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Spring/Summer 2010
Valid until 31st October 2010

                                                GREAT DEALS FROM BOWERS

XT500 Large                                                    Sylvac
Diameter                                                       Height
3-point                                                        Gauge
                                                               See page 5.

Bore Gauge
See page 2 for details.


                                                                                      See Bowers
Sylvac S_Dial ONE                                                                   at MACH 2010,
                                                                                      Stand 5510
Digital Indicator
See page 4.
                                                                                  for more details

                                                               CV Surface     FREE
                                                               Roughness Software
                                                               Tester - TR-200
                                                               See page 9.

   NEW indicators
    from Sylvac!

Visit: www.bowers.co.uk         Telephone: 08708 50 90 50    Email: sales@bowers.co.uk
                  Bowers Digital Bore Gauges

XT500 Large Diameter 3-point Bore Gauge
The Bowers XT500 large diameter 3-point bore-gauge has been designed specifically for the measurement of internal
diameters between 300 and 500mm. The newly designed constant-force digital readout ensures that the measuring pressure
remains constant throughout the measurement whilst radiussed measuring anvils provide optimum centralisation in the part.
Anvil sets are supplied in 25mm steps (300-325, 325-350 etc) and each set has been manufactured to the exact toleranced
size. The 300-325 mm anvils are the master reference set and are used for setting the gauge in the setting ring. The other
anvil sets are then fitted as required without further re-setting. This means that only one 300 mm setting ring is required to
set the gauge for all diameters in the full 300-500 mm range of the instrument.

•   Measuring range: 300-500 mm
•   New constant-force digital readout
•   Single 300mm setting ring covers full range
•   Radiussed anvils of tool-steel for optimum centering
•   Accuracy: 15 µm
    Repeatability: 3 µm
    IP65 electronics
    RS232 output
•   Resolution 0.01/0.001 mm. Metric/inch switchable
•   Fast accurate measurement
•   Extensions available for deeper bores
•   UKAS certificate with setting ring
•   Certificate of conformity with bore gauge
•   Supplied in fitted case

                                                     XT500 Anvil Set

                                    The Bowers XT500 with extension for deeper bores

    Sets: Supplied with digital display unit, measuring head with
    exchangeable anvils and setting ring with UKAS certificate
    Code          Range (mm) Accuracy          Depth (mm)   Setting ring (mm) Launch Price
    SXT3000M      300-400          15 µm       120          300               £2,495.00    Q
    SXT5000M      300-500          15 µm       120          300               £2,995.00    Q
    NOTE: 500mm extensions available POA

    Code            Description                               List Price
    30-905-4516     Serial Data Output Cable                  £70.00     I
    30-926-6821     USB Data Output Cable                     £102.00 I

2                                         For more information visit www.bowers.co.uk
                                                                          Bowers Digital Bore Gauges

Digital Bore Gauge Sets
Bowers XT Digital Xtreme internal micrometers give the operator the advantage of traditional quality
ratchet gauges allied to advanced IP65 electronics. The extended mechanical travel of the XT range means
that special heads can also be manufactured to accommodate users most awkward measuring problems.
Measuring heads for threads, splines, slots, grooves, deep-holes and many more applications are available
on request.

The Bowers XT range of internal micrometers can be supplied as individual instruments or in complete sets.
All XT instruments give the user the advantage of extended measuring travel with fixed anvils and UKAS
certification of both measuring head and setting ring as standard.

Features                                                                        Purchase a Digital Bore Gauge Set
• IP65 Electronics                                                          at the Standard Price & Receive a Digital
• Simple 2-button operation
• Large easy-to-read display                                                  Readout for each 3pt Head FREE
• 3 preset memories
• RS-232C output
• Range 2 – 300 mm (0.080" – 12")
• 2 – 6mm 2 point / 6 – 300mm 3 point measurement
• Resolution 0.001mm / 0.00005"
• Tungsten carbide measuring faces on all 3-point heads from 12.5mm
• Blind bore measurement from 2mm – 6mm and above 12.5 mm (0.500")
• Extensions available above 6mm
• Ratchet stop to ensure consistent measurement
• Setting rings included with individual instruments and sets
• UKAS certificates supplied as standard with all setting rings
• UKAS certificates supplied as standard with all gauges
• Serial number on all digital readouts and measuring heads
• Heads with special anvils available to suit specific customer
  requirements (e.g. threads, grooves, 2-point, spherical, splines etc)                        SXTD5U with Digital Readout
• Bore gauges manufactured according to DIN 863, part 4                                        for each 3pt head
• Supplied in fitted case

