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             MINISTRY BY STRENGTHS                                                      October 2010

Dear Friends,                         Danny went to jail… the gun
                                      went to a museum! Everything healthy Christians! Join us as
                                      Danny needed for his new life we reflect upon whether or
During October, we are launch-        was right there in his hands. not we are living out these
ing a new ministry emphasis for                                     strengths in our personal and
discipleship and spiritual develop-                                 communal life.
ment entitled Mi ni stry By
Strengths. This focus comes from
the Clifton StrengthsFinder re-                                              Hear again these ancient
search developed by the Gallup                                               words from Isaiah, at a time
Organization.                                                                when Israel was in a state of
                                                                             weakness and despair…
                                                                             ―Have you not known? Have
This study contends that all of us                                           you not heard? The Lord is
have five signature strengths that                                           the everlasting God, the
make each of us distinctively         I hope you might jump into a           Creator of the ends of the
wired. This is no great news to the   “Ministry By Strengths” class ei-      earth. He does not faint or
people of faith who ―praise God       ther this month, or in our second      grow weary; his understand-
because we are uniquely and           round in January. As one writer        ing is unsearchable. He gives
wonderfully made‖ (Psalm              has expressed, ―There is no            power to the faint, and to him
139:14). Too many times, even         stopping a congregation that           who has no might he in-
the people of faith, however, fo-     has made the shift to a                creases strength. Even youths
cus on deficiency and scarcity,       strengths-based mindset.‖              shall faint and be weary, and
rather than on abundance.                                                    young men shall fall ex-
When we reflect upon how                                                     hausted; but they who wait
greatly God has equipped each         Our worship series will echo this      for the Lord shall renew their
and every one of us and begin to      approach as we are reflecting          strength; they shall mount up
operate out of our giftedness, we     upon a national study com-             with wings like eagles; they
become unleashed with power           pleted last year by The United         shall run and not be weary;
and possibility.                      Methodist Church. Under the            they shall walk and not
                                      leadership of a current bishop,        faint‖ (Isaiah 40:28-31).
                                      a task team explored every
If Danny Simpson had understood       growing and vibrant United
this, he probably would not have      Methodist Church in the coun- Faithfully,
robbed a bank. In 1990, in Ot-        try and discerned five common Chip Freed
tawa, Canada, twenty-four-year-       factors or ―practices‖ that each Lead Pastor
old Danny was sent to jail for rob-   congregation exhibited. They
bing a bank of $6000. Later, it       were: passionate worship; radi- Inside this issue:
was discovered that the gun           cal hospitality; intentional faith
Danny used in this crime was a .45    development; risk-taking mis- Intentional Faith Development         2/3
caliber Colt semi-automatic,                                             Radical Hospitality/Passionate
                                      sion & service; and extravagant Worship                             4
which turned out to be an an-         generosity. Using Gallup’s lan-
tique made by the Ross Rifle          guage, these would be the five Risk Taking Mission & Service        5/6
Company of Quebec City in             ―signature strengths‖ of healthy Extravagant Generosity             6
1918. The gun was appraised at        congregations. Healthy con- Preventing the Flu                      7
           $150,000!                  gregations are only made up of
Page 1
                                                            October 24 Special Worship Times &
         NEW! Ministry by Strengths
                                                                   ―Acts 2‖ Celebration Lunch

