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									Progress Technology

In its simplest form, technological advances resulting from the development of old methods or the
invention of new methods in solving the traditional tasks such as grow crops, make clothes, or build a

There are three basic classifications of technological progress that is:

   1. Advances in technology that are neutral
    Occurs when the level of expenditure (output) is higher achieved with a combination of quantity
and income factors (input) the same.
   2. The progress of labor-saving technology
    The technological advances that have occurred since the late nineteenth century was marked by
many rapidly growing labor-saving technology in producing everything from nuts to bike up to the
   3. Capital-saving technological progress
    The phenomenon is relatively rare. This is mainly due to almost all technological and scientific
research in the world conducted in developed countries, which is intended to save labor, not capital.

Experience in various developing countries shows that direct intervention is excessive, especially in
the form of government regulation is too strict, in the market for foreign technology actually inhibits
the flow of foreign technology to developing countries.
On the other hand a policy of 'open doors for a long time 'against the flow of foreign technology,
especially in the form of foreign investment (PMA), it inhibits greater independence in the process of
developing technological capabilities of developing countries because of too great reliance on foreign
investors, since it is they who make all efforts are difficult and complex technology .

Utilizing Technology In Positive

The brothers are happy,
Conscious or unconscious at this time we had entered at a time when technology is very pronounced
joints accompany our lives, from the little time we wake up alarm that may be awakened by the phone
until we will sleep again and turn off the lamp socket in the bedroom. Nearly every activity we come
into contact with technology.

If used at the time of independence there were only simple technology, keduian during self sufficiency
in food, increased technology in the field of agronomy. Well today we are surrounded as though
information technology.

Ladies and gentlemen suadari that,
Who today either do not have a mobile phone? Currently almost all of us already have one of these
latest technology products. Tools such as mobile phone technology is very useful, but if one of mobile
phone use can also be berdampakburuk, especially for children under age.
EdukasiNet Benefits for Teachers and Students

The benefits that the authors feel the presence of edukasinet which can be accessed anytime and
anywhere, has a tremendous benefit to both teachers themselves and for students include the
1. Assist teachers in explaining the concepts that are abstract. In other words can help in overcoming
the limitations of instructional media,
2. Teaching and learning process can be more attractive and interactive animation and simulation due
to the stimulus for students to interact,
3. For students to be used as enrichment material for independent learning, so that more students are
fond of and pursue further,
4. Allows teachers to make interactive white board with access to teaching materials and run through
the projector.
Thus the existence and presence edukasinet can be used as alternative media more effectively and
efficiently so as to create an atmosphere of teaching and learning are more varied and enjoyable

Latest Information Technology Development

A group of scientists in information technology in the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
has found a paper-thin screen. This screen can also be bent and rolled up like a plain paper without the
slightest damage. So the result of computer technology is able to put together with newspaper to
display moving images like posters live in the Harry Potter films. The monitor is named FlexUPD thin.

The development of information technology terbaruBukan only that, this latest technology will also be
expected to reduce the weight and size e-reader and tablet PCs. Thin screen is claimed to be integrated
with some of the latest screen technologies such as LCD, LED, even OLEDs (organic light-emitting

ITRI findings of this latest technology has earned the gold medal in the Wall Street Journal's 10th
annual Tech Innovation Awards 2010. ITRI is a team of scientists known as the best information
technology, last year they also won the Innovation Award for discoveries FleXpeaker, paper-thin
loudspeakers. FlexUPD patents now held by AU Optronics Corporation of Taiwan's ITRI funders as

Latest information technology developments - Newspapers Picture bergerakJika viewed from a very
thin thickness and coupled with the latest printing techniques and layout, it will be possible for
FlexUPD to 'attached' to the newspaper to show live pictures or films related to the news being
presented in newspaper. This is certainly a big step for communication technology. FlexUPD
electronic structure is very sophisticated. Anatomy of the world's thinnest screen is composed of layers
of micro-film transistors that are attached to a sheet of flexible material. So that the screen is not rigid
and can have a level fleksib ilitas like paper.

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