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If you owned the goose that laid the golden egg


									If you owned the goose
that laid the golden egg…
which would you insure first?
The goose or the egg?                        The goose, however, represents your earning
                                             power. And, your earning power is your
                                             most valuable asset! If your income suddenly
Naturally, you would insure the goose. As
                                             stopped because of an illness or a disability,
long as you have the goose, you can always
                                             where would the money come from? Who
get more eggs.
                                             would provide the golden egg?
But, when it comes to your own
                                             Unfortunately, like most people, you are
insurance, is it possible that you have
                                             probably only protecting your home and
done just the opposite?
                                             your automobile. You should be protecting
If the golden egg represents your            your ability to earn an income…upon which
house, car and other valuable assets,        everything else depends.
then you’ve probably insured everything
                                             So, have you insured the goose or the golden
that can be replaced.
                                             egg? Protect your earning power. Talk to
                                             your insurance representative today about
                                             disability coverage from RBC Insurance®.
                          About RBC Insurance
    RBC Insurance, through its operating entities, including
  RBC Life Insurance Company, provides a wide range of life,
 health, travel, home, auto and reinsurance products as well
   as creditor and business insurance services to more than
   five million North American clients. As a leading provider
  of individual living benefits and life insurance products in
 Canada, RBC Insurance offers a comprehensive portfolio of
   individual and group life and health insurance solutions,
 including term and universal life insurance, group benefits,
   disability critical illness, and long term care insurance as
   well as segregated funds. These products are distributed
  through more than 17,000 independent brokers affiliated
   with producer groups, financial planning firms and stock
brokerage firms, as well as through direct sales and a network
of career sales representatives. For more information, please

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