 Sets: Supplied with digital display units, heads and rings
 Code                  Range (mm)                 List Price
 SXTD3U                6 - 10                     £840.00       Q
 SXTD4U                10 - 20                    £1,016.00     Q
 SXTD5U                20 - 50                    £1,399.00     Q
 SXTD6U                50 - 100                   £1,554.00     Q

 Code            Description                             List Price
 30-905-4516     Serial Data Output Cable                £70.00     I                          SXTD5M standard set
 30-926-6821     USB Data Output Cable                   £102.00 I

                        Tel: 08708 50 90 50                         email: sales@bowers.co.uk                                3
                   New Indicators from Sylvac

Sylvac S_Dial ONE Digital Indicator
Features                                            Features
• Integrated, ergonomic lifting device              • Programmable by PC
  (can be removed)                                  • Direct RS232, USB, Digimatic output
• Large LCD digital readout                         • Lithium CR2302 battery included
• Direct metric/inch conversion
• Preset
• Zero setting
• Extended battery life of 3,300 hours
• Selection of measuring direction

     Sylvac S_Dial One Digital Indicator
     Code             Range                      Resolution                   List Price     Special Offer
     30-905-0121      12.5mm / 0.5"              0.01mm / 0.0005"             £180.00        £171.00     Q
     30-905-0131      12.5mm / 0.5"              0.001mm / 0.00005"           £277.00        £263.50     Q
     30-905-0141      25mm / 1.0"                0.01mm / 0.0005"             £195.00        £185.50     Q
     30-905-0151      25mm / 1.0"                0.001mm / 0.00005"           £242.00        £230.00     Q
     30-926-6721      Proximity data cable USB                                £60.00         £60.00      I

    Sylvac S_Dial Factor Indicator
    Features                                                     Features
    • Programme multiplication factors from 0 to 99,999          • Switchable resolution of 0.01mm or 0.001mm
    • Use to display various measuring units including           • Inch/metric conversion
      volume, force, distances etc.                              • Pre-set facility
    • Available with a 12.5mm measuring range for the            • RS232 output
      233 series and both 12.5mm and 25mm measuring
      ranges for the 213 series

     Sylvac S_Dial Factor Indicator
     Code           Range                                         Resolution                   Launch Price
     30-905-5307    12.5mm travel                                 0.01mm/.001mm                £307.00     Q
     30-905-5507    25mm travel                                   0.01mm/.001mm                £328.00     Q
     30-926-6521    Sylvac Opto Duplex Serial Cable 2m                                         £60.00      I    Countersink Depth Gauge available separately

Sylvac Test Indicator
                                                    • 44mm diameter dial face,
• 4 measuring modes: Min, Max,
                                                      rotates through 360º
  TIR, and Direct
                                                    • Clear bar-graph
• 4 measuring resolutions 0.01mm,
                                                    • Easy to read numeric digital display
  0.001mm, 0.0005", 0.00005",
  except 30-705-4321(0.01 / 0.0005” only)           • Meets or exceeds Din/ISO standards
• mm / inch conversion                              • Available with 12.5mm or extra-long
                                                      36.5mm contact point except
• RS-232 output
                                                      30-705-4321(12.5mm only)
• Water, oil and coolant resistant to
  IP65 - IEC 529 specification

     Sylvac Test Indicator
     Code           Description                                                 List Price     Special Offer
     30-905-4321    Quadra Test Lever Indicator 12.5mm 0.8mm range              £167.00        £159.00     Q
     30-905-4322    Quadra Test Lever Indicator 36.5mm 0.5mm range              £182.00        £173.00     Q
     30-705-4321    Lever Indicator 12.5mm 0.8mm range 10 micron resolution     £115.00        £109.50     Q
     30-905-4516    Power Lead/Opto Serial cable                                £70.00         £70.00      I

4                                          For more information visit www.bowers.co.uk
                                                                                                              Height Gauges

Sylvac Hi-Cal Height Gauge
The new Sylvac Hi-Cal Digital Motorised Height Gauge is the latest, high specification electronic height gauge available
from Bowers. With further improved accuracy, the Hi-Cal is perfect for a variety of measuring tasks including step heights,
internal/external diameters and centre-line distances.

The height gauge benefits from Sylvac's patented inductive measuring electronics and the latest motorised probing system,
to give excellent repeatability and ease of use.

