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									    Exploratory Analysis
      of Traffic Impact
of the Proposed Relocation
of Los Baños Municipal Hall

           Rosalinda B. Vasquez
            BS Civil Engineering
  University of the Philippines Los Baños
• Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) is a traffic engineering
  study which determines the potential traffic impacts
  of a proposed development.

• A TIA usually needs to be submitted by a developer
  before any changes in the land use zoning,
  subdivision maps, site plans or new driveways are

• A TIA should start in the earliest planning stages of a
  project including at site selection.
  Proposed Guidelines for Traffic
Impact Assessment in the Philippines
• by UP National Center for Transportation Studies
  Foundation, Inc. (UPNCTSFI) through Japan
  International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
  development study program

• Objective:
      • To establish a standardized process to serve as
        the basis for the preparation and evaluation of
        traffic impact assessments of urban and
        regional development projects.
• TIA Process
• Warrants
      - Size
      - Reclassification of Zoning
      - Modifications to Public Roads
      - High Traffic Impact Areas
• Contents of a Traffic Impact Assessment Report
• Level of Service Analysis
      - Volume-Capacity Ratio
      - Scenarios to be Analyzed
      - Standards of Significance
• The proposed relocation of the Los Baños Municipal
  Hall is located at National Highway corner PCCARD
  Road, Brgy. Timugan near BPI Economic Garden.
      Lot Area = 6215 m2
      Floor Area = 1512 m2
      Gross Floor Area = 3024 m2

• The existing municipal hall is located at Baybayin, Los
  Baños near Poblacion Public Market and Laguna
           Size Threshold Values and
       Development Type that requires TIA
Development Type                                     Size Threshold Values
Residential                                             100 dwelling units
Educational                                              2,500 m2 (GFA)
Office Building                                          1,575 m2 (GFA)
Motor Vehicle Department                                  540 m2 (GFA)
Commercial                                                810 m2 (GFA)
Fast Food                                                 200 m2 (GFA)
Gasoline Station                                          100 m2 (GFA)
Recreational Facilities                                  2,150 m2 (GFA)
Industrial                                               8,600 m2 (GFA)
Hotel                                                      170 rooms
Medical                                                      85 beds
Source: Guidebook on Traffic Impact Assessment, NCTS-JICA March 2003
Location Map
  Laguna Lake              Existing
                         Municipal Hall

                       National Highway

 Pantua St.               Proposed
                       Municipal Building

                PCCARD Road
Site Map

                           BPI Economic Garden
       Proposed Municipal Building
Site Photos
Significance of the Study
• This study will evaluate whether the traffic condition
  will be affected by the proposed development.

• This study can serve as an example of a TIA.

• This study will provide knowledge about TIA and its
Objectives of the Study
General Objective
  To assess the traffic impact of the proposed
  relocation of Los Baños Municipal Hall

Specific Objectives
• To analyze the existing traffic conditions
• To estimate the future traffic with and without
• To identify the impacts of the proposed development
• To recommend roadway improvements
                                  Study Methodology
Data Collection

              Existing                                     Survey
            Municipal Hall
           (Existing Location)         Mode of          Survey (with
                                    Transportation     Questionnaire)

             Proposed               Traffic Volume
                                                        (Traffic Count)
          Municipal Building
          (Site for Relocation)                           Get from
                                    Road Capacity

Data Analysis       Forecast Future            Level of Service
                     Traffic Volume     (Present and Forecasted Future)

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