                                                        Worship at 9:30 (Heritage) and 11:00 (Combined Mosaic &
                                                                         Odyssey Baptism Sunday)
s                                                          Followed by Potluck ―Acts 2‖ Celebration Lunch in
 .                                                                       Family Life Center at 12:30
s                                                      Our Ministry by Strengths worship series will conclude on October 24
k                                                      with Pastor Chip Freed’s message, ―Extravagant Generosity.‖ On
 .                                                     that day we will worship at 9:30 in the Sanctuary and at 11:00 in a
h                                                      special combined Mosaic/Odyssey baptism service where the bap-
d                                                      tismal pool will be available for those who wish to be baptized or to
 l                   Discover How to                   reaffirm their baptism. If you have not been baptized and would
 -                                                     like to be on October 24, or you would like to reaffirm your baptism
              Unleash Your Gifts as a Servant!
k                                                      (sprinkling and immersion will be available at 11:00 AM) contact
      Sun. 6-7:30 PM– Starts Oct. 3 (this session is   Pastor Terry McHugh ( as soon as possible.
      open to Sr. High Youth & college students        There will be a meeting for those being baptized on Wed. Oct. 20
 -    also) - B.i.G. Room                              at 5:30 PM in the Conference Room at the church.
d     Mon. 1-2:30 PM- Starts Oct. 4, B.i.G Room
y     Mon. 7-8:30 PM- Starts Oct. 4, Wesley Room       Following 11:00 worship that day, everyone from all three of our
 f                                                     worship experiences are invited to share in an ―Acts 2‖ Celebration
      Tues. 7-8:30 PM (men)- Starts Oct. 5, Chapel     Lunch. Main dish will be provided; please bring a side, salad or des-
 -    Ministry by Strengths is an 8-week journey to    sert. At that meal we will sing together, hear again the words of
t     help us reflect on how God has designed all      Acts 4:42-47 about the early church, and we will receive new mem-
      of us to serve. We will be utilizing Gallup's    bers and we can all recommit our vows to service in Christ’s church.
 -    bestselling Strengths Finders 2.0 to gain a
      better understanding of your God-given
                                                       We will also celebrate the ―signature strengths‖ of Intentional Faith
      strengths and talents, and how God may be        Development, Radical Hospitality, Passionate Worship, Risk-Taking
      calling you to utilize those to change the       Mission and Service, and Extravagant Generosity. A special offering
      world! Cost: $20.00 (you’ll receive resource     in support of our Adopt-a-Habitat Home partnership will be taken,
      at the class) Childcare available on request.    and we will collect any Faith Promises that people bring in that day.
 r    Led by Pastors Chip Freed & Terry McHugh.
a     To sign up or to learn more contact informa-
                                                       Following the lunch you are invited to follow a ―tour guide‖ to the
 t or call Pastor Terry
                                                       Chagrin Falls Park Community Center to see the Center, the Angela
      McHugh 216.831.1942 x22.
                                                       Varner home that we are helping to build, as well as a few other
                                                       Habitat homes.
                                                       Don’t miss this opportunity to come together and ―be the church‖!


h     Come to the living stone rejected as worthless by humanity but chosen as valuable by God. Come as living stones
      and let yourselves be used in building the kingdom of God….You are chosen by God to proclaim the wonderful
      acts of God, who called you from darkness into marvelous light. (1 Peter 2:4-5, 9)
      If you are interested in learning more about membership at Garfield Memorial Church, its ministries and staff, bap-
      tism, the Christian faith, and the United Methodist Church, we invite you to come a one-session membership class
      on Oct. 10 from 1:30-2:45 PM in the conference room in the church offices. (If you are interested in membership but
      are unable to come on that date contact Pastor Terry McHugh 216.831.1942 x22 ) At that
      class you will receive an information form to fill out and return and will also have the opportunity to make an ap-
      pointment for an individual meeting with a member of our staff to help discern your ―next steps‖ in spiritual growth
a     and service. Childcare provided on request. New members will be received on Oct. 24 during an all-church ―Acts
      2‖ Celebration Lunch in the Family Life Center (approx. 12:30 PM). The lunch will follow the 11:00 AM combined
      Mosaic/Odyssey worship service. Baptism by immersion and sprinkling will be offered at that service. If you have
      not been baptized please let Pastor Terry know ASAP.
           Contact: Pastor Terry McHugh, 216.831.1942 x 22 with questions or to let us know you
           plan to attend the class.

