340-0152                                                    $141,180.00
CMA, 321-638-8696 FAX 321-638-8689,                                                                $184,861.50

4/7  10:00  St. Cloud, RFP-2011-029-0-2011/BEP, EST. $600,000.00, ADD # 2
Police Department Site & Facility Rehabilitation Construction manager @ Risk

CMA, 321-638-8696 FAX 321-638-8689,                                               $652,700.00
Evergreen CM, 352-433-5606 FAX 866-398-3106                                       $711,400.00
Arnco Construction, Inc.,                                                         $722,180.00

4/11  3:00  City Of Kissimmee, RFP 2011-002, ADD # 1
330 New York Avenue
R.T. Hilary,                                                                      $160,198.76
Durable Restoration,                                                              $226,873.00

4/12  3:30  Port Canaveral, CN 10-010, Est. $20,000.000 Base Bid, ADD # 4
Cruise Terminal 6 Berth And N Cargo Berth 8, JL#143011006 & JL#184211007
Misener Marine, 813-393-8200, FAX 813-393-9443                                    $37,234,093.00
American Bridge, 813-254-4127 FAX 813-254-4754,                                   $38,638,097.00
Vortex Marine Construction, 510-261-2400 FAX 510-261-2444,                        $42,057,150.00

4/13  2:00  St. Johns County, SB-11-57-0-2011/SLH, ADD # 2
St. Johns County Work Release Housing Facility
K.P. Meiring Company,                                                             $1,036,000.00
Harrell Construction, CO.,Inc.,                                                   $1,045,900.00
DiMare Construction, CO., Inc.,                                                   $1,077,000.00

4/14  2:00  Deltona, ITB -11006-0-2011/KK, ADD # 2
General Contractor to Provide & Install Steel Bldg.
Estep Construction, Inc., 407-325-5998 FAX 407-884-6904                           $48,888.00
Done Right LLC, 305-731-1024 FAX 352-795-6106                                     $49,488.00
Olsen Construction,                                                               $49,900.00

4/15  3:00  Brevard County, ITB –B11160-0-2011/SS, ADD # 3
Removal & Replacement of Fuel Storage Tank, Brevard Detention Center
Space Coast Oil Equipment & Tank Services, Inc., 321-632-1889 FAX 321-633-4523,   $55,565.50
Green Thumb Site Work, 321-724-9552 FAX 321-724-5134,                             $66,454.38
Norris & Samon Pump Service, Inc., 727-323-4422 FAX 727-323-4422,                 $67,053.93

4/19  10:30  Port Orange, B11-13-0-2011/tc, ADD # 1
Clarifier Modifications & Improvements
McMahan Construction Co, Inc., 386-734-1071 FAX 386-738-2692,                     $324,000.00
BEACH CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC., 352-335-5556 FAX 352-335-5665,                  $349,700.00
Jones Mechanical,                                                                 $379,000.00

4/19  5:00 ● Palm Bay, 2011-0-50, EST. $110-130K, ADD # 4
CDBG Sidewalks FY11-Pinewood & Lipscomb Street
Santa Cruz Construction, Inc., 321-452-3190 FAX 321-459-3358,                     $149,797.28
C&D Construction, Inc., 321-639-9198 FAX 321-690-2291,                            $263,427.00

4/21  2:30  Cocoa, B-11-09-COC, ADD # 2
 Aluminum Roof Structure For Groundwater Filter Coverings At Dyal WTP

C&D Construction, Inc., 321-639-9198 FAX 321-690-2291,                                                                                         $1,987,987.00
Close Construction, 863-467-0831,                                                                                                              $2,238,600.00

4/21  2:00  Brevard County, ITB –B31156-0-2011/LR, EST. $99,000.00, ADD # 1
 SCAT Building Addition
Joyal Construction, 321-254-0997 FAX 321-259-7434,                                                                                             $147,900.00
Doug Wilson Enterprises, 321-783-0903 FAX 321-783-7941,                                                                                        $156,707.00
C&D Construction, Inc., 321-639-9198 FAX 321-690-2291,                                                                                         $159,777.00

4/21  3:00  Brevard County, ITB –B11164-0-2011/SS, ADD # 3
Removal & Replacement of Fuel Storage Tanks, Area 3/5 Road & Bridge Facility
Rare Earth Sciences Inc.,                                                                                                                       $122,009.00
CO Services, LLC                                                                                                                                $124,207.50
Norris & Samon Pump Service Inc.,                                                                                                               $124,921.49

4/26  2:00  Brevard County, ITB –B31129-0-2011/LR, ADD # 2
Bevis/Lucas Road Improvement Project
Stage Door II, Inc.,                                                                                                                           $110,966.00
KCF Site Development,                                                                                                                          $121,220.35
Gunn Struction, 321-455-6498 FAX 321-455-6499,                                                                                                 $126,109.25

5/2  2:00  Deltona, ITB-PW 11-12-0-2011/BB, EST. $1,340,000.00, ADD # 2
Widening of Fort Smith Blvd.(Section 4A-Rookery Ave. to Stallings Ave.)
B&B Underground,                                                                                                                               $1,499,598.70
D&W Paving,                                                                                                                                    $1,521,472.41
Halifax paving, Inc.,                                                                                                                          $1,311,677.96

5/3  2:00  Deltona, ITB-PW 11-08-0-2011/BB, EST. $226,000.00, ADD # 1
Norwood Pump Station Improvements
McMahan Construction,                                                                                                                          $159,380.00
Hazen Construction,                                                                                                                            $189,140.00
C & S Companies,                                                                                                                               $198,417.00

5/9  3:00  Melbourne, ITB- 518-0-2011/LB, ADD # 1
Mast Arm Painting, 518 & Commodore Boulevard
Santa Cruz Construction, Inc., 321-452-3190 FAX 321-459-3358                                                                                   $16,879.00
Larson Enterprises Goes Global,                                                                                                                $55,200.00

5/11  2:00  Brevard County, ITB –B-4-1170-2011/JM, EST. $60,000.00
South Beaches Wastewater Facility-South Clarifier Rehabilitation
Turning Water Industries Corporation, 863-425-4158 FAX 863-425-4258,                                                                           $24,600.00
Jones Mechanical Corp., 321-433-342 FAX 321-433-3420 ,                                                                                         $39.000.00
 C & S Technical Resources, Inc.,                                                                                                              $62,732.00

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