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Product Line Card


									                                        Product Line Card
                                                                                                                Light Meters
                                                                                                                Motor Tester
                                   TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY                                                       Phase Rotation Testers
                                   Accessories                            ELECTRONIC TEST                       Pipe Locators
CALIBRATION                        Bimetal Thermometers                   Amplifiers                            Refrigerant Leak Detectors
Baths                              Blackbody Sources                      Bridges (Wheatstone/Kelvin)           Sound Level Meters
Calibration Labels                 Chambers                               Capacitance Meters and Boxes          Stroboscopes
Calibration Software               Contact Thermometers                   Circuit Checkers                      Tachometers
Communicators: HART & Fieldbus     Dewpoint                               Component Testers                     TTR Testers
Deadweight Testers                 Fiber Optic Thermometers               Decade Boxes                          Ultrasonic Cleaners
Documenting Calibrators            Glass Thermometers                     Electrostatic Locators                Ultrasonic Leak Detectors
Dry Block Calibrators              Humidity                               Fiber Optic Test                      Vibration
Frequency Calibrators              Humidity References                    Frequency Counters
Gauge Comparators                  Hygrometers                            Function Generators
Hand Pumps                         HVAC Controls                          Kelvin Bridge
Loop, Milliamp, & DC Calibrators   Indicator Strips                       LCR Meters
Loop Power Supply                  Infrared Guns (IR) and Thermometers    Line Conditioners                     ENVIRONMENTAL
Multifunction Calibrators          Moisture Analyzer                      Oscilloscope Accessories              & WATER QUALITY
Nitrogen Source                    Moisture Meters, Hand Held PRT’s       Oscilloscopes                         Buffers
Power Supplies                     Psychrometers                          Power Meters                          Combustion
Pressure Calibrators               RTD Devices                            Power Supplies                        Conductivity
Pumps (Pressure/Vacuum)            Temperature Loggers                    Precision Multimeters                 CO2 Monitors
Pressure Modules                   Temperature References                 Resistance Standards                  Dissolved Oxygen
RTD Simulators                     Transmitters, Temperature & Humidity   Spectrum Analyzers                    Electronic Emmissions
Tubing and Fitting Kits            Thermal Imagers                        Static Control Products               Flue Gas Analyzers
VIP Kits                           Thermocouple Connectors                Waveform Generators, Arbitrary        Gas Detectors
                                   Thermocouple Probes                    Wheatstone Bridge                     ORP
                                   Thermocouple Wire                                                            Oxygen Transmitters
PRESSURE & FLOW                                                           RECORDERS & DATA                      Salinity
Barometer                          ELECTRICAL TEST                        ACQUISITION                           TDS
Controllers                        AC Line Tester                         Chart Recorders                       Weather Station
Diaphragm Seals                    Appliance and Tool Testers             Circular Chart Recorders
Differential Gauges                Cable Tracers & Fault Locators         Data Acquisition Systems
DMM Pressure Modules               Circuit Testers                        Humidity Loggers
Flowmeters                         Clamp-on Meters                        Logic Timing Analyzers
Flow Switches                      Continuity Testers                     Loggers                               PHYS-D , WEIGHTS
Gauges, Analog                     Current Leakage Testers                Paperless                             & MEASURES
Gauges, Digital                    Current Probes                         Power Loggers                         Balances
Hand Pumps                         Current Probes, Flexible               Temperature and Humidity Loggers      Calipers
Indicators, Digital                DLRO’s Micro-Ohmmeters                 Validatable Data Loggers              Cap Testers
Level Meters                       Gaussmeters                            Videographic Recorders                Carrying Cases
LVDT’s                             Glove Tester                           Wireless Data Loggers                 Distance Meters
Manometers                         Ground Resistance Testers                                                    Flashlights
Pressure Switches                  High Voltage Ammeters                                                        Force Gauges
Regulators                         High Voltage Detectors                                                       Gauge Blocks
Room Pressurization (clean room)   Hipot/Dielectric Te sters                                                    Hardness Testers
Sanitary Gauges, Transmitters      Insulation Testers/Megohmmeters        PLANT MAINTENANCE                     Height Gauges
Test Gauges, Digital               Multimeters                            & SAFETY                              Micrometers
Test Gauges, Analog                Multimeter Accessories                 Air Quality                           Scales
Transducers and Transmitters       Ohmmeters, Milli- & Micro- & DLRO      Air Velocity and Flow                 Soldering/Desoldering Stations
Tubing and Fittings                Power Clamp-on Meters                  Battery Testers                       Stopwatches & Timers
Ultrasonic Flowmeters              Power Quality Analyzers                Cable Height Meter                    Test Stands
Valves, Manifolds, Snubbers        TDR’s, Time Domain Reflectometers      Cable Tracers                         Thickness Gauges
                                   Telephone Wire Testers                 Combustible Leak Detectors            Tool Kits & Tools
                                   Test Leads                             Digital Camera - Intrinsically Safe   Torque Testers
                                   VIP Kits                               Environment Meter                     Weight Sets
                                   Voltage Detectors/Testers              Gas Detectors
                                   Wire Tracers                           GFCI Cords and Plugs