     Page 2
                        Intentional Faith Development (Small Groups)
MAKING LOVE LAST A LIFETIME STARTS               (Wesley Room). Full Circle is a support          MIDPOINT(e): is a 20 something gathering/
SEPT. 29 ―Making Love Last a Lifetime‖           group offering hope and fellowship for indi-     Bible study meeting Wednesdays at 7PM
started Sept. 29 and runs for 8 weeks from                 viduals and family members af-         in the Youth Room. To receive updates
7:00-8:30 PM in the Big Room in the Sunday                 fected by a variety of mental          text GRACE to 95495 or contact Matt Wills,
         School wing. Making Love Last a                   health issues such as bipolar disor-   Pastor of Youth and Young adults,
         Lifetime is a small group Bible study             der, depression, OCD, or general-
         offering Biblical perspectives on                 ized anxiety.     Please contact
                                                                                                  COMRADERY: Meets the first Thursday of
         love, marriage, and sex & is for sin-; or Nancy
                                                                                                  each month at 4:00 pm in the Wesley
         gles, couples and anyone interested     Isaacson at or (216)
                                                                                                  Room. Comradery is a social group for
         in improving their relationships. The   591-0301.
                                                                                                  independent, mature adults that live
cost for the class is $10 (to cover resource     Rocks Won't Cry Out-Intercessory Prayer          alone and want to share interests. For
book). To sign up or for more information        Group : You are invited to pray with us on       more information contact Howard
contact Childcare       Sunday mornings from 7:45-8:15 am in the          440.248.5444       or      Marsha
provided.                                        Prayer room. Confidential prayer requests .
THE TREASURE PRINCIPLE‖ - 7:30-9:00 PM,          may be sent to
                                                                                              “A CLEAR VIEW OF THE BIRTH OF JESUS‖ -
                                                 Contact           Lori     Stubbs        at
Library (6 weeks). The Treasure Princi-                                                       Tues., Oct. 26-Nov. 16, 3PM ,
          ple is a small group Bible study                                                    in the Wesley Room. This 4
          on the Biblical basis for stew-        Starting Oct. 9, meet with us the second week class features Kenneth
          ardship. This course is DVD            Saturday of every month at 3PM in the E. Bailey, PhD’s, insights into
                                                 Prayer Room at the church. If you are the background of the birth
          based with professional teach-
                                                 called to a life of prayer or simply want to of Christ. Contact Judy Silli-
          ing by Crown Ministries Staff,         learn to pray, we hope you’ll come. Confi- man, 216.464.4453.
          and differs from Financial             dential prayer requests for this group can
Peace University, which focuses more             be sent to
on the practicalities of budgeting, in-                                                           FELLOWSHIP GROUP—KALEIDOSCOPE:
                                                 PRAYER WALK MINISTRY: This group is for          Kaleidoscope is a social group for Sr.
vestments, and other financial informa-          those who are called to prayer. If               Adults who meet for fellowship, and spe-
tion. Please email Roger Shumaker at             you have a desire to draw closer                 cial events.    Contact Ron Schuller,                          to the Lord through prayer, this                 216.831.8398.
                                                 group is for you! Join us as we
BOOK CLUB: The book club will                                                                     ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL:
                                                 walk and pray. Sundays, Sept
meet October 8th (2nd Friday of
                                                 12—Nov. 14th from 1:30—2:30 at                   EARLY BIRD BIBLE STUDY Sundays 8:30-9:30
each month) in the Wesley Room
                                                 the South Chagrin Reservation Cleveland          in the Library. Led by Jill Bennett.
at noon. We will be reading ―Little
                                                 Metro Park (off Miles Road). We will be
Bee‖ by Chris Cleave. Bring your                                                                  ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL Sundays 9:30-
                                                 discussing the book, ―The Wandering
lunch and a friend, coffee and tea pro-                                                           10:10 in the Library. Led by Marcia John-
                                                 Prayer: An Invitation to Walk With God‖, by
vided. Contact Joan Fitchet at 216-831-                                                           son.
                                                 David Hansen.
MOMS’ GROUP: This group for moms of in-
fants to elementary-aged children meets
from 9:30 to 11 am in the Wesley Room at                                 Youth Ministry News—Matt Wills, Youth Pastor
church on the 1st & 3rd Weds. of each
month. Free loving childcare provided. Led
by Pastor Terry McHugh.
                                                                      Habitat Work Days ... A chance to put faith into action on Oc-
FULL CIRCLE SUPPORT GROUP: Tuesdays 6PM                               tober 23rd from 8am-3pm... this event is for youth 16 and older...
                                                                      we will be working on the site that our church has poured itself
                                                                      into and building something more than a home... learn what it
    Children’s Ministry News—Kymm McElroy                             means to serve in a new way. Other available dates for Jr. &
                                                                      Sr. High to serve: Saturday November 20th and Saturday De-
   Garfield Memorial Church Sunday                                    cember 4th. For more info contact
               School times:
                                                                      "One Night for Habitat" join the youth of GMC as well as 4 other
   9:30 Pre-K - 5th, the children are to-
                                                                      local area churches and get LOCKED IN to what Habitat is do-
           gether in one room.                                        ing in our community and through our church... We will meet
 10:30 Pre-K, K-1st, 2nd-3rd, 4th-5th all in separate rooms,          November 20th @ 6:00 pm in the Youth Room and head to St.
                                                                      Joan of Arc for an all-nighter and return Sunday at 8:30ish.
         6th & up downstairs in the Youth Room.
                                                                      Registration Deadline for the Lock-in is Nov. 14th for 9th-12th
   11:45 Pre-K - 5th, the children are all together in one            grades (Sunday) please RSVP to for
                            room.                                     more info.
   Nursery care is available during all worship services.             MORNING YOUTH SUNDAY SCHOOL (6-12th graders) Sun, 10:30
 *Note* Parents must drop off and sign in, and pick up                AM (Youth Room) with Patrick Watkins.
 children Pre-K thru 3rd grade. They will not be released             EVENING YOUTH GROUP (7--12th graders) Sundays @ 6PM.
 to older siblings. Contact