• Motorised carriage with 2 progressive speed ranges
• Light, compact and handy with small dimension base
• Simultaneous display of diameter and centerline
• Measuring of internal and external diameter, centerline,
  height, thickness, and depth
• Extremely low measuring force
• Easy and intuitive functions
• USB data output

    Hi-Cal Height Gauge
    Code          Description                                                     List        Special Offer
                                                                                  Price       Price
    30-830-0150   Sylvac Hi-Cal Height Gauge 0-6/150mm                            £2,096.00   £1,991.50   I
    30-830-0300   Sylvac Hi-Cal Height Gauge 0-12/300mm                           £2,285.00   £2,171.00   I
    30-930-2150   Full accessories set in wooden box - 13 probes and holders      £381.00     £362.00     I
    30-930-2151   Basic accessories set in wooden box - 4 probes and holders      £217.00     £206.50     I

                        Tel: 08708 50 90 50                                    email: sales@bowers.co.uk                      5
                   Height Gauges

Trimos V+ Series Digital Height Gauge
Ideally suited to shop-floor situations where accuracy, repeatability, ease of use and ruggedness are
required. This battery operated, motorised gauge boasts a multitude of useful, easy to access features,
whilst its built in air cushion enables great ease of movement and speed of operation.

• Measures heights, depths, thickness, gaps
• Measures internal and external diameters
• Min / Max / Delta feature
• Measures centreline distances of bores, shafts and surface
  to centreline
• Storage of probe constant
• Unique touch sensitive probe
• Direct RS232 output
• Portable lightweight construction
• Adjustable measuring pressure
• Metric / Inch conversion
• Built in air cushion activation (600 & 1000mm versions)
• Supplied with setting master

    Trimos V+ Series Specification
    Code                  20-34300 (w/o air pump)                  20-34601 (air pump)                      20-341001 (air pump)
    Measuring range       300mm / 12"                              600mm / 23.6"                            1000mm / 48.6"
    Application range     535mm / 21"                              835mm / 32.8"                            1235mm / 48.6"
    Resolution            0.01 / 0.001mm /                         0.01 / 0.001mm /                         0.01 / 0.001mm /
                          0.0005" / 0.00005"                       0.0005"/ 0.00005"                        0.0005" / 0.00005"
    Max error             2.5+L(mm)/300                            2.5+L(mm)/300                            2.5+L(mm)/300
    Repeatability         0.002mm / 0.0001"                        0.002mm / 0.0001"                        0.002mm / 0.0001"
    Operational speed     3m / sec                                 3m / sec                                 3m / sec
    Measuring force       0.7 - 1.6N                               0.7 - 1.6N                               0.7 - 1.6N
    Operational time      100 hours                                100 hours/30hours (air)                  100 hours/30hours (air)
    Power supply          Incorporated rechargeable battery pack   Incorporated rechargeable battery pack   Incorporated rechargeable battery pack
    Net Weight            10kg                                     12kg                                     16kg
    Data output           RS232                                    RS232                                    RS232
    List Price (£)        £2,575.00 I                              £3,495.00 I                              £4,590.00 I
    Special Offer Price   £2,446.50                                £3,320.50                                £4,360.50

6                                         For more information visit www.bowers.co.uk
                                                                                                   Optical Instruments

Baty R14 - Profile Projector
The instantly recognisable R14 design dates back decades! With thousands of units sold the world over, the R14
has become the industry standard by which others are measured.

• 0.5 micron X, Y measuring resolution
• 340mm (14") screen with 90 degree crosslines and chart clips
• Profile illumination with halogen lamp and green filter
• Lens magnification choice: x10, x20, x25, x50, x100
• Surface illumination (fibre optic)
• Helix adjustment ±7° of light source for accurate thread form projection
• Cast iron workstage with machined slot for holding accessories
• Workstage measuring range of 175mm (7") x 100mm (4")
• Digital angle measurement to 1 minute of arc
• All steel body
• Includes 10x lens

Available Options
•   Internally fitted automatic edge sensor (shown)
•   Swing-over lamphouse to allow clear access to the workstage
•   Cabinet stand ensures a solid base and provides storage
•   Other options include foot switch control and printer
•   Full work holding accessories
•   Extended lamphouse for larger components
•   Large screen floor standing models also available

                                                                            Order the R14-GXL-E Horizontal Projector and
                                                                            receive a FREE UPGRADE to the R14-AB2-E
                                                                                           (includes free Fusion 2D software,
                                                                                            Windows 7 PC and 19" monitor)

    Baty R14
    Code          Description                                    Lens       Includes               Special Offer Price
    R14-AB2-E     Horizontal projector with Fusion 2D software   10x lens   Surface illumination   £6,551.00      I
                  including PC & optical edge detection

                           Tel: 08708 50 90 50                          email: sales@bowers.co.uk                               7

CV Surface Roughness Tester - R-130 / 135
The inexpensive, high quality, hand held R-130 and R-135 are the ideal instruments for general surface
roughness testing. These extremely versatile gauges are suitable for testing a wide variety of materials,
boasting a large measuring range and easy-to-read, digital display.

