2010 SOW PH1AS by nuhman10


									                                                 A-level Physics scheme of work

                                                                   AS Unit 1
Learning           Time        Activities/resources                      Independent learning                Assessment
objectives         scale

3.1.1              2 lessons   Particles research task – poster,         Students research as many sub       In class quiz following
Introduction to                presentation and quiz.                    atomic particles as possible for    presentations.
subatomic                                                                short presentations.
particles                      http://intranet/physicsweb/Module%
                               201/particle%20web/particle%20rese        Presentations to be accompanied
                               arch%20task.htm                           by quiz written by students for
                                                                         audience to complete.

Constituents of    1 lesson    AQA Physics A AS textbook page 4-5.       Completion of mind map and          Atomic constituent
the Atom                                                                 summary questions p5 textbook.      properties “what am I” or
                               Atomic constituents mind map                                                  bingo.
                                                                         Atomic constituents quizzes

Particles and      2 lessons   Use of cloud chamber to promote            Summary questions p 12, exam       Formative assessment/class
antiparticles,                 discussion. Examining pictures of         style questions 8 & 9 p17 AQA       discussion
pair production,               bubble tanks showing particle tracks      Physics A AS textbook
annihilation                   (PowerPoint presentation and                                                  True false quiz (qualitative)
                               handouts).                                Quiz (quantitative) on Pair         on pair production
                                                                         Production                          http://intranet/physicsweb/M
                               Discussion of processes of pair           http://intranet/physicsweb/Module   odule%201/particle%20web/
                               production and annihilation – quizzes     %201/particle%20web/Pair%20Pr       Particles%20and%20Antipar
                               and animation                             oduction%20quiz.htm                 ticles.htm
                                                A-level Physics scheme of work

                                                                  AS Unit 1
Learning          Time        Activities/resources                      Independent learning                 Assessment
objectives        scale

                              http://intranet/physicsweb/Module%        Background reading and notes on      Quiz (quantitative) on Pair
                              201/particle%20web/Particles%20an         antiparticles using Physicsweb       Production
                              d%20Antiparticles.htm                     (http://intranet/physicsweb/Modul    http://intranet/physicsweb/M
                                                                        e%201/particle%20web/Particles       odule%201/particle%20web/
                              Calculations of photon energies           %20and%20Antiparticles.htm)          Pair%20Production%20quiz.
                              involved in annihilation and pair                                              htm
                              production, AQA Physics A AS
                              textbook page 11-12.

Stable and        2 lessons   Deduction of characteristics of strong    Reading of background information    Marking of exam style
Unstable nuclei               nuclear force including force –           from                                 questions.
                              separation graphs.                        http://intranet/physicsweb/Module
                                                                        %201/particle%20web/Stable%20        Quiz about nuclear decay
                              Explanation of observations of            Unstable%20Nuclei.htm                http://intranet/physicsweb/M
                              nuclear density and N-Z plot using                                             odule%201/particle%20web/
                              characteristics of strong nuclear         Exam style questions page 16-17      Stable%20Unstable%20Nucl
                              force.                                    AQA Physics A AS textbook page       ei.htm
                              Nuclear decay equations including the

Particle          2 lessons   Model of particle exchange using          Learning rules for and how to draw Test on all of particles up to
Interactions                  skateboards and a heavy book.             the Feynman Diagrams of the        Classification of Particles.
                                                                        specification, use of animated
                                               A-level Physics scheme of work

                                                               AS Unit 1
Learning         Time        Activities/resources                       Independent learning                Assessment
objectives       scale

                             Rules for, and drawing of, Feynman         Feynman diagrams
                             Diagrams.                                  http://intranet/physicsweb/Module
Intermediate     1 lesson    Group work – research and present          Research using handouts and         Group feedback about the
mass particles               mindmaps of the characteristics of         textbooks p 18-19                   particles. Discussion of
                             the kaon, meson and muon.                                                      similarities / differences.
Leptons          1 lesson    Naming the leptons, their                  Background reading and notes on     Decisions of possible
                             characteristics, families and              Leptons section of specification,   interactions and reasoning
                             conservation rules.                        using Physicsweb                    behind this.
                             Completion of summary tables,              e%201/particle%20web/Particle%
                             identification of possible interactions.   20Classification.htm ) and AQA AS
                                                                        Physics A textbook p 22-23.

