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Mail Marketing Standards and the Vision
The difference between a successful and other direct mail campaigns is effective communications based, of course,
on a well structured and packaged product or service offering. Visionary Marketeers are also emphasising that
database segmentation, creative one_2_one marketing and colour are the best ways to increase financial returns
on direct mail marketing campaigns. Whilst this is all good and the vision is undoubtedly brilliant, the technology to
deliver has lagged somewhat.

The Vision and Technology finally meet through MintDirect
PEPPERMILL Software and the DIRECT TARGET MAILER [DTM] have arrived to convert this marketing vision into a
brilliant reality; and to drive it further.

Your most important asset ‘Your Customers’
Peppered Mail is an innovative communications solution for engaging, acquiring and retaining customers and
transforming a product or sales driven organization into a customer-centric one. Innovation, however, is not a
switch that can just be turned on. Rather, it is the driving force behind choosing vital change over complacency.
Ultimately, it lays the foundation for the competitive advantage needed to position an organisation for recovery
from the current economy climate, and moving into the future.

Marketing Budgets
Marketing budgets and performance are under increased performance pressure in this tough economy. Yet,
marketing remains absolutely critical in retaining and growing customer relationships, and sales. As such;
Marketing must support retention and growth activities, not with a lesser budget but with a better and smarter
used budget, and it must become more measurable and performance driven. Companies should not look to cut vital
marketing programs, but instead look to eliminate marketing waste and improve marketing productivity.

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