      5309 Technology Drive • Tampa, FL 33647 • Ph: 800-783-6664 • Fax: 813-971-5117 •
                       Manufacturer's Line Card
3D Instruments               Fluke                  Meriam                        Shimpo
ACF                          Fuji Electric          Metris                        Stahlwille
AEMC                         F W Bell               Metrix                        L.S. Starrett Co.
Agilent Technologies         Gedore                 Metrohm                       Storage Battery Systems
Alnor                        GE Druck (see Druck)   Microtemp                     Taylor
ALL-TEST                     GE General Eastern     Midwest                       Techne
Altek                        GE Kaye                Mikron                        TEGAM
Ametek                       GE Panametrics         Mitutoyo                      Tek-Know
Amprobe                      GE Protimeter          Monarch                       Tel-Tru
Ashcroft                     GE Sensing             Moore Products (Siemans)      Tempo
B&K Precision                GE Telaire             Myron L Co.                   TESTO
Bacharach                    General Resistance     NDT International             Texio
Barnant                      GPI                    Newport                       ThermoProbe
Beamex                       Hanna Instruments      Nidec-Shimpo                  Thermo Scientific
BETA                         Hart Scientific        Novasina                      Thermoworks
Branson                      HD Electric            Oakton Instruments            Thunder Scientific
Calculated Industries        Heise                  Ohm Loads                     TPI
Calibrators, Inc             Hioki                  Orion                         Transcat
Cementex                     Honeywell              Pacer                         Transmation
Condec                       Huntron                Pac-Kit                       Tripp Lite
Control Company              Ideal Industries       Partlow                       Triplett
Cooke                        IET Labs               Pelican                       Troemner
Cooper Atkins                Imada                  Phipps & Bird                 TSI
Cooper Tools                 ITS                    Pomona                        TTI
Cornerstone                  IQ Scientific          Pressurements                 UE Systems
Cosa                         Instek                 Prime Technology              Ugly
Crystal                      Isotek                 Pyragon                       Ultralife
DeFelsko                     Isotech                Pyramex                       US Gauge
Druck                        Jofra                  Ralston                       Vaisala
Duracell                     JM Test                Raytek                        Welch
Dwyer                        K-Sun                  Reed                          Weller
EAI                          Kenwood                Rice Lake                     WIKA
ECOM                         KNF Neuberger          RKI                           Wright Tool
Edgetech                     Leica Geosystems       Rotronic                      Xcelite
Emerson Process Management   Logic Beach            Rustrak                       Yokogawa
Ertco                        Love                   Schonstedt                    YSI
Extech                       MACtek                 Setra
Falltech                     Mark-10                Siemans Moore
FasTest                      Martel                 Silvertronic
Fourier Systems              Megger (Biddle/AVO)    Simpson

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