Baryons and      3 lessons   Deduction of the conservation law for      AQA AS Physics A textbook exam      Review of questions
Mesons                       Baryon number.                             style questions pages 28-29
                                                                                                            Particles loop game
                             Quark properties and composition of        Particles crossword
                             baryons and mesons.                        (http://intranet/physicsweb/Modul   Test on all Particle Physics
                                                                        e%201/Particles%20Cross.htm)        Work (3.1.1)
                             Strange quarks worksheet
                                                                        Preparation for end of topic test
                             Quark card game – build and work
                             out properties of particles
                                                A-level Physics scheme of work

                                                               AS Unit 1
Learning          Time        Activities/resources                     Independent learning        Assessment
objectives        scale

                             Use of all conservation laws to decide
                             whether interactions are possible
One Lesson per week will be dedicated to looking at relevant past paper questions to all of unit

3.1.2             4 lessons   Demo: Photoelectric Effect (H7 Pink      Homework problems
Photoelectric                 book)
effect                        Practical: Estimate of Planck Constant
                              using an LED     (H9 Pink book)
                              Demo: Measurement of Planck
                              Physicsweb/Learning Resources:
                              Interactive notes on Photoelectric

Collisions of     4lessons    Demo: Observing Emission Spectra         Homework problems           Formative Assessment
electrons with                Physicsweb/Learning Resources:                                       http://www.northallertoncoll.
atoms,                        Interactive notes on Spectral Lines,                                 org.uk/physics/Learning%20
Ionisation,                   Energy Levels                                                        Resources/Module%201/Equ
excitation                                                                                         ations.htm
Energy levels
Wave-particle         2 lessons   Demo: Electron Diffraction (H12 Pink    Homework problems                    Formative Assessment
duality                           book)                                                                        Revision PowerPoint team
                                  Review/Team Quiz Using Powerpoint       Quiz                                 Quiz
                                  presentation                            http://www.northallertoncoll.org.u
                                                                          Module%201/Quantum%20Pheno           Test on Electromagnetic
                                                                          mena%20Quiz.htm                      radiation and quantum

Charge, Current,          1       Review prior knowledge from Intro
P.D. Resistance                   module
Current/Voltage           2       Practical work on Ohmic resistors and     Completing notes on practicals
characteristics                   filament lamp                             Physicsweb/Module3AS/Ohm’s
                                                                            Law 1 and Ohm’s Law 2
                                  Demo on Semiconductor Diode using         http://intranet/physicsweb/Lear
                                  datalogging                               ning%20Resources/Module%20

Ohm’s Law                 1       Researching Ohm’s Law                     Homework problems on
                          6       Notemaking/numerical problems using       Homework problems
Resistivity                       formula

Series and Parallel       2       Demo of circuits                          Homework problems
                          Derivation and use of formulae

Energy and Power in   2   Review of work from Intro module        Homework problems
dc circuits
                          Demo/discussion on energy storage in

                          Practical to measure energy and power

                      1   Research and notes                      Physicsweb/Module3AS/Kirchhof
Kirchhoff’s Laws                                                  f’s Rules 1 and Kirchhoff’s

Potential Divider     1   Demo and notes

                          PowerPoint presentation

EMF, Internal         2   Demo and notes                          Homework problems                 Practice coursework;
Resistance                                                                                          Internal Resistance
                          Practical on Internal Resistance        Resistance notes webpages on      http://intranet/physicsweb
                                                                  Physicsweb                        /Course%20Documents/P
                                                                  http://intranet/physicsweb/Lear   H3AS/PH3AS%20Internal
                                                                  ning%20Resources/Module%20        %20Resistance.doc

                                                                                                    Online formative
                                                                                                    Basic Electricity test

                       1   Demo and notes, problems                                             Online assessment
Alternating Currents                                                                            Laws Matching test
                           PowerPoint on RMS values                                             http://intranet/physicsweb

                       2   Practical on use of Oscilloscope   Homework problems                 Online assessment
Oscilloscope                                                                                    Equations Quiz
                           Notes and problems                 Interactive webpage on            http://intranet/physicsweb
                                                              Physicsweb                        /Learning%20Resources/A
                                                              http://intranet/physicsweb/Lear   QA%20Modules/neopaint/
                                                              ning%20Resources/Module%20        PH3Equations.htm

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