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									Witholding Income Taxes & Value Added Tax
4 – 6 May 2011 | Bandung
14 – 16 Sep 2011 | Yogyakarta


•   Understand basic knowledge about taxation
•   Develop staff to be professional and more proactive and positive
•   Able to expalin the core concepts of Income Taxes (PPh) and VAT (Value Added Tax)
•   Able to explain current issues and possess knowhow to analysis the issues and look for solusion as a tax
•   Able to early identify the important issue (s) that the tax staffs dealing with
•   Able to detect any effect of tax problems to the business activities financialy and COMPANY‘S image

Course Content

General Overview
  Indonesia Tax System
  Tax Payers

Income Taxes (PPh)
   Subject & Object of Income Tax
   Non Income Tax Subject & Non Income Tax Object

              PPh Article 21 on salaries, honorarium, etc
              PPh Article 22 on import
              PPh Article 23 on passive income paid to and services provided by Domestic Tax Payer (s) to
               Domestic Tax Payer (s)
              PPh Article 26 on passive income paid to and services provided by Domestic Tax Payer (s) to
               Foreign Tax Payer (s)
              PPh Article 4(2) final withholding on passive income and delivery of certain services

        Income Tax Article 24, Tax Credit
        Income Tax Article 25, Monthly Installment on Income Tax
        Income Tax Article 28 & 29 Calculation of Tax at end of the year

Value   Added Tax & Sales Tax on Luxury Goods
        Subject & Object of VAT
        Non Subject & Non Object VAT
        VAT Rate (Tariff)
        VAT Assessment to VAT Collector

Payment of Taxes
    Payment Dead Lines
    Forms of Tax Payments

Tax Reporting
    Reporting Dead Lines
    Forms of Tax Reports

Tax Penalty & Sanctions
       Administrative
       Interest Penalty VAT Rate (Tariff)

Tax Collections and Assessments
        Tax Collection Notice
        Tax Assessments

Rights of The Tax Payer (s)
        Filing Objections
        Filing Appeal / Law Suit
        Filing Judicial Review

Tax Cases & Class Exercises
       Effect of Tax to the Business
       Important of Tax Planning & Tax Compliance

Course Leader

Drs. Moehardjo

For more information please call

Indonesia Professional Development Center (IPDC)

Rasuna Office Park II,Unit QO-08
Komplek Apartemen Taman Rasuna, Jakarta 12960
Phone (62-21) 837 86465 / 837 86477 Fax: (62-21) 837 86478
E-mail; training@ipdc.co.id; registration@ipdc.co.id

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