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					                     Immigration and Nationality Act Conversion Table

INA Sec.         Title 8, U.S. Code        Description

101              1101                      Definitions
103              1103                      Powers and Duties of Attorney General and Commissioner
104              1104                      Powers and Duties Sect’y of State

Title II, Chap. 1 — Selection System

201              1151                      Worldwide level of immigration
202              1152                      Numerical limitation to any single foreign state
203              1153                      Allocation of immigrant visas
204              1154                      Procedure for granting immigrant status
205              1155                      Revocation of approval of petitions
207              1157                      Refugees Admissions
208              1158                      Asylum Procedures
209              1159                      Adjustment of Status for Refugees

Chap. 2 — Qualifications for Admission of Aliens; Travel Control of Citizens and Aliens

212              1182                      Classes Ineligible for Visas and admission; Waivers
213A             1183a                     Requirements for Affidavit of support
214              1184                      Admission of Nonimmigrants
216              1186                      Conditional Permanent Residence for Certain spouses and
                                           sons and daughters
216A             1186a                     Conditional Permanent Residence for certain alien
                                           entrepreneurs, spouses, and children
217              1187                      Visa waiver pilot program for certain visitors
218              1188                      Admission of temporary H-2a workers
219              1189                      Designation of foreign terrorist organization

Chap. 3 — Issuance of Entry Documents

221              1201                      Issuance of Visas
222              1202                      Applications for visas
223              1203                      Reentry Permits

Chap. 4 — Inspection; Apprehension; Examination; Exclusion; and Removal

231              1221                      List of and citizen passengers arriving and departing
232              1222                      Detention of aliens for physical and mental examination
233              1223                      Entry through or from foreign territory and adjacent islands
234              1224                      Designation of ports of entry for aliens arriving by aircraft
235              1225                      Inspection by immigration officers; expedited removal of
                                           inadmissible arriving aliens; referral for hearing
235A             1225a                     Preinspection at Foreign Airports
236              1226                      Apprehension and detention of aliens
237              1227                      General classes of deportable aliens
238              1228                      Expedited removal of aliens convicted of aggravated

239               1229                       Initiation of removal proceedings
240               1229a                      Removal proceedings
240A              1229b                      Cancellation of removal; adjustment of status
240B              1229c                      Voluntary departure
241               1231                       Detention and removal of aliens ordered removed
242               1252                       Judicial review of orders of removal
243               1253                       Penalties related to removal
244               1254                       Temporary protected status

Chap. 5 — Adjustment and change of status

245               1255                       Adjustment of status of nonimmigrant to that of person
                                             admitted for permanent residence
245A              1255a                      Adjustment of status of certain entrants before January 1,
                                             1982, to that of person admitted for lawful residence
246               1256                       Rescission of adjustment of status
248               1258                       Change of nonimmigrant classification
249               1259                       Record of admission for permanent residence in the case of
                                             certain aliens who entered the united states prior to July 1,
                                             1924 or January 1, 1972

Chap. 7 — Registration of Aliens

261               1301                       Aliens seeking entry into the united states
262               1302                       Registration of aliens in the united states
263               1303                       Provisions governing registration of special groups
264               1304                       Forms and procedure
265               1305                       Notices of change of address
266               1306                       Penalties

Chap. 8 — General Penalty Provisions

272               1322                       Bringing in aliens subject to denial of admission on a health-
                                             related ground
273               1323                       Unlawful bringing of aliens into united states
274               1324                       Bringing in and harboring certain aliens
274A              1324a                      Unlawful employment of aliens
274B              1324b                      Unfair immigration-related employment practices
274C              1324c                      Penalties for document fraud
274D              1324d                      Civil penalties for failure to depart
275               1325                       Entry of alien at improper time or place; misrepresentation
                                             and concealment of facts
276               1326                       Reentry of removed alien
277               1327                       Aiding or assisting certain aliens to enter the united states
278               1328                       Importation of alien for immoral purpose
279               1329                       Jurisdiction of district courts

287               1357                       Powers of immigration officers and employees
291               1361                       Burden of proof
292               1362                       Right to counsel

Title III, Chap. 1 — Nationality at Birth and by Collective Naturalization

301              1401                      National and Citizens of the United States at Birth
302              1402                      Persons born in Puerto Rico on or after April 11, 1899
303              1403                      Persons born in the canal zone or republic of Panama on or
                                           after February 26, 1904
304              1404                      Persons Born in Alaska on or after March 30, 1867
305              1405                      Persons Born in Hawaii
306              1406                      Persons living in and born in the virgin islands
307              1407                      Persons living in and born in Guam
308              1408                      Nationals but not citizens of the united states at birth
309              1409                      Children Born out of Wedlock