 Page 3
                                                               COMING TO GARFIELD MEMORIAL CHURCH
                                                                   SATURDAY NOVEMBER 13 9 am—5pm
                                                              FEATURING GUEST ARTISTS MELINDA WATTS &
                                                                          BECKAH SHAE!
 This one day high energy conference for young girls ages 8 –18 will expose and dissect controversial subjects girls
 wrestle with. The vision of the conference is to encourage ladies to have healthy self esteem and make positive
 life-choices. Through creative Bible-based teachings the goal is to passionately promote the physical, emotional,
 and spiritual growth of today’s youth by inspiring, motivating, challenging and empowering them with a message
 of Truth. We hope each girl will gain a more positive perspective on their life and feel courageous enough to begin
 walking in a lifestyle that is healthy and to make positive choices to be ―smart, healthy, and whole‖, that will
 impact them for years to come. Key issues discussed: Media Influences, Peer Pressure, Relationships, True Beauty,
 Sex, Self-Esteem, Godliness, Soul—Ties, Fashion, Academic Success, Goal Setting/Achievements of Goal, Health
 Issues. Melinda Watts will spearhead the conference. Beckah Shae (led worship on September 5 at GMC) as well
 as Karima Kibble and The Eriam Sisters will join Melinda at this conference. The cost for the conference is $18.50
 and this fee includes the conference workshop, concert, and lunch. The event will begin at 8:00 am (registration),
 and the conference will run from 9:00 am—5 pm on November 13, 2010.               Tickets are available at the Church
 Office. To learn more about this conference, please contact, 216-831-1942, ext. 32.

                                        Women of Faith Conference 2010
 Forty six women from Garfield Memorial Church made their way to downtown Cleveland on September 17 and 18
 to experience a vibrant Women of Faith Conference this year. Highlights were Music by Steven Curtis Chapman,
 Mandisa, and Sandy Patty. Comedy by Anita Renfroe. Inspiring Messages by authors
 Andy Andrews, Marilyn Meberg, Patsy Clairmont and Lisa Welchel. AND a feast at Fat
 Fish Blues Friday evening!! Read these testimonies from women who experienced this
 amazing conference:
 It was a great experience. To laugh, cry, and sing with thousands of Women who
 just like me needed a good cleansing was the best. At one point all of my worries
 were gone and I was giggling on the inside what a wonderful feeling. Praise the
 Lord!!! ……Shronda Gailes
 I'm still flying on a spiritual high from the conference. I really enjoyed the
 speakers. Each one of their messages hit home in more ways than one. Some of my favorite memories though are
 when I watched all of you whether you were singing along to the music, wiping a tear from your eye, hugging your
 neighbor because it's what they needed or laughing! The entire experience was very moving for me. . . . . Dawn

