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									The Segway Personal Transporter x2 Golf: The Golfer's Selection

The Segway Golf Scooter also named as Segway X2 is designed to grant golf fanatics
a brand new option to cruise the course. With extended-range batteries, a golf bag
carrier rack, and increased traction tires, the Segway golf scooter provides the golfer
all of the tools essential to go through the game in a amusing, distinctive style.
Whether or not you're a golf player or not you will love it. When you're not a golfer,
you will want to go on for the ride. Segway Golf scooter contains a bag carrier, along
with a score card holder and specialized low-pressure tires that enable the Segway x2
Golf to maneuver softly, making little harm to the greens than a golf cart. The X2
contains a zero-degree turning radius and seamlessly compensates for uneven terrain
and hills. X2. Fully charged, the scooter has sufficient range to last 36 holes (or
fourteen miles)
A standard round of golf game on the course sometimes involves a minimum of 4
hours, but the Segway's scooter you may be done in just three hours. Players who use
the Segway scooter also observed that it's simpler to speak since all four players may
transfer around the course side by side, instead of being forced to break up into 2
separate golf carts.
The applied science is delectation. After more or less ten minutes of practice, nearly
anyone could maneuver safely on a Segway scooter. Though it features handlebars
like a motorcycle, there is no accelerator or brake. You simply lean forward slightly
to go forward, leaning backward a bit to reverse, and stand straight up to stop. It is so
responsive you really can just think about going ahead and also you go.
There's really only one important matter to acknowledge about moving a Segway
scooter. When you step onto the platform with single foot, a green smiley face will
come out on a roundish window between the handlebars. But every time the entire
thing is angled too far forward or backward, it would rumble and beam yellow,
ordering you to straighten up before you step on it.
This is not too hard to memorize. But when you do not discover the yellow image and
you step forward anyway, you kind of tumble forward and smash the ground and
bounce up quickly, feeling like a dork.
There are certain issues a player could miss about a golf cart, besides the opportunity
to sit down. There is no relief from the sunshine on a Segway scooter other than your
hat. Whereas there's an isolated cooler pocket hanging off the front to carry the golf
player favored iced drink, score card and ball caddie mounted between the
handlebars, there is not any basket to throw away a head cover or sweater into.
Using the Segway scooter on the golf course brings an incomparable experience. As a
result of the platform is eight inches off the ground, riders get a neat viewpoint of the
fairway. The Segway scooter moves 2 to 3 occasions walking pace and should help
the rider move from place to place speedily, on the identical time enjoying his or her
And like each models in the Segway line of products, the Segway GT scooter is
zero-emissions, virtually inaudible and highly energy efficient, so you possibly can
look good and feel go on the green.

segway X2: The Segway Personal Transporter for Golf Players

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