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									Implementing enterprise class
Social CRM

  Catriona Oldershaw
  Managing Director
  Synthesio UK

“We are now at a point that the customers' expectations are
 so great and their demands so empowered that our SCRM
business strategy needs to be built around collaboration and
customer engagement, not traditional operational customer
               management.” - Paul Greenberg
Social CRM is amorphous,
all encompassing, and a
totally different beast
from traditional,
records-centric CRM
Social CRM: A virtuous circle of co-creation & collaboration

                                         Customer Intelligence

                                          Social Media Monitoring

       Research              Marketing              PR          Sales       Customer        Other
        Consumer            Creative concept       Crisis        Lead        support
    insights’ analysis;      development;       management;   generation;    Complaints
       Competitive             Campaign            Online      Prospect     management;
       intelligence          measurement;        footprint     outreach       Technical
                          Influencer outreach   measurement                    support

        Engagement: community                            Optimisation: Product & customer
        building & online support                            experience improvements
Time is of the essence ... this stuff is perishable
Collaborating with customers to
provide a better experience
Your experience of the brand is intimately
   connected to the hotel you stay at
1 global dashboard
40 country level dashboards
4,000 hotelier dashboards

   > Pilot
   > Global rollout
   > Training
   > KPIs
   > Reward & recognition
Understanding the customer journey ...
Typical metrics from a hotel manager’s dashboard ...
Customer satisfaction index

Online satisfaction scores
Country-level and global dashboards
Cross-brand view of strengths and weaknesses
Engaging with customers &
nurturing super contributors
Built out & refined ‘owned’ presence on the Web
during listening phase
“Fish where the fish are”
 > Top forums
 > Super Contributors
 > Team of 50
ROI is “in the millions of euros”
> Reduction in call handling costs
To conclude …
To be most effective, Social CRM requires an
      holistic, three-pronged approach

  Listening       Analysis     Engagement
Mix of real time & more
contemplative analysis
 This is a process of osmosis: a two-way
collaboration between a brand and their
  Social media is maturing: we need to talk about
            Enterprise Class solutions
& whole organisations (people and processes) being
              empowered & involved
            Are you ready to start monitoring?

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