                                              2011 WOMEN OF FAITH CONFERENCE
                                            CONSOL ENERGY CENTER - PITTSBURGH PA
                                             SEPTEMBER 16 & 17, 2011Sign Up today!
                                      Contact Dawn Jaroch at

                      FALL CLEAN UP DAY SATURDAY OCTOBER 30th, 8:00 am to Noon.
 Please come to Garfield Church for our annual fall clean up day Saturday, October 30th from 8 am to Noon. There will be a list of
 things to accomplish. Coffee and Donuts/Muffins will be provided. The work will be mostly yard work and building work. Please
 bring rakes, blowers and trimmers if you have them. Make up date will be Saturday November 6th.

Page 4
                        Risk-Taking Mission and Service
                                 Miles Urban Reach Partnership
                         (Garfield Memorial Church and Miles School, Cleveland)
                            Jesus said... you will do even greater works" (John 14:12)

                       URBAN REACH TUTORING STARTS OCT. 20!
Please consider investing just over an hour a week on Wednesdays, 3:45-5 PM to
reach out to children in poverty through the Urban Reach tutoring/mentoring
ministry with Miles Elementary students in either grades 3 & 4, 5 & 6, or 7 & 8. We
recently learned that the school came within 1.4 points of moving up two levels to
―Continuous Improvement‖ The principal of Miles, Mr. Early, in large part credits
the partnership between Miles & GMC with this achievement.
We will continue to focus on helping students become more proficient in math
and reading through specific programs provided through the school. Oct. 20 will
be an orientation with a chance to get to know the students over pizza. On Nov. 3 we will begin our regular weekly
tutoring. Training and materials are provided– just come! Contact Pastor Terry McHugh (
IMPORTANT DATES: Oct. 20, 3:45-5 PM, Pizza/meet students; Tutoring begins Nov. 3, 3:45-5 PM weekly.

                   Habitat for Humanity Adopt-a-Home Update
Garfield Memorial Church is one of 4 area churches partnering with the Angela Varner family to build a
new Habitat home at 1669 Dayton Street, Chagrin Falls Park.
Work ON-SITE (no experience needed!), Saturdays Oct. 23, Nov. 20, Dec. 4 or 11. HOUSE DEDICATION
Dec. 19! Contact Sandy Verduin, Missions Coordinator, 440.773.8532,

                        Oct. 24: Building Community by Building Houses, 1:30-4:00 PM All Church Lunch at
                        Chagrin Falls Park Community Center. We are planning on serving 200 people! Garfield
                        Memorial Church is to provide fruit. Please sign up your commitment to bring fruit on the
                        Habitat Sign UP Sheets at each entrance or contact Sandy at 440-247-1534 sandyver-
               A group will go over to tour the Community Center and Habitat Homes
                        following the All Church ―Acts 2‖ Celebration Lunch (see p. 2 of this newsletter).