Chap. 2 - Nationality Through Naturalization

310              1421                      Naturalization Authority
311              1422                      Eligibility for Naturalization
312              1423                      Requirement as to Understanding the English
                                           Language, History, Principles, and Form of
                                           Government of the United States
313              1424                      Prohibition Upon the Naturalization of Persons
                                           Opposed to Government or Law, or Who Favor
                                           Totalitarian Forms of
314              1425                      Ineligibility to Naturalization of Deserters from the
                                           Armed Forces of the United States
315              1426                      Alien Relieved from Training and Service in the
                                           Armed Forces of the United States because of
                                           Alienage Barred from Citizenship
316              1427                      Requirements as to Residence, Good Moral
                                           Character, Attachment to the Principles of the
                                           Constitution, and Favorable Disposition to the
                                           United States
317              1428                      Temporary Absence of Persons Performing
                                           Religious Duties
318              1429                      Prerequisites to Naturalization; Burden of Proof
319              1430                      Married Persons and Employees of
                                           Certain Nonprofit Organizations
320              1431                      Children Born Outside of the United States and
                                           Residing Permanently in the United States;
                                           Conditions Under which Citizenship Automatically
322              1433                      Children Born and Residing Outside the United
                                           States; Conditions for Acquiring Certificate of
324              1435                      Former Citizens of United States Regaining United
                                           States Citizenship
325              1436                      Nationals but not Citizens of the United States;
                                           Residence within Outlying Possessions
326              1437                      Resident Phillipine Citizens Excepted from Certain
327              1438                      Former United States Citizens Losing Citizenship
                                           by Entering the Armed Forces of Foreign
                                           Countries During World War II
328              1439                      Naturalization through Service in the Armed
                                           Forces of the United States

329              1440           Naturalization through Active-Duty Service in the
                                Armed Forces during World War I, World War II,
                                the Korean Hostilities, the Vietnam Hostilities, or
                                in other periods of Military Hostilities
329A             1440           Posthumous Citizenship through Death While on
                                Active-duty Service in the Armed Forces during
                                world War I, World War II, the Korean Hostilities,
                                the Vietnam Hostilities, or in other periods of
                                Military Hostilities
330              1441           Constructive Residence through Service on Certain
                                United States Vessels
331              1442           Alien Enemies; Naturalization under Specified
                                Conditions and Procedure
332              1443           Procedural and Administrative Provisions;
                                Executive Functions
333              1444           Photographs
334              1445           Application for Naturalization; Declaration of
335              1446           Investigation of Applicants; Examinations of
336              1447           Hearings on Denials of Applications for
337              1448           Oath of Renunciation and Allegiance
338              1449           Certificate of Naturalization; Contents
339              1450           Functions and Duties of Clerks and Records of
                                Declaration of Intention and Applications for
340              1451           Revocation of Naturalization
341              1452           Certificates of Citizenship or U.S. Non-citizen
                                National Status; Procedure
342              1453           Cancellation of Certificates Issued by the Attorney
                                General, the Commissioner or a Deputy
                                Commissioner; Action not to affect Citizenship
343              1454           Documents and Copies Issued by the Attorney
344              1455           Fiscal Provisions
345 [repealed]
348 [repealed

Chap. 3 - Loss of Nationality

349              1481           Loss of Nationality by Native-born or Naturalized
350 [repealed]
351              1483           Restrictions on Loss of Nationality
356              1488           Nationality Lost Solely from Performance of Acts
                                or Fulfilment of Conditions
357              1489           Application of Treaties; Exceptions

Chap. 4 - Miscellaneous

358             1501                    Certificate of Diplomatic or Consular Officer of
                                        the United States as to Loss of American
                                        Nationality Under Chapter IV, Nationality Act of
                                        1940, or Under Chapter 3 of this Title
359             1502                    Certificate of Nationality for a Person not a
                                        Naturalized Citizen for use in Proceedings of a
                                        Foreign State
360             1503                    Judicial Proceedings for Declaration of United
                                        States Nationality in Event of Denial of Rights and
                                        Privileges as National
361             1504                    Cancellation of United States Passports and
                                        Consular Reports of Birth

Chap. V — Alien Terrorist Removal Procedure

501     1531                            Definitions
502     1532                            Establishment of removal court
503     1533                            Removal court procedure
504     1534                            Removal hearing.
505     1535                            Appeals
506     1536                            Custody and release pending removal hearing
507     1537                            Custody and release after removal hearing