• Ra and Rz parameters, switchable display
• Adjustable tracer also for 90º or 180º measurement plane
• Standard cut-off of 0.25mm, 0.8mm and 2.5mm,
  adjustable to 1, 3 or 5 times
• Large measuring range suitable for most materials
• Piezo-electric pickup stylus for external surfaces
  (diamond tip for latest ISO standard)
• Accuracy to DIN4772 Class 3

                                                                                                Standard probe for most applications           Small bore probe, minimum inside
                                                                                                                                             diameter 5mm, up to depth of 15mm

                                                                                          Transverse chisel probe for gaging sharp
                                                                                          edges or
                                                                                          small O.D.,
                                                                                          aligned to                                         Groove bottom probe for measuring
                                                                                          axis of traverse                                      the bottoms of O-ring grooves,
                                                                                          Parallel chisel probe for gauging sharp edges or   recesses and holes up to 6mm depth
                                                                                          small O.D.,
                                                                                          for axis of traverse

    Technical Specifications                                                                                              Standard Delivery
    Measuring range              Ra 0.03 - 6.3µm (1µ" - 250u")                                                            •   Protection cover for detector
                                 Rz 0.2µm - 25.0µm (8µ"- 999µ")                                                           •   Roughness test plate Ra
    Display Resolution           0.01µm (1µ")                                                                             •   Certificate, manual and case
    Cut-off lengths              1. 0.25mm / 0.0001", 2RC filter select 1-3-5 time                                        •   Battery
                                 2. 0.8mm / 0.03", 2RC filter select 1-3-5 times
                                 3. 2.5mm / 0.01", 2RC filter select 1 times
    Accuracy                     Meets ISO and DIN Standards
    Stylus tip radius            2µm
    Power                        9V Alkaline battery
    Output                       RS232 (R135)
    Optional Extras              Tracers for special applications, printer

    CV Surface Roughness Tester
    Code                Description                                           List        Special Offer
                                                                              Price       Price
    W-R135              Surface Roughness Tester + RS232 output               £1,297.00   £1,167.50 I
    W-R130/1550         Standard Tracer for R-130, R-135                      £344.00     £310.00     I
    W-R130/1560         Tracer for small bore R-130, R-135                    £344.00     £310.00     I
    W-R130/1570         Tracer transverse chisel R-130, R-135                 £344.00     £310.00     I
    W-R130/1580         Tracer parallel chisel R-130, R-135                   £344.00     £310.00     I
                                                                                                                          Optional bench stand
    W-R130/1590         Tracer for grooves R130, R135                         £344.00     £310.00     I
    W-R130/3200         Stand for R-130, R-135                                £194.00     £194.00     I
    W-R130/4101         Data cable to PC or Printer (for R135 only)           £36.00      £36.00      I

8                                                 For more information visit www.bowers.co.uk

CV Surface Roughness Tester - TR-200
The comprehensive, hand-held TR-200 represents the ideal multi-function solution for surface roughness testing.
This compact gauge has a large measuring range, easy-to-read, backlit graphical and text display and is suitable for
a wide variety of applications.