Camphor Mission, Liberia                    two inside bathrooms, one in each          going to Sparrows Village HIV/AIDS
                                            unit, living-rooms, inside kitchen, etc.   Children Home and Hospice in
Serving in Liberia just became so
                                            Although a submersible pump is in          South Africa. Sparrows’ facility is
much easier! Located on the Cam-            plan, presently there is a borehole        uniquely wel-
phor Mission campus in sunny Liberia        with hand-pump nearby (in approxi-
is now a place for a sizeable group                                                    coming
                                            mately 12 yards distance). Buildings       which adds
of missionaries to live in comfort while    are electrified. Generator for electric-
serving the many needs of the mis-                                                     to the joy of
                                            ity will be available.”                    serving the
sion, thus our Lord! Please read the
email excerpt below from Paul Glay-                                                    hundreds of
dor, and prayerfully consider if you        A New Guest House                          children and
have an interest in putting your faith-                                                youth who
                                            At Camphor Mission                         reside there. We hope that the trip
ful feet on Liberia soil! Contact Sandy
VerDuin, Mission Coordinator 440-247        Is waiting for us!                         will also include the Apartheid Mu-
-1534 or                                                       seum in Johannesburg and Krueger.
Dear Sandy,                                                                            Please contact Sandy VerDuin, 440-
                                            Service Opportunities ―to the ends         247-1534 or sandyver-
... “Our first two units of guest housing                                     if you are inter-
are completed. Completed units              of the earth‖ MARCH 2011– SOUTH
                                                                                       ested in how you can be a part of t
have a total of five bedrooms (at           AFRICA. In response to a request
                                                                                       his mission. God Bless.
least 12ft by 12ft. each) in dimension,     from a fellow missionary Sandy will be

Page 5
                              Risk-Taking Mission and Service
                  2010 Operation Christmas Child — 350 Boxes to collect this year!
 This ministry is a charity that during the   dren in poverty stricken, war torn      lar small items as they desire. Boxes
 holiday season gives hope to children        countries around the world. Ameri-      will be collected in November for
 that are victims of wars and poverty,        cans contributed over 7.5 million       shipment overseas. Your old shoe-
 children that need a little Christmas in     shoeboxes last year. The organiza-      box will work or you can get one at
 their hearts to help sof-                    tion called Samaritan’s Purse           the church. Please stop by our infor-
 ten the pain they see                        founded by Franklin Graham, Billy       mation areas and pick up the de-
 every day. Our mission is                    Graham’s son, gives children and        tailed brochure after worship ser-
 to fill 350 boxes this                       their families an opportunity to        vices in October and November.
 Christmas season! You                        learn about Christ. You can choose      Contact Ron Schuller 216.831.8398
 are invited to fill a regular size shoe-     to fill a shoebox with toys,            for more information about how you
 box with small items destined for chil-      toothbrushes, clothing or other simi-   can help serve this ministry.

 LOCAL OUTREACH MINISTRY—Unless otherwise noted, contact Outreach Coordinator, Lori Stubbs at

Safe Landing Street Outreach Services This ministry is serving youth between the ages of 16-21 who are homeless.
Safe Landing for Boys is located at 39 W. Cuyahoga Falls Ave., Akron, Ohio 44310. Safe Landing for Girls is located at
587 Seiberling Street, Akron Ohio 44306. Contact Hollie Ashworth at 330.253.7632 or 330.784.7200 for more informa-
Kidz Mealz on Wheelz - Monday—Friday from 3:00am –12 Noon at 1881 East 71st St. (Inside of Second Ebenezer
Church) Cleveland, Ohio 44103. Kidz Mealz on Wheelz is a food service ministry that serves 1300 children whose fami-
lies are below the poverty level. We provide nutritious meals that include fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.
Lay Volunteers Ministry— once a week (4 hr commitment is needed) at South Pointe Hospital Warrensville Hts., you
can help learn to offer non-denominational spiritual support to hospital patients and their families. Training is required
and provided by the Pastoral Care Department of the hospital. Contact: 216-491-7924 and leave your name and
mailing address to receive an informational packet and application.
GMC Youth Group & First Glance Our youth group is partnering with Teen Mom’s ministry, collecting specific items
each month. For September we need baby blankets, child safe stuffed animals. For more information, see kiosk or
info areas and/or contact Madison Smead at
New Life Community is looking for volunteers on the 4th Mon. of each month to help clean an apartment after a fam-
ily graduates to housing. They provide the cleaning supplies and are flexible in terms of when the work is done. Con-
tact Lori Spencer @ 216-595-5115 or Jackie Ladue @ 751-7301 x211. New Life Community is located at 3470 East
152nd Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44120.

