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					                      BRITISH CANDLEMAKERS FEDERATION

                             MINUTES OF A MEETING
                          HELD AT THE NEC BIRMINGHAM
                         ON WEDNESDAY 4th FEBRUARY 2004

1.    Attendance and Apologies. Twenty five members attended, representing 14
companies. Apologies were received from Michael Keene, Simon Egger, Ian Barnet
and Roger Biles.

2.    Minutes and Matters Arising. The minutes of the meeting of 10th September
2003 were confirmed. The following matters were discussed:

         a.         Constitution. The revised Constitution will be circulated prior to the
                    May AGM.

         b.         Safety. The current safety leaflet has been posted on the web-site.

         c.         Imports. The President reported his meeting with a Chinese trade
                    observer. He advised European, rather than UK-only, action; but it
                    would be costly and with little more than a 50% chance of success. It
                    was agreed that a letter would be submitted to the European
                    Candlemakers’ Federation, expressing our concern over the increase
                    in imports and offering our support for a European initiative.

3.     Membership. The President welcomed the new members present. There are
no outstanding membership applications. All members were asked to encourage new
applications from business contacts and colleagues.

4.     European Candle Quality System. Mr Leach gave an update on the European
Quality System. The detailed information pack has been posted upon the web-site.(as
a WORD document, owing to its size). A formal presentation will be considered for
the AGM.

5.     European Candle Quality Standards. The intention is for basic safety
standards to be regularised through the Common European Standards Group (CEN),
we in UK working towards it via the British Standards Institute (BSI). Work will be
developed on basic fire safety, with an aspiration to standardise pictograms later. It
was agreed that the Federation should support these initiatives and the President
undertook to write to the European Candlemakers Federation.

6.      European Candlemakers’ Federation Meetings. Arrangements are in hand to
obtain early copies of minutes of the European Candlemakers Federation meetings
and post them on the web-site. The September 2003 meeting formally agreed the ban
upon lead wicks. It was agreed that the BCF should issue a press release to publicise
this long-sought agreement, referring to the British voluntary agreement of 1973.
Consideration was given to the employment of a media consultant for such initiatives.
Mr D Hudson and Mr A Matthews will investigate the possibilities in consultation
with the President and Secretary. Mr Leach described the likely developments in

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European candle classification. The next meeting of the technical Board is in Orlando
in April and the full Federation in Salzburg 12-13th June. Mr Leach was
congratulated and thanked for his hard work with the European Federation.

7.     World Candle Congress in Orlando. Mr Leach briefed the meeting upon the
joint NCA/ALAFAVE (S American Association) to be held on 20-23 April 2004.

8.       Any Other Business.

         a.    The meeting recorded its condolences upon news of the death of Bob

         b.     Web-Site. An update was provided. The President will put an
         updated version of the logo on the web-site. The Members’ password for the
         web-site is currently “abacus”(User Name – BCF).

         Afternote: The Hon Sec and Thomas Hudson have agreed that the next
         change of password will be coordinated with the 21st May AGM.

         c.     H&R ESP. H&R have purchased the Global Special Products element
         of BP (formerly Dussek Campbell Ltd). H&R will continue the Federation
         membership under the title of H&R ESP and Kim Whittle will remain the
         primary Federation point of contact. The address and contact details will be
         updated on the membership list.

         d.      Annual Dinner 20 May 2004. A letter will be issued by Mr Matthews
         shortly. A block booking rate for 30 rooms will be negotiated with the
         Holborn Grange Hotel, Holborn. The previous Honorary Secretary, now
         Master Tallow Chandler, Brigadier Keith Prosser will be invited to the dinner
         as the Federation’s guest.

         Afternote: Grange Hotels have quoted £149 for double room overnight 20th
         May, and £120 for night 21st May.

9.       Next Meetings.

         Thursday 20th May 2004 – 7.30pm Annual Dinner, Tallow Chandlers’ Hall

         Friday 21st May 2004 -     9.30am AGM, Tallow Chandlers’ Hall

         Wednesday 8th September 2004 – 12.30pm Informal Meeting NEC


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