                                                                                                         DataView PC Software

  Dataview PC Software
   FREE when ordered
     with W-TR200

 Technical Specifications                                                                                Standard Delivery
 Roughness parameter                      Ra, Rz, Ry, Rq, Rt, Rp, Rmax, Rm, R3z, S, Sm, Sk, tp           • Certificate
 Assessed profiles                        Primary profile (P), Roughness profile (R)                     • Main unit, Stylus TS100
                                          Tp curve (material ratio Mr)                                   • Protection nose piece
 Profile recording magnification Vv:      200x - 20000x Vh: 20x, 50x, 200x                               • Steel support for standalone use
 Standard                                 Conforms ISO / DIN / JIS / ANSI (menu selectable)              • Roughness test plate Ra
 Measuring system                         Metric µm, imperial µinch
                                                                                                         • Charger, carrying case
 Display resolution                       0.001µm / 0.04 µinch
 Display features                         Detector stylus position indicator
                                          Battery level indicator, Direct printing,                      Optional Accessories
                                          Direct display of parameters and profiles                      A large range of accessories are available
 Data output                              RS-232 port                                                    including TA220 printer,
 Measuring range                          Ra, Rq : 0.01 - 40.0µm                                         pickups/extensions, measuring platform,
                                          Rz, Ry, Rp,Rt, R3z, : 0.02 - 160µm                             PC software.
                                          Sm, S : 2 - 4000µm
                                          Tp : 1 - 100% (% Ry)
 Cut-off lengths                          0.25mm / 0.8mm / 2.5mm
 Evaluation length Ln                     1 - 5 cut-off

 CV Surface Roughness Tester
 Code               Description                                        List              Special Offer
                                                                       Price             Price
 W-TR200            TR-200 Surface Roughness Tester                    £1,665.00         £1,665.00 I
 W-TA-220           Printer for TR200                                  £254.00           £254.00     I
 W-200/0320         DataView Software - Windows XP                     £431.00           FOC         I
 W-200/0500         Granite platform TA610 without 'L' attachment      £659.00           £659.00     I

                             Tel: 08708 50 90 50                                email: sales@bowers.co.uk                                             9

 Portable Brinell Hardness Tester
 The HB1500 Portable Brinell Hardness Tester is designed following the Brinell hardness test
 method. The test force is controlled by a shear pin. After reading the diameter of the
 indention with the reading microscope, the brinell hardness number can be obtained.

 • Solid framework
 • Easy to operate
 • Tolerance is controlled by a shear pin
 • Three types of application: bench, C clamp
   and hammer impact
 • Suitable for assemblies inconvenient to be
   taken to the lab and not allowed to be cut
 • Accuracy is much higher than any other type
   of hammer impact tester
 • Used to test the hardness of forgings,
   castings, steels, nonferrous metal and its
   alloy products, and to test the hardness of
   annealed, normalizing and tempered                                                            Portable Brinell Hardness Tester
   mechanical parts
                                                                                                 Code         Description               List            Special Offer
                                                                                                                                        Price           Price
                                                                                                 W-HB1500     Brinell Hardness Tester   £1,289.00       £1,160.50 I

 Vickers Portable Hardness Tester
 ‘Ultramatic’ CV-HV400
 This extremely accurate UCI Hardness Tester is designed to test even in the most
 difficult-to-access component areas. Using the ultrasonic contact impedance
 method this easy-to-use, portable unit gives instant, reliable results and is backed
 by advanced software features for data conversion, data logging and reporting.

     Technical Specifications
     Measuring principle        UCI method (ultrasonic contact impedance principle)
     Indenter type              Vickers diamond (angle 136o)
     Measuring range            Vickers                        HV                  10-3000 (direct)
                                Rockwell                       HRC                 20-68 (conversion)
                                Brinell                        HB                  76-447 (conversion)
                                UTS                            N/mm2               255-2180 (conversion)
     Reproducibility            HV +/- 1%, HRC +/- 0.5, HB +/- 1%
     Test probes available      3N, 10N, 20N, 30N, 49N, 98N (30N standard)                                   Standard Delivery
     Display                    Large backlit LCD, displays hardness HV, HRC, HB and UTS
     Calibration                20 preset calibrations for different materials (user definable)              • Probe with one fixed load
     Memory                     1000 readings, expandable to 30,000                                            (30N as standard, others available)
     Statistics                 Mean, min, max, std dev, Go-No-Go%                                           • Charger 230V
     Interface                  Serial RS 232, RS 485 and parallel printer                                   • Certificate
     Power                      Mains / rechargeable battery / shows continuous use                          • Manual
                                                                                                             • Carrying case
     Portable Hardness Tester - CV-HV400
                                                                                                             Optional Accessories
     Code              Description                                 List             Special Offer
                                                                   Price            Price                    • Probe SL type (slim nose)
     W-HV400           UCI Vickers Portable Tester without probe   £3,381.00        £3,212.00 I              • Memory for 30,000 readings
     W-HV400/08        30N Probe (standard)                        £2,788.00        £2,649.00 I              • Bench Stand TH-4S
     W-HV400/10        49N Probe                                   £2,788.00        £2,649.00 I              • Guide Support
     W-HV Guide        Guide Support                               £71.00           £71.00      I            Call for full specification and accessory list.