 MORE MISSION OPPORTUNITIES:                  throw away each week? Please             sion opportunities. For the Food Bas-
 When you open your mail, what                save the RING TABS, and any other        kets: We ask for donated (new)
 do you do with the stamps? Did               similarly constructed tabs (from         family-size items (a shopping list will
 you know that they can be turned in          canned soups or fruit) and drop          be available in November). For the
 to do good works? Church World               them off at the Church, we will do-      ―Mitten Tree‖: mittens, caps, and
 Service takes stamps to collectors           nate them to the ―Ronald McDon-          scarves for all ages (tree will be up
 and receives cash which they do-             ald House‖. They sell the ring tabs      Nov. 29 but donations can also be
 nate to Tools of Hope for National &         by the pound and the money goes          brought to the church office). We
 International disaster help. Simply          back into items for the three facili-    are also looking for people on De-
 cut off the stamp from the envelope          ties, like food & games to entertain     cember 19 to help sort, pack and
 leaving 1/4 inch around the edges,           the children and parents while wait-     deliver the food baskets and items
 and drop them off in the envelope            ing for more treatments. A con-          from the Mitten Tree to Chagrin Falls
 Shirley MacDonald has set up along           tainer will be at each entrance of       Park Community and New Life
 the hallway of the Sanctuary.                the Church and in the Youth Room.        Community for women and chil-
                                                                                       dren. Watch bulletin and email re-
 Please continue to save and bring in         Annual Christmas Food Basket &
                                                                                       minders for more details, or contact
 your Campbell Company Labels!                Mitten Tree Outreach.     You can
                                                                                       Shirley MacDonald 440.247.8482 or
                                              help families and children in need
 How many cans of soda do you                                                          Nancy Isaacson at
                                              through these two local yearly mis-
                                                                                       or (216) 591-0301.

Page 6
 Preventing the Flu - Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Time is Here!!
 The purpose of this Alert is to encourage everyone to be        Vaccine Side Effects - The flu shot: The viruses in the flu
 vaccinated for the flu. The single best way to protect          shot are killed (inactivated), so you cannot get the flu
 against the Flu is to get vaccinated each fall. This year,      from a flu shot. Some minor side effects that could occur
 the H1N1 strain has been incorporated into the regular          are:
 seasonal vaccine. It’s not necessary to get a separate
                                                                 • Soreness, redness, or swelling where the shot was
 H1N1 vaccination. It is recommended that everyone
 over the age of 6 months be vaccinated this flu season.
 [Center for Disease Control, 2010]. In the U.S. influenza       • Fever (low grade)
 causes an annual average of 36,000 deaths ranking 7th           • Aches
 among all causes of death. In addition, the flu results in
 high numbers of hospitalizations and work loss days.            If these problems occur, they begin soon after the shot
                                                                 and usually last 1 to 2 days. Almost all people who re-
 People at High Risk for Complications From the Flu In-          ceive the influenza vaccine have no serious problems
 clude:                                                          from it. However, on rare occasions, the flu vaccination
 • People 65 years and older;                                    can cause serious problems, such as severe allergic re-
 • People who live in nursing homes and other long-term
 care facilities that house those with long-term illnesses;      Good Health Habits Good health habits are also an im-
                                                                 portant way to help prevent the flu.
 • Adults and children 6 months and older with chronic
 heart or lung conditions, including asthma;                     • Avoid close contact. Avoid close contact with peo-
                                                                 ple who are sick. When you are sick, keep your distance
 • All children 6 to 23 months of age (Consult physician)
                                                                 from others to protect them from getting sick too.
 • People with any condition that can compromise respi-
                                                                 • Stay home when you are sick. If possible, stay home
 ratory function or the handling of respiratory secretions
                                                                 from work, school, and errands when you are sick. You
 (that is, a condition that makes it hard to breathe or
                                                                 will help prevent others from catching your illness.
 swallow, such as brain injury or disease, spinal cord inju-
 ries, seizure disorders, or other nerve or muscle disorders.)   • Cover your mouth and nose. Cover your mouth and
                                                                 nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. It may
 Who should NOT be vaccinated?
                                                                 prevent those around you from getting sick.
 Some people who should not be vaccinated without
                                                                 • Clean your hands. Washing your hands often will help
 first consulting a physician.
                                                                 protect you from germs.
 These include:
                                                                 • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs are
 • People who have a severe allergy to chicken eggs.             often spread when a person touches something that is
                                                                 contaminated with germs and then touches his or her
 • People who have had a severe reaction to an influ-
                                                                 eyes, nose, or mouth.
 enza vaccination in the past.
                                                                 If you do not have a personal physician, local Depart-
 • People who developed Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS)
                                                                 ments of Health often offer flu shots at a reasonable cost.
 within 6 weeks of getting an influenza vaccine previ-
 ously.                                                          When obtaining your annual flu vaccine, ask your physi-
                                                                 cian if you qualify for the pneumonia vaccine also.
 • Influenza vaccine is not approved for use in children
 less than 6 months of age.                                      For questions or comments regarding the above Alert,
                                                                 please contact Trina Carrier RN Health Minister.
 • People who have a moderate or severe illness with a
 fever should wait to get vaccinated until their symptoms        Flu shots are available at most pharmacies and at the
 lessen.                                                         Community Health Fair Friday October 8th at the Pep-
                                                                 per Pike Learning Center from 9:00 am—1:00 pm. Call
                                                                 the church office for more information 216.831.1566.

