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                                                                                 2 Install the system
                                                                                 2.1      Set up the door panel.
                                                                                       See:   QuickGuide-DoorPanel-Cloth or -DoorPanel-Modular
                                                                                 2.2      Connect the yellow tube between yellow ports
                                                                                          marked "Ref B" on fan and gauge. If the fan has a
                                                                                          green port ("B"), connect the green tube.
                                                                                 2.3      Connect the Ethernet cable between fan and
                                                                                 2.4      Pass long red tube through the panel. Toss the
                                                                                          end away from the fan’s airstream.
                                                                                       Note : Water in the tube will result in erroneous readings.

1 Prepare the building
                                                                                 2.5      Install the fan.
                                                                                 2.6      Connect the fan power plug to a wall outlet.

                                                                                                                                 Model 1000

1.1      Close outside doors and windows.
1.2      Open all interior doors leading to conditioned
1.3      Turn gas, hot water, to pilot.
1.4      Fireplaces and stoves must be cold with doors                                   Model Q46, Q56 uses 2000 fan
         closed. Cover ashes.
1.5      Shut off HVAC, combustion appliances, exhaust
         fans, dryers, A/C and furnaces.
      See:    Manual - Door Fan Operation.pdf for additional

                                                                                        Model Q4E, Q5E & QMG uses 3000SR fan

Remove or                  Gas valve to Pilot              Close all
cover ashes                                                windows

                                                                                 Place gauge case near fan                  or, on door panel.

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3 Conduct depressurization test, CFM@50                                       Gauge set up
      See:   QuickGuide-DM2 Mark II Digital Gauge                                      Turn Auto Zero "On" to
3.1     Press [On] twice.                                                              zero gauge (every 8
      Note See "Gauge set up" on first use. Gauge                                      seconds).
           will recall previous set up.
3.2     Press [Baseline]. Press [Enter], to save, when                                 Press [Device] until "Retrotec 1000" is
        fluctuation is 1 Pa or less.                                                   displayed for 1000 systems,
3.3     Install fan-ring B.                                                            "Retrotec 2000" for Q46 & Q56 systems or
3.4     Press [Range Config] to
        get "B" on display.                                                            "Retrotec 3000SR" for QMG, Q4E & Q5E

                                                                                       Remove other devices using Setup Menu.
                                                                                       Using Range "B" is good for most houses,
                                                                                       try “C8” for tighter new houses, or “A” for
                                                                                       looser older houses, if required.
3.5     Adjust speed until pressure is about 50 Pa.
3.6     Read results.

                                                                                       Press [Mode] to cycle through results.
                                                                                       Check the Door Fan Operation Manual to
                                                                                       discover the correct results required for
                                                                                       your region.
4 No results displayed?                                                                Follow the QuickGuide-DM-2 mark II to
If the target pressure has been reached, but “TOO LOW”                                 eliminate unused Devices, Ranges and
appears, the fan is running too slowly to measure flow.                                Modes.

4.1     Add the next smaller fan-ring and readjust speed.
4.2     Repeat until a flow is displayed.
4.3     Change [RangeConfig] to match.                                                 Press [@ Pressure] to display results
      See:   QuickGuide-Fan-RangeConfig-2000&3000                                      exactly at (@) a test pressure. Use Set
If the fan reaches 100% speed, but does NOT reach the                                  Pressure or the menu in Setup to change
target pressure, check to see if a door or window is                                   the value displayed.
open. If not, more flow is needed.

4.4 Remove a fan-ring and readjust speed.
4.5 Repeat until pressure is reached.
4.6 Change [RangeConfig] to match.
If the fan reaches 100% speed with all flow-rings                                      Set Time Avg to 10 seconds. Increase if
removed:                                                                               the test pressure fluctuates over 1 Pa.
4.7 Press [@ Pressure] to calculate the flow required                                  Wait for twice the Time Average length
        to establish the target pressure.                                              before taking a reading.

Note: 2520 cfm is the flow rate that would occur at 50Pa, even though                  Ex Set [Time Avg] to "10s" then wait for 20
only 36.5 Pa was achieved.                                                                seconds before taking a reading.
                                                                                       Tip   Use longer time averaging in windy conditions.
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Results in cfm                                                                    Pressurization test
Press [Mode] to access the avaiable results or use                                Flip the fan to blow air into the house.
[Setup] to access even more results. Some of the
popular options are shown below.

                                                                                  Note: Tubing configuration is the same for both directions.

                                                                                  Adjust fan speed with the gauge
                                                                                  Connect Ethernet style control cable to fan. Solid green
                                                                                  Status light indicates DM-2 is connected.
                                                                                  Press [Set Pressure] [25] [Enter] to test at 25 Pa.

                                                                                  Or establish any test pressure. High test pressures are
                                                                                  more likely to disturb building contents and cause
                                                                                  damage. It is best not to exceed 90 Pa.

                                                                                  Press [Set Speed] [50] [Enter] to set speed to 50%.

              Area and volume are input using the                                 The fan will accept any Set Speed from 1 to 100%.
              [Enter] key.                                                              Tip   Click once to change by 1%, hold to increase by 5%.
                                                                                  When speed or pressure is set, press [Jog/Hold] until
                                                                                  "Jog" appears, then [] [] to adjust up or down.
Results in leakage area
Press [Mode] until “EqLA” appears.
The DM-2 displays the pressure and the selected
leakage area.
                                                                                  Press [Exit] to turn the fan off, and clear a saved
                                                                                  baseline value. To stop the fan without clearing the
                                                                                  baseline, press [Set Speed] [0] [Enter] to set the fan
                                                                                  speed to zero.

                                                                                  Adjust fan speed remotely
    Note Equivalent Leakage Area (EqLA) describes the leakage                     Use optional remote up to 300 feet
         area in terms of one large hole in a flat surface. Unlike
         flow, EqLA is fairly consistent at different test pressures,             from fan.
         but is usually referenced to 10Pa.
    Note Effective Leakage Area (EfLA) is a different measure of
         leakage area, and is never used for ducts. It is usually
         calculated at 4Pa.

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Fan speed control with software                                   Field system check recommended
Speed control is handled automatically with FanTestic                Perform a door fan test on the building and record
software, for complete automation.                                    the EqLA.
                                                                     Install cardboard in upper part of doorway with a 20
                                                                      x 20 inch hole cut in it.
                                                                     Perform a second door fan test on the building and
                                                                      record the EqLA.
                                                                     Subtract the first from the second result and this
                                                                      should be 400 sq. in. +/-10%.

Field check gauge (recommended weekly)
Connect the red and
yellow ports.

Both channels
should have same
reading within 1%.

                                                                  Alternatively, use the a calibration plate in the optional
                                                                  second fan panel OR use the optional Flexduct with a
                                                                  400 sq. in. hole in the plate on the end.

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