10                                               For more information visit www.bowers.co.uk

CV Wall Thickness Gauge CG-500
Handheld gauge for wall and coating thickness testing of metals, glass, plastics and non-ferrous materials

• Considerably improved measuring properties through SIDSP
• Non-destructive wall thickness measurement up to 10mm
• Up to 20 measurements per second
• For all non-magnetic materials such as plastics, wood, glass, ceramics, glass fiber, carbon fiber laminates, non-ferrous metals, etc.
• For hollow parts and containers of all kinds such as bottles, cans, injection moulding products, etc.
• Also for plastic sheets, automotive body parts, glass panes, SMC plastics other large-sized components, etc.
• Complete measuring technique is integrated in the sensor

With the SIDSP procedure, all necessary measuring signals are created and processed in the sensor itself.
Only the completely processed digital readings are transferred to the base unit for display, statistical evaluation and data storage.
Unlike the commonly used analogue procedures, SIDSP excludes any error influences on the measuring data during transfer over the probe cable.
The result is a measuring accuracy and constancy of readings, unmatched so far. Further innovations to increase measuring accuracy: the new
process technology manufacture the reference balls used resulting in an increased reproducibility of over 0.5% and the calibration method
enabling up to 5 calibration points. Calibration can be done over the complete range or over defined ranges.

Innovative menu control and data filing system
The new CV-CG500 is very easy to operate. The menu-controlled user surface offers a user-friendly data filing system similar to common PC
applications and a context sensitive on-line help.

Data processing
The gauge features display of minimum and maximum readings, an offset mode (related to the set value), automatic storage of readings into the
statistics as well as visual display of the continuously taken readings (real-time diagram).

 Wall Thickness Gauge - CG-500
 Code             Description                                List          Special Offer
                                                             Price         Price
 W-CG500          Wall Thickness Gauge                       £4,025.00     £3,824.00 I
 W-CG500/20       FH10 Probe                                 £3,511.00     £3,335.50 I
 W-CG500/150      RS232 Cable                                £92.00        £92.00      I
 W-CG500/SOFT     Dataview Software                          £98.00        £98.00      I

                        Tel: 08708 50 90 50                         email: sales@bowers.co.uk                                                   11

TDWIN TAPER Thread Disk for Tapered Threads
Gagemaker’s TDWIN TAPER software program produces dimensional drawings and inspection data for API
downhole tubular connectors based on the most current industry standards. Everything you need to machine, inspect,
and document tubular connection threads is available in this convenient software program.
TDWIN TAPER provides easy access to information for both preferred and non-preferred Rotary Shouldered Connections, Tubing and Casing
Connections, and any combination of Crossover. The program offers standard connection types and sizes. TDWIN TAPER displays connection
drawings, inspection gauge information and setup and inspection reports.

The software displays printable drawings suitable for manufacturing that follow ASME Y14.5 standards for industry compatibility. Print gauge
setup and inspection reports with your company logo and work order information. The program also offers the choice to save reports and jobs
for future reference.

• Follows API Specification 7.2, Dec. 2008, for Rotary Shouldered              relief groove, box modified bore-back relief, special clearance
  Connections                                                                  couplings, and SR grooved couplings
• Follows API Specification 5B, Oct. 2008, for Tubing and Casing              • Produces gauge setup reports for tubing, casing, RSC, and
  Connections                                                                   crossover combinations
• Presents “preferred” connections as well as interchangeable and             • Provides inspection reports for all connection configurations
  obsolete connections                                                          selected
• Organises data compatible with API and industry knowledge                   • Customises reports with your company logo
  offered by resources such as Smith, Joy, and Hughes
                                                                              • Saves reports to job files and recalls them for future reference
• Displays Gagemaker style thread gauges and gauge setting
                                                                              • Provides web links to locate and purchase necessary gauges and
• Configures and prints reference drawings for manufacturing
  including; standard pin/box/coupling, pin/box blanking, pin/box

Select from 3 connection categories or review          Select a Thread Type                               Select a Thread Size
previous jobs and reports

Select View Drawings                                   Select the desired drawing and view                Select the required gauging method
                                                       gauge requirements                                 and gauge

 Thread Disk for Windows
 (Tapered Threads)
 Code                             Launch
 90-TDWIN-TPR                     £1,129.00     I

                                                       View gauge details and tolerances                  Customise, preview and print desired reports

                                          For more information visit www.bowers.co.uk
                                  or Telephone: 08708 50 90 50 Email: sales@bowers.co.uk

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