                                       ALL SAINTS SUNDAY, SUNDAY NOVEMBER 7TH
 We will celebrate All Saints Day in our Sunday worship services on Nov. 7th. All Saints Day is a day of remembrance
 (the Church’s ―Memorial Day‖) for the saints, with the New Testament meaning of all Christian people of every time
 and place. On that day we will celebrate what Christ has done in and through the ―great cloud of witnesses‖
 (Hebrews 12:1) throughout the ages. At 9:30 Heritage and 10:30 Mosaic worship we’ll read the names of those who
 have passed on from the Garfield Memorial Church family to the Church Triumphant this past year, recalling their
 legacy of faith that continues to light our path. In their honor, a symbol of this light will be lit on our altar. There will
 also be a candle representing other saints that we will name in our hearts.

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Garfield Memorial Church                              If you are currently receiving
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Pepper Pike, OH 44124                                    switch to email any time                         PAID
(216) 831-1566                                             by letting us know at                     Chagrin Falls, OH
                                                             Permit No. 18

ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED—                                   Dated material. Please rush to:

Church staff DIRECT phones: 216-831-1942 + ext.:
Lead Pastor                           Chip Freed (ext. 21)
Associate Pastor                   Terry McHugh (ext. 22)
Youth &Young Adults Pastor               Matt Wills (ext. 23)
Business Manager            Craig & Rosy Berkey (ext. 24)
Communications Manager                Kellie Sayle (ext. 27)
Children’s Minister               Kymm McElroy (ext. 28)
Dir. of Worship & Special Events     Nancy Snell (ext. 32)
Worship Leader                     Justin Mackey (ext. 26)
Health Minister                Trina Carrier, R.N. (ext. 40)
For these staff, dial 216-831-1566
Custodian                                    James Green
Director Chancel Choir                         Jamie Snell
Organist; Director, Singing Seraphim         Maribeth Katt
Visitation Pastor                         Loren Gisselbeck

                                                   Worship Sundays
                                               9:30 am Heritage (Sanctuary)
                                           10:30 am Mosaic (Family Life Center)
                                          11:45 am Odyssey (Family Life Center)

        Oct. 3 ―Radical Hospitality‖
       Oct. 10 ―Passionate Worship‖
              Oct. 17 ―Risk-Taking
              Mission and Service‖
   Oct. 24 ―Extravagant Generosity‖
 (NOTE: On Oct. 24 worship at 9:30 Heritage OR
 11:00 Combined Mosaic/Odyssey,
 followed by All-Church ―Acts 2‖ Celebration Lunch)

                       Come explore what vibrant Christianity looks like...
                    This series will look at the signature strengths of healthy
                            churches and healthy followers of Christ!
                                   Listen to messages and download a copy of ―A Second Helping‖
                                 sermon discussion